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Indentus Executive Information System for Indenting Agents Brought to you by Edifice Technologies.

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1 Indentus Executive Information System for Indenting Agents Brought to you by Edifice Technologies

2 Indenting Agents Whether into -- Chemicals Metals Minerals Industrial Raw Materials Equipments and Spare Parts Or others... they all face the same dilemma...

3 Business Process Automation Due to the lack of commercially available optimized application software for their environment, the MIS managers at Indenting Houses choose to develop or heavily customize software to support the unique requirements of Indenting Business. Some of these software are based on old technology and are difficult to change, causing delays in implementing new business practices in a timely manner and unsatisfactory re turn on investment in information systems.

4 Some Customization Pitfalls Some more man-months to develop, confirm, test and implement the system The scope is limited to the vision prescribed Customer bears entire project cost Lengthy discussions on the subject involve several man-months to convey the essential basics of Indenting Business

5 Solution Indentus meets the needs of all Indenting Agents with its rich functionality and extendibility.

6 Advantages of Indentus Concept contributions by customers –ensures that when another customer purchases Indentus, he finds the essential basics of indenting operations already incorporated.

7 Advantages of Indentus Built with Industry Standard Tools –which shorten the time required to deploy the system or respond to change.

8 Advantages of Indentus Business Processes + Analysis –helps users at all levels to extract information which is relevant to their profile. A) Sales Executives refer to customer specific orders, executions and pendings B) Accountants review Outstandings and Commission Receipts by banks C) Entrepreneurs update themselves with bottom-lines of overall Forecast V/s Actuals, Orders, Pending Executions, Receivable with Ageing Analysis and other facts.

9 Advantages of Indentus Intuitive User Interface –Standard Windows menu system ensures that the user can find his own way without too much of training. –Data Entry Wizards facilitate a screen by screen question-answer session instead of complex single screen data entry form filled with boxes.

10 Multi-Multi-Multi Multi-Currency Multi-Profit Centers (departments) Multi-Branches Multi-Principals & Products Multiple types of Commissions Multi-Customers Multi-User

11 Active Exchange Rates Buying & selling currency exchange rates are captured for relevant events resulting in accurate conversions of Order Values and Commissions in Indian Rupees.

12 Basic Operations Order Booking Indent Generation Order Execution Amounts Receivable Commission Receipts Exchange Rate Gain / Loss

13 Basic Reports Booking / Execution Register Pending Register Multi-Page Indents with Copy to… Order Status Report Outstanding Receivable

14 Budgeting (Forecasting) Indentus has a powerful budgeting feature that allows the user to capture budgeted order bookings and executions and commission information for future period. The Budget Wizard enables the user to collect information Branch-wise, Department-wise, Principal-wise, Product- wise, Customer-wise and Currency-wise empowering multi-dimensional Budget V/s Actual analysis.

15 Integration with Financial Accounting Indentus can be integrated with our multi- dimensional financial accounting software enabling single source of entry with multiple ways of exploration.

16 Our Aim To bring high-end, industry standard application software to small and middle level of organizations at a price the business can afford.

17 Thank You! For more information, contact: Edifice Technologies #225, Adarsh Industrial Estate, Sahar Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400099. Tel: 821 6631 / 820 8385 E-Mail:

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