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Warm Up What do you think each of these words mean

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1 Warm Up 1-8-09 What do you think each of these words mean
Warm Up What do you think each of these words mean? Write the word & answer on your paper. autoridad adaptar actriz medalla manera mapa victoria cebra inteligente agosto computadora ratón poster embarrasado actitud abuso

2 Take up Parent Letters Remember how to pass in papers

3 Los Anuncios para Hoy Homework Read fondo cultural page 13. Answer the question. STUDY alphabet! Homework Warm Up Quiz Friday Pop Quizzes are eminent!

4 If you were out yesterday:
Get your worksheet packet from the purple clipboard by the door.

5 Just a few classroom procedures….

6 Fire Drill Dismiss by rows Take a right out the door
Go to the fence on the other side of the track Line up silently Call roll

7 Tornado Drill exit by rows Sit down in the hall outside our door

8 How to come to attention

9 Homework/Warmup Quizzes
Keep HW & Warmups in the first section of your notebook Each Friday = HW/WU Quiz Example: 1. Write the answer for Mondays WU Question 2. It’s Very IMPORTANT that you date your warm ups and homework!

10 Keeping your notebook 3 ring binder 4 dividers
1st section=warm ups & homework 2nd section=vocabulary 3rd section=Notes 4th section = classwork

11 Heading a Paper Your Name Today’s Date Block
Assignment page number & activity

12 Review Asking Questions Classroom Rules

13 Los Objetivos para Hoy 1. Judge the value of learning Spanish.
2. Identify the Spanish speaking countries of the world on a map. 3. Recall the Spanish alphabet with correct pronunciation.

14 WHY should I learn Spanish?

15 Better Understanding of English

16 Know your neighbors Spanish is the fifth most spoken language in the world. Over 322 million people speak Spanish.

17 Travel

18 Cultural Understanding
How do other people feel and think?

19 It’s one of the easiest languages to learn!

20 Ease cultural tensions


22 Careers in Spanish Finanical Planner Counselor Attorney Guide
Medical Research Technician Teacher Consumer Affairs Representative Account Executive Journalist Dietitian Writer Tour guide Insurance Agent Translator Linguist Personnel Director Volunteer Coordinator Foreign service officer Peace Corps Volunteer Flight Attendant Relocation Manager Information found at St. James University’s Career Services Homepage

23 Flight Attendant Salary

24 Advertising Executive
$44,000-76,000/year Latino Americans have a purchasing power of nearly $700 billion. So when advertisers want to create advertisements that appeal directly to Latinos, they turn to someone like Laura Sonderup, director of a marketing company in Denver that specializes in reaching Latino audiences. Sonderup studies what consumers want and creates targeted messages for advertisements, billboards, and mass mailings. When a local college wanted to recruit more Latino students, for example, Sonderup's group crafted a slogan: "Have you decided what to do with your life? Permítenos ayudarte [Let us help you]." In marketing and advertising, as in many other fields, a professional level of Spanish fluency is a must. "I have high expectations," says Sonderup. Whether for a television ad, a billboard, or a mailing, the use of Spanish must be impeccable. Mistakes can reflect poorly on both client and agency.

25 Insurance Agent $34,000-46,000/year

26 Human Resource Manager

27 Registered Nurse 42,000-55,800/year

28 Spanish Teacher Alabama 1st Year 36,000/year

29 Overview of Spanish

30 And the Top 5 Languages Spoken are…
Mandarin (Chinese) Arabic Hindi English Spanish

31 There are 21 Spanish Speaking Countries in the world

32 21 Number your paper 1-21 Solo – 1 minute Partnered – 2 minutes
Double Team – 2 minutes

33 21 Spanish Speaking Countries
Argentina Mexico Guatemala El Salvador Honduras Nicaragua Costa Rica Panama Cuba Republica Dominicana Puerto Rico Peru Ecuador Venezuela Bolivia Chile Paraguay Argentina Uruguay Espana Guinea Ecuatorial Columbia

34 Central America Test Friday January 30th!

35 El Alfabeto A: a B: be C: ce CH: chay D: day
E: A F: efe G: hay H: hache I: e J: jota K: ka L: ele LL: eyea M: eme N: enay Ñ: eñe O: o P: pay Q: cu R: eray RR: ERRRAY roll tongue S: esay T: tay U: u V: vay W: doble vay X: equis Y: i griega Z: zeta

36 Hold it Up

37 Turn & Talk Write 3 words on your paper.
Turn to the person beside you and spell the words to him or her. Switch

38 SPAIN! España


40 Tapas




44 Compare USA Spain Communidades provinces

45 Did you get it? Quiz Use your notes to answer these questions
What is the capitol of Spain? What is a tapa? Who is the head of government? Which is bigger, a comunidad or a province? What is so different about the language of Spain?

46 Last 5 Procedures Clean up! Star Chart!

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