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HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management Orientation Training July 2012 TURKEYS LARGEST PRIVATE AIRLINE * This training has been prepared based.

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1 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management Orientation Training July 2012 TURKEYS LARGEST PRIVATE AIRLINE * This training has been prepared based on July 2012 data. It will be periodically revised every six months. Date for the next revision is January 2013.

2 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management2 Welcome Aboard

3 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management3 History Onur Air was established in 1992 as a tourist charter airline operating between Europe and Turkey. The company performed its inaugural flight with an A320 aircraft to Ercan Airport in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on May 14, 1992.

4 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management4 History Onur Air currently continues to operate with 4 A330, 6 A300-600, 10 A321, and 14 A320, with a total of 34 aircraft in its fleet. The company has safely carried more than 5 million passengers in 2011 with more than 1,800 employees.

5 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management5 Milestones

6 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management6 Mission and Vision MISSION The objective of Onur Air Tasimacilik A.S. is to be a continuous pioneer of innovation in the aviation industry. The main goal of Onur Air Tasimacilik A.S.s existence is to provide safe, reliable, on time and economic flight service by emphasizing service quality and customer satisfaction to the highest extent. VISION Onur Air Tasimacilik A.S. has the objective of being a leader and an innovative organization as a role model for Turkish Civil Aviation sector by putting service quality, flight safety and training at utmost importance and being a pioneer airlines organization in all areas it provides service.

7 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management7 Quality Policy Enchance Flight and Ground Safety Customer Satisfaction On-Time Operation Continuous Improvement Cost Reduction Standardisation

8 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management8 10 each A321 – with a total of 2,174 seat capacity 14 each A320 – with a total of 2,520 seat capacity 34 AIRCRAFT– 8,015 SEAT CAPACITY Fleet Structure 6 each A300-600 – with a total of 1,887 seat capacity 4 each A330 – with a total of 1,434 seat capacity

9 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management9 A TOTAL OF 1.837 EMPLOYEES Employees Cabin700 Cockpit304 Dispatch36 Ground Operations42 Headquarters139 Scheduled Sales84 Technic483 Other49 TOTAL1,837

10 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management10 Employee Structure Female – Male Distribution(%) Levels of Education(%) Male 64% Female 36% Undergraduate, Graduate 45% Primary 7% High-School 39% Academy 9%

11 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management11 Organisational Structure

12 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management12 Hayrettin Hasançebi Deputy Managing Director Management Team Hamit Cankut Bagana Managing Director & Chairman Şahabettin Bolukçu Deputy Vice President Muhammet Nur Pekpak Deputy Managing Director - Commercial Born in 1941; studied Law at Istanbul University Started his career in tourism industry in 1962 Founded Air Tour travel agency in 1975 and the company Ten Tour in 1980 Chairman of the Board of Onur Air since its acquisition by Ten Tour in 1994 Yonca Bagana Board Member Born in 1968; studied Fashion Design at Marangoni in Milan 2008; founded the consulting company Ya da Hayatın Renkleri Kişisel Gelişim Publisher of the OnAir Magazine Board Member of Onur Air since 2003 Born in 1951; studied Business Administration at Istanbul University 1989-2004; Board Member of Ten Tour, 2004-2011 General Manager of Onur Air Chairman of the Aviation Assembly of Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges 2007-2009; Chairman of Turkish Private Aviation Enterprises Association Born in 1951; MSc in Chemical Engineering at IDMMA 1984-1993; Commercial/Planning Manager at Nesu Airlines and Sultan Airlines 1994-1996; GM of Air Alfa, VP of Commerce at Onur Air since 1997 Member of Turkish Private Aviation Enterprises Association since 2000 Born in 1968; studied Mechanical Engineering at Istanbul Technical University 1994-1998; Maintenance Manager at Air Alfa, 1998-2003; Board Member of Air Anatolia 2003-2011; Executive Board Member of Onur Air 2006-2009; Board Member of ACT Cargo and MyTechnic

13 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management13 Infrastructure Offices: 13,154 m² Hangar and workshops: 9,815 m² Total indoors space: 22,969 m² Outdoor space: 3,545 m² TOTAL AREA: 26,514 m²

14 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management14 Commercial Activities Main Activities 1-Commercial Air Transport International charter operations Scheduled operations Sub-charter operations 2-Aircraft Maintenance (MRO) Services Ancillary Activities Pilot type trainings Commercial aviation consulting services

15 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management15 International Charter Operations 100 DESTINATIONS IN 25 COUNTRIES One of the core business platforms of the company 1.5 million passengers carried in 2011 Working with more than 40 tour operators Flying from Antalya, Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum and Dalaman to more than 100 destinations in 25 countries

16 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management16 Scheduled Operations * Approx. 50 daily scheduled flights from IST, Currently operating to 12 domestic and 3 international destinations, Planning to operate to an additional 21 international and 2 domestic destinations, 2.7 million passengers carried in 2011 * Intended Routes * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 38 DESTINATIONS PLANNED IN SCHEDULED OPERATIONS * * * * * * * * *

17 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management17 Sub-Charter Operations CONTINUOUS SAUDIA WET-LEASE OPERATIONS SINCE 1999 Approx. 25,000 block hours carried out with 6 A300-600 and 4 A330 aircraft in 2011 More than 50 destinations from Jeddah and Medinah in 2011

18 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management18 Maintenance Activities 1999dan beri devam eden operasyon Şirketin en karlı ticari faaliyeti 2011de 25,000den fazla blok saat Cidde ve Medineden 50den fazla destinasyona uçuş MORE THAN 20 YEARS OF MAINTENACE EXPERIENCE Aircraft maintenance hangar at Istanbul Atatürk Airport Almost 500 maintenance staff A319/A320/A321 C check authorisation Currently holding SHY 145 and EN 9110:2005 certificates Planning to acquire EASA Part 145 approval Considerable size of stock and spare parts

19 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management19 Training Abilities THE COMPANY HAS TYPE RATING TRAINING ORGANIZATION (TRTO) CERTIFICATE Onur Air has the authority to provide training on the following for captain training; A300-600, A330, A320/321 Type Rating Training (TR) Type Rating/Synthetic Flight Instructor Training (TRI-SFI) Type Rating/Synthetic Flight Examiner Training (TRI-SFE) Combined Multi Crew Cooperation Training (MCC) Zero Flight Time Training (ZFTT) CCQ (Cross Crew Qualification) Training from A330 to A320 CCQ Training from A320 to A330 The company has more than 100 cockpit and approx. 20 cabin instructors

20 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management20 Brand Equity Leading private airline of Turkish civil aviation for more than 20 years, First private airline to operate in the scheduled domestic market, Experienced maintenance and management personnel, Well established relations with tour operators over the years, Saudi Arabian wet-lease operation going on for more than 10 years, Turkish private airline that carries the most passengers with nearly 70 millon people, Turkish private airline with the most seat capacity, Only Turkish private airline with a hangar, First Turkish airline to receive maintenance quality certificate EN9110:2005 from TUV Rheinland, Operational excellence awards received from aircraft manufacturers, IATA member since acquisition of IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) Certificate in 2007.

21 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management21 Awards Received Operational Reliability award - Airbus Industrie (1992-2002) Operational and Technical Dispatch Reliability award - Airbus Industrie (1992-1995) Safe and Reliable V2500 Operation - International Aero Engines (IAE) Runner-up prize in Europe - Schiphol Airport "Export Award - İstanbul Chamber of Commerce (2005,2007,2008) Super Brand Awards and Golden Award for Consumer Trust (2007) Among the Fortune 500 Companies in Turkey (71st in 2007, 78th in 2008) "Outstanding Management, Training and MD-88 Dispatch Performance" Award – Boeing (1997-2000) "Successful Cooperation" Award - Airbus Industrie (1992-1997)

22 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management22 Headquarters Departments and Their Functions - 1 VP OF FLIGHT OPERATIONS Planning, monitoring, control, and execution of flight operations. OCC DEPARTMENT Execution of flight operations and flight planning in accordance with national and international civil aviation regulations and preparation of flight documents for these plans. PERFORMANCE DEPARTMENT Conduction of analyses of airports operated in, flight performance analyses of aircraft, and work to maintain safe and economic execution of flight processes. CREW PLANNING DEPARTMENT Preparation and follow-up of fair and economic plans for cockpit and cabin crews, based on schedule, and in accordance with civil aviation regulations.

23 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management23 VP OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND CABIN CREW General Management of the Cabin Crew Department. Coordination of all relations and correspondences with DGCA, DHMI, and BDDK. CABIN CREW DEPARTMENT Management of cabin crews, determination of training needs and standards in accordance with international regulations, maintenance of sustainability. VP OF COMMERCE COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Marketing of Onur Air aircraft, drawing of contracts for international flights to achieve optimum occupancy and efficiency, and preparation of the schedule accordingly. SCHEDULED FLIGHTS DEPARTMENT Planning, pricing, marketing, arrangement of after-flight services, management of domestic and international cargo affairs of scheduled flights are to be conducted by Onur Air. Headquarters Departments and Their Functions - 2

24 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management24 QUALITY DIRECTORATE Monitoring of relevant national and international regulations regarding flight services which is the main activity of the company. Formation and dissemination of regulations, manuals, procedures, directives, etc. in accordance with national and international standards and the mission and vision of the company keeping flight safety as foremost priority. Inspection, reporting, and implementation of corrective actions of company practices for compliance with company procedures and national and international standards. TRAINING DIRECTORATE Monitoring of training needs of the company in accordance with national and international standards, planning and execution of trainings. Identification of flight standards and ensuring their implementation. DIRECTORATE OF CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS Is the company's representative to the passengers. Aside from given and received advertisements the deparment is also responsible for the management of media relations everyday and during times of crises. Also responsible for the organisation of activities for cultivation of company-wise communications. Headquarters Departments and Their Functions - 3

25 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management25 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES DEPARTMENT Taking care of the company's hardware and software needs. Installation of data, phone, and power lines. Troubleshooting of problems. FINANCE DEPARTMENT Formation of strategies to balance revenues and expenses. Procurement of resources in times of need and handling of surplus resources as efficiently as possible. Consolidation of relations with financial institutions (bank, leasing, etc.) or formation of new ones for these purposes. PROCUREMENT DEPARTMENT Purchasing of materials needed on aircraft cabin, company assets and vehicles, and maintenance and monitoring of vehicles and their inventories. Headquarters Departments and Their Functions - 4

26 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management26 ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENT Ensure flawless technical and administrative operation of the headquarters. HR & INTERNAL AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT Execution of basic human resources affairs such as hiring, salaries, employee benefits, documentation and storage of new, existing, and departed employees' personal information. Follow-up and finalisation of such affairs at government agencies and carrying out the company's internal affairs. ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT Keeping, reporting, and storing of accounts in accordance with accepted accounting practices and standards. Execution of legal liabilities of the company. Preparation of the company's balance sheet and income statement. Headquarters Departments and Their Functions - 5

27 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management27 STRATEGIC PLANNING AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT Preparation of operational and financial reports that would aid the decision making process of the management. Conception of projects to maximise company profits, coordination with relevant departments to realise the projects when approved by the management, and ensuring realisation of the projects. SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Assessment and mitigation of the safety risks of the consequences of hazards that threaten the capabilities of the company, to a level as low as reasonably practicable. GROUND OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT Ensuring the execution of the ground services operations in accordance with civil aviation and company procedures and company's interests. Headquarters Departments and Their Functions - 6

28 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management28 COST CONTROL DEPARTMENT Recording of information of concluded flights on the system. Checking for concurrence of handling, landing, and overflight invoices of said flights with the flight and agreement prices, and the preparation of costs per route in terms of DOC. SECURITY DEPARTMENT Execution of company's security activities in accordance with national and international security regulations. SCHEDULED SALES DEPARTMENT Authorisations of agencies and their inspections within the structure of the scheduled flights department. Coordination of the reservation system and supporting its development. Headquarters Departments and Their Functions – 7

29 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management29 Technic Departments and Their Functions - 1 LINE MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT Organisation of technical work that is required for malfunctions that may occur during the operations, thereby ensuring the uninterrupted sustainability of the flight program. BASE MAINTENANCE AND SHOPS DEPARTMENTS Performing maintenance of aircraft before their next flight in accordance with aviation regulations. Performing authorised maintenance activities to components arriving at the shops using appropriate maintenance documents and according to relevant regulations and recording them. PRODUCTION PLANNING & CONTROL DEPARTMENT Making the necessary plans for the company's maintenance activities to be performed on schedule and according to relevant procedures.

30 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management30 Technic Departments and Their Functions - 2 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT To achieve and maintain airworthiness for all aircaft in the fleet. PLANNING DEPARTMENT Performing necessary activities to maintain the maintenance planning system and flight safety. Follow-up and control of applications and keeping the system as up-to-date as possible. TECHNICAL SUPPLY DEPARTMENT Procurement of all materials needed for aircraft belonging to Onur Air in accordance with international aviation criteria and provide logistical support and organisation necassary for the procurement. Purchasing, renting, and exchange of materials and repair of malfunctioning units in order to make them serviceable again. STORES DEPARTMENT Storage and supply of materials from outside the company.

31 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management31 TECHNICAL TRAINING DEPARTMENT Organisation, planning, coordination, follow-up, and ensuring completion of trainings necessary for the technical personnel. DOCUMENTATION DEPARTMENT Procurement, arrangement, dissemination, revision, recording, and updating of; maintenance documents used in maintenance of aircraft, engines, and components; operational documents on aircraft used by crew; company- wide printed documents; and external legal documents. Technic Departments and Their Functions - 3

32 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management32 Company Policies WORKING HOURS Headquarters08.30 – 18.00 Technic08.00 – 17.30 BREAKS Lunch Break12.30 – 13.15 Other Breaks (smoking, etc.) are used 3 times for a maximum of 10 minutes each time at the Headquarters and between 10.15 – 10.30 and 15.15 – 15.30 at Technic. PARKING LOT The parking lot is situated in front of the headquarters. ID cards must be authorised for access to the parking lot. Please apply to your department manager for parking lot access.

33 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management33 Company Policies RULES FOR UNIFORM WEARING PERSONNEL Personnel representing Onur Air must keep their uniforms clean, pressed, and complete at all times while on duty. Uniforms delivered to personnel can be modified by a tailor without changing its model. Shoes must either be black or navy blue. It is strictly prohibited to show up to work with sports shoes. RULES FOR PERSONNEL NOT WEARING UNIFORM All personnel must prefer clothing that reflect the seriousness of their work. Dress/skirt lengths must be selected to be appropriately serious. It is inappropriate to wear tight pants or skirts, or skirts with long vents. Personnel who are not wearing uniform must pay as much attention to their hair, shaving, make- up, hygiene, or accesory use as personnel who do wear uniforms. Use of jeans or tight pants must be avoided. Personnel may dress casually on Fridays and holidays.

34 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management34 COMPANY DOCUMENTS All documents used within the company are accesible from the "Doküman Yönetimi" module of the Lotus software. Company documents have been sorted into categories below. Company Policies SALARIES Employee salaries are paid over Euro's. Therefore the arithmetic mean of Euro currency purchase rates from 4 banks (Central Bank, Vakıfbank, Ziraat Bank and Akbank) are calculated on the 25 th of each month and are deposited to salary accounts at Garanti Bank on the 1 st of the next month. Faaliyetler (Functions) Fonksiyon Faaliyetleri (Department Functions) Formlar (Forms) Güvenlik Programları (Security Programs) İş Tanımları (Job Descriptions) Kaplumbağa Diyagramları (Turtle Diagrams) Organizasyon Şemaları (Organisation Charts) Prosedürler (Procedures) Süreç Akışları (Process Flow Charts) Şirket El Kitapları (Company Manuals) Talimatlar (Directives) Uçak Doküman ve Evrakları (Aircraft Documents) Yazılım Kullanım Kılavuzları (Software User Guides) Yönetmelikler (Regulations) Diğer Kalite Dokümanları (Other Quality Documents)

35 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management35 CAFETERIA Our cafeteria on the 5 th floor is available for lunch between 12.30 and 13.15. Social Services FREE PASS TICKETS All employees are entitled to 1 Pass I and 10 Pass II tickets (round-trip). Pass tickets can be used for all domestic destinations. Discounted tickets are also available for family members. Pass I: Only airport taxes are paid and flown as normal passenger status. Pass II: Only airport taxes are paid and can only be used if there are seats left on the plane. KITCHENS Kitchens on every floor of headquarters and Technic serve tea and coffee within working hours.

36 HR & Internal Affairs Management / SP&BD Management36 SHUTTLES Departure times of the shuttles are 18.10 for the headquarters and 17.55 for Technic. Shuttles are available to destinations listed below. Social Services Headquarters Avcılar Bahçelievler Bakırköy Beylikdüzü Sefaköy Taksim Technic Aksaray Bağcılar Bahçelievler Beylikdüzü Esenyurt Küçük Çekmece Mecidiyeköy Sultangazi PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE Our company offers $ 100 contribution to all employees who purchase private health insurance.

37 HR & Internal Affairs Department / SP&BD Department Thank You!

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