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5 Presentation to: ????? By: David Gallant Vice President, Marketing and Business Development. The Worlds Leading Mobility Solution

6 Unique, Nestable Transport Chair System. It all stacks up!

7 Who we are About us Developed in 1985, staxi ® is a revolutionary, clinically developed patient transportation system. It is the leading wheelchair alternative and the best selling nestable transport chair in North America. The award-winning staxi ® transport chair is built specifically for large, busy facilities such as hospitals. staxi ® provides temporary transportation for people who have difficulty walking long distances safely and comfortably. staxi ® instantly replaces 90% of wheelchairs and is backed with a three year unlimited parts warranty. STAXI ® clients include top medical facilities and hospitals both in the U.S.A., UK and Europe.

8 What you are saying about staxi ® Jacque Fowler, A large East Texas Healthcare System Yes, absolutely! We ADORE our staxi ® chairs! I knew once we got some here theyd be the hit of the hospital. We use them in admitting, emergency and on the floors. Still have some old-style, steal me chairs, but the staxi ® chairs have wow-ed us since day one! Solomon Ayeneababa, Manager, Parking and Transportation Services, Sunnybrook and Womens College Health Sciences Centre Unbeatable ROI. Sunnybrook and Womens College Health Sciences Centre has used staxi ® chairs since We have 200 chairs, and some are originals. To maintain the chairs, we invested less than $500 in them since they were purchased. It is a great service for patients and visitors and we recommend health care facilities have the same service available for their customers. Click to view our customer video testimonials

9 What you are saying about staxi ® Betty Greer, Director of Volunteer Services, Rex Healthcare We love our staxi ® chairs. Actually, when staff can choose between a staxi ® chair or another type of wheelchair, they choose staxi ® chairs every time. Richard Rodriguez, Patient Ambassador, Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital (ESJH)...we lose approximately 80 wheelchairs a year due to theft. The nice thing about these chairs, he explains, is that theyre virtually theft-proof for a number of reasons... Lt. Col Alexander Gardner III, Chief Logistics, Eisenhower Army Medical Center, Fort Gordon, GA...we determined that using staxi ® chairs in place of wheelchairs could save the facility over $107,000 annually... Click to view our customer video testimonials

10 What you are saying about staxi ® Melvin Dockery, Service Response Center, UNC Hospital I have had staxi ® chairs in my facility at UNC Hospitals for 2 years. We have received great feedback from nursing and from our ergonomic departments. We also have decreased our equipment loss dramatically. We currently have a 50/50 breakdown. The chairs are functional, efficient and aesthetically pleasing when stored in our front lobby. Vesta Smith, Mgr., Volunteer Services, Legacy Emanuel Hospital & Health System I can testify to how wonderful these chairs are. Our Auxiliary purchased 6 as an experiment for our Admitting Department. We were skeptical at first, however we learned to LOVE them. We plan to order more. Click to view our customer video testimonials

11 Strongest Design Non-folding frame Stable and robust construction Holds up to 500lb weight capacity Durable – built to last Virtually maintenance free Environmentally friendly Large storage space for convenience No removable parts Fully patented product Three-year unlimited parts warranty Full range of accessories

12 Hardest to Steal Unique non-folding frame Fail-safe brake – automatically locks Nestable Design – promotes chair return Attendant propelled only – reduces theft Low replacement costs Optional coin return mechanism Colors: Blue, Red, Silver and Diamond Black

13 Safest to Use Side entry and exit – for optimum safety Lifting armrests – for safe side entry Fail-safe brake – automatically locks Built-in anti-tip features Virtually eliminates patient injury Safe and easy to operate Perfectly balanced to reduce strain Turns within its own circumference

14 Intelligent Nestable Design Utilizes over 70% less space than ordinary chairs Patented stacking system Keeps entrances tidy Easy to locate Promotes safe chair return Stacks even with accessories Space saving design

15 STAXI ® is Carbon Neutral! STAXI ® are committed to reducing our carbon footprint wherever we can, and offsetting it where we cant. We have partnered with to offset all of our carbon emissions, from our offices to our warehouses. We have also worked to offset all of the carbon emissions resulting from the manufacture, transportation and delivery of our products to our customers. To learn more about the carbon reduction projects we are now supporting, visit

16 The Most Environmentally Friendly Transportation System Hard to Steal – reduces replacement costs Durable Construction – built to last Virtually Maintenance Free Minimal Spare Parts Required No Maintenance and Repair Costs Fully Recyclable Materials Go Green with staxi ® …

17 The Benefits are Stacked in your Favor staxi ® – The worlds leading, nestable patient transport system. Safety staxi ® virtually eliminates patient injury Significantly reduces strain and injury to attendants. Quality staxi ® optimizes customer satisfaction, significantly reducing user stress and complaints. Cost effective staxi ® delivers a significant return on your investment over three years. Environmentally Friendly staxi ® chairs are maintenance free, built to last and hard to steal, which reduces replacement costs.

18 The Benefits are Stacked in your Favor Unique staxi ® is the only fully integrated, patented, nestable transportation system in the world. Innovative Designed to meet the individual needs of both the patient and attendant, to deliver safe and comfortable transportation. User-friendly Design Innovative side entry and anti-tip features, for optimum safety of patients and attendants. Large stowage areas for patient/attendant convenience. Safe and easy to push. Comfortable to sit in.

19 The Benefits are Stacked in your Favor Delay reduction staxi ® is easy to find and simple to use – maximizing patient flow through the medical facility. Optimum employee efficiency Simple and safe to operate Saves time and reduces strain and injury Significantly reduces employee absenteeism Increases job satisfaction Cost savings Virtually maintenance free Non folding frame preventing theft

20 Lifting Armrests Facilitates easy and safe side entry and exit of patients Non Folding Frame Strong, durable and safe Anti-microbial Cushions For optimum hygiene and ease of maintenance Large Luggage Area For patient convenience and safety High Quality Castors & Anti-tip Design Easy to manoeuvre for a smooth and reliable ride Courtesy Rack Ideal for storage of charts, notes and patient belongings. Hanging hooks 25 lbs weight capacity – ideal for handbags, backpacks, etc. Fail-safe Brake System For patient safety and security 500lbs user weight capacity Turns within its own circumference staxi ® Medical Chair Features

21 Coin Return Mechanism Adds extra security and encourages chair return. Oxygen Tank Holder Elevating Leg Rest Tuck-away style, which folds away when not in use. Extends to suit passengers large and small. IV/IVAC Telescoping Pole Small enough to prevent someone from attaching an Infusion Pump too high. staxi ® Medical Chair with Accessories

22 staxi ® Max – 1000lbs Capacity Chair All the benefits, double the weight!

23 staxi ® Accessories In the tradition of staxi ® quality, our premium accessories enhance the value, enjoyment, versatility and security of your staxi ® system. Accessories include: Seat Belt, Cushions, Elevating Leg Rest, Oxygen Tank Holder, IV pole / Holder, Coin Return, Custom Name Plates, Operational Instructional Sign. Please contact us to customize your staxi ® and to see a full range please visit

24 staxi ® Packages staxi ® ER Package Contains: x1 staxi ® Medical Chair – Red x1 Cushion, one piece, black x1 Telescoping IV/IVAC combo pole x1 Elevating leg rests – set x1 Oxygen tank holder Includes a FREE ER Nameplate staxi ® Maintenance Package Contains: x5 staxi ® Medical Chair – Blue x5 Cushion, one piece, black x1 Stand – 5 Chair, U shaped Stand with High Flag Includes a FREE Instructional Sign staxi ® Portering Package Contains: x10 staxi ® Medical Chair – Diamond Black x10 Cushion, one piece, black x10 Telescoping IV/IVAC combo pole x10 Elevating leg rests – set x10 Oxygen tank holder Includes a FREE Instructional Sign staxi ® Volume Package Contains: x6 staxi ® Medical Chair – Blue x6 Cushion, one piece, black x1 Standard Shelter Stand Includes a FREE Standard Nameplate per chair For a free quotation or call Customer Services on Toll Free Phone:

25 staxi ® stands Provide an Easy to Find storage point for staxi ® chairs. Keep pathways and entrances clear and tidy for optimum safety, also promotes chair return. Our range of stands includes: 5 Chair U-Shaped Stainless Steel Stand with high flag staxi ® Docking Station Standard Shelter Stand (6 capacity) Large Shelter Stand (12 capacity) For a free quotation or call Customer Services on Toll Free Phone: staxi ® Docking Station 5 Chair U-Shaped Stand

26 Standard and Custom Nameplates staxi ® have standard ER Nameplates andEmergency Department Nameplates designed specifically for your Emergency Department. These identify ownership and promote chair return. You can also order Custom Nameplates, which are the perfect way to identify charitable donations to your facility, attract potential sponsorship or advertising and to place your facility's logo. It's your space... promote yourself! For a free quotation or call Customer Services on Toll Free Phone:

27 Customer and Staff Awareness – Instructional Sign staxi ® – going the extra mile!

28 staxi ® Medical Chair and staxi ® Max Bariatric Chair – Product Identifier

29 staxi ® Medical Chair – Spares, Parts and Service Locator

30 staxi ® Max Bariatric Chair – Spares, Parts and Service Locator

31 Return on Investment – It all Stacks Up!

32 Return on Investment – It all Stacks Up!

33 Return on Investment – It all Stacks Up!

34 Unique, Patented Technology Hard to Steal Simple to Use Easy to Find Durable Cost Effective Environmentally Friendly staxi ® – meeting your needs, exceeding your expectations. staxi ® – Rolling out Excellence

35 Social Marketing – join the staxi ® family! You can follow staxi ® on Facebook and Twitter and the staxi ® Blog to keep in touch with the latest product news, promotions and to join in and have your say on current healthcare issues. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our products and services and would welcome your feedback, to help us achieve this. Click to join us

36 Next Step… Please feel free to visit our website at Contact me David Gallant on: Cell: 1-(954) Skype: davieg006 I look forward to hearing from you soon.

37 Rolling out Excellence

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