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A&G Manufacturing Co. Inc.

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1 A&G Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Custom Manufacturing to suit your needs.

2 ISO 9001:2000 Certified

3 Industries Served Material Handling Construction Waste Water Treatment
Automotive Energy Mining US Government

4 History * A& G Manufacturing Co., Inc. was founded by two brothers, Arvin Shifley & Glen Shifley Sr. in 1971. * A&G is still a family owned company today with generations working with the company. * In 1975 we built our first building which currently has undergone 5 expansions…Plant #2 houses our fabrication, powder coating, sandblasting, and offices. * In 1993 we purchased Plant 1…which houses our main offices and custom machining processes. * In 1996 we purchased the Pettibone Mercury Tow Tractor line…Known today as the Mercury Tow Tractor and Industrial Trailers.

5 Services Machining Fabrication Sandblasting Powder Coating Painting
Assembly Wiring

6 Plant 1 (Main Office, Machine Shop, Warehouse)
Located at 165 Gelsanliter Rd. Galion, Ohio

7 Plant 1 is situated on 4 Acres with 33,000 square feet.
Plant 1 Houses The Main Office, A&G Mercury Sales Office, Machine Shop, and A&G Mercury Parts Warehouse.

8 Machine Shop CNC Turning up to 15” diameter X 40” long
CNC Vertical Machining Center 50” x 28” x 28” CNC 4 Axis Machining Center 48” x 24” x 24” CNC Horizontal Machining Center with ” pallets Engine Lathe 18” swing 196” between centers Vertical Turret Lathe 40” diameter Horizontal Boring Mill 60” x 48” x 60” Rotary Grinder 42” diameter table Several other manual machines

9 Materials Steel Alloy Steel Stainless Steel Brass Aluminum Copper

10 Machine Shop

11 Custom Machining

12 Custom Machining

13 Custom Machining

14 Custom Machining

15 Custom Machining

16 Plant 2 (Fabrication Plant)
Plant 2 is located at 280 Gelsanliter Rd. Galion, Ohio 44833

17 Plant 2 is situated on 11 Acres with 54,000 square feet capacity.
Fabrication Shop Plant 2 is situated on 11 Acres with 54,000 square feet capacity.

18 Fabrication Shop Angle Roll Shear 1/2” x 10’ Capacity Whitney Punch
Hydraulic punch 8 - 5 Ton Cranes Heli-arc Welding Machines MIG Welding Machines Arc Welding Machines Shear 1/2” x 10’ Capacity Shear ¼” x 10’ Capacity 500 ton Brake Press 200 ton Brake Press with CNC Back-gauge Roll 10” dia. x 8’ long

19 Fabrication Shop Continued
Sand Blast room Paint building Powder coat building with overhead conveyor system (handles up to 10’ high x 14’square)

20 Powder coating

21 Powder coating

22 Industrial Tow Tractors & Trailers

23 Conveyors

24 Ash Conveyor

25 Conveyor

26 Furnace Conveyor

27 Handrails and Platforms

28 Platform with Rails

29 Complete Assemblies

30 Ash Mixer & Feeder

31 Climber Bar Screen

32 Slag Conveyor

33 Structures and Tanks

34 GM Wash Tank

35 De-cell Filter

36 Microwave Tower

37 Chutes and Air Ducts

38 Assembly and Wiring

39 Power Control Units

40 We are a family owned business
Our future depends upon the success of our customers. Our employees at A&G Manufacturing Co. Inc. understand that we don’t get paid for effort we get paid for results. That’s why we stand behind the products that we make and we are proud to say that we made them. Call today for a fast and detailed quotation.

41 A&G Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Company Overview A&G Mfg. is a small family owned business, that prides itself in its diversity. Having complete machine and fabrication capabilities allow us to produce jobs from start to finish. Designations CAGE CODE: W061 DUNS No: ORCA Registration Completed HUBZone Certified ISO 9001: NAICS CODES Fabricated structural metal mfg. Machine Shops Precision Turned Product Mfg. Truck trailer manufacturing Industrial tractor and trailer mfg. Tractors and attachments Contact Information ADDRESS: 165 Gelsanliter Rd. PO Box 935 Galion,OH 44833 PHONE: FAX: / WEB: Past Performance Ford – Providing tow tractors and repair parts since 1996. Chrysler – Awarded a 5 year contract to supply tow tractors. Tow tractor supplier since 1996. Nissan – Awarded 1 year contract to supply tow tractors. U.S. Coast Guard – Supplying tow tractors and replacement parts since 1996. Ashtech –Building and assembling mechanical Ash Handling, chain conveyors, and mixer-unloader systems for over 7 years. Jervis Webb – Providing machined and heat treated parts for conveyors and material handling systems for over 18 years. Lockheed Martin – Supplying material handling equipment and parts since 1996. Services and Specialties CNC Machine Shop: *Axle Beams *Circle Shoes *Eccentrics *Knuckles *Valves Metal Fabrication: *Ash Mixers & Feeders *Conveyors *Handrails & Platforms *Storage Tanks *Chutes & Ducts Tow Tractors/ Tuggers Trailers Powder Coating Sandblasting Our Management Team *Arvin Shifley *Doug Shifley *Michael Shifley *Glen Shifley, Sr. *David Shifley *Jim Streib *Glen Shifley, Jr. *Dean Shifley *Ron Hobbie

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