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Nano-bio-info-cogno convergence.

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1 Nano-bio-info-cogno convergence.

2 Santech at a Glance Santech International Inc, was founded by brilliant American scientist s with over 400 man years of R&D experience in major global R&D enterprises. It provides a well positioned investment opportunity squarely in the forefront of telecommunication convergence requirements facing global enterprises, especially in the U. S. Patterned after AT&T and Bell Labs. SanTech International Inc, NJ – USA, and it’s subsidiary Indian arm Santech Communications Pvt Ltd., are dedicated to "Convergence through Innovation" , under the name Santech Research Valley (San-Lab, Kolkata India) under application fields of Telecommunication, Avionics, Medical Engineering and Semiconductor Home Appliances with the help of emerging Technologies like---- IT, Communication & Nanoelectronics, specializing in innovation in school of telecom convergence connectivity. This subsidiary is designed to be completely different from any other so-called IT/Knowledge parks of India. Its dedicated world class research facilities and an infrastructure will be shared amongst the world class Fortune 100 R&D companies . Slide 2

3 Santech Global Research University has been designated by the State of New Jersey,USA as one of the promoter for the University which will primarily focused to Education through Research under the theme “Education through Innovation “, The 150 acres site is located midway between the Ivy League schools, Princeton and The University of Pennsylvania, having permission of multiple zones. The University will be subdivided into four main curricula: Santech Global School of IT & Telecommunications Research (convergence of communications) Santech Global School of Emerging Science and Technology Research (nanotechnogy, electronics, space, robotics and industrial automation, energy, environment, transportation and avionics). Santech Global School of Management & Corporate Research Studies (operations management, technology management, technology strategy. Santech Global School of Incubation & Enterprise Research. Slide 3

Research Products & Services Education through Research R&D Services including its required Infrastructures. Jt or consortium R&D initiatives Leading to IP/ Products of Santech Remote Communication Remote NOC(Network Operation Center) activities Application Software ERP University & (EDC) R&D Orientation Prog for the Executives Centre of Excellence of Technology

5 Research Leading to Consulting Research Oriented Education.
Mission & Objective Research Leading to IP Research Leading to Consulting Research Oriented Education. The primary objective of Santech (San-Lab)is to focus to the emerging fields, Nano-electronics & Telecom specializing in innovation, semiconductor technology & convergence connectivity. To enable research on Next Generation Technology (NGT) in the above mentioned in collaboration with prominent Universities of USA and Indian Government Institutions (Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Science). To work shoulder to shoulder with the World’s reputed Universities formed consortium and with their researchers including EDC (Incubators). Slide 5

6 Leadership Santech International, Inc. was led by Dr. Santosh Mukherjee, a brilliant scientist with over 25 years of R&D experience as Chief Technology Officer or Chief Architect in major global enterprises. He was involved in doing Research with over 50 patents in the domains of telecom,medical device technology and avionics including semiconductors. Dr. Mukherjee has published four books and a number of papers. He is a Senior Adjunct Professor at various U. S., Indian, and Singapore Universities. Dr. Mukherjee is Chairman of Nanotechnology and Telecommunications of the United States India Business Council and is also associated with the Governor of New Jersey and the Indian Consulate General in New York, U.S.A.. He is Director of the overseas EDC of Technology Center of Excellence of India (TCOE of the government of India).,Chair person of IEEE, Industrial Relation , Members of BOT of AICC and several orher organizations. He believes with his dedicated team of professional having profuse R&D exposures, in total more than 300 man years, Santech can keep some impression in the emerging technology innovation. Slide 6

Org Structure SANTECH GROUP ACTIVITIES Santech Research Santech Product & Services Santech Infrastructure Santech Education In House R&D Consulting Services Telecom: Telecom Switch WAP Based App IT: ERP NOC RWC Santech Global Research University Santech Research Valley Rosedale Roseview Sanam

8 Other Group Activity ROSEDALE GARDENS - Rosedale has brought together some of the best minds in the business of residential apartment building for NRIs. Some are competition winners. Others have a deep understanding of what it takes to create and execute ambitious projects. Each apartment is a masterpiece in planning and comfort. Rosedale has made a mark of it’s own in the soil of West Bengal,India. It’s all apartments are of American standards including Senior Citizens’ apartments are truly international in style and facilities. It hasave taken care to build in safety features that are difficult to match. All apartments have telecommunication and broadband connections. The support systems within the complex are primed to give maximum comfort. Our nurses are trained in medicine and our physiotherapists and masseurs are hand-picked. On call house-keepers will free your parents from the hassles of daily chores. The security is top-of-the-line with 24-hour electronic surveillance systems. Apartment windows open on to a large landscaped area with a rose garden designed by an international landscape architect. Read more: Slide 8

9 Roseview NRI Complex: Sanam Inc.
This is a modern Residential Complex, will be constructed with Residential Studios and Apartments. It is located in Rajarhat, New Town, Kolkata, WB, India. This is also the Golden Quadrangle with modern highways, the faster train connection corridors, explosion of outsourcing Information Technology , the Air and Business Travel in the side of the country demand the faster delivery of the residential as well as commercial construction with 21st century’s standards. Sanam is a US based International Export Import, procurement and trading company. It specializes in electronics spare parts ,specialized herbal product, nature and food products mostly herbal and organic. It also concentrates in any kind of electronic semiconductor devices, apply areas of spare parts and components, bulk and small. It is a multilingual company specializing in International Business development, assisting companies to expand and create small export and import opportunities. Slide 9 Sanam Inc.

10 NGO- Shiva Development Centre: A center of excellence for the development of Indian Music, Dance and Drama professionals and spreading the richness of the Indian Traditions in the far West (USA). A place where people from all cultures converge to learn the various Indian Dances, Music from renowned professionals from the subcontinent. Free Medical Treatment in Kumartuli, Kolkata. WB. India: Kumartuli in West Bengal is a hub where the clay God and Goddesses are made and the people there needs treatments and medicines which Santech provides from time to time. Sahora High School- Donation for “ Life Long Talent Scholarship in Madhyamik/ Uchcha Madhyamik Exam” of Rs 20, 000/- to 1st two boys/ girls. Our People: Santech is fortunate to have dedicated team of people, working since quite sometime in the R&D areas of Telecom, Avionics, Nanotechnology and Semiconductor Convergence. Quality Standards CMM7 Trying to achieve: Santech is very much concerned about the quality and so trying to get the CMM7 Certification. We are confident to achieve it soon Slide 10

11 Research Initiatives:
IIT Consortium in US and India In-house research In US and India Santech Research Valley - R&D service based Organization dedicated to "Convergence through Innovation" , in the application fields of Telecommunication, Avionics, Medical Engineering and Semiconductor Home Appliances with the help of emerging technology. Process of taking necessary educational initiative with Research Institutions both in USA and India through Center of Excellences. Slide 11

12 Inhouse – mainly 4 domains-
Outsourcing – We are also working as an R&D Consultancy areas which accompany these domains. Inhouse – mainly 4 domains- IT, Tele Communications & Nanoelectronics, on basic different domains. Technology Communication, Application of Communication. We are developing the connection between one to one and one to many ultimately to get the result of collaborative benefits of different application. Joint – Joint initiative of research in between one or more Companies as a consortium sharing thesis of individual, in turn leading to the development of a particular product. IP Details – Santech’s own initiative in four domains specially in - Medical Convergence Avionics Convergence Semiconductor Convergence Telecom Convergence Slide 12

13 Research Education Initiatives
Dr Mukherjee has a proposal from NJ State Government to open up an University, focusing in the areas of R&D of emerging technologies. A piece of land has already been allocated in his name, prime location, 10 miles away from Capital of NJ, that is Trinton. A very attractive opportunity to set up, on a 150 acres campus, a research based Technical University with self financing arrangements from the State/Federal Govt of New Jersey, in the prominent vicinity of Ivy League University of Princeton and Pennsylvania University. Very soon an Indian arm of the University will also be blinking in the horizon with training institutes for executive category people also. Slide 13

14 Research Based Services -
Santech IIT Research Initiative Santech – IIT Research Initiative has been started in January 2007, with an intension of innovation through joint R&D efforts in the areas of- a) Telecom Convergence Tools. b) Wireless based device drivers. c) Convergence Switch. This joint venture will ultimately lead to the development of Telecom Convergence Switch (TCS) & Soft Switch, where both the parties are providing adequate time and energy to develop these products. The switches should have the Micro-Electronics, Nano- Electronics chips inside, ATM and Signals. Advantages:- a) Easy troubleshooting from remote location. b) Less billing cost as all bills are consolidated. c) Less mobile weight. d) Much more efficient than the last generation switches Slide 14

15 San-Lab Initiative in Telecom & Nano-Electronics R&D
San-Lab is determined to invest in high end research and development to develop next-generation chip- in the use of MEMS, NEMS, Active Devices, RF Devices, and sensors making technologies to grow exponentially from a time and cost perspective. San-Lab is also leading in the development of the product in the areas of Nano electronics (CMOS/ICs/ Mosphet and Nano-hybrid memory) and to make use in Telecom products like Soft switch/ Optical switch / Dynamic Routers and also in the application of Medical device drivers. San-Lab believes that the whole field of nano electronics arose from the aim to scale down devices, increasing their surface density, and computing performance while decreasing costs and circuit power consumption. Slide 15

16 San -Lab also interprets when the "bottom-up" approach came into play making use of molecular building blocks, it became clear that, while we want to elicit currents from molecules, these molecules may want to give us something else. San -Lab is in the pursuit of chip building efforts under Nano technology using today’s modern science of the "NBIC convergence" Nano-bio-info-cogno convergence. - the interaction of advances in nano technology, biotechnology, the information sciences, and the cognitive sciences ,ultimately leading to the development of most controversial PIP cards(Personal Indexing Protocol ). Slide 16

17 San-Lab Telecom R&D Apart from doing research on convergence switch, the other areas of Research of convergence device controller include :- Routing and path computation in optical networks, optimal resource allocation in wireless networks, and high performance computer networks and applications. activities in the broad area of communication networks and systems, with emphasis on, architecture, modeling, performance analysis, multi-access, mobility and call control, switching, telegraphic and protocols. The areas of interest include but are not limited to broadband communications, high performance computer networks, wireless based mission critical applications and mobile communications including wireless remote communication and digital video and multimedia communications. The primary objective of this laboratory is to foster cooperative research programs with academia and research agencies at the national and international level. The goal is to achieve aggregate results and contributions to the field through these interactions which will have significantly more impact than individual effort and develop a new product of innovative attributes. Slide 17

Providing R & D support services to Telecom/Nanotech and emerging similar technological company. Providing consulting services to these companies to identify  and segregate the components of R&D to be outsourced and to provide proper services to the R&D Organizations to make them understand about the R&D assignments. To Develop a dynamic website portal to use it as transparent media to broadcast the progress of the given R&D assignments to San-Lab. It will encompass the entire details from the task distributions, team monitoring and also re-join the developed assignments with the main source of the product. Helping customer's R&D dept to provide related valued consulting expertise from San-Lab experts from USA and India in the areas exploring their ideas, ultimately to help to reach to its viable product solution including testing, prototype development from concept and certification. Slide 18

19 To Develop a dynamic website portal to use it as transparent media to broadcast the progress of the given R&D assignments to San-Lab. It will encompass the entire details from the task distributions, team monitoring and also re-join the developed assignments with the main source of the product. Helping customer's R&D dept to provide related valued consulting expertise from San-Lab experts from USA and India in the areas exploring their ideas, ultimately to help to reach to its viable product solution including testing, prototype development from concept and certification. The activities also include to provide a clear concept of the product from the inception to the completion also to help to develop Worldwide market strategy report before actual launch of the same product. Slide 19

20 University Initiative
Govt Initiatives The mission of San-Lab is to enable research on Next Generation Technology (NGT) in the above mentioned in collaboration with prominent Universities of USA and Indian Government Institutions (Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Science). University Initiative Santech has been offered with a very attractive opportunity to set up, on 150 acres campus, a Research based Technical University with self financing arrangements from the State/ Federal Govt  of New Jersey, in the prominent vicinity of Ivy League University of Princeton  and Pennsylvania University. Slide 20

21 Partnering G S Sanyal School of Telecommunications
New Jersey Technological Council US-India Business Council CMAI Joining Hands with Santech Slide 21

22 Willard Room at Willard Intercontinental Hotel
CII & Santech both are delighted that these two companies are entering into an agreement with an US counterpart organization during the momentous occasion of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to USA being held on 23 November 2009 at 9:00 am in the Willard Room at Willard Intercontinental Hotel

23 Accomplishments/Achievements
Santech acts as USA based holding company , along with forming USA based organization complying to all 100 pages City, State & Federal Govts Regulations, obeying the rules of P&L based Institutions of USA, deploying a CPA Consulting company for this activities, including opening of Checking Bank Account with Chase Manhattan Bank or HSBC . Enlisted in the State and Federal Govt various depts as an R&D Organizations and R&D Consulting company including enlistments in various Grants providing agencies who can provide the entire Grant supports of R&D activities . Already taken blessings from NY,NJ,CT and PA Senators, Congressman's and also done some heads up, in establishing the Indian Parent Institutes good names in USA. Already talked with Federal/State Educational Commissioner for formation of Techno Global University’s necessary permission and accreditation. Already assigned by the Governor’s office for obtaining subsidized lands for multi purpose activities (like education/ Business & Residential ) Slide 22

24 Funding Suggested that at least $5 Millions funding is needed in  Santech account to cover up all initial expenses mostly  Pre -operative expenses and some other post operative expenses of applying various Accreditation, Certification, all R&D expenses will be done against some bills or invoice and also to cover up all expenses to get mortgage or financial loan supports if any. Santech believes this funding will help them to complete Medical and Semiconductor Connectivity switches prototypes or modeling which will help to accomplish to target and fetch at least $ 1 billion projected market..after making viable investment for commercial productions. Santech prefers to have M&A with similar interest and milestones organization in different areas of interest group:-Avionics/Telecom /Semiconductors/Medical Technologies. Santech also looking for Venture Capital and FDI investments for its forthcoming innovation projects and of its other diversified projects. Slide 23

25 Corporate Governance Practice
Santech Board creates and disseminates knowledge about Technology and Management and the market place to help their business and to strengthen their performance and to serve better to the customers in the broad sense to the society. Working as a Global Independent Organization in the public interest of communication between two distinct objects and conduct research conveying educational programmes, evaluate intangible IPs and analyze the techno global interest of the World and also conduct research plan according to the need of the World. Santech operates under Corporate Governance Guidelines where Board and Directors performance evaluation succession, planning & leadership development, audit & practice committee role & responsibilities and disclosure practices including risk assessment & management are well defined.

26 Investors/M&A Santech is open to M&A in the following domains with the respective interested companies :- a) Telecom convergence . b) Medical Device Convergence. c) Avionics Convergence. d) Semiconductor device convergence Slide 24

27 Need Essential Services
Marketing & Sales Supports: Santech has decided to appoint Sales and Marketing partner for its business developments and sales promotional activities in all of its business areas , in different parts of the world like USA,UK ,Europe and Asia in addition to its existing strengths. Business Relationship Supports: Santech is in the process of appointing Business Relationship partners or Relational Lobbyist in the different perspectives of their business interest. Grant Supports: Santech is looking for professional Grant Consultants ,who has commendable knowledge of grant application requirements and its compliances.

28 Location Santech  corporate office & San lab is located on the prime location of NJ,USA. San-Lab, (Santech International Inc), is a R&D service based organization dedicated in Nanoelectronics and Telecommunications, with it’s backend arms in San-Lab India located in Santech Research Valley, Kolkata. Santech Research Valley in Kolkata, India is a proposed Technological Research and Development Park which will revolutionize the world scenario as well as the concept of R&D. Targeted to house all 100 fortune R&D based Technological organizations. It is in collaboration with West-Bengal government and the R&D support services will be provided by- a) US Govt. Research Institutes. b) USA Universities of repute. c) IIT (KGP/Madras) d) Indian Govt. Research Institutes Slide 25

29 Inferences The conglomerate group of Dr. Mukherjee provides value to International clients by any of its subsidiaries mainly providing best quality products or services at a tangible time in an economical manner. This group has a tremendous amount of knowledge both in term of US and Europe Markets including Asian Markets, specially in the area of its needs, risks and delivering strong knowledge networking in major business domain like IT, Biomedical & Bio IT, Telecommunications & Wireless, Avionics & Nanotechnology. It also acts as a full fledged cross border advisory in terms of technological research validations, including technology transfer and training in collaboration with the Organization and Universities, essentially USA,Canada and India Slide 26

30 Recognition- D&B awarded with a Dunn's number – 65 033 1072.
US-India Business Council(USIBC) Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce (AICC). Slide 27

31 Santech International Inc.
Thank You!! Dr Santosh Mukherjee President & Chief Architect Santech International Inc. 15, Davey Street, Bloomfield New Jersey – 07003 USA Ph – Website – Slide 28

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