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Società Aerospaziale Mediterranea s.c.r.l. The Mediterranean Aerospace Society SAM is composed by eleven Companies (large, small and medium) operating.

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2 Società Aerospaziale Mediterranea s.c.r.l. The Mediterranean Aerospace Society SAM is composed by eleven Companies (large, small and medium) operating in the aeronautic and space sector. SAM, a simultaneous engineering system, is one of the first Italian examples of Companies aggregation in the aerospace sector. SAM has been founded in order to meet the market needs and to take advantage of all the development opportunities coming from national and international economic recovery. THE COMPANY

3 Società Aerospaziale Mediterranea s.c.r.l. ACTIVITIES design, manufacturing and aircraft maintenance activities, development and manufacturing of mechanical and electronic apparatus for aeronautic-space industry INDUSTRYINDUSTRY advanced technology services on earth observation implemented through satellite, avionic platforms and ground segment for monitoring and surveillance of territorial environment parameters SERVICESSERVICES

4 Società Aerospaziale Mediterranea s.c.r.l. INDUSTRY A E R O N A U T I C S E C T O R S P A C E S E C T O R General Aviation aircraft design and manufacture General and commercial aircraft maintenance Avioelectronic board programmes upgrading Prototyping and reverse engineering No-destructive controls and surface treatments Interiors design and manufacture Precision machining Composite materials design and development Design and manufacturing of space infrastructures and payloads for scientific and commercial missions, environmental monitoring, telematic and applications Design, development and manufacturing of on board and ground electronic equipment

5 Società Aerospaziale Mediterranea s.c.r.l. SERVICES ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING Integrated earth observation system through satellite and avionic platform using multisensor technologies and possessing operating characteristics enabling data acquisition via diverse sensors in a single mission. Ground segment which guarantees data in the field of Geographic Information 24/7 for environmental monitoring and surveillance services, mapping and value added information for GIS and DDS systems. APPLICATIONS Mapping of burnt areas Monitoring of hydro-geological instability Monitoring of urban environments Monitoring of rubbish dumps Mapping of vegetation and agricultural areas

6 Società Aerospaziale Mediterranea s.c.r.l. COMPANIES

7 CGS S.p.a. (ex Carlo Gavazzi Space Spa) is acknowledged as one of the largest company in Europe for space systems integration. It is part of a cluster of European enterprises operating in the aerospace and telematic business. Founded in 1981, with headquarters in Milan and excellence centres in Italy, the company employs more than 180 qualified engineers & physicists. CGS has consolidated expertise, resources and facilities to carry out manufacturing, integration, qualification and flight certification. Its success is due to a combination of technical expertise, innovative technologies and low cost solutions which allow to give customers easy access to space. C O N T A C T S CGS S.p.a. Via Gallarate, Milano - Italy Tel Fax Web: A C T I V I T I E S Prime contractor at system and/or subsystem level Satellites: turn-key systems with standard platforms USV unmanned space reusable vehicles Payloads and scientific instruments for experiments in microgravity International Space Station: facilities and payloads Ground Segment and Ground Support Equipments Scientific instruments for remote sensing and environmental monitoring Systems and Services for Earth Observation Commercial applications of space technologies for security, telemedicine, fleet management, surveillance Software Projects SAR image processing E.O. image compression Digital and Power electronics Structural /Thermal research projects AIT activities (Assembly,Integration,Test) Product Assurance & Safety Compagnia Generale dello Spazio

8 Società Aerospaziale Mediterranea s.c.r.l. Founded in 1986 by Pascale brothers, Tecnam interests are divided into two main activities: the first pertains to the construction and assembly of structural components for commercial aviation (tailplanes, fuselage panels, etc.) for which it has official qualifications, the other sector of activity pertains, in fact, to the design and manufacture of prototypes and production units for light or ultralight aviation. The distribution network of Tecnam aircraft can rely today on dealers in all major countries. The Company's strategy is particularly dedicated on investing resources in research and development with the aim of continued refinement and upgrading of its products. C O N T A C T S TECNAM S.r.l. Via Maiorise snc Capua (Na)-Italy Tel Fax Web: P r o d u c t s Certified P2002 JR – P2002 JF P92 JS Ultralight P92JA BIRU P RG PP96 Golf P2002 Sierra P92 ECHO – P92 ECHO Super P2004 BRAVO P92 SEASKY Costruzioni Aeronautiche TECNAM

9 Società Aerospaziale Mediterranea s.c.r.l. FOX BIT Fox Bit S.r.l. has been working on the innovation technologies market since The high degree of specialization achieved has allowed Fox Bit to be recognized as Laboratory of Technological Innovation by the Italian Ministry of University and of Scientific and Technological Research. Research and development represent the continuous aim of the whole structure and the technological level of the main customers guarantees stimulus and checks for the continuous growing of the internal know how. The staff is composed mainly of graduates and undergraduates with an high degree of specialization and it is organized in teams related to the activity branch. C O N T A C T S FOX BIT S.r.l. Via E.Gianturco, Napoli - Italy Tel Fax Web: Work Packages design for the aeronautics sector Design and production of electromechanics space structures development and manufacturing of advanced equipment for ground and flight segments Design, prototyping and test for avionics components Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling Dedicated hardware and software development processes Reverse Engineering using 3D laser scanning and 3D CAD Modelling A C T I V I T I E S

10 Società Aerospaziale Mediterranea s.c.r.l. GEVEN Geven has over 30 years of experience in the design, testing, production and maintenance of aircraft interiors as well as passenger and crew seating. Its main competence is the in-house design and production of all components thus retaining complete control over the finished product. Gevens flexible and lean organization combined with custom-made products and continuous attention to costs and material provisioning constitute the basis for its long term competitive advantage. Thanks to its philosophy and flexibility Geven can promptly respond to the individual requirements of customers. Continuously strive to develop innovative and attractive solution, Geven is approved to carry out Static and Dynamic tests in accordance to international regulation. C O N T A C T S Economy class: Aquarius, Horizon, Infinity, Luna, Diva Business class: Genesis VIP Swivel: Plus Lavatory: L859, L1179, Galley and Wardrobe Costumers Aeronautica Militare Agusta Westland Airbus & ATR trhough Alenia ASTC ANTONOV Atitech – Alitalia Group Boeing Brit Air EADS Casa EADS Sogerma Services Embraer Germania Fluggesellschaft Lauda Air Lufthansa Officine Aeronavali Piaggio Aero South African Express Stork Fokker Thales P r o d u c t s GEVEN Spa. Via Boscofangone snc Zona Industriale Nola Marigliano Nola (Na) - Italy Tel Fax Web:

11 Società Aerospaziale Mediterranea s.c.r.l. MAGNAGHI AERONAUTICA Founded in 1936, the costant attention on preserving and increasing all in-house professional skills, and researching new technologies as well, leaded Magnaghi to take part in many international programmes (EFA, TORNADO, M346, AIRBUS, BOING) and designing, manufacturing and certifying complete Landing Gear Systems autonomously (C27 J, A 109 Power) it has become one of the leading companies in the Landing Gear field. In addition Magnaghi designs and manufactures a large range of hydraulic devices (up-lock and door lock, hydraulic control system), alluminium, steel and titanium sheet work to produce fuel tanks, engine exhaust pipes, oil reservoirs etc. C O N T A C T S MAGNAGHI AERONAUTICA S.p.a. Via Galileo Ferraris, Napoli- Italy Tel Fax Web: Costumers AERMACCHI AMX; MB326; MB339; S41 AGUSTA WESTLAND A109; A129; C47; Sikorsky NH90; AB 205/206 ALENIA AERONAUTICA C 27 J; G 22 APPH C 27 J EMBRAER AMX LIEBHERR M 346 MESSIER DOWTY ATR ; ATR ; ATR 72 AIRBUS MINISTERO DELLA DIFESA ITALIANA

12 Società Aerospaziale Mediterranea s.c.r.l. METAL SUD Metal Sud has an experience of more than ten years in the execution of metal pretreatment and painting, as well as conductive painting of plastic materials. It is registered in the Suppliers List of the Italian Defence Administration. Metal Sud pursues: Non destructive controls: magnetic inspection and with penetrants, Heat treatments: stress relief and hydrogen embrittlement relief, Steel, titanium, aluminium and its alloys: degreasing, anodic oxidation, conversion with alodine 1200/1500, passivation, cadmium plating, preparation for bonding of aluminium alloys etc. Metal Sud is also able to furnish, with a closed loop, piping ready to be installed and supplies with standards, taking all necessary steps for thermal treatment and the welding for parts or their vernishing. C O N T A C T S METAL SUD S.r.l. Via Nazionale Appia Loc.Crisci Arienzo(CE) - Italy Tel Fax Web:

13 Società Aerospaziale Mediterranea s.c.r.l. M.T. Mechanical Technologies M.T. Mechanical Technologies srl, manufactures equipments, structural and oleodynamic components by machining different materials such as alloys, titanium and high resistant steels. M.T. Mechanical Technologies supplies surface treatments both on steel and aluminium. With its galvanic plant M.T. Srl provides different types of applications on different materials. A C T I V I T I E S C O N T A C T S Costumers MECAER ALENIA AERONAUTICA ALENIA SPAZIO MAGNAGHI AERONAUTICA VULCAN AIR SEI CAD-CAM design; Precision mechanical machinig; Surface treatments; Heat treatments; Plastic deformation and sheet machining; CNC dimensional controls; Maintenance; Static and dynamics tests; Painting; M.T. Mechanical Technologies S.r.l. Via Carceri Vecchie, S.Giorgio a Cremano (Na) - Italy Tel Fax Web:

14 Società Aerospaziale Mediterranea s.c.r.l. NUOVA AVIORIPRESE Nuova Avioriprese S.r.l. was born in The company works in the aerophotogrammetry field with its fleet and machineries. The company guarantees its services with great professionalism and efficiency, optimising results with instrumentation technologically advanced. Nuova Avioriprese is a research center, trained to the consultation and orders of research to support the innovation and the scientific and technological developement in the field of consulting services for aerophotogrammetry, aerial takes, orthomap and cartography. The research center allows checks and wide range territorial plannings. C O N T A C T S A C T I V I T E S Aerial takes b/w and colour for cartographic production; Thematic and synthesis map; Digital terrestrial photogrammetry; Goegraphical informative systems (GIS); Thermographyc and infrared colour takes; Numerical cartography; Digital ortho-photo map; DTM – generation with Lidar technology; Sightings set-fires Training and professional education; Georadar system for non destructive investigations of the subsoil for the location of sub services, archaeological areas etc. NUOVA AVIORIPRESE S.r.l. Aeroporto di Capodichino Napoli - Italy Tel Fax Web:

15 Società Aerospaziale Mediterranea s.c.r.l. SALVER Salver, born in 1970, develops and manufactures, in the aeronautic field, products in composite materials, as well as spare parts or bonded assies, realized both in composites and in composite- metal, together with bonded or riveted metal parts. Nowadays Salver is developing, industrializing and manufacturing spare parts and/or assies for new commercial aircraft like: A380 for AIRBUS and in prospect also BOEING B787 and A350. Salver has invested much on men plants and equipment, in order to defend, consolidate and improve its own capacities to compete in the current global market. C O N T A C T S SALVER S.p.a. Via D.Macaluso, 2/4 P.O. Box Brindisi - Italy Tel Fax Web: ALENIA AERONAUTICA B767/777, ATR 42/72, C27 J, F2000 AIRBUS Industries A380 EUROCOPTER A318, A319, A320, A321, NH90, TIGER GALILEO AVIONICA MIII, Mirach 100/5 (simulator system) PIAGGIIO AEROINDUSTRIES P180, P166 MP, F2000 AGUSTA WESTLAND AB 139, A 109 AERMACCHI EFA 2000, CF34 EADS Drohne CL 289 WASS- Whitehead Alenia Subwater System MU90 UW Torpedo OAN-Officine Aeronavali DC8 Cargo, DC10 Cargo, Atlantique

16 Società Aerospaziale Mediterranea s.c.r.l. TECHNO SYSTEM S.r.l. is specialized in design, development and manufacturing of electronic equipment. Electronic Systems, Subsystems and Units are developed on a custom based approach in order to satisfy in the best way the technical specifications and the users requirements for the specific application. The company has internal skills for Hardware and Software developments which enable the implementation of customized and innovative solutions.TECHNO SYSTEM is implementing its own Quality System, described in the Companys Quality Manual and related Procedures, according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard. C O N T A C T S AEROSPACE ELECTRONIC ELECTRONICS FOR SCIENTIFIC PAYLOADS GROUND SEGMENT PRODUCTS TECHNO SYSTEM DEVELOPMENTS TECHNO SYSTEM DEVELOPMENTS S.r.l. Zona Industriale San Martino, Pozzuoli (Na) - Italy Tel Fax Web:

17 Società Aerospaziale Mediterranea s.c.r.l. TECNO IN C O N T A C T S TECNO IN S.p.a. II Traversa Strettola S.Anna alle Paludi, Napoli - Italy Tel Fax Web: Structures monitoring and civil work Geoarchealogy Cavity and hydraulic manufacture rilief Structural diagnostic Laser Scanner 3D – Topografy Geophysic Geology Research and development A C T I V I T I E S TECNO IN S.p.a. works across several sectors of civil engineering, it provides its competences in the general field of engineering services. TecnoIn supplies test equipments, control systems and instruments to be used for different applications like civil and industril works, monumental and enviromental applications.

18 Società Aerospaziale Mediterranea s.c.r.l. CONTACTS Tel/Fax: WEBSITE: Legal: Largo F. Torraca, Napoli Headquarters: Via A. Olivetti, Pozzuoli NA Italy

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