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2 W HO WE ARE CONTACTRADE LTD since 1992 is a Canadian owned development and construction company Strategically operating out of Hungary to serve Eastern-Europe, Asia and Africa Since 1975 the Founder has vast construction industry experience in Canada and Internationally such as Olympic Games, Montreal, Los Angeles, Barcelona and Seoul Family company operated by father and son

3 WHAT IS THE HORIZONT BUILDING TECHNOLOGY? The HORIZONT ® BUILDING TECHNOLOGY, based on a light gauge galvanized steel structure system, which is A HIGLY PROFITABLE BUSINESS PROPOSAL An all-inclusive complex technology transfer package The establishment of a functioning production facility within in 3 to 4 months

4 O UR POTENTIAL P ARTNERS Construction enterpreneurs Property developers Private or government investors Financial investors

5 OUR EXPERIENCE AND DEVELOPMENT The HORIZONT building technology is the result of 10 years of ongoing research and development. Over 50 HORIZONT building partners in Central Europe have built 1000s of buildings HORIZONT buildings are found in 9 countries 4 continents. For example : Luxury villas in France Workers hostels in Siberia (Russia) Military camps in the Sahara (Algeria) Holiday homes in Martinique (Caribbean Islands) Our experience includes working with global corporations, including Exxon Mobil and ATCO Frontech

6 THE MAIN BUSINESS ADVANTAGE H ORIZONT technology is the basis for a high yielding construction business. 2-5 times higher return on investment with light steel frame than with concrete or brick construction. High speed pre-assembled construction

7 TECHNOLOGY ADVANTAGES Faster building time (2 to 5 times) More sellable living space (5% to 10%) Low waste (under 1%) Low transport cost (due to less weight) Lower labour costs 12 months/year building Modular in-plant mass production Versatility in design Economical Excellent quality Very light (20 times lighter than brick) Up to 5 levels building Low heating-cooling costs (50%-70% savings) It can be built in any climate and any part of the world! Highly earthquake resistant Steel is 100% non combustible

8 WHAT YOU CAN BUILD WITH IT HORIZONT technology offers a wide range of possibilities in residential construction... Luxury homes Single family homes Cottage (country, summer homes) Apartments Multi-family, townhouses Social housing Emergency shelters

9 WHAT YOU CAN BUILD WITH IT... and in public, commercial, industrial construction: Offices Motels, hotels & resorts Hospitals- Care facilities Schools and day-care centres Shopping centres Restaurants Smaller industrial and agricultural buildings

10 WHAT YOU CAN BUILD WITH IT... and other construction: Built-on-roofs (build on top of existing structures due to its light weight) Renovations (additions to existing buildings) Factory (High production line modular buildings)

11 O UR P ROPOSAL With you, the buyer in mind Our goal is: in all cases is to have long-term cooperation with satisfied customers Our offer: a comprehensive manufacturing and building solution, that provides the capability of independent operation, equipped with design software, manufacturing equipments and training program for your engineers and other technical staff

12 4 STEP PROGRAM all the tools you need to design, manufacture and build all the knowledge you need to design, manufacture and build help to start your production and to sell your product continued support for your success and profitability THE TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER PROGRAMME IS CUSTOM TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS IN A 3 + 1 STEP PACKAGE THE TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER PROGRAMME IS CUSTOM TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS IN A 3 + 1 STEP PACKAGE within as little as 90 days

13 S TEP 1: THE T OOLS HORIZONT Software Package Price calculation HORIZONTCAD Designing and production plans A ssembly plans HORIZONT CE certified RFM IV (roll forming machine) Capacity of 100,000m 2 buildings/year Accessory spare parts and tools HORIZONT assemble and construction package

14 S TEP 2: THE K NOWLEDGE Wide scale international warranty for all machines and equipments All-inclusive training courses for engineers, machine-operators, supervisors and technical staff The duration of the training is 3 to 4 weeks at the education center of our companys headquarters given by professionals using the most modern teaching method including the actual building of a 2 level house

15 S TEP 3: H ELP TO START Assistance in production plant set up and startup Marketing assistance for product launch

16 STEP 4: CONTINOUS SUPPORT Service contract beyond the warranty Long term consulting and assistance services H ORIZONT C LUB membership New developments and information upgrades

17 A P ROFITABLE P ROPOSAL Using the building technology provides a unique opportunity for companies, to participate and to be beneficiary of the enormous demand for housing and other construction PROFITABLE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY HORIZONT BUILDING TECHNOLOGY Paves the way for dynamic growth and high income

18 If you have any questions we will be more than happy to help. Thank you

19 BUILDING TECHNOLOGY A PROFITABLE BUISINESS OPPORTUNITY Contactrade Ltd -Hungary 1097 Budapest, Gubacsi street 47.


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