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The Timbuktu Challenge Presentation Holland – 23rd March 2010.

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1 The Timbuktu Challenge Presentation Holland – 23rd March 2010

2 table of contents 1. The concept 2. The route 3. Organisation 4. Ppreparation 5. What else to bring 6. Accommodation 7. Transport 8. Pricing 9. Conclusion

3 1. concept: Amsterdam to Timbuktu A legendary motorcycle expedition Maybe the reason why you bought this bike 7000 km through 3 African countries 3 weeks (6 till 28 November 2010) 30 travel/endurance motorbikes (BMW GS; KTM Adventure, etc.) Only limited off-road experience required

4 1. concept: Amsterdam to Timbuktu Key factors: An unforgettable adventure A mythical setting Expedition / no race / team spirit / culture / adventure An experienced organising team (logistics, technical, etc.) Expedition but no torture Training for the less experienced by Frans Verhoeven

5 2. The route A trans-sahara expedition 2 departures: Amsterdam & Brussels Meeting point = Sète (south of France, 1266 or 1000 km) 30 hours to cross the Mediterranean Sea Tanger, Morocco: adventure starts there Mountains, coast, sahara & sahel Road type: mix of everything but doable for all

6 2. The route Morocco Western Sahara Mauritania Mali

7 2. The route Morocco

8 2. The route Western Sahara

9 2. The route Mauritania

10 2. The route Mali

11 3. Organising team About 15 people Gert, Brigitte, Frans, Cécile, Bert Cooks, mechanics, logistics, reccie- team, medic, media Two trucks, four 4 x 4s Local agents, authorities & security

12 4.1. Preparation - motorbike Fuel autonomy of 250 km minimum Garmin GPS (latest list soon available on website) Security equipment: Satellite phone (can be rented via organisation) 2 fire flares, compass, emergency blanket Emergency meal, drinking water (min 3 liters), small sleeping bag Basic toolkit, tyre repair set (+ Leatherman) Map of North/West-Africa (Michelin Map N° 741)

13 4.1. Preparation – motorbike – part 2 Protections: Crash bars Engine protector Hand guards Specific protection (type dependent) Tyres: Preferably Conti TKC 80 allroad Panniers: No Panniers, maybe small luggage roll Tankbag (when necessary) Parts Brake en clutch levers Chainlink (when applicable) same brand and type!! Iron wire Duct tape Ty wraps

14 4.1. Preparation – you! Timbuktu training weekend: 18/19 September 2010 On the agenda: Course in navigation & gps Course in first-aid Course in bush mecanics Technical checks of your motorbike Evaluation of your driving skills + ½ day off-road course Administration (medical / paperwork / visa applications)

15 5.1. What else to bring 2 metal expedition boxes (Dakar size) Transported by the organisation truck Extra equipment to bring: Tent / inflatable mattress / sleeping bag Clothes / toiletries / medication Plate, cup, cutlery Spare parts if needed Documents (cfr. next slide)

16 5.2. What else to bring Documents: International passport Drivers license 5 passport pictures Vehicle ownership document Vehicle insurance (incl Morocco) Procuration (for Morocco) Medication: Headache tablets Malaria tablets Malarone Lariam Doxycycline) Sun protection Immodium - Motillium

17 6. Accommodation Based on bivouacs & hotels (60% - 40%) Our bivoucs have: Clean toilets Camp showers Better food than hotels Camp fire And so much more

18 7. Transport Ferry Sète (Fr) – Tanger (Morocco): on Sunday 7th Nov 2010 at 1PM. 30-36 hours of resting, partying, team building. (2 nights + 1 day) To get home afterwards: In Bamako: motor will be packed in specially prepared container (by us) The containers will be transported overland by large trucks to the port of Dakar (Senegal) From Dakar, the container will be shipped by Grimaldi to the port of Amsterdam All participants will leave Bamako on the 28th November in the morning. At 10.30 AM youll be home in Amsterdam/Brussels.

19 8.1. Rental options – motorbikes BMW R1200GS Specifications: Perfect state 1 year old 5000 km only Technical assistance incl. 1750 rental for 3 weeks

20 8.2. Rental options – 4x4 Jeep Wrangler Specifications: Perfect state 1 year old Technical assistance included 2500 per person rental for 3 weeks

21 9. Pricing Prijs All-in: 4850 (t.e.m. 30 april) Participation fee to the expedition 36 hours crossing of the Mediterranean Sea Accommodation (hotels & bivouacs) Daily breakfast & 3-course dinners Minimum 15 people assistance Plane ticket from Bamako to Amsterdam/Brussels Repatriation of motorbike to port of Rotterdam/Antwerp Transport & availability of spare parts

22 Conclusion: we offer you … a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for every level of experience to mythical locations with an experienced organisation team for a very honest and relatively low price Thank you & hope you join us

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