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MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS AP 7161 Todd Biwer WNS Sales Webinar

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1 MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS AP 7161 Todd Biwer WNS Sales Webinar
August, 22nd 2011

2 AGENDA WiNG 5 Benefits Outdoor Applications Introducing AP 7161
Service and Support Ordering, and Parts Competitive Landscape Outdoor Positioning TYPE TREATMENT Title is Arial Bold 32pt, ALL CAPS, Black, gray or color of the emsignia and colored bar on the cover slide Subject text recommendation: Arial Bold Black or gray (Type size may vary due to amount of content) Paragraph Spacing is 5.38pt with 0pt spacing Before and After. Bullets (round shape is recommended), color can be Black, gray or color of slide title Emsignia can be black or same color as emsignia on the cover slide COLOR GUIDELINES Only the colors from the Motorola Solutions color palette are acceptable (see brand guidelines: Use only 1 color, plus black, white and gray Do not use more than 1 color per slide IMAGES: This area is reserved for imagery. All images are located on For slides requiring multiple vertical images, crop images to create a rectangular grid. Image area can be on the right side of the slide, or across the bottom. Be sure to have an equal amount of space between images. Do not let them overlap. Additionally ensure there is an equal amount of space between the image area and the edges of the slide Do not let images bleed to the edge ADDITIONAL HELP For additional informationPlease refer to the Motorola Solutions Guidelines: Be sure your Notes panel is open in PPT for information and guidance throughout the document



5 Enabling Applications within a Mesh Network
Target Markets for n Mesh Outdoors Video Surveillance Wireless backhaul for camera monitoring Fixed Camera Connectivity Red Light Cameras Public Transit Surveillance Incident Scene / Event Management Public Safety Police, EMS and Fire Mobile Office e-Citations / e-Ticketing Field Reporting / Database Access License Plate Recognition Transportation Video to/from buses / trains Hotspot downloads in terminal In car vehicle mobility Motorola coined the term – MWAN Mesh Wide Area Networks – for outdoor deployments Just like WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network – for Indoor environments This slide shows our traditional target markets n enhances them by delivering higher bandwidth, expansion of new applications, and lower cost of ownership Public Safety – streaming high bandwidth data to/from a police car Public Transportation – video to and from buses and trains and passenger WiFi access Video surveillance and video backhaul - just to name a few In the industrial market space this will supplement a MEA network with high bandwidth video backhaul and support for standard wifi clients Multi Use Networks Cities, Parks, Apartment Buildings Education Outdoor Campus Coverage Industrial Markets Data Voice Video Applications More Users & More Applications Require More Capacity

6 BUILDING SITE CONNECT Using AP 7161 allows a number of switch dependant nodes/AP to be deployed externally to buildings with mesh backhaul capabilities Enabling Applications Data capture roam from within a facility to a loading dock Hotspot access for data or voice clients Small camera surveillance deployments for entrance doors or parking lots Perimeter Outdoor Security with Mesh Patrol Utilities and Field Force Vehicle Access Enabling Differentiators Indoor Outdoor Roaming with WiNG architecture TEAM VoWLAN communications Campus Site Growth with software upgrade to MeshConnex AirDefense Sensor and Intrusion Detection for the outdoors

AP 7161 enabled capacity and performance for video surveillance and DVR offloading Enabling Applications Accessing Transportation DVR information in stations and depots Government Vehicle access within parking lots Low Site Video Backhaul Connectivity Flexible video solution for CCTV Camera applications Enabling Differentiators - AirDefense sensor security for camera applications - Performance Capacity /Coverage. - ROI/Low cost of Ownership

Using AP 7161 allows a number of switch dependant nodes/APs to be deployed externally to municipality buildings with mesh backhaul capabilities Enabling Applications Access to country and public safety databases Mobile Office for field reporting: citations, ticketing, and database access GIS mapping for downloads in the field Video surveillance and security Incident scene management and event management Advanced License plate recognition and advanced finger printing Enabling Differentiators Indoor Outdoor Roaming with WiNG architecture Wireless infrastructure Growth with software upgrade to MeshConnex AirDefense Sensor and Intrusion Detection for the outdoors

9 One Software Platform to extend networks outdoors
OUTDOOR WiNG 5 IS EASY AS 1,2,3 1 2 3 Wing Enabled Platforms One Software Platform to extend networks outdoors 3rd Dimension Security Mesh Patrol Intrusion Detection/Prevention System Two Access/Backhaul Radios for Capacity with a 300 Mbps true 11n mesh layer. Here are the key take always we want you to remember about the 7181 CAPACITY AND PERFORMANCE LEADING MESH DEPLPOYMENTS


11 AP 7161 Common Specifications 3x3:2 MIMO Dual Stream
NEMA 4X / IP 67 Enclosure -40 to +70c POE powered via IP66 outdoor rated injector 802.3AT 2 Gig Ethernet ports (weatherized) Console Port (weatherized) N type Antenna Connectors LED exposure to lid

12 AP 7161 Hardware Specifications Operating Voltage 36-57 VDC
Operating Current Not to exceed 750 Power In (POE) POE support inbound power AT on GE1 Dimensions (unit) *mounted 32cm W x 22.5cm H x 10cm D 12.6in W x 8.9in H x 3.9in D Weight (Unit) 6.4lbs/2.9Kg

13 AP 7161 Environmental Operating Temperature -40 to +70 Degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature -40 to +85 Degrees Celsius Operating Humidity 5-100% Enclosure Outdoor IP67 rated, corrosion resistant enclosure ASTM B117 Salt, Fog, And Rust resistance Wind Ratings 150 mph (unit bracket measurement) Radio Features b/g/n Operating Frequency 2.4 – GHz Max AP Transmit Power * 26 dBm a/n Operating Frequency 4.940Ghz – GHz (Nov/Dec) 5.25Ghz Ghz 5.470GHz – 5.825GHz Max AP Transmit Power* 25 dBm *Transmit Power may vary based upon the deployed country

INDUSTRY FIRST Outdoor Sensor: COMBINED AP & SENSOR AP 7161 One Device for Access and Sensing Minimize Need for Expensive Cable Runs Configure Motorola APs to Use One Radio for Dedicated WIPS Sensing Band Un-locked Hardware Makes Motorola Uniquely Suited for Dual Purpose Device No Compromises: Device Offers Full-time AP Function & Full-time Security Never Drop a VoWLAN Call to Scan for Intruders and Never Reduce Security to Keep Clients Connected AP 650 AP 7131 Minimize deployment cost by leveraging a single device for full-time infrastructure & full-time sensing

15 Service and Support

Support Services: Hardware + Software Support Advance Exchange Support On Site System Support 16 16

Multi-year prepaid program Rapid response time Customers simply call the service center and we’ll ship a replacement unit for next-business-day delivery Motorola-provided spares pool Alleviates the need for customers to purchase, stock and manage spare units Comprehensive Coverage Includes normal wear and tear, as well as coverage for internal and external components damaged through accidental breakage — significantly reducing customers’ unforeseen repair expenses Full access to telephone and technical support resources Rights to download and use software releases and supporting documentation Note: Service from the Start programs must be purchased up front or within 30 days of the product purchase

18 WLAN SOFTWARE SUPPORT Access to software updates
Helps ensure WiNG WLAN solutions continue to run at optimal efficiency with the most up-to-date software Around-the-clock support availability Provides the support customers need, when they need it, for maximum uptime Priority call handling with defined escalation process Helps ensure timely resolution of any issues to keep the wireless network trouble free and operating at peak performance Convenient software downloads from password-protected support site Makes it easy to stay up to date Unlimited number of support cases Helps to lower total cost of ownership Easy access to online self-service web portal Puts essential support tools and resources right at your customer’s fingertips 18 18

19 Ordering and Parts

20 AP 7161 Sales Models

21 AP 7161 Antennas and Mounting Hardware

22 AP 7161 Service and Support Description SKU MSRP
1 Year Advance Exchange. Includes Comprehensive Coverage. AXB-AP $173 1 Year Onsite Bronze. Does not include Comprehensive Coverage. Check datasheet for regional availability. OSB-AP $216 2 Year Service from the Start On Site Bronze Renewal. Includes Comprehensive Coverage. Check datasheet for regional availability SOB-AP R $338 3 Year Service from the Start Onsite Bronze. Includes Comprehensive Coverage. Check datasheet for regional availability. SOB-AP $506 2 Year Service from the Start Advance Exchange Renewal. Includes Comprehensive Coverage SXB-AP R $270 3 Year Service from the Start Advance Exchange. Includes Comprehensive Coverage. SXB-AP $405 Note: Service programs must be purchased up front or within 30 days of the product purchase

23 AP 7161 –Dual Radio

24 AP 7161 –Dual Radio with Sensor

25 Mounting Hardware The Universal Mounting bracket (KT-147407-01)
- can be adjusted to rotate (+/-15 degrees) - tilt (up to 45 degrees) during installation to orient the unit The Extension Bracket (KT ) When mounting an AP 7161 on poles more than six inches in diameter, a minimum standoff distance of 12” is required to avoid interference with the antennas. The extension bracket can be used in combination with the standard mounting bracket when required. Mounting instructions are include in the Product Installation Guide

26 Competitive Information

27 Access Point Competitive Landscape
Cisco weaknesses: Band Locked Radios No 24x7 WIPS Poor 802.3af performance No end-to-end Network Assurance No services on AP Advanced SA only on High-End External Antenna only on High-End Cisco 1040 Cisco 1140 Cisco 3500 Cisco 1550 BelAir100S BelAir weaknesses : No distributed architecture 2x3 MIMO design on high-tier No end-to-end Network Assurance No services on AP, weak indoor products BelAir20 BelAir 100N Motorola Major Competitors Aruba weaknesses: No distributed architecture (Yet) 2x2 MIMO design on low/mid-tier No end-to-end Network Assurance No services on AP ARUBA 68, 92/93 ARUBA 105 ARUBA 124/125 ARUBA MSR 2000 Motorola Differentiators WiNG 5 Architecture Band Unlocked Radios Network Assurance 24x7 WIPS More Coverage per AP 620 Series & 65xx Series xx Series OUTDOOR Low-Tier Mid-Tier High Tier

28 AP 7161 Competitive Landscape

29 Marketing Information
AP 7161 External Website AP 7161 Datasheet Installation Guide available at Release Deployment Guide available in Sept

30 Seamless Indoor / Outdoor Networks
One Network WiNG Management Air Defense Security Planning Deployment Service & Support Indoor Access Points Application Server/Switch VolP Handsets Handheld Mobile Computers Indoor Applications RFID Solutions Outdoor Access Points Vehicular Modems Cameras Only ONE Company can provide the complete network solution 30

31 Outdoor Product Positioning

32 Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Strategy
AP 7161 can facilitate the extension of wireless coverage in the following networks: Indoor Enterprise Networks AP 7161 can extend coverage from an Indoor Network to an outdoor coverage area Typical application is a warehouse or campus environment Outdoor Hotspot Networks Coverage can be extended from an outdoor network to indoor network

33 Indoor to Outdoor Coverage, Enterprise Warehouse
Router AirDefense Wireless Controller WiNG AP7131 AP7161 MeshConnex AP7131 Indoor Network Warehouse AP7161 MeshConnex AP7131 MeshConnex Outdoor Network Parking Lot AP7161

34 Positioning AP 7161 and AP 7181 AP 7161 AP 7181
Outdoor extension mile > coverage Hotspots - City coverage Retail/Enterprise coverage - Municipalities Roadmap WiNG Releases: 5.1.1 – Dependent AP 7161 5.2.2 – Independent AP 7161, 4.9 Release 5.3 – Vehicle Mounted Modem 5.4 – Converged WiNG baseline Release with MCX 5.5 - AP 7181


ENTERPRISE MOBILITY Government & public safety Mobile Computers Information about this category of items Handhelds Scanners Access Points Radios Information about this category of items RFID Outdoor Access Points Access Points **Our existing icon library can be found in the Icons folder** Icons can be used to represent a group of items or symbolize a function Icons should NOT be used as illustrations or for chart/graph data The source file for the icons sizing template is labeled Icons_Template.psd and can be found in the DesignFiles folder New Icons should NOT be created. If a new icon is needed, please consult Frank Lawlor. MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  © 2010 Motorola, Inc. All rights reserved.

MOBILITY CONSUMERS MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS GOVERNMENT ENTERPRISE Motorola Solutions has - greater financial stability - greater focus on government and enterprise customers - freedom to focus more R&D investments on development of Gov & Ent solutions

DEMAND FOR WIRELESS APPLICATIONS IN THE WORKPLACE IS DRIVEN BY CONSUMER WIRELESS EXPERIENCES IN 2009, CONSUMERS DOWNLOADED 2.4 BILLION APPLICATIONS FROM APP STORES - ABI RESEARCH “I WISH WE COULD USE THIS APP AT WORK.” 70% of all retailers in the next months will have a plan to deploy or be implementing mobile loyalty applications. Src: Aberdeen Group Over 50% of the US population by the end of 2011 will be carrying smartphones. Src: ABI research. By end of 2014, 90% of smartphones will be wifi capable. 64% of all mobile traffic will be video by 2013. BY THE END OF 2011, OVER 50% OF THE US POPULATION WILL BE CARRYING SMARTPHONES. - ABI RESEARCH “I USE MY SMART PHONE FOR JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING. I’M GLAD WE’RE FINALLY STARTING TO USE MORE WIRELESS ON THE JOB, TOO.”

64% of all mobile traffic will be video by 2013. As the use of wireless applications grows, new challenges are emerging. - need high security and reliability - wireless network capacity is getting stretched thin - must maintain high quality of experience for wireless users The wireless network has to be upgraded to meet the demand. But upgrades must always be weighed against cost and complexity: Need a cost effective and easy-to-deploy wireless network solution that can do more. COST COMPLEXITY FUTURE-PROOFING THE NETWORK


FOCUSED OUTDOOR CUSTOMER NEEDS But our innovation has always been driven by a focus on solving real customer problems. Helping people be more productive and more responsive at critical moments in their workday. We’ve got experience and a long history of serving customers in many vertical markets – we understand the unique challenges in each. From our long history in Government to our broad Service Provider offering to our rich history in Enterprise. In many cases, we are uniquely positioned to help because of our focus on both the devices as well as the infrastructure side of wireless solutions. [SLIDE TRANSITION STATEMENT] And we’ve seen a new customer problem taking shape that will affect our customers across all of the industries we serve. As wireless devices and applications continue to show broader and broader adoption in the workplace, we need to make sure the networks that enable them are ready to handle the up-coming increase in traffic. Otherwise, users could start to have degraded connectivity and performance. And that can erode their trust in the tools that can empower them to do so much more. SERVICE PROVIDER TRANSPORTATION MANUFACTURING GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE HOSPITALITY EDUCATION RETAIL 41

42 Holistic Network Services Management for WLAN
MOTOROLA AIRDEFENSE SERVICES PLATFORM Mitigate Risk; Assure Compliance Maximize efficiency with centralized management Infrastructure Management Assurance Network Managed Services Advanced Services Solutions for Any WLAN Improve Operations with proactive troubleshooting and analysis Security & Compliance The Motorola AirDefense Services Platform provides 3 fundamental value additions for wireless LANs – robust security & wireless regulatory compliance, cost-effective centralized troubleshooting and performance management, and wireless infrastructure management.  <Read though the bullets> Holistic Network Services Management for WLAN 42

43 AirDefense Services Platform
SOLUTION ARCHITECTURE The Hardware Centralized, Hardened Appliance – Secure System with Low-bandwidth Utilization Two Types of Sensors Integrated Sensors are Built into Motorola Access Points Stand Alone Sensors are Separate Devices, Use One for Every 3-5 APs Headquarters ADSP Appliance Sensor Field Offices Wireless Switch The AirDefense Services Platform Centralized Reporting 24x7 Monitoring Robust Alarm Management Automatic Mitigation & Escalation Forensic Analysis Multi-vendor Management Remote Troubleshooting Interference Detection Advanced Forensics Spectrum Analysis Access Point Testing Client Connectivity Troubleshooting LiveRF Mobile Laptop Analyzer Network Assurance Infrastructure Management WLAN Management Centralized Management Console Security & Compliance Wireless IPS Wireless Vulnerability Assessment Mobile Workforce Protection Legacy Encryption Protection AirDefense Services Platform

44 AP 7181 Competitive Landscape
BelA(13 dBi MIMO Sector) Belair MSRP $3600- they use dual banded antennas, estimated MSRP on each antenna is $400, also can be used with directional PTP antennas FT is consider a pt to multipoint system Cisco & Motorola report average conducted power. Tropos, Firetide, & BelAir report peak power. Average power is real world conditions. Motorola Proprietary and Confidential

45 AP 7181

46 AP 7181 Deployments…. Kbps Kbps *single stream data results
Motorola Confidential Proprietary – Do Not Distribute

47 “A Big Screaming Monster of 802.11n goodness”
Government Testing Market Segment: Government Problem Government testing of the AP 7181 to determine bandwidth limitations and mobility for government applications Motorola Solution AP ’ on top of refinery Axis 241Q Video Server on Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) - streaming 3 camera streams - FLIR Camera, Sony Camera, Axis Camera Customer Feedback “Pretty awesome “ “A Big Screaming Monster of n goodness”

48 Stratford, ON – Rhyzome Networks Smart Grid
Market Segment: Utilities/Smart Grid Secondary: Multi Use Network Problem Rhyzome Networks needed a multi functional city-wide mesh network to support multiple Smart Grid applications, most notably hourly time-of-use meter reading from 18,000 meters to meet Ontario Energy Board’s requirement Motorola Solution Initial 40 node AP 7181 proof of concept network Subsequent 360 nodes awarded to Fleetcom to complete build-out Motorola ASX1800 GPON network for backhaul Largest n Mesh Outdoor Network in North America Installation planned for completion in mid-October Motorola Solution Value Rhyzome becomes a data utility – providing connectivity through a grid connecting data users One network – Wireless AP 7181 and wired GPON from one vendor

49 Chattanooga, TN Problem Motorola Solution Motorola Solution Value
Market Segment: Public Safety Secondary: Multi Use Network Problem City of Chattanooga needed mobile access to multiple applications necessary to support the efficient growth of a dynamic region. Among the applications that are necessary to support this growth are public safety, transportation and EMS. Motorola Solution Initial 12 node AP 7181 proof of concept network, 280 currently installed Another 200 nodes awarded to Excalibur to complete build-out of region wide system. A multi jurisdictional, region-wide mesh network to support multiple applications was the chosen solution. Motorola Solution Value Excalibur Integrated Systems, Inc. was the one vendor that could supply a total solution approach that included not only Motorola, but many other manufactures to complete the project (i.e. Cameras, Storage, Network Support, Network Design, Installation, etc…)

50 Texas – Police Department
Market Segment: Public Safety Problem A Texas Police Department is interested in deploying AP 7181 for city-wide (32 square miles) mobile broadband to streamline their CAD, reporting, and video upload processes while out in the field. The network will be used for mobile office. Motorola Solution Initial 4 node AP 7181 proof of concept network for Police Department dash camera video upload from police vehicles in parking lots. Network will use 2.4 clients and 5.8 radios for backhaul. Motorola Solution Value With city-wide AP 7181 coverage, Police Department will recognize a dramatic increase efficiency in staffing and process by taking advantage of the increased bandwidth available via N.

51 Savannah River Site (DoE), South Carolina
Market Segment: Government Secondary: Multi Use Network Problem SRS Aiken a Department of Energy facility Aiken South Carolina has a requirement to extend data services out to outdoor areas that traditionally would not have had access to the site wide data services (Non Classified). The site has need to extend services to mobile workers, monitoring devices, and many other site wide applications. Having this access will allow SRS to improve worker efficiency, safety, and security. Motorola Solution Initial deployment of 3 node AP Another 20 being deployed Tracking material that will be moving in and out of the site The Mesh Network 7181 capability will allow for quick deployment of data service access quickly and efficiently to the worker in these areas. Motorola PTP500 Microwave Backhaul Solution for AP 7181 Motorola Solution Value Quick deployment allows for quicker access to site wide data services Easy Expansion when the need arises Allows mobile and outdoor high speed service Can integrate with other Motorola Wireless Technologies being evaluated

52 Ferry Transit – USA Problem Motorola Solution Motorola Solution Value
Market Segment: Public Transit Problem A public transit company provides mass transit for about 3000 commuters daily. They needed a solution to be able to view the cameras on each their ferries in real time at their command and control center for security reasons. Motorola Solution Deployed 4 AP 7181 on shore at the port terminals Deployed 3 AP 7181 on each of the ferries 6 IP Video cameras per ferry steaming to servers and video data transferred from each of the ferries to the command and control center Motorola Solution Value Motorola’s Value Added Reseller design a mesh network to solve the transit security concerns on board the ferries to ensure safety of their passengers

53 Airport, USA UPs HUBs: Louisville, KY, Rockford, IL
Market Segment: Airports Problem A large package delivery company delivers more than 15 million packages a day and has 6.1 million customers requires state of the art wireless technologies to deliver real time data to all of their data networks for on time delivery. Extended wireless coverage from their indoor networks to their outdoor operations is mission critical for their daily operation. Motorola Solution Outdoor WiFi coverage provided by AP 7181 for airport tarmac Ability to roam between outdoor and indoor WiFI networks with handhelds RFID coverage for Fuel Management Air Defense for network security Motorola Solution Value Motorola’s comprehensive wireless broadband solutions solved mission critical requirements for this company

54 AP 7161 Antennas Antenna Options SKU Description
ML-2499-HPA ANT: 2.4 GHz, 4dBi Gain (9") ML-5299-HPA ANT: 5 GHz, 5dBi Gain (6") RAN4054A ANT:2.4 GHZ, DOWNTILT, 8DBI, TYPE N-M ML-2499-HPA ANT:2.4 GHZ, FIXED, DP, OMNI, 8DBI, TYPE N-M ML-5299-HPA ANT:5.4 GHZ, FIXED, DP, OMNI, 10DBI, TYPE N-M ML-5299-FHPA6-01R ANT: GHZ,FIXED DP,6DBI,TYPE N-M Sensor Antenna Options ML-2452-HPAG5A Dual Band WIPS Antenna

55 Power Requirements The AP7161 is powered via a PoE (802.3at) capable switch or external PoE injector. - PoE power must be provided on the GE1 Ethernet interface. - Operating Voltage VDC - Operating Current - Not to exceed 48VDC There are two orderable PoE options for powering the AP7161: Countries in North America POE AC NA - AP-PSBIAS-7161-US All Other Countries POE AC INTL - AP-PSBIAS-7161-WW There is also a orderable mounting kit that can be used for either PoE option: Part # KT Grounding instructions are include in the Product Installation Guide

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