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1. 2 COMPANY PROFILE Sailornet was founded in 2002 to create a centre of excellence for assistance and information services for leisure boating. Sailornet.

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2 2 COMPANY PROFILE Sailornet was founded in 2002 to create a centre of excellence for assistance and information services for leisure boating. Sailornet has consolidated its leading role in satellite-based assistance services by obtaining General Authorization for satellite network and communication services for maritime safety from the Ministry of Economic Development - Communications. Sailornet is also a value added reseller (VAR) for Globalstar and Axonn.

3 3 COMPANY MISSION Sailornets primary mission is to provide a complete package of sailing assistance and information services so that its clients can sail safely and with peace of mind.

4 4 OUR PARTNERS Allianz Ras Group A.N.G.O.P.I. C.I.R.M. Assorimorchiatori Lega Navale Italiana Globalstar AXONN Circolo Velico RAI Navale Assicurazioni H.D.I. Marintec Alliance Broker HoverFly

5 5 OUR CLIENTS Allianz RAS IMA Italia Assistance Groupama H. D. I. AXA Assistance Mondial Assistance Blue Assistance Sara Assicurazioni EuropAssistance Mercantile Leasing GE.SE.CO

6 6 SAILORNETS ASSETS A large and widespread seaborne service and assistance network, which is able to deal with any emergency along the entire Mediterranean coastline. Our information services: an organized system of georeferenced data and personalized weather forecasts, unique in its kind in terms of reliability and updatability. Our information services: an organized system of georeferenced data and personalized weather forecasts, unique in its kind in terms of reliability and updatability. Our command centre is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and is staffed by highly qualified personnel able to respond quickly and effectively to the various needs of seafarers. The Ministry of Economic Development - Communications General Authorization license for satellite network and communication services for maritime safety.

7 7 OUR SERVICES Information Services Technical Assistance Technical Assistance Navigational Assistance Medical Assistance Safety at Sea Service Fleet Management

8 8 TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE Sailornet has an extensive network that guarantees coverage of the whole Mediterranean coastline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing expert assistance for any difficulty that could compromise sailing safety. Clients may request : Boat Recovery Technical servicing Technical Advice Mooring Reservations Boat Monitoring Boat Transport Frogmen Skippers Spare Parts Delivery Scuba Diving Assistance

9 9 Boat Recovery Should the clients boat not be in a state to continue and reach port unaided, the command centre will send qualified personnel to resolve the problem and if necessary to transport the boat to harbour. We can perform this highly skilled service thanks to: an integrated network of 150 groups of exclusive operators (A.N.G.O.P.I, Assorimorchiatori and private operators) total coverage within a 20 mile band of the whole of the Italian, Croatian, Spanish and French coastlines. our agreed rates that ensure the client a recovery price that is at least 10 times lower than the average market rate. a well organized command centre under the supervision of the Coast Guard Command.

10 10 Technical servicing In port repair services are guaranteed by Sailornets widespread and expert assistance network, covering the entire Mediterranean basin and that includes the following categories of operators: Sailornet network 1,200 shipyards 2,100 authorized engine repair shops 850 electric and electronic service points 400 refrigerator service points 300 propeller and water-jet propeller service centres 1,150 nautical equipment and accessories suppliers

11 11 Technical Advice In case of damage or malfunction of onboard equipment, which may compromise sailing safety, the client may request technical advice from expert personnel who, after having been given a description of the problem, will advise how best to manage the emergency. If necessary, they will also set in motion the subsequent phases of technical assistance. Mooring Reservation The client may inquire about the availability of berths at a given dock and, when possible, reserve one for a particular date. Otherwise the client can ask us to search for a mooring at a particular location to meet their particular needs.

12 12 Boat Monitoring The client may request the command centre to organize the monitoring and/or recovery of their damaged boat. Boat Transport The client may request for their boat to be transported from one port to another, either via land or sea. Frogmen Clients who need work on their boats hull may ask the command centre to find and send a frogman.

13 13 Skippers Should the client need to replace the skipper or other crew members, the command centre will locate the required personnel and send them to the destination given by the client. Spare Parts Delivery Should the client need spare parts that are unavailable in his current location, the command centre will locate the parts and send them to the client by the fastest means possible, while taking account of local regulations for the transport of goods in general and maritime spare parts in particular.

14 14 Scuba Diving Assistance Exclusive service for scuba diving enthusiasts. Personal Trainer We will send a personal trainer to clients who want a thorough grounding in scuba diving. Personal Scuba Diver Clients can request a personal scuba diver for a few days or for the entire cruise. The diver will plan all the scuba diving activities in agreement with the client, while also accompanying him and his guests on the planned dives and providing them with all the necessary equipment.

15 15 SAILING ASSISTANCE The experts at our command centre are always available to support, assist and advise sailors in the various stages of their trips. More specifically, clients may request services such as: Cruise Planning Weather forecast for the route Advice for entering port

16 16 graphic route and navigational documentation information on landingslights and lanterns urgent and permanent warnings to mariners hazards and prohibitions coast descriptionanchoragescoastal sailing marine parks and recreational information Clients may request a sailing itinerary. Sailornet command centre will draw up and send a route for the cruise, which will include the following: Cruise Planning

17 17 Weather forecast for the route The client may request specific support for the selected itinerary, such as a detailed analysis of weather forecasts for the route and expert advice. Advice for entering port The client may request information about the geo-nautical characteristics of the docking area, about particular rules for approaching and entering a port, about possible current dangers, restrictions or warnings in the destination port as well as information about the nautical reference documentation required.

18 18 INFORMATION SERVICES Our information services supply complete, updated and reliable data about all aspects of the conditions in which the cruise takes place. In particular: Weather Forecasts Storm Warnings Dangers and Prohibitions Coastal Sailing Docks Anchorages Sea Attractions Regulations

19 19 Weather Forecasts Sailornets weather forecast system is based on data (GRIB messages) supplied directly by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts. The data is then processed according to forecasting models developed by the Centre itself. The forecasts provided by this service: cover the entire Mediterranean area down to a level of accuracy of under 12.5 miles are published every 6 hours and cover the following 72 hours contain all the important parameters of sea and wind conditions that sailors need to know

20 20 WEATHER FORECASTS Wind direction and strength Wind streams Significant wave height and directionCloud coveragePrecipitation and climate conditionsLocal details

21 21 Storm Warnings We provide storm forecasts for each zone of the Mediterranean, along with indication of the strength and direction of the wind and gusts of wind Dangers and Restrictions Sailornets command centre is able to offer sailors complete, updated and reliable information about any dangers and prohibitions in a given area. Sailornet receives notifications about dangers and prohibitions from a wide variety of sources. We filter this information, sort it and organize it using a sophisticated computer information system in order to make it available quickly and selectively to the sailors concerned.

22 22 Coastal Sailing Sailornet command centre provides sailors with information to help them find their location at any moment when sailing down the coast. In particular: Detailed description of points that are very visible and useful for navigation Detailed description of the characteristics of all lighthouses and navigation lights in the area concerned Description of coastlines including possible dangers and prohibitions (sand bars, submerged rocks, bans on approaching beyond a certain distance, etc.)

23 23 Docks Geo-nautical Info Utility and emergency services Port services Methods of access Dangers and Prohibitions Regulations To meet our clients harbour requirements we supply complete, selected, updated, and summarized information from various direct sources about each of the over 2,000 docks in the Mediterranean basin.

24 For each of the more than 3,000 anchorages selected in the entire Mediterranean basin, yachtsmen are provided with: 24 Type and depth of sea bed Onshore and predominant winds Suitability of anchorage for overnight stays Anchorages Anchorage position Visible points on the coast to aid in coastal navigation Dangers and prohibitions signalled in docks and access areas Recommended anchorages

25 25 Sea Attractions The following information is provided: marine parks in the Mediterranean, including their location, descriptions, prohibitions and access restrictions in the various zones that comprise them Diving centres and diving areas in the zone Islands and coasts to explore: an exclusive collection of recommended tours of particular natural, artistic, archaeological, architectural or cultural value. Sailornet chooses tours that its clients can enjoy along the route of their Mediterranean cruise.

26 26 Regulations Clients may at any time request detailed and accurate information on all current regulations in force with reference to: Navigation Use of port facilities Sport fishing Scuba diving activities Water skiing Boat documentation Documents needed in order to obtain a boat licence

27 27 FIRST AID ASSISTANCE The services offered by the prestigious C.I.R.M, Centro Internazionale Radio Medico (International Radio Medical Centre) are delivered free of charge to all direct users of Sailornet thanks to an agreement between the two organizations. These services include specialist telephone medical consultations and emergency medical assistance at sea. These services are delivered by the medical headquarters of Mondial Assistance Italia under the terms of an insurance policy taken out by Sailornet to cover its users. The services include the dispatch of a doctor to the dock, transport of the patient from the dock to the treatment centre and the delivery of medicine to the boat in dock.

28 28 FLY SERVICES The service supplies sea customized twin-engine helicopters equipped to fly over the sea without limit from the coast with a capacity of 5 or 8 passengers. This service covers all Mediterranean area. Is possible to request: Urgent transport of technicians on board in case of damage of the boat Urgent transport of spare parts in case of damage of the boat Retrieval and sending of frogmen in case of damage of the boat Research and sending replacement Skipper or Crew Rapid transportation of passengers Rapid transport of materials

29 29 PERSONAL DESK This service offers a real personal assistant to solve customers' needs during the cruise. In each port of the Mediterranean area, is possible to request : Car Service: the customer who needs to rent a car or have it available at the port of craft stationing, may call the Central Office to find out rental facilities, prices and eventual car hiring. Chef Service: the customer will be put in touch with catering facilities or staff (chef) for the organization of events on board. Information/reservations of Tourist Facilities or hotels: the customer may request to know the availability of hotels and tourist site near the craft berth; the cost per day and, where possible, ask for reservation. Taxi Boat: the customer may request taxi boat service, the price and, if possible, the reservation.

30 28 C.I.R.M. Assistance Sailornets partner, the C.I.R.M. (Telemedicine Assistance Centre), provides the following services to Sailornet clients: Expert telephone medical consultation for people at sea who need treatment Emergency medical services at sea in coordination with the Coast Guard in the case of accidents where the injured need to be taken immediately to hospital

31 29 Mondial Assistance Services Sailornets insurance policy with Mondial Assistance enables Sailornet clients to request 24 hours a day 365 days a year: Advice about the onboard storage of medication The urgent dispatch of medication Patient transport from the dock Constant connection with a hospital

32 30 SATELLITE SAFETY SERVICES The safety of the boat at sea, roadsted or port, is ensured by the use of an onboard satellite kit. The kits perform the following functions: Emergency alarms Request for technical assistance at sea Signalling the boats movement in port or anchorage Onboard satellite kit tamper alarm

33 31 FLEET MANAGEMENT This type of service is mainly for organizations that need to monitor the movements of their fleet. Using an onboard satellite kit, they can constantly monitor the location of the boats directly and independently via the internet.

34 32 STANDARD SAILORNET PRODUCTS Satellite options: Gold sat Club sat Platinum Sat Standard options: Gold Club Platinum


36 34 PERSONALIZED SAILORNET PRODUCTS For shipbuilding yards and dealers: SAILORMATE YACHTING CARD post sales assistance SAILORMATE MARINA CARD" For marinas: For charter boats: SAILORMATESAT FLEET OPTIONS

37 35 SAILORNET YACHTING CARD Sailornet offers post-sales assistance, especially targeted for boats still under guarantee. This service is reserved for the owners of boats built by… who are entitled to a wide and exclusive package of services including the following: Satellite service Technical service Cruise service Crew service Medical service Personal service Car service Chef service

38 36 SAILORMATE CARD FOR MARINAS" Assistance Services: Assistance and support for boats that have broken down (recovery up to a radius of 50 Nm from the Marina of.... and 20 Nm from the coast) In harbour technical assistance Location and dispatch of spare parts Information Services: Dock information Personalized weather forecasts, storm warnings and warnings to sailors Cruise planning Coastal Sailing Sea Attractions Regulations Help Desk: A wide variety of services are available, such as car rental, tourist information, hotel, restaurant, show and taxi boat reservations and much more. A specific product for marinas that would like to offer their clients an exclusive package of assistance services.

39 37 SAILORMATESAT FLEET SAILORMATE SAT FLEET is a specific product for charter companies that would like to monitor their fleets. This service is delivered via a dedicated internet site in which clients may view a real time graphic display of the position signals sent by the latest generation of onboard satellite kits to the Sailornet command centre software platform.

40 38 WHY CHOOSE SAILORNET It is the only company that is able to offer a complete range of assistance and information services specifically for leisure boating. Reliable and complete information Rapid service for the whole of the Mediterranean Competent and extensive assistance network Headquarters staffed with highly trained personnel, available 24 hours a day 365 days a year Fixed and exclusive prices for at sea recovery of broken down boats Flexible services able to meet the needs of any client Safety ensured at sea or in port thanks to satellite connections

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