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1 Presented By: Zed-Axis Technologies Confidential: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, INCLUDING THE RIGHTS TO REPRODUCE THIS PUBLICATION OR PORTIONS THEREOF IN ANY FORM. THE INFORMATION SET FORTH IN THIS DOCUMENT AND THE MATERIALS, METHODS, TECHNIQUES, OR APPARATUS DESCRIBED ARE THE EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY OF Zed-Axis Technologies (P) Ltd All Logos & Brand-names used in the presentation are property of the respective brands. A Web-Based Service / Repair / Warranty / Support/ Claim & Inventory Control Solution

2 Getting Real-time up to date status of Calls spread over Clients & across Geography: whether calls are: open, closed, pending (& for what reasons). Managing Service Levels effectively - Ensuring Quick Turnaround time & Timely Fix, given the high dependence on Products. Lack of Complete control over the field engineers & their activities due to unavailability of timely-data pertaining to their daily operations. Customer Information that lies dispersed, distributed and duplicated. Tracking Warranty, AMC Validation and Replacement (If applicable) cases. Rising Inventory and Supply Chain Costs.

3 Zed-Service is a 360 Degree Web Based After-Sales Service Automation Software covering almost all major requirements of Customer Service Setup, aimed at: Maximizing service efficiency Increasing customer satisfaction Reducing service operations cost.

4 Zed-Service in a nutshell

5 Brands Own Branches or Own Service Network Brand having Independent ASCs or Franchisees Brand signing up with a Service Partner having: National or Regional Presence Along with its own Branches and or Franchise Network A Combination of these. Modes of Service addressed: On Site Service RTB Service Walk-In Service

6 Zed-Service - Con. Elec. / Home App / IT Devices For Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, IT Product Companies Zed-Service - Repair & Return Companies Involved into Repairs, Bulk Repairs, Forward & Reverse Logistics. Zed-Service - Mobile For Cell Phone Brands, Repair Organizations Serving Cell phone industry Zed-Service - UPS, Battery, Inverter For power conditioning & standby power industry Zed-Service - Sanitary Ware & Water Treatment Cos. For Water Purification, Bathroom Products, Wellness Brands

7 Imbibes Knowledge & Experience of Large, process driven Brands In use by various companies for 6+ yrs Managed 10 Million+ Service Calls till date Successfully managing approx.75 Million calls per month Used across 5000+ Service Centers

8 Features that address your concerns: Can be Centralized (at your / Outsourced Center) Or Decentralized (Call landing @ Branches / Service Centers) Preliminary Assistance using Knowledge Base Inbound Customer Call Handling Quick Search for Customer / Account Recognition Call Logging of Corporate/ Individual Customers or Dealers. Single Customer Database Warranty registration for Customers Addition of New Product s purchased by the customers Auto Generation of PMS Calls on scheduled basis Warranty Management & AMC & PMS End to End Field Service Management Walk In Customers (If needed) Return to Bench (RTB) – Pick up / Transport (If needed) Service Management

9 Features that address your concerns: Job Sheet Creation Fault Entry / Repair Action/ Parts Consumed DSR Update – Initial & Final Work-order /Repair Management Auto Call Routing to Service Centers specific to Area customer has called from. Call Assignment to Engineers Call Allocation On Call Allocation to Field Engineer On Call Status Update On Call Closures Instant Notification (Through SMS) Spare Parts/ FG – Good / Defective Service Center Stock/ Engineers Kit Content Replacement / Swap Goods Inventory Management

10 Features that address your concerns: Calls pending for parts Calls requiring pick-up Call requiring stand-by Logistics Planning Replacement Claim Generation Approved/Rejected Claims/Goodwill Quota Controlling Replacements Happy Calling Feedback Capture Outbound Calling Includes Parts/ Labor Charges with Taxes Cash/Cheque Collection Performa Invoice Generation Financials

11 Customer may Log Calls / Trigger by: Voice – Call to the call Center * Web – Logging an Online Call * SMS – By Sending a SMS in a Predefined format * Email – By Writing to an Email ID Customers May track the status of the call online

12 On basis of Location Products Handled / expertise

13 On basis of Current Job Load On basis of Product Mapping

14 Customer may be alerted by various means Email, SMS*, Auto-Dialer* On Various Actions Call Creation Engineer Assignment Call Completion

15 Happy Calling / Random or 100% Sampling Email Based Surveys SMS Based Surveys *Auto-Dialer Based Surveys *Retailer & ASP Survey (Mystery Shopper)

16 Customer Escalated Calls If needed closed calls can be re-opened Alerts on ageing etc. Can provide a comprehensive module to manage escalations*

17 Material GRN (CWH / RWH) from Principals Stock transfer to: Own Branches or Service Partner RWH / Locations Service Partner CWH to Franchisee Locations Service Center Inventory Engineer Kit Contents / Loaners CWH / RWH Stocks Visibility to Service Centers

18 Customer to Service Center Service Center / Franchise to Ser. Partner RWH Service Partner RWH to Ser. Partner CWH Service Partner CWH / RWH to Brands CWH / etc. This is just one of the Reverse Logistics scenario. The exact movement depends upon the Brands setup and operations.

19 Highest Level of Repair Defective Receipt from various ASP / GSPs / Own Warehouses Defective In Physical Inspection Repair Process Engineer Performance & Repair TAT Monitoring Conversion into Repaired OK / SCRAP Cannibalization

20 Small Products / Parts may be shipped directly (In warranty) System can handle Advance Replacement as well as Repair & Return Defective Received can be sent to the RO Warehouse or from the GSP to the Principal / Brand Warehouse

21 Franchisee Claims are a part of system Claims are auto monitored in the system on various parameters: Date & Proof of Purchase Warranty Status Bounce Defective Received or not Claims are based upon Brand, Model, Repair Level, Repair Type, Service Entity (Includes GSP & ASP)

22 Unsold / Sold Stock (90 days / 30 days Etc) DOA replacement Process Warranty has to be inherited (Residual)

23 KPI Dashboards A Variety of Graphical & Tabular MIS can be provided Pending Calls ASP Wise Repair TAT AVG Claim Cost Engineer Productivity Bounce Rates Top failing products, parts, defects, consumption

24 Zed-Service can be integrated with SAP / Other ERPs/ Legacy Systems / Accounting Packages

25 Simplicity {…even while offering an exhaustive system} Flexible and Customizable {…geared to meet your requirements} Access from Anywhere {…exploiting the Web advantage} Trusted by Top Companies {…exposure to best practices} Offering Reliable Services {…tested & Proven across years} Shorter Time to Market {…can be implemented even in 4-6 weeks } High ROI {…companies are able to recover their investment in as low as 3 Months} Zed-Service is a Web-Based application & can be Integrated with SAP & Most ERPs Zed-Service Offers On-Site, Carry-In & Return to Bench Functionalities

26 Eliminate Paperwork, Create Service Efficiency, Save Time and Build a Profitable Service Organization Join the Customer Service Revolution with Zed-Service

27 For any query or feedback, please feel free to contact your Account Manager, or Talk to us at: Hand-phone: +91 9711156215 Sales Hotline: (+91.11) 4564.1144 Direct: (+91.11) 4564.1145 E-Mail:


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