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Growing Global Sales A View from the Trenches by Kevin LaMontagne.

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1 Growing Global Sales A View from the Trenches by Kevin LaMontagne

2 Goals of this Presentation Share the international business experience of the Fulton Companies Compare/Contrast Relate Learn Encourage 2

3 About the Fulton Companies 3

4 A brief history of Fulton… 4 2012

5 Fultons Vision To be the Premier Provider of Innovative Heat Transfer Equipment and Energy Management Solutions 5

6 Fulton by the Numbers Sales: 45% outside of the USA Employees: 60% outside of the USA Operations on the Ground Oswego County: 1949 England: 1960s Canada: 1980s China: 1990s Switzerland: 2011 Physical Locations as of 2012: Pulaski, NY (HQ)Hangzhou, China Alliance, OHNingbo, China Houston, TXShanghai, China Toronto, Canada Bristol, England Zurich, Switzerland 6

7 What Fulton Has Learned 7

8 Life in the Serengeti African Proverb Every morning a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn't matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle… When the sun comes up, you better start running.

9 9

10 3 Stages of Growing Global Sales Research Export Invest 10

11 3 Stages of Growing Global Sales Research Export Invest 11

12 Research – Where to Start 12 Google CIA World Factbook Competitor Websites

13 More on Research M.B.W.A Management By Walking Around R.B.T.T.P Research By Talking To People 13

14 More on Research R.B.T.T.P Research By Talking To People Talk to your customers May export your products May use your products in their export products Referrals to distributors Foreign Trade Shows Google US Department of Commerce Foreign country government bureaus Trade Associations Ask people you know and trust! 14

15 3 Stages of Growing Global Sales Research Export Invest 15

16 Export: Channels Foreign distributors US-based export distributors OEM components 16

17 Export Channel: Foreign Distributors Expect business plans Visit any prospects Meet the people See the facility Ownership of product certifications Exclusivity – Avoid! 17

18 Export Channel: US Based Export Distributors As with foreign distributors Expect a business plan Visit any prospects Avoid exclusivity Special export pricing considerations Policing USA sale vs. export 18

19 Export Channel: OEM Components Definition: Including your product on another product which is eventually exported Strategic connection with your OEM customer Value-added marketing by association Builds your brand in new markets 19

20 Export – Considerations Product Local preferences Training Codes & licenses Landed cost price levels Sales Customer service Training Printed sales materials Users manuals Aftermarket Warranty Training Field service Availability of spare parts Dont forget: Languages Product labels Sales materials Manuals Packaging/labeling laws Units of measure 20

21 3 Stages of Growing Global Sales Research Export Invest 21

22 Invest Distribution OR manufacturing Joint Venture With foreign company With a related US company Wholly Owned Acquisition Start-up Regional Hub 22

23 Regional Hub Concept Fulton has Regional Hubs in China, UK and Switzerland New Example: Turkey Population: 78 million (1.1%) % of World GDP: 1.5% Last 3 Years Growth: 0.0% 23

24 Bordering Border 9.6% Bordering Turkey 3.1% Turkey 1.5% 24 % of World GDP & Growth Rates 3-Year Growth Rate 2.2% vs. USA/Canada at 0.0%

25 Web Presence Today: Mandatory Considerations: Language and cultural differences Product catalog Availability Distributors Codes Pricing Protect your core! 25

26 Airplane Reading … you will need some! Everything by Thomas Friedman, but especially The World Is Flat One Billion Customers by James MacGregor Lonely Planet Travel Guides CIA World Factbook

27 Thank you, dont panic and good luck! My Contact Info: Kevin LaMontagne The Fulton Companies (315)298-7157 27

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