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GROUP STRUCTURE FOCUS ON ChelPipe Group Pipe division Rimera ALNAS

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0 Oilfield Services Division “RIMERA”
ChelPipe GROUP Oilfield Services Division “RIMERA” Company profile 2011

1 GROUP STRUCTURE FOCUS ON ChelPipe Group Pipe division Rimera ALNAS
(oilfield service division) FOCUS ON Trunk pipeline equipment Oil & gas equipment Formation evaluation ALNAS CHTPZ MZMZ ALNAS Tomskneftegaz- geophysica PNTZ SOT Izhneftemash Yuganskneftegaz- geophysica Trading House «Uraltrubostal» MSA Rimera - service Well logging and perforation Geotechnical studies Formation testing SAW linepipes Seamless linepipes OCTG Mechanical tubing Boiler tubes Stainless tubing Construction tubes Trading House «Chtpz-kts» Manufacturing and maintenance: electric submersible pumps (ESP), pumping, cementing, mixing units, sucker rod pumps Tubing pipes rehabilitation Bends/ Elbows Valves Fittings

Our customers ConocoPhillips Shell ExxonMobil Amoco PDVSA Monsanto BAS National Iranian South Oil Company Iranian Offshore Oil Company ONGC Oil India Ltd Pertamina NETZSCH Oilfield Products Petroleum Development Oman Dublin International Petroleum Others Rimera has experience of serving demanding multinational players

3 Well-invested asset base as a result of a comprehensive investment program and a successful M&A strategy Modernization and formation of Chelpipe Group Integrated pipe mill with value-add OFS offering Comprehensive investment program The Future… 2002 to 2009 – modernisation 2009 – OCTG expansion 2010 – LDP expansion 2010 – vertical integration 2011 to 2012 – complete OFS modernisation and integration Reconstruction of existing shops Commission new state-of-the-art Finishing Center at PNTZ Commission new, state-of-the-art 0.6 mil ton LDP mill at Chelpipe Commission new 1 mil ton state-of-the- art EAF 2002 Reconstruction and expansion of ALNAS facilities Integration of OFS platform into group 2011–2012 2010 2008 2009 Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant Start transformation with $50 mil EBRD loan 2002 2004 2006 Complete pipe, tube & OFS solutions provider Vertically integrated, quality & cost leader 2004 and 2006 – OCTG segment entry 2008 to 2009 – vertical integration 2008 – OFS segment entry 2010 – Bends platform consolidation Acquisition of PNTZ (2004 initial stake and remaining stake) Acquisition of scrap supplier Acquisition of ALNAS pumps and other OFS service providers Acquisition of TPS division1 M&A growth strategy 1 Was acquired from an affiliate of Chelpipe and certain members of its Board of Directors and management were also members of Chelpipe’s management and Board of Directors before the acquisition

4 Geophysics and drilling
RIMERA CONSOLIDATES FIRST-CLASS MANUFACTURERS OF OIL&GAS EQUIPMENT Geophysics and drilling Oil&Gas equipment Pipeline equipment Key consolidated indices of RIMERA1: Companies UNGGF TNGGF ALNAS IZHNEFTEMASH SOT MZMZ MSA a.s. CHTPZ $ thousand 2010 Revenue EBITDA1 19 012 -well geophysical study -log interpretation and evaluation Electric Submersible Pumping Systems (ESPs) Pumping, cementing and mixing units Sucker rod pumps Other oilfield service equipment Pipe fittings Pipeline accessories Complete delivery of other products on turnkey basis Products and services Key customers Rosneft, TNK-ВР Rosneft, TNK-ВР, Tatneft, Lukoil, Surgutneftegas, Bashneft Gasprom, Transneft, Rosneft 1 Considering «Pipeline equipment»

5 BUSINESS UNIT «OIL & GAS EQUIPMENT » - SERVICE AND EQUIPMENT FROM DRILLING AND FIELD DEVELOPMENT TO OIL PRODUCTION Oil&Gas equipment JSC «ALNAS» The Almetyevsk Pump Manufacturing Plant holds leading role in Russian ESP-manufacturing market since 1978 Core product – electric submersible pumping units (ESP) for oil lift ALNAS products are supplied to leading Russian oil companies, as well as to international players in CIS, India, Oman, Iraq, Iran, Syria, etc. «ALNAS» quality system was certified for compliance to International Standard ISO 9001 Sales Trading House «RIMERA» Manufacturing «ALNAS» «Izhneftemash» Service «Rimera-service net» JSC «Izhneftemash» The Izhevsk Oilfield Machine Building Plant has been producing and delivering products for domestic and foreign oil companies since 1964 Products: Sucker rod pump (SRP) Pumping units Cementing trucks Mixing trucks Pumps Gear reducers PCP drives Automatic break out tongs Fishing tools «Rimera - Service» - service centers for pumping system (ESP and SRP) service Service centers are located in the largest oil-producing regions of Russia – Almetyevsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Surgut, Nyagan, Izhevsk, Usinsk, Nefteugansk, Buguruslan, Perm Provided services: Short-time delivery of pumps and spare parts, ESP leasing Installation, running, commissioning and setting to operation mode ESP overhaul and maintenance Technical consulting Monitoring of ESP performance and data analysis

ESPs – Electric Submersible Pumping System for oil recovery generally consists of: Submersible centrifugal pump (more than 100 modifications of the electrical submersible pumps in all productivity ranges from 12 m3/day to 2500 m3/day of fluid with a useful life of up to 3 years) Gas separator Hydro protector Submersible electric motor (more than 50 modifications of the motors (3000 rpm, from 12 kW to 750 kW) Cable line Surface electric equipment Telemetry systems Tools and accessories We group the product mix based on 2 criteria: Productivity Material of design: ESP made of grey cast iron (usual design), ESP made of NI-resist cast iron (corrosion-resistant design) A-ESPs structure ALSU-A switchboard VSD of new generation (ESP control and protection) Submersible centrifugal pump (A-ESP) Gas separator Hydro protector Submersible electric motor

7 7 Financial highlights: $ thousand 2010 Revenue OFS Overview
98 690 Profitability EBITDA 0% OFS Overview Strong potential growth factors Historically largest Soviet ESP manufacturer Strong brand reputation and service business with 6,000 wells under management Strong capabilities to produce wide power range of ESPs (from 18m3 to over 2000m³ daily output) Intention to grow market share in Ni-resist cast iron pumps Full new casting production line for Ni-resist cast iron pumps already arrived at plant Improved product mix and Ni-resist segment expansion with well known brand and only 2 main competitors Sales to current customers using existing sales force With our OFS division we leverage our oil & gas pipe customer base and build on our strong historic position 7

8 Manufacturing and sales
ALNAS IS ONE OF THE KEY PLAYERS ON RUSSIAN ESP MARKET Being the part of CHELPIPE’s oilfield service business… …Alnas includes two main divisions: equipment manufacturing and service centers for pumping systems ALNAS OFS TPS PIPE Manufacturing and sales Almetyevsk Service net Main oil-producing regions - ALNAS - Izhneftemash - Oilfield services The plant was founded in 1978 and became the first producer of complete electrical submersible pumps (ESP) systems in the USSR Today Alnas is in top-3 Russian ESP producer with 25% market share Capacity of up to 6,900 ESPs and 7,200 ESMs per year ALNAS products are supplied to leading Russian oil companies, as well as to international players in CIS, India, Oman, Iraq, Iran, Syria, etc. Manufacturing and sales ALNAS employs 2760 people All ESP sales include installation/ launch services and an on-ground monitoring/control unit ISO 9001 certified 51% wells in Russia equipped with ESP (about 70% oil in Russia)

Solids (plugging and wear) — Pump stages of packet and compression assembly designs Pump stages of double-based design with impellers Working parts made of Ni-resist or «hard» Ni-resist Gas separators with protection sleeves Hydroprotectors with long-life face seal solutions Slotted filters Sludge trap with check valve Scaling and high temperatures — Stages with polymer flow channels or coated stages Submersible motors of high-temperature design Switchboards provide protection of well equipment Corrosion — Working parts made of Ni-resist with polymer flow channels or coated stages Coating of pump housing parts End pieces made of stainless metals Energy saving and resource enhancement — Submersible equipment with improved power characteristics Solutions oriented to equipment life enhancement New switchboards with improved characteristics Easy control and service Unification of switchboard blocks, field upgradeability of switchboards

10 Power only efficiency, % Stage installed height, mm
POWER EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENT OF ESP SYSTEM: PUMP STAGES OF IMPROVED HEAD-FLOW AND POWER CHARACTERISTICS Stage Base Head, m Power only efficiency, % Stage installed height, mm Motor load break, W Qн/Qоп Head per 1 m D-20V 2 4,2 30 22,5 31,8 0,9 186,6 D-100 1 3,5 54 26,5 73,7 115,5 S-15V 4,8 27 22 29,8 0,88 218 S-20V 4,6 34,8 0,95 209 S-25V 5,3 35 21,7 43,1 0,87 244 S-30V 4,7 45,8 1,04 216,6 S-35V 37 24 51,6 0,92 200 S-40V 5 46 24,5 49,4 0,91 204 S-50V 5,2 64 1,11 212 S-50 62,7 216,3 S-60V 5,5 52 72 1,03 207,5 S-80V 5,8 57 92,5 218,8 S-100V 5,9 56 120 1,05 222,6 S-125V 53 29,5 155 196,6 S-200M1 4,1 34 163 120,6 10

11 Stages of double-base design
ESP power efficiency improvement, application of new corrosion-wear resistant material: PUMP STAGES— ORIGINAL DESIGN Pump stages are manufactured by classic casting of Ni-resist to provide their high corrosion resistance. For especially «hard» production conditions we provide special chemical composition of Ni-resist alloy structure ЧН16Д7ГХ2Ш, hardness hereof is increased to НВ. Dimensions of working parts are the same, interchangeability is safe. Stages of double-base design Vortex of original design is added in the impeller of centrifugal stage to provide improvements as follows: stage head is increased up to 25% in comparison with standard stage; stage efficiency is increased by 5–7% in comparison with standard stage; axial load to impeller is reduced — as a consequence improved wear-resistance in impeller bases; rated free gas volume is increased by 7% in comparison with standard stage. 11 11

12 Solids %=0,5 Solids %=0,5 Solids %=1 Solids %=1
We offer four principal pump assembly schemes for various operating conditions — Shaft bearing is in pump section; impeller bases are based upon diffuser; hydroprotector thrust bearing takes loads of its own shaft (2215 design) Shaft bearing is in hydroprotector — shaft bearing in hydroprotector; impeller bases are based upon diffuser (0215 design) Н Н ГЗ ГЗ Solids %=0,5 Solids %=0,5 Packet assembly — shaft bearing is in hydroprotector; impellers are based upon packet base in section (052 design) Compression assembly — shaft thrust bearing and bases of impeller are in hydroprotector (0615 design) Н Н ГЗ ГЗ Solids %=1 Solids %=1 Solids % — solids content, g/l

13 No need to adjust outlet distance of shafts
PUMPS — FLOATING STAGES WITH SHAFT AXIAL BEARING Impellers freely move on the shaft along the axis at allowable clearance, providing easy assembly and not requiring making extra accuracy stages No need to adjust outlet distance of shafts Axial bearing and support washers of impellers are subject to abrasive wear. It is recommended to use in operating conditions with max. solids concentration 0,5 g/l 13 13

14 Minimum cost of manufacture
PUMPS — FLOATING STAGES WITH NO SHAFT AXIAL BEARING Shaft axial bearing is installed in hydroprotector and not subject to wear Impellers freely move on the shaft along the axis at allowable clearance, providing easy assembly and not requiring high precision of stages during repair Minimum cost of manufacture During assembly of sections the shaft depth into head is determined as equal to shaft outlet distance from the base side by means of the adjusting screw and washers Support washers of impellers are subject to wear. It is recommended to use in operating conditions with max. solids concentration 0,5 g/l 14 14

15 No need in adjustment during pump repair
PUMPS — PACKET ASSEMBLY Impellers are assembled in packets. Axial load from impellers are taken not by support washers, but by packet axial bearing — unloaded support washers are less subject to wear It is recommended to use in operating conditions with high solids concentration 1 g/l No need in adjustment during pump repair 15 15

Hydrodynamic axial bearing of shaft is installed in hydroprotector, it has low friction coefficient and not subject to wear It is recommended to use in operating conditions with high solids concentration 1 g/l Impellers are tightened by a nut in one packet and fixed on the shaft to avoid axial movement. The shaft is in strained tension condition In the process of pump operation axial force is born by the axial bearing. At the same time shaft compression is compensated by their pretensioned condition, preventing longitudinal bending and, consequently, one-sided wear of shafts, impellers and diffusers 16 16

17 pump section base Spline coupling Shaft pump section head
NEW SOLUTIONS — ASSEMBLY TIME REDUCTION pump section base Spline coupling Shaft pump section head Adjusting screw No need to perform labour-intensive operation of the shaft outlet distance adjustment during pump assembly. Contact of pump section shafts is provided by adjusting screw which is fixed by coupling to prevent turning-off and does not require additional locking devices. Screw is adjusted by the special device using no measuring tools. ESP assembly time is half reduced. 17 17

18 Straight-spline joint
NEW SOLUTIONS — SHAFT SPLINE CONNECTIONS Straight-spline joint Involute spline joint Main advantages of involute spline joint — Increased strength owing to greater number of splines, reinforcement of splines at the base Theoretical stress concentration factor under torsion is half less than of the straight-spline joint Major torque transfer 18 18

19 Ribbing for cable protection Installed bearing - shaft beat is reduced
Reliability improvement: New solutions — pump end parts (1/2) Pump section head Ribbing for cable protection Installed bearing - shaft beat is reduced Larkspur-type space for a nameplate Stage tightening by head Design is unified for the axial bearing sections and sections with no axial bearings Installed length is the same for all assembly configurations 19 19

20 Installed bearing - shaft beat is reduced
Reliability improvement: New solutions — pump end parts (2/2) Pump section base Length is decreased by 35%, cable protection ribs are taken to the head Installed bearing - shaft beat is reduced Faceted flange for cable spacer improvement Design is unified for all section designs 20 20

21 Reliability improvement: Solutions validation — reduction of vibration
Base Optimal bearing spacing in 0,5m. As a result — reduced vibration, decreased loads on bearings, little wear — reliability improvement of the system Intermediate bearing operation temperature range is increased up to 250 °С due to application of steel sleeve Bearing housing is unified with bearings in the end parts Head 21 21

22 Shaft overhang modification
POWER EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENT: SOLUTIONS VALIDATION – EFFICIENCY (1/2) Shaft overhang modification Headloss decrease and improvement of operation conditions for a base bearing head 22 22

23 Shaft overhang — 23 mm Shaft overhang — 37mm
POWER EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENT: SOLUTIONS VALIDATION – EFFICIENCY (2/2) base head base head Shaft overhang — 23 mm Shaft overhang — 37mm 23 23

Availability of radial bearings in the heads and bases provide reduction of the shaft cantilevers, increasing the shaft end radial stiffness Optimum positioning of the radial intermediate bearings along the pump sections provides improvement of the shaft radial stiffness, resulting in the decreased level of vibration and increased life time of ESPs that can be applied in highly abrasive mediums Evolvent shaft spline joint allows increasing maximum acceptable power for 20%. A shaft is made of a high-strength steel. The shaft overhang adjustment system is provided in the section design. Coupling is removed from the base to the section head to increase area of passage and и decrease the pump hydraulic resistance. No stress raisers in the coupling in a form of holes for a pin. The impellers design is notable for an extra blade row in the top disc, reducing axial force, efficiently dispersing gas-fluid mixture, that allows increasing permissible content of free gas for 7% at pump intake, increasing efficiency and head Self-swelling annular rubber rings are applied in a section to ease assembly-dissasembly of sections. The intake module of unified design in a pump allows assembly with any type of hydroprotector made by ALNAS. 24 24

25 Convergence of parameters is confirmed by the customer rig tests (1/2)
Pump specification: capacity Q=50 m3/day, water density ρ=1000 kg/m3, n=3000 rpm. Number of stages— 100, Н=520 m, N=6,3 kW, η=46% Horizontal rig ООО УК “System-Service”1 Horizontal rig ОАО “ALNAS” Н=520 Q=50 =46 Q=50 N=6,3 Q=50 Operating range 1 CBPE ESS ОАО “Tatneft” (REDA rig) (pump 0215 ESP CW S-50I) 25 25

26 Design features — Advantages —
POWER EFFICIENCY, RELIABILITY, CORROSION-RESISTANCE EXAMPLE: PUMP 0215A-ESP CW S-50I (2/2) Design features — No axial bearing in the pump sections Availability of radial bearings in the heads and section bases Intermediate bearings in the pump sections in 0,5 m Evolvent spline joint Advantages — Optimum operation mode at maximum efficiency and minimum power inputs Increasing of wear-resistance due to increasing of the shaft rigidity and redistribution of radial load from stages to intermediate bearings Single-piece metal stages of double-based design with impellers Unit load is reduced half as much as against single-based stages. The stage is protected against impurities ingress to the radial friction pair Axial bearing in hydroprotector is protected against impurities Pump components (end parts etc.) subject to corrosive medium, made of stainless steel 40Х13 Radial bearing friction pair — hard alloy СН8 ТS (НRA no less than 88) 26 26

27 New advanced direction of ALNAS: pump stages made of polymer materials,
as a scale, corrosion and impurities control Results (а ― crossing angle 0°, b ― 45°) of material analysis indicate that polymer composite under test is more resistant to abrasive wear than Ni-resist а) b) Pumps 0215A-ESP CW S-35I-2300E with composite stages made of polymer materials Fortron (Тikona) and Amodel (Solvey), operation temperature up to 240 °C, are operated at oilfields of RN-Yuganskneftegas. As of operating time of the pumps made up 180 days, and they continue running. MTBF of the previous equipment in the same wells made up 72 and 119 days.

28 Solution for wells with high gas-oil ratio
Module type Gas content at pump intake, % Separation coefficient Capacity in the operating range m3/day Weight, kg Mount length, mm Housing diameter, mm GSА(Н)5-4М1 GSАО(Н)5-4М1 GSАО(Н)5-5E 55 0,6 25–270 33/36 830/940 92 GSA(Н)5А GSAО(Н)5А GSAО(Н)5А-5Э 0,7 30–580 34,5/41,5 965/1094 103 GSDА5А(E) 65 0,8 45 1478 GSDAО5А-25(E) 48 1500 GSDА6(E) 600–1200 52,5 1750 114 МВDAО5А-25E 35 - 21 620 МВDА(О)5А 20 602 П р и м е ч а н и е — E ―evolvent shaft spline; О — no axial thrust bearing (gas separator shaft is abutted to the hydroprotector shaft); Н ― intake screen (with own input base); 5E-modification gas separators are applied jointly with new pumps at overhang 37 mm. No shaft axial bearing and components on the shaft, evolvent shaft splines. 28 28

29 Solution for well with high gas-oil ratio
New ALNAS gas separators-dispensers screw Cavitating wheel sleeve protection sleeve Base with no axial bearing unit Screw-dispenser Specification Parameter GSDA5А GSDA6 Gas content at intake, % 65 Separation coefficient 0,8 Capacity, m3/day 150–700 600–1200 weight, kg 45 52,5 length, mm 1478 1750 Housing diameter, mm 103 114 Design of the developed gas separator-dispenser in 5A and 6-size meet the requirements of operation in complicated wells: No shaft axial bearing unit, axial thrusts are transferred to the protector bearing unit Inlet holes are made at no more than 20° from axle Shaft keys and pressure rings are made of stainless steel As required protection corrosion-preventive coating for housings and end parts can be applied Radial bearings are made of hard alloy Reinforced protection sleeves are made of stainless steel 12Х18Н10Т Shafts are made of high-strength corrosion-resistant steel 05Х16Н4Д2Б or Н65Д29ЮТ-ИШ 29 29

HYDROPROTECTOR TYPE Transferred power, max, kW Axial load to bearing, max, kg Rated capacity at max load to bearing, kW Volume of oil, l Weight, kg H(Т)МА4L2B 70 700 1,4 4,0 90 H(Т)МА5LB 100 3,7 65 H(Т)МА5LBB 6,0 HТ1МА5LDD H(Т)МА5АLB 160 800 1,6 4,9 84 H(Т)МА5АLBB 8 110 HТ1МА5АLBB 7,5 H(Т)МА5АL2B 280 H(Т)МА5АL2BE 360 H(Т)МА6LB 900 1,8 5,5 120 H(Т)МА6LBB 9 ГТ1МА6LBBE 1200 2,4 H(Т)МА6LЛ2BE 550 HТМА5LBB* 3500 5 59,4 * - under development 30 30

31 Drive reliability improvement
Hydroprotectors — module-type version (5, 5А, 6) LB L2B LBB Labyinth module Bladder module Bearing unit Valve unit Filter –cooler Face sealing The second level of protection — торцовое уплотнение, находящееся над верхней диафрагмой, и верхняя диафрагма (HТМА5LB, HТМА5L2B, HТМА5LBB) The first level of protection — labyrinth module and top face sealing (HТМА5LB, HТМА5L2B, HТМА5LBB) The third level of protection — bottom face sealing and bottom extra bladder (HТМА5LBB)

32 Face sealings are installed in one direction and operated for opening
Advantages of module hydroprotectors Module system is applied using unified components. Thereby with increasing of the electric motor capacity the number of modules is increased applying shafts of the corresponding length Face sealings are installed in one direction and operated for opening Shifting of the fixed ring of the face sealing along the shaft is prevented Labyrinth bladder is installed on the top to protect a face sealing under the top bladder and topmost bladder against direct contact with the formation fluid The bleed valve adjusting pressure in the system and removing accumulated gases, is turned over and taken to the zone out of bladder, excluding its clogging by impurities Discharging channels for impurities are provided at the top face sealing at two levels A filter with the heat exchanger is located in the zone of bearing unit

33 New and serial electric motors
Series SEM type Rated capacity, kW Number of sections 4 TM 16–70 1, 2 5 M 16–80 1 5 TM 90, 100, 125, 140, 150, 180 2, 3 TMМ 12–300 1, 2, 3 TMМ4 12–350 1, 2 5А (modification: head, base; winding scheme) MМ5 16–90 1 6 TMМ 22–500 1, 2, 3 6 TMМ1 200, 250, 460 1, 2, 3 8 M 125–250 1 8 TM 500, 750 2, 3 5А (horizontal) HM 12–90 1 5А (low-speed, synchronous, 300 rpm) TM 10 1 5А (4-pole, 1500 rpm) M 5,5; 11 1 Wide range of electric motors allows sizing the most optimum motor-pump combinations. SEM are produced in standard, heat-resistant, improved heat-resistance, corrosion-resistant design; completed with telemetry systems made by ALNAS and “ELECTON ТМS”. 33

34 Bronze-graphite bearings Metal-fluoroplastic bearings
Equipment reliability improvement - SEM radial sliding bearings New design components of SEM are developed to lengthen life. All SEM of М2-modification, produced by ALNAS in 103-size, have metal-fluoroplastic bearings, lengthening life, operated at low and high rotation frequency. Bronze-graphite bearings Metal-fluoroplastic bearings

35 Equipment reliability improvement -
SEM radial sliding bearings Specification of sintered bronze and metal-fluoroplastic bushings in radial bearings. Value Parameter Unit of measurement Bronze sintered bushing Metal-fluoroplastic bushing Load capacity, max Static Н\mm2 10 250 Dynamic 5 140 Operating temperature Minimum °С -5 -200 Maximum +90 +280 Metal-fluoroplastic radial bearings are applied in high-speed submersible electric asynchronous motors and motors on permanents magnets. MTBF of radial bearings with metal-fluoroplastic bushings in high-speed electric motors makes up over 1000 days. 35

36 Super Stainless (designation in SEM «C»)
CORROSION CONTROL - COATING OF HOUSINGS AND SEM END PARTS As requested the plant produces SEM with special non-corrosive metal coating (Super Stainless) on all outside surface – it allows applying SEM in wells with high corrosivity of formation fluid (рН 5-8,5, hydrogen sulfide up to 1,25 g/l). Enamel П 1267 Super Stainless (designation in SEM «C»)

IN CASING STRINGS NO LESS THAN 112 MM SEM type Rated capacity, kW Rated voltage, V Rated current, А Efficien- cy, % Cos φ slip, % Number of sections Length, mm Weight, kg M16-96М 16 500 28 79,5 0,82 6 1 3418 177 M22-96М 22 645 29,6 79,2 0,83 4100 212 M28-96М 788 30,6 79 4787 251 M32-96М 32 750 38 80 0,81 5127 240 M36-96М 36 1000 31 5810 308 M40-96М 40 1150 30 79,3 6492 346 TM56-96М 56 1560 33,5 0,8 2 10620 563 TM63-96М 63 1500 37 10022 467 TM70-96М 70 1920 34 12666 671 Applied materials — Slot insulation type — fluoroplastic tube PI (heat-resistance 230 °С) Impregnating varnish grade — compound ЭЛПЛАСТ-230ИД (heat-resistance 230 °С) Current lead housing material — press-material РРS (Ryton) or PEEK (Victrex) Oil grade — МДПН-С (heat-resistance 230 °С) 37


39 Control systems by ООО «ALNAS-Electronics»
Parameters/type of control system ALSU-АМ ALSU-А ALSU-VSD КТППН–6/4 Rated current, А 250, 400 630, 800, 1000 400, 630 180 (SEM current) Input voltage, kV 0.4 6/10 Output voltage, kV 2.4 – 4.2 SEM rated capacity кВт, no more than 100, 160 200, 250, 320 120, 180 500, 750 Output load control Contactor or soft start VSD Soft start Soft start , А 180 Master controller CSC-GI Submersible telemetry system «ALNAS–Electronics», Borets, Electon, WG Interfaces, protocols RS–232, RS–485, USB Modbus RTU, Region 2000 (ТNK), Telescope+ (Rosneft), B1 (Surgutneftegas) Complementary function Keeping of pressure and current at pump intake by frequency change, program acceleration by frequency, electric power consumption, “jarring”, output voltage regulation mode, protection by torque of SEM Dimensions, mm 1600х700х450 1850х800х650 1900х1100х700 2100х3300х1200 Weight, kg 120 3500 39

40 ALSU control system features: user-friendly interface;
ALSU control systems main features ALSU control system features: user-friendly interface; wide range of performances; high reliability; control software flexibility; smart control of well bore and reservoir flow. Customer benefits: reduction of operating costs due to early detection of deviations in the equipment operation and procedures to avoid emergencies; reduction of electricity charges due to a function of the SEM required power optimization; reduction of costs for the control systems and oil-field equipment service; reduction of the equipment down-time; effective oil pools operation due to the on-line inspection of the well fluid characteristics and correction of the oil-field equipment operating mode; reduction of costs for additional telemetry equipment. 40

41 direct start with soft start option;
ALSU CONTROL SYSTEMS FEATURES Due to modular design the control systems can be completed with any electric motor control systems: direct start with soft start option; VSD control systems to regulate the induction and permanent magnet motors speed; downhole and wellhead telemetry systems. Smart control: The control system provides calculation of the main parameters of the "layer-well-pump" system, e.g., flow rate and dynamic head, diagnostics and ESP mode optimization if VSD-completed. Information read-out: Remote accessing and information read-out by interface RS-485 or automatic read-out of the operation history record by USB Flash, 8Gbit. 41

42 Easy to monitor the control system status:
Unified units and upgradability Easy interface: A large monitor, comprehensible interface allow getting any information required, or setting up the control system. Easy to monitor the control system status: LED indicators, e.g. "Power", "SEM", "Mode", "Failure", allow determining the control system current status. Easy to maintain: Modular design provides fast serviceability in operation area. Compatibility: The control systems are compatible with the downhole telemetry systems of ALNAS, Electon, Borets, IP3, WG. Teleautomatics protocol support: The control systems are compatible with the teleautomatics systems “Region 2000” and “Telescope+”. Easy to update: Modular assembly allows updating and adding hardware and software tools. 42

43 ALSU control systems new functions
Capability to install an electricity meter to the ALSU control system Electric power calculation Capability to attach USB Flash to read information from the control system history Upgradability of the CSC and units software under field conditions using no computer (notebook) Capability to replace units and software of all the units with no electric motor shutdown Capability of the PDM type changing to select optimal mode of VSD operation Stabilization mode of output voltage without reference to input voltage Stabilization mode of output current by means of the output frequency changing Mode of pressure keeping at the pump intake by means of the output frequency changing Mode of the output voltage automatic optimization to reach maximum efficiency of the system and electric power saving Capability of SEM operation at voltage deviation from a norm, if SEM current doesn’t exceed the rated value. Torque control on the SEM shaft. 43

44 ALNAS-service net Service-centers:
Service centers are located in the largest oil-producing regions of Russia –Nizhnevartovsk, Surgut, Nyagan, Nefteugansk, Buguruslan, Usinsk, Kogalym Alnas in top-3 independent service company with 15% market share (without wells served in-house) Core Services: Electric submersible pump service Electric submersible pump leasing Installation, running, commissioning and setting to operation mode Repair services for oilfield equipment ESP overhaul and maintenance ALNAS services more than 6,000 wells. Customer base includes Russian major oil-producing companies: Rosneft Lukoil TNK-BP Slavneft Russneft 44

The Quality Management and Environmental Management Systems have been implemented in the company Quality management system (QMS) meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 “Quality management systems – Requirements” Quality management system in automotive production (QMS-A) meeting the requirements of ISO/TS 16949:2002  “Quality management systems -- Particular requirements for the application of ISO 9001:2000 for automotive production and relevant service part organizations” Environmental management system (EMS) in accordance with ISO “Environmental management systems - Requirements with guidance for use”

46 CONTACT INFORMATION RIMERA Lesnaya Str., 5 “B” 13 fl. Moscow, Russia, Tel: +7 (495) Fax: +7 (495)

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