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NASCAR comparisons to NHRA

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1 2010 - 2011 Sponsorship Proposal

2 NASCAR comparisons to NHRA
Cost per ticket ranges from $55 per day to $160 per day per person This is only for seating and does not reflect extra charges for being able to go into the pits to see the race teams Total of 35 races per season with 45 cars entered. NHRA General Admission, Adult $50 Juniors 6-12 years $ Reserved Seating, Adult $62 Juniors Reserved seats $ EVERY TICKET'S A PIT PASS! Average car count for a National race including Sportsman and Pro Ranks, 480 car field. There are 24 races per year on the Full Throttle Racing Tour. Our full team package gives the Sponsors a total of 52 races per year at ALL Levels of racing venues. As you can see the NHRA gives your customer base a more personal experience level for the race fans money. It is very important to consider that your new found customers can go right up to the drivers and pits to view the teams and how they get ready for each race. Interact with the drivers and teams as they promote their sponsors by having pictures with the drivers, cars and purchasing products and clothing with the sponsors names and logos on them.

3 NASCAR Thinking on Sponsors:
Cost for Sponsors in NASCAR Cost for NHRA Las Vegas Angels 1 car Presenting Sponsor, $20mil per yr Presenting Team Sponsor 5 Cars, $4mil Associate sponsors, $500K-$1mil Associates sponsors $300K-$500K The Las Vegas Angels NHRA, ALL Female Drag Race Team, will give sponsors a larger and more diverse schedule for racing exposure and with the number of cars on the team we will give you more coverage at the same time per year completely across the USA. We are unique in the fact that our Exotic Lamborghini Race cars will receive higher exposure in the pits and on the road with your scheduled appearances for displays and autograph signings. All benefits for sponsorships are listed in the Power Point Proposal. NASCAR Thinking on Sponsors: The cost and value of team sponsorships May 20, :05 PM EDT (2005 GMT) While owners in the NASCAR garage typically won't divulge the specific dollar figures involved, it's been reported that Nextel Cup teams get between $10 million to $20 million from sponsors for the primary spots on their cars. Richard Childress, who fields cars in all three of NASCAR's national series, has stated that even beyond primary sponsorship, some associates may put up $500,000 to $1 million for secondary spots on the car. "Putting your name on the car is a part of the deal, but how you activate the program and how you get the sponsor to stay involved -- promotions, sweepstakes, hospitality -- there's so many ways that even an associate sponsor can get their dollar value," Childress said. Roush Racing president Geoff Smith calls his sponsorship packages a "platform of rights." "This isn't just about paying $10 million to put your logo on the hood of a car," said Smith. "You have to realize that this goes beyond just the car -- it includes uniforms, transporters and the rights to use the drivers for company marketing purposes." According to Smith, in today's sponsorship environment it is all about the packaging.

4 For example, a $10 million-sized primary sponsorship of a team may only include the upper hood area, the quarter panels, part of the TV panel, and some of the B-post and deck lid. In that scenario, Smith said a smaller package for an associate sponsor could potentially be constructed for $2 million to $6 million. This package might include the lower part of the hood, the rest of the B-post and panels, and perhaps the primary sponsorship of the car for a handful of races. And what about the total package? A $15 million-ish deal? "You have bought the car," stated Smith. In a primary sponsorship package of that size, Smith said a typical team will give the sponsor all of the hood, all of the quarter panels, the signage below the quarter panels, the entire TV panel, and most of the B-post and C-post. Beyond that, the sponsor also would receive the rights to use the driver's image (and time for appearances), and they get to choose the colors for the paint scheme and team uniforms. To put sponsorship costs into perspective, back to the early 1960s, Fred Lorenzen, who was one of the first drivers to stumble upon the idea of signing up a car sponsor, brokered a package with a Fayetteville, N.C., Ford dealer, to pay $6,000 for the 29-race season (about $200 a race). By the late 1980s, Junior Johnson estimated he needed around $3 million in sponsorship dollars to break even over a 30-race season (about $100,000 a race). When UPS announced its primary sponsorship of the Robert Yates No. 88 team driven by Dale Jarrett in November of 2000, it was estimated that the deal was in the range of $15 million a year. That would breakdown to around $400,000 per race. As your advertising dollars are shrinking and you need to have a higher ROI, we at the NHRA Las Vegas Angels Race Team think that we have shown to your company that WE can deliver a Bigger Bang for your Buck! Thank you for taking time to review our racing proposal and we are here for any questions or requests that you may have Team Owners: Team Marketing Agent: Keith Shay Nina Anne Langdon Marcia Avallone

5 RTR Exotics Presents Las Vegas Angels Race Team
RTR Exotics would like to thank you for taking time and reviewing our full team proposal. Our team consists of many forms of NHRA Drag Racing venues under one roof in Las Vegas with ALL FEMALE DRIVERS and female crews. NHRA Sportsman Racing. Lucas Oil Racing Series for the West Coast in Division 6 and Division 7. Lamborghini Exotic Cars (Grass Roots Of the NHRA Racing). 2. NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycles running a full NHRA Full Throttle Series, AHDRA Patriot Series and Bonneville Salt Flats Racing. 3. National Guard American Drag Racing League Pro Modified Racing. Team Ownership Keith & Patricia Shay whom have been racing for over 30 years in NHRA Sportsman Racing and Indy Lites. Keith is also a member of the RASR ( Racers Against Road Racing) an organization that tries to keep street racers off of the streets and show them the safety of the tracks. Marcia Avallone a resident of Las Vegas and an avid auto racer and crew member since Marcia will be driving one of the Super Gas / Super Comp. Lamborghini Exotic Cars.

6 Now is the time to sponsor Drag Racers.
Drag Racing is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle, and today is a perfect time to get involved. Drag Racing is exploding, both in size and scope and not only will you find the one to one communication with fans you have been trying to reach in your Marketing disciplines, but an ROI platform that will transform the way you look at Sponsorship spending. While the sport is exploding, your pockets will not as Drag Racing offers every size company a way to expose their product or service to a fanatical and passionate fan base, for a reasonable cost. By sponsoring one of our teams and drivers, we will create an unparalleled activation platform by targeting your most important key customers, distributors and franchisees. Sponsoring a team and driver also gives you access to tremendous marketing assets including engaging hospitality events and once-in-a-lifetime behind the scenes experiences that cannot be matched in Motor Sports today. Sponsors are also treated to the ever-growing TV exposure offered through ESPN2 and ESPN2HD. Those broadcasts on ESPN2 are now available in more than 96 million households. Have you ever imagined what your brand would look like on a Lamborghini? Now is the time to make that dream become a reality. As stated above, Drag Racing also offers the best ROI in sports. With over 250,000 NHRA participants nationwide racing nearly every night of the week somewhere in America, sponsors can exponentially grow their user base and use drag racing as a core sales tool. The sales opportunities are truly endless. So are you ready to find out more? Don’t waste another second; contact us today to find out how you can be a part of this incredible sport.

7 Marketing Facts Demographics Fan Age Levels Fan Income levels:
The Las Vegas Angels Race Team never stops performing for our sponsors. We showcase their products and services from coast to coast. We support our sponsors, giving them maximum exposure by displaying their logos in our advertising, on our web sites, at the races and on the cars and motorcycle. We welcome the opportunity to have you and your brand join our team. Over 25 million or 9% of Americans are avid fans of drag racing. 70% of NHRA fans are likely to use a sponsor product seen in advertisement. Here are some other interesting facts about this exciting market: NHRA TV coverage on ESPN2 Saturday Qualifying, Sundays the NHRA Race Day Show and Eliminations later in the day. Magazine coverage in National Dragster Magazine, Racers and many other publication plus 100’s of internet sites. Demographics Fan Age Levels Fan Income levels: -20K % 20K-30K % 31K-50K % 51K-100K % 100K-150K---3.8% 151K % % % % % % % 65-up %

8 Sponsorship Levels Full Team Presenting Sponsor
$4,000,000 per year. 2 year commitment. At this level you are represented by the 2 Sportsman Lamborghini’s Super Gas and Super Comp classes (The Grass Roots of the NHRA), 1 PRO Stock Motorcycle and the PRO Mod race teams with a total of 52 racing events across the United States. Imagine YOUR companies logo presenting the Las Vegas Angels Race Team traveling over 45K miles each year from track to track promoting AAA of Nevada, Northern CA, Oregon, Washington. nationwide. Team for an entire 2 years! This unique opportunity is offered to only ONE SPONSOR. With your sponsorship, you’ll receive: Choice of Paint Design on ALL Teams Vehicles, Uniforms Logo wrapped on Race Cars, Race Trailers and Tow Vehicles ! Logo on banner displayed at each event. Name announced at each pass/race as the Presenting Sponsor. 20 VIP Pit Passes to all races during the season with special entry to the VIP Pit Hospitality Area and Motor Home. Great for company employees and families or special ticket giveaways for your valued customers near the race. Logo on Crew shirts and Riders leathers and team Uniforms, Logo on front of T-shirt* Complementary T-shirts, hats and photos when visiting the pits. Logo and Web link on our web sites. Logo on Hero Cards autographed by drivers (given out at each race to fans) Teams will stop at any of the Cities requested Points of interest in the USA as we go to each racing event for display and autograph sessions. We will also go to special sponsored events like SEMA, CES trade shows, Bike Week Fremont District, PBR Finals etc. Contact Keith Shay for scheduling Cell

9 OPTION 1 NHRA Sportsman Exotic Car Race Team
This team will consist of 1 or all of these custom built Exotic Cars for the Lucas Oil Racing Series for Division 6 and 7 West Coast Tour. WA, OR, ID, Canada BC, CA, AZ and NV. We will run Super Gas and Super Comp and Top Comp Dragster races. You pick the Car that suits you. We are also exclusively invited to run in the Fireball Run Rally miles across the USA leaving from Las Vegas, NV to Wisconsin in the end of September.

10 Exotic Car Power Plant Nelson Racing Engines
Nelson Supercars & RTR Exotics have developed the world’s most powerful car HP with only 2500 lbs of car, making 1.4 pounds per horsepower. We have redefined what performance is. 800 more horsepower than a Bugatti Veyron with 1630 lbs less weight. Applying maximum traction to the tires and progressively adding power with each gear. The NRE 900 uses dual fuel technology, driving up to 1150 HP on 91 octane and automatically switching fuel systems above 13 PSI of boost which enables over HP ft lbs of torque. Cockpit controlled power at a touch of a button from 600 to 1800hp.

11 Sportsman Driver: Marcia Avallone
Marcia's success in heads up racing has already established her as a person of interest  in the racing media.   As a competitive and professional female in a predominantly male dominated sport, her story is appreciated well beyond the realms of hardcore race fans.  Because of her unique image, Marcia’s reach and promotional abilities extend outside the racetrack.  From regular magazine coverage, professional model and film actress, prominent community membership & interaction on the web, radio, television, interviews and personal appearances are only a few of the benefits your company would be open to as a partner.  Marcia is an outspoken individual in the racing industry, also contributing with the RASR, Racers Against Street Racing promoting safe racing on the track and off the streets. Marcia has been involved in the NHRA as Pit Crew and Driver since 1995 with Randy Balough and Team Smooth and a resident of Las Vegas, NV. Driver:  Marcia A. Avallone Combination:  427 SBC supercharged. Sponsors: RTR Exotics, LiveWire Energy Chews, AMSOIL, Mafia Motor Sports Clothing. Best ET: 207mph all out.

12 Marcia’s Career Highlights
Movie acting appearances: 1985, Rocky 4 with Sylvester Stallone 1987, Blind Date with Bruce Willis 1987, The Last Fling with John Ritter 1987, No Way Out with Kevin Costner 1992, The Tombstone with Shelley Duvall 1985, Michael Jackson's “Children of the World” project. Early 1990’s Cover Model for International Catalog and various other catalog shoots. Currently Marcia is Assistant Director of Admissions, The Art Institute of Las Vegas. Hobbies, Fast Cars, Shopping, Getting pampered. Interests, helping raise awareness for Breast Cancer Charities, Inspiring kids everywhere to reach their goals.

13 NHRA Top Dragster, Melanie Schneider

14 Driver Information Team/Car Owner: Team Purple MotorSports
Driver : Melanie Schneider, NHRA Lic. # 7356                            Crew: Austin, Warren, Ron, and Richard & Lee (Mom & Dad) Class: Top Dragster / Top Comp / Bracket Motor Builder: Cruz Performance & Team Purple Crew Classes we run: Bracket 1, T/C (Top Comp), T/D (Top Dragster)

15 Dragster Information Rear Engine Dragster Weight: 1474lbs (w/o driver)
Motor: BBC 496cu BBC (build-up pics Heads: Brodix BB2 CNC plus Heads Transmission: Powerglide w/Trans Brake built by FTD B&M Stealth Pro Bandit Shifter for PG w/Electric Shift B&M trans pan B&M High Tech Cooler B&M Powerglide Trans Shield B&M Flex Plate TCI Flex Plate shield TCI Torque Converter Rear Axle: Chrysler 8 3/4 (4:30 gears) Fuel Injection: Enderle Birdcatcher Tunnel Ram Fuel Pump: Enderle Cam Drive Wheelbase: 220" 33x15x15 M/T Rear Slicks 22x2.5x17 M/T front tires DJ Safety Seat Belt Harness, DJ Safety Chute, Fire suit, Safety Devices Autometer Replay Tach and Gauges MSD 6AL with MSD 3 stage RPM controller

16 NHRA Lucas Oil Series West Coast Tour Schedule
2010 Lucas Oil Sportsman Series West Coast Tour Division 6: Northwest April 30-May Firebird Raceway *Boise, Idaho May Mission Raceway Mission, B.C June Woodburn Dragstrip Woodburn, Or Aug Pacific Raceways Seattle, WA Sept TBA Division 7: Pacific Feb Firebird International Raceway Chandler, AZ Mar Southwestern International Raceway Tucson, AZ June Top Gun Raceway Fallon, NV July Infineon Raceway Sonoma, CA Sept Auto Club Famoso Raceway Bakersfield, CA Nov The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Las Vegas, NV NHRA LUCAS OIL SERIES SPECIAL EVENTS : March Jegs NHRA Cajun SPORTS Nationals *Belle Rose, La May Jegs NHRA Pacific SPORTS Nationals *Fontana, Calif. June Jegs All Stars Joliet, Ill. Sept Jegs NHRA Northern Sports Nationals *Columbus OH Car shows and race team appearances will be scheduled between race events. This team will be great exposure for your company expanding to California and the west coast. Sponsors can coordinate with Keith Shay

17 Team Goals We are going to compete in the 13 West Coast events in the Sportsman series under the Super Gas Category which runs a 9.90 index time and Super Comp with an index of Aiming for 2 divisional championships. To promote AAA and all of its great benifits across the USA. in a professional manner. To raise money Breast Cancer Awareness buy donating our Lamborghini race car for auction at The Barrett Jackson Auction in Scottsdale AZ in We will also raise money as we compete by selling a clothing line designed around the Charity and listing all of the sponsors on the clothes and involve the spectators and fans as they visit the pits and displays to donate $5 to the World Motorsports BCF and then they will get to autograph the car body. All of your sponsorship monies can be written off as a charitable donation to the 501 C3 to the Worlds Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation. Visit their site at

18 Sportsman Race Budget (1) Exotic Race Car
Race Team Hauler $ 180,000.00 Crew Chief/Team Manager salary $ 60, (Keith Shay) Driver salary $ 60, (Marcia Avallone) Crew members $ 60, (Julie Bean, Grant Paulus) Traveling Fuel (15K miles) $ 75,000.00 Race Fuel 112 octane $ 15,000.00 Lodging $ 20,000.00 Food for Team & VIP Guests $ 23,000.00 Tools $ 50,000.00 Paint and Spare Parts $ 50,000.00 Spare engines & Transmission $ 75,000.00 Uniforms & Clothing lines $ 10,000.00 Insurance Racers & Tow vehicles $ 30,000.00 Airlines expenses $ 20,000.00 Advertising & Shop Expense $ 30,000.00 Total Annual Expense Budget $ 828,000.00

19 Sportsman Single Race Car Opportunities
(1ea.) Title Sponsor: Sponsor will have 8 VIP Pit Passes to all events and the hospitality tent. VIP Guests will receive Team Shirts and Hats for free. Your logo will be placed on the Team Pit Crew Shirts on the chest and on the sides and hood of the race car, Race Trailer, Pull vehicle, web sites and autograph cards. Product flyers or give away will be at the track in the pits for the fans. Cost for primary sponsor is $ 500,000. Associate Sponsors: Sponsors will have 6 VIP Pit Passes to all events and the hospitality tent. VIP Guests will receive Shirts and Hats for free. Your logo will be placed on the Team Pit Crew Shirts on the chest and on the top and wing of the race car, Race Trailer, Pull vehicle, web sites and autograph cards. Product flyers or give away will be at the track in the pits for the fans. Cost for associate sponsorship is $300,000. Entry level sponsors and Product sponsors will have logos on the uniforms, logo size on the front fender or rear quarter panels depending on the value of sponsorship. You will also be listed on the web sites with links. $25,000. All sponsors will have logos placed on the sides of the Race Trailer. This is a great moving billboard running all over the West Coast reaching more potential customers than any other type of advertising.

20 OPTION 2: Pro Stock Motorcycle Team
Technical Specifications:     Body Style:  2008 XB9R Buell Series:  NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing AHDRA Patriot Series Division:  Pro Stock Motorcycle Minimum Weight:  625 (with rider, after run) Construction:  Kosman 4130 Chrome Molloy Body material:  Carbon fiber CHASSIS Wheelbase:  70 Inches Brakes:  Dual-Front, Single Rear Discs Tires / size:  Front-Mickey Thompson 2 x 18, Rear-Mickey Thompson 27 x 10 x 16 Overall Length:  12 Feet Overall Width:  24 Inches Fuel capacity:  1 Qt. VP C25 DRIVETRAIN Engine:  60 degree S&S Cycle V-Twin Displacement:  160 cubic inches Horsepower:  8,600 rpm Fuel injection:  Magneti-Marelli Transmission:  6-speed S&S Cycle Cams:  S&S Cycle Cylinder Head:  Billet aluminum S&S Cycle Pistons:  S&S Cycle Cases:  Billet aluminum S&S Cycle

21 Pro Stock Bike Rider Name: Valerie Thompson Residence: Scottsdale, AZ Hometown: Tacoma, WA Hobbies: Fitness, Racing, Shopping & Traveling Series: NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series Division: Pro Stock Bike Motorcycle Body Style: XB9R Buell Notable:2-Time Land Speed Record Holder Bonneville Salt Flats Career Best ET 7.05 sec Top Speed mph Valerie has been a guest or profiled on a variety of national platforms and media such as the famous Super Bowl Commercial featuring Danica Patrick, The POW MIA "Run for The Wall", Discovery Channel, A&E, Speed, ESPN2, Super Bowl Red Carpet "Maxim" Magazine, V-Twin, Cycle Source, Hot Bike Baggers, International Magazines, Vegas Rocks Magazine and 101 North Scottsdale Magazine, to name a few.  

22 Events / Appearances / Media & Print
Front cover - Biker Information Guide, Northern Illinois - Southern Wisconsin Oct, Nov, Dec 2009 Magazine   "Rules On the Road to Reinvention" by Pamela Tames,, copyright  2009 Zantium LLC Las Vegas Tour of Appearances: Mr. D's Grill & Bar, Hogs & Heifers, Nothing But Skulls Red, Rock Harley- Davidson, Henderson Harley-Davidson  and Special thanks to Larry Hickman at - Las Vegas MonaVie EMe On The Move Magazine Featured VTR Westgate City Center Bike Night Featured Guest, May thru June 2009 Valerie Thompson Racing Partners with Team Marines Racing NHRA Autograph Appearance - Palms Casino Devil's Martini - Featured Guest Appearance Return With Honor -  Isaiah May's Memorial Porker Run   Motivational Guest Speaker NASCAR Weekend - Phoenix, AZ Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction NHRA Event - Pomona, CA (Chris Rivas win's with help from VTR)

23 2010 NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Tour
50th annual l Kragen O'Reilly NHRA Winter Nationals Feb Pomona th annual NHRA Arizona Nationals Feb Phoenix st annual NHRA Gator Nationals March Gainesville (PSM) Inaugural NHRA Nationals March Charlotte rd annual O'Reilly NHRA Spring Nationals April Houston (PSM) th annual NHRA Nationals April Las Vegas th annual Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Southern Nationals May Atlanta (PSM) nd annual O'Reilly NHRA Summer Nationals May Topeka th annual United Association Route 66 NHRA Nationals June Chicago (PSM) st annual United Association NHRA Super Nationals June Englishtown (PSM) th annual NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals June Bristol Fourth annual Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals June Norwalk (PSM) rd annual NHRA Northwest Nationals July Seattle rd annual Fram Autolite NHRA Nationals July Sonoma (PSM) st annual Mopar Mile-High NHRA Nationals July Denver (PSM) th annual Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals Aug Brainerd (PSM) th annual Mac Tools U.S. Nationals Sept Indianapolis (PSM) Third annual NHRA Carolinas Nationals Sept Charlotte (PSM) th annual O'Reilly Super Start Batteries NHRA Fall Nationals Sept Dallas (PSM) th annual Toyo Tires NHRA Nationals Oct Reading (PSM) th annual NHRA Las Vegas Nationals Oct Las Vegas (PSM) th annual Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals Nov Pomona (PSM) (PSM) - Event will include Pro Stock Motorcycle 15 PRO STOCK RACES WITH 2 AT HOME TRACK, LAS VEGAS NV.

24 2010 Patriot Tour February Orlando Speedworld Orlando, FL March No Problem Raceway Bella Rosa, LA April Firebird Intl. Raceway Phoenix, AZ May Atlanta Dragway Commerce, GA May Numedia Dragway Numedia, PA June Summit Motorsports Park Norwalk, OH June Kansas City Intl. Raceway Kansas City, MO July 31-8/ Bristol Dragway Bristol, TN August Sturgis Dragway Sturgis, SD (non-points) August Woodburn Dragstrip Woodburn, OR Sept San Antonio Raceway San Antonio, TX October Rockingham Dragway Rockingham, NC

25 Pro Stock Motorcycle Sponsorship Opportunities
Presenting Sponsor $1,000,000 Imagine YOUR companies logo presenting the Las Vegas Angels Race Team traveling over 35K miles each year from track to track promoting AAA across the USA. Team for an entire year! This unique opportunity is offered to only ONE sponsor per calendar year. With your sponsorship, you’ll receive: Choice of paint design on Pro Stock Motorcycle, Uniforms, Trailer. Logo wrapped on Race Trailer and Tow Vehicle! Logo on banner displayed at each event Name announced at each pass/race as the presenting sponsor 6 VIP Pit Passes to any 5 races during the season Logo on Crew shirts and Riders leathers. Logo on front of T-shirt* 5 complementary T-shirts/5 photos Logo and Web link on our web site Logo on Hero Cards autographed by pilot (given out at each race to fans) Multiple year contracts would be gladly accepted and altered to your Multiple location needs. We belong to you.

26 Associate Sponsors Pro Stock Motorcycle
$450,000. ea. With your yearly sponsorship, you’ll receive: 2’x2’ logo on Race Trailer 2 VIP Pit passes to any 3 races during the season Name printed on back of T-shirt* 2 complementary T-shirts/2 photos Logo/Name on our web site Name announced at each pass/race as a sponsor Logo on Crew shirts and Riders leathers *cut-off deadline for Logos/Names to be printed on T-shirts is January 1, 2010.

27 Trailer Sponsors Pro Stock Motorcycle
$2,500 sponsorship. With your yearly sponsorship, you’ll receive: • 2’x2’ logo on Race Trailer • Name announced at each pass/race as a sponsor • 2 pit passes to any 1 race during the season • Name printed on back of T-shirt* • 2 complementary T-shirts/2 photos • Logo/Name on our web site *cut-off deadline for Logos/Names to be printed on T-shirts is January 1, 2010.

28 Yearly Pro Stock Motorcycle Budget
Race Bike $ 170,000.00 Race Team Hauler $ 280,000.00 Motor Home, Trailer $ 450,000.00 Crew Chief salary $ 100, (Rick Hatch) Driver salary $ 100, (Valerie Thompson) Crew members $ , ( TBA) Traveling Fuel (25K miles) $ ,000.00 Race Fuel 112 octane $ ,000.00 Lodging $ ,000.00 Food for Team & Guests $ ,000.00 Tools $ ,000.00 Paint and Spare Parts $ ,000.00 Spare engines & Transmission $ ,000.00 Uniforms & Clothing lines $ ,000.00 Insurance Racers & Tow vehicles $ ,000.00 Airlines expenses $ ,000.00 Advertising & Office Expense $ ,000.00 Race Shop Lease $ ,000.00 Total Annual Expense Budget $ 1,933,000.00

29 OPTION 3: NHRA Hyundai Tuscani Race and Street Show Team



32 Pro Mod Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsorship Opportunity –new sponsorship opportunities for and 2011 full seasons. In order to continue our testing efforts we need HELP! The financial support provided by sponsors is the lifeblood of professional motorsports. Our team understands the foundation of a successful relationship with their supporting sponsor is to generate revenue by increasing sales through consistent product awareness and brand loyalty. The NHRA easily offers the best promotional value in motorsports entertainment with access to over 2 million spectators annually. Las Vegas Angels Racing is proud to offer 3 levels; Title, Associated and Supporting Sponsors. With sponsorship ranging from $10,000 to $600,000 :as Vegas Angels Racing offers the an unmatched list of sponsor’s perk including team naming rights, branding/signage on Tuscani Race Car and Transporter, hospitality program, drivers endorsements, and brand awareness to maximize your brand exposure.

33 PRO MOD Sponsorship Opportunities
Title Sponsor $600K Name the Team; Determine and design the appearance of the race bike (paint scheme and decal layout), the team and driver uniforms, and the banners and insignia in the paddock; Hold the rights to best and most visible promotional space on the race bike Hold the rights to create trackside promotional activities and hospitality events in association with race driver and team; Hold the rights to use driver's name and likeness in advertising, point of purchase promotional materials, and trackside promotional and souvenir material; Hold the rights to five appearances by driver (in some instances with a show car) at sponsor locations and events (travel and lodging to be provided by sponsor); and Have first option of securing personal services contracts with driver for additional promotional, marketing, and advertising activities.

34 Sponsorship Opportunities pg.2
Associate Sponsor $200K Hold the rights to significant promotional space on the Tuscani Race Car; Hold the rights to create trackside promotional activities and hospitality events in association with title sponsor, race driver and team; Hold the rights to use driver's name and likeness in point of purchase promotional materials and trackside promotional and souvenir material; and Hold the rights to secure personal services contracts with driver for additional promotional, marketing, and advertising activities. Supporting Sponsor $50K Hold the rights to limited promotional space on the Tuscani Race Car; Hold the rights to create limited trackside promotional activities and hospitality events in association with title sponsor, associate sponsors, race driver and team; Hold the rights to use driver's name and likeness in trackside promotional and souvenir material; and

35 Contact Information Las Vegas Angels Race Team Owners: Marcia Avallone Las Vegas, NV Keith Shay st Street West University Place, WA (sponsors links) (Race Team is based out of Las Vegas, NV)

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