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The Basis of Water and Energy Conservation; Eng. Sarieh Elessawy Regional Director of Engineering.

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2 The Basis of Water and Energy Conservation; Eng. Sarieh Elessawy Regional Director of Engineering

3 Engineering; Central role and responsiblities. The engineering department is the backbone for smooth running of hotel services and operations. A luxurious eye appeal and comfort of rooms and public areas together with world class services around the clock, are only possible when all hotel fixtures, furniture and equipment are kept in a pristine condition. The health and safety of our guests and staff are among our top priorities to ensure the satisfaction of our guest and the motivation of our staff. Accordingly, we are aiming to maintain a capable staff not only in technical engineering matters, but also in guest relation and guest management in usual day to day and emergency scenarios.

4 Why water and energy conservation planning Soaring Energy prices (1973-4 OPEC strategy) Private sector investment in water and sewage infrastructure Increased water and energy related operational cost

5 Increased water and energy cost Decreased profit Energy and water management being part of successful hotel management This profit-driven reduction had beneficial side effect of conserving finite natural resources and reducing Environmental Pollution.

6 The primary goal of utility management is improvement of efficiencies in two key areas Operator Efficiency : Ability to understand, operate and maintain the hotels equipment and system in an energy efficient manner. Building, Equipments and System Efficiency : 1- Always try to find cheaper energy resources for operations (electric Vs. Solar pool heating) 2- Careful planning, organization,training, follow- up and up to date technology (e.g. Filament to LED lighting) 3-Adapt the use of resources (staff, equipment, utilities )to change according to seasons or occupancy rate (high floors in summer and low floors in winter to save heating energy).

7 How to implement the action plan of energy efficiency as out lined ? 1- Carry out an energy audit in the hotel which will show you major energy consumer costs and where saving can be made. 2- Compare your total and individual consumption figures with hotel industry bench marks to determine saving potential. 3- Seek the advice of experts for analysis, evaluation and recommendation. 4- Using the energy audit results to establish realistic goals for each department and the entire hotels management. Realistic goals guarantee staff commitment.

8 5- Communicate to all employees managements commitment and explain clearly the objectives and goals, show current consumption data, costs and trends. People are more committed when they understand why. 6- See that the entire staff participates, capitalize on their knowledge experience and familiarity with the building. They know it better than anyone else, encourage them to put forward their ideas proposal to save energy. People are more committed when their own ideas are utilized. 7- Establish a monitoring and targeting system. 8- Provide training: staff must understand how to make prudent use of utilities and operate and maintain the equipment in energy efficient manner. People are more likely to commit when they can operate at ease. 9- Provide continued motivation, develop standard operation procedures, efficiency charts and the like.


10 Machine History Card ServiceType MachineEquipment No. LocationSerial No.Model MakePurchased DatePurchased Cost Frequency Of Maintenance Function Of MaintenanceInterval Of Maintenance Spare Parts StokedSpecification Part Manufacture Part No. Hotel Stoke No. Quantity VoltDrive Amp.Belts PhaseFuse H.ZLubrication H.PGrease R.P.MFilter PressureFluids HeadDischarge Special Instruction

11 Preventive Maintenance Program Week Item No. Duties and Assignments MonTueWedThuFriSatSunLocation Completed Assignedby

12 Preventive Maintenance Report Weekly Schedule Sheet week 41 No.DateEquipment & ID. No.Maintenance Function Assigned By Completed By 115-10-2005 Dish washer chick water inlet filter, solenoid, earth,electrical connection, pump, drain 815-10-2005water pump 1chick overload mech. Seal 317-10-2005 deep fryer 15L (kitchen) chick electrical connection &thermostat 418-10-2005 ban marie 2 chick electrical connection,heater,thermostat 519-10-2005hot cabin (baker)chick electrical connection door 620-10-2005 dough shatter chick electrical connection, belt,gear &cleaning motor bearing 715-10-2005 café machine 2 chick thermostat heaters,valves,water connection 921-10-2009 air blower(sewage plant) 2 blowerchick oil level,couplen,motor bearing 1016-10-2005 medium tention trassrormercleaning,observation 1117-10-2005kitchen electric panelcleaning,observation 1421-10-2005 kitchen freezing room chick temperatue cleaning condenser &evaporator

13 Equipment & ID. No. 12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728---------49505152 Dish washer (kitchen) x x x x x x x x Dish washer (terrace) x x x x x x x x dish washer (diving) x x x x x x x x 6 plate cocker oven (kitchen) x x x x x x x x 4 plate cocker oven (kitchen) x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 4 plate cocker oven (staff cafteria) x x x x x x x x deep fryer 2 squire x x x x x x x x hot cabin (back area) x x x x x x x x eggs mixer x x x x x x x x

14 Thank you for your attention

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