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Printer Acquisition Strategies CPIS 210 John Beckett.

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1 Printer Acquisition Strategies CPIS 210 John Beckett

2 Why Print? Documentary evidence –For yourself –For customer Working paper –More convenient than something electronic

3 Why Not Print? Costs money Reveals information One more piece of technology that can malfunction

4 Types of Needs Kiosk –Gas pump High-volume transaction –Cash register Low-volume transaction –Registration book list Batch –Bills for a mailing

5 Printing Technologies Impact –Can make mechanical copies Thermal –Simplest, most reliable for transactions Ink-jet –Low-volume transactions Laser –High-volume

6 Printer Communication Direct connection to PC –May be shared on network Direct connection to the network –Perhaps with a spooler/manager/controller –Could be WiFi BlueTooth FireWire –Not used much (yet)

7 Spooling Control Can the person who made the mistake, cancel the job? Wheres the data? –In the PC –In a spooler/buffer/controller somewhere –In the printers buffer memory

8 Controlling Cost As with any technology: Reduce variation in sources and models –Reduces spare parts inventory –Reduces supplies inventory Move to preview/print cycle –A printout more than a few pages shouldnt happen until inspected in the spooler

9 Who Pays? If the person making the print decision isnt the same person making the spend money decision, you have a mis-match If printouts are consistently ignored, make printing optional Consider electronic distribution

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