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Olga Razvodova And Alexey Sherstobitov business plan of the company.

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1 Olga Razvodova And Alexey Sherstobitov business plan of the company

2 Our goal is to make a reality of customers ' imaginations design and creation of 3d models

3 This technology applications

4 The main advantages of our company: reasonably priced three-dimensional printing; services of three-dimensional modeling; plastic material: ABS; strength of products, allowing to use them in real machines and mechanisms; the possibility of post-production models of both mechanical and chemical methods

5 Target market

6 Competitors Internet shops; shops of auto spare parts; stores that sell souvenirs; shops of children's toys.

7 SWOT analysis strengths - we have friends, who are experts in information technologies; - we finished canadian business courses; - we have the personal qualities necessary for business. weaknesses - we dont have enough experience in information technology; - this is our first business project; opportunities - it is a new market; - this technology is becoming more popular and known - this market will only development threats - perhaps we will have competitors; - over time, the equipment may become cheaper and consumers will be able to use it at home;

8 costs of opening a business 3D - printer105 000 furniture14 000 notebook26 000 website7 000 other costs8 000 160 000 payback period = 1,1 year

9 Costs fixed costsvariable costs Rent76 500Materials2.7 rub/gr Wages200 000 Advertising35 000 Phone / internet12 000 Website15 000 Accounting costs10 000 Stationery13 000 break-even point = = 18730 gr/year

10 4P ProductModels of white and colored plastic PlaceOffice in a shopping center PromotionWebsite Direct sales Advertising on the Internet Flyers Price0-30 cm 30-100 cm 25 rub 100-1000 20 rub >1000

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