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Warehousing and manufacturing References Version 1.0

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1 Warehousing and manufacturing References Version 1.0
MAY 2013 Warehousing and manufacturing References Version 1.0

2 Collateral Details Author: Stephen Northcott
Date Last Updated: May 2013 Version: 1.0 Region: EMEA, Worldwide Contacts: EMEA: Steve Northcott; NA: Rob Armstrong; APAC: Matthew Kuan; LAC: Jennifer Milla Description: Warehouse and Manufacturing Enterprise reference slide deck Comments: Deck will be updated with new references periodically. Please check back to get the latest version Slides designed to be used in customer presentations Use index slides (3 to 9) to identify appropriate references, see page numbers & get links to supporting information (case studies, press releases etc). There are also links to supporting case studies (where available) in speaker notes of each case study slide. If any of the details on any slide is out of date, please let me know and I’ll update as soon as possible If you have any additional reference slides not featured in this pack, please send them to Stephen Northcott and I’ll try to incorporate Useful case study links on the net: Psion case study library: Motorola resource library (case studies):

3 Solutions featured/comments Case study (or press release)
Reference Slide Index (view in slideshow mode to be able to select links) Page # Name Country Vertical Solutions featured/comments Case study (or press release) Quote included Last Updated 14 Cdiscount France Warehousing MC3090, LS2208, LS3578, wireless network Link No May13 15 Coveto W4090, RS507, MC9090, wireless network Yes 16 Mondaine & Marloz Switzerland MC3090-S, DS9808, LS2208 17 Peintures Maestria VC5090, LS3578-ER, MC3090, LS4278, wireless network link 18 Rold Skov Sawmill Denmark LS3478, VC5090 19 Ben E Keith (Video Case Study) USA WT4090, RS409 20 Henry Schein MC3090 21 Lexar Media RD5000 22 Southeastern Container RFID fixed readers, AN400, MC9090-G, Service from the Start

4 Solutions featured/comments Case study (or press release)
Reference Slide Index (view in slideshow mode to be able to select links) Page # Name Country Vertical Solutions featured/comments Case study (or press release) Quote included Last Updated 23 Southern Wine & Spirits USA Warehousing MC9000 link Yes May13 24 SMRT Singapore MC9000, MK500 XR450 25 Boyne Valley Group (Psion) Ireland MIS 26 Calgary Italian Bakery (Psion) Canada WORKABOUT PRO 3 27 Carreras (Psion) Spain RF system, handheld and vehicle mounted terminals, MapRF software 28 Danske Fragtmænd (Psion) Denmark Ikôn, SDK, I-Serv, MCC No 29 Faber-Castell (Psion) Germany Psion’s speech technology 30 Hallis Hudson (Psion) UK WORKABOUT PRO G2 31 Harper Collins (Psion) 7535

5 Solutions featured/comments Case study (or press release)
Reference Slide Index (view in slideshow mode to be able to select links) Page # Name Country Vertical Solutions featured/comments Case study (or press release) Quote included Last Updated 32 Lacour Fruits (Psion) France Warehousing 7535, wireless network link No May13 33 Philips Lighting Distribution (Psion) The Netherlands Broadband RF system, handhelds, vehicle mounts Yes 34 Herman Losely & Son (Psion) USA 7535 36 H&M Bay Cold Chain RD5000, Fixed RFID Readers, VC5090, MC9090-G 37 Bindi (Psion) Italy Wireless network, handheld terminals, vehicle mounts 38 Bear Creek (Psion) RF handhelds, freezer terminals, wireless network 39 Dreisbach Enterprises (Psion) 7530 40 Ocean Beauty Seafoods (Psion) WORKABOUT PRO 3 41 US Cold Storage (Psion) 8525 G2, 7530 G2, MCC

6 Solutions featured/comments Case study (or press release)
Reference Slide Index (view in slideshow mode to be able to select links) Page # Name Country Vertical Solutions featured/comments Case study (or press release) Quote included Last Updated 43 Ama Crai Est Italy Retail distribution WT4090, MC9090/ 9060/MC70 , wireless network link Yes May13 44 Lulu Logistics UAE MC3090G, MC9090G, LS4278, wireless network 45 Shoe Zone UK WT4090, RS409 46 Système U France WT4090 47 Volg Konsumwaren Switzerland WT4090, MC9090 48 Supermercados La Cadena Dominican Republic WT4090, MT2090, EP450, MC1000, MK4000, wireless network 49 Yodobashi Camera Japan Fixed RFID Readers No 50 Claire’s Stores (Psion) RF handhelds 51 Fakta (Psion) Denmark TekSpeech

7 Solutions featured/comments Case study (or press release)
Reference Slide Index (view in slideshow mode to be able to select links) Page # Name Country Vertical Solutions featured/comments Case study (or press release) Quote included Last Updated 52 Groupe Ludendo (Psion) France Retail distribution WORKABOUT PRO link No May13 53 Lapeyre (Psion) 7535 ,7530,8525, wireless network Yes 54 Superquinn (Psion) Ireland Handhelds, vehicle mounts, MIS, wireless network 55 SPAR Distribution Centres (Psion) South Africa Speech technology 57 Megatrux USA Logistics RFID fixed readers, AN400, MC9090-G 58 Progistix (Video Case Study) Canada WT4090 59 UPS WT4000, RS507 60 ID Logistics Argentina WT4090, RS409 61 Geodis BM (Psion) 7535, MCC, preventative maintenance contract

8 Solutions featured/comments Field mobility reference slide deck
Reference Slide Index (view in slideshow mode to be able to select links) Page # Name Country Vertical Solutions featured/comments Case study Quote included Last Updated 62 Panalpina (Psion) Worldwide Logistics 7535, wireless network link Yes May13 63 Field mobility reference slide deck Nearly 50 slides packed full of references and case study links Internal Partner Feb 13 65 Akdeniz Port Turkey Ports and Container Yards MC9090G, VC5090, wireless network 66 MGPS (Psion) France Ports and Container Yards Narrowband, differential GPS, vehicle mounts 67 Reefer Terminal (Psion) Italy Handhelds and vehicle mounts  No 68 FAPS (Psion) USA 7535 69 Yangshan Deep Water Port (Psion) China Vehicle mounts, WhereNet RFID real time location systems, GPS 71 Fritz Hansen Denmark Manufacturing DS3578 72 Continental AG RD5000, MC9090-G 73 Kayser-Roth MC9090-G, service from the start

9 Solutions featured/comments
Reference Slide Index (view in slideshow mode to be able to select links) Page # Name Country Vertical Solutions featured/comments Case study Quote included Last Updated 74 Borealis (Psion) Austria Manufacturing Handhelds, vehicle mounts link Yes May13 75 SPI (Psion) France WORKABOUT PRO 76 Wolfcraft (Psion) Germany TekSpeech 78 Autohaus Reisacher Automotive MC3190,LS2208, service from the start 79 UYT UK MC9090 80 BMW (Psion) South Africa 7030I, TekRF, wireless network 81 Volkswagen (Psion) Handhelds, vehicle mounts, TekRF, wireless network 82 Teph Seal (Psion) USA

10 Leaders in mobile computing

11 Leaders in mobile computing
#1 x2 80 Market leader in rugged mobile computing devices with over 42% market share in first 9 months in 2012 Nearly twice the market share of our nearest competitor 80 years’ experience in designing easy to use communications technology Source: Motorola Solutions Business & Market Intelligence, VDC, Public Financials (December 2012). Motorola share figures include Psion.

12 Motorola’s Differentiation
Availability Durability Serviceability Manageability Functionality Connectivity MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  © 2013 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. 

13 WAREHOUSING Warehouses and distribution centres worldwide use motorola and psion technology to improve worker productivity and inventory accuracy MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  © 2013 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. 

14, FRANCE Improves efficiency, lower costs
Pioneers in the online shopping market, processes 30,000 orders daily at its 100,000m² warehousing facility It installed a Motorola Solutions wireless network and circa 600 handheld scanners for picking, storage and inventory Benefits: Improved worker productivity – easy to use scanners Improved scanning and quality of connection – leading to time savings Improved real time tracking of products Increased order efficiency: quicker order turnaround Subsequent greater customer satisfaction Network administration time savings of up to 30 days/year

15 COVETO, FrancE secures competitive advantage
Coveto is a cooperative for vets in France It deployed a Motorola Solutions network and scanners for picking, tracking, inbound and outbound goods and inventory management Benefits: Compliant with the new veterinary medicine legislation and FIFO Increase in worker productivity – hands free and immediate work direction Enhanced efficiency: excellent network coverage, reliable scanners Easier, rapid inventory checks in real time Reduction in shipping errors, leading to greater customer satisfaction Decrease in administrative workload and paperwork Since introducing the Motorola technology we have seen an increase in both the accuracy of order preparation and the productivity of our warehouse staff. Moreover the new system has absorbed a large amount of the additional workload generated by the new legislation and enabled a higher volume of picking. We are now the first and only distributor in France who can guarantee highly accurate order fulfilment and complete automated traceability of veterinary medicine batches right along the supply chain.” Xavier Guilbert,Managing Director, Coveto

16 MONDAINE & MARLOX AG, CH drives operational efficiencies at new premises
Mondaine Watch Ltd is an independent Swiss Watch manufacturer. Marlox AG distributes watches and jewellery for brands such as Esprit & JOOP ! It selected Motorola Solutions’ scanners for its warehouse processes, such as incoming goods, assembly, picking and shipping Benefits: Enhanced efficiency and productivity: staff can electronically manage the movement of very small products through the distribution centre Reduced supply chain costs: through process optimisation Improved customer services: faster and more accurate processing of individual customer specific orders Reduction in errors: fewer to no errors in warehouse processes Ability to expand operations: increased potential throughput “When constructing our new premises in Biberist it was our aim to have the most modern and efficient factory and distribution centre, with an optimal supply chain for both our products and third party products, no matter how large or small the customer order. With this in mind, we deployed a range of Motorola scanners in our 4,000m2 logistics area, to improve productivity and customer service, whilst reducing errors and costs.” Markus Riedo, Supply Chain Manager, Mondaine Watch Ltd

“In order to reach our goal of optimising our logistics chain we had to automate and standardise our systems across our seven depots. Motorola’s WiFi technology and the associated terminals and scanners are perfectly suited to the multi-sites solution proposed by Infos France.” Lionel Pawelczyk, Head of IT, Peintures Maestria Peintures Maestria is a manufacturer or paint and paint systems It has deployed Info France’s central management system together with Motorola Solutions’ scanners and wireless network to manage all warehouse processes and inventory across 7 depots throughout France Benefits: Seamless multi-site solution Elimination of virtually all picking errors Shortened delivery times Reduction in costs Increased worker productivity and job satisfaction

18 ROLD SKOV SAWMILL, DENMARK NEW uses MOTOROLA WIRELESS AND SCANNERS TO GIVE REAL-TIME TRACEABILITY OF TIMBER STOCK Rold Skov Sawmill cuts up soft wood for the European building sector It has recently expanded and needed to update its paper processes to an automated solution for stock control and inventory It selected Motorola Solutions wireless network on strength of coverage It chose Motorola Solutions scanners due to their robust design and IP65 level sealing, making them ideal for operation in the wet, dirty environment of the timber yard Benefits: Improved stock visibility and traceability Minimised misplacement of product Significant time savings in order dispatch Enhanced service levels “Going from using clipboards and paper to a computer-based solution has considerably improved our stock visibility and traceability.” Søren Krogstrup, acting production manager , Rold Skov Sawmill

19 BEN E. KEITH Co., USA VIDEO CASE STUDY PICKING ERROR RATE REDUCED TO JUST 1 IN 16,000 WITH Motorola solutions and sae INC. Ben E. Keith is the 9th largest broad line foodservice distributor and fourth largest beverage distributor in the USA It has moved from a paper based picking solution to a scan based picking solution using the WT4090 and SAE’s Selector Pro software Benefits: Huge increase in picking accuracy, from 1 in 1500 to 1 in 16,000, Return rate much lower, greater customer satisfaction Increase in worker productivity due to unobtrusive, accurate, hands free scanners; excellent user feedback Very easy to use solution – estimated at a mere10 minutes training R.O.I in 6 months Future proof – with flexibility to expand or adapt “The WT4090 is the perfect device for warehouse picking.” Greg Brown, Senior Associate of SAE Inc “The SAE software and the Motorola Hardware combined helps us cut costs and run a good business.” Michael January, Director of Process Improvement, Ben E. Keith

VIDEO CASE STUDY HENRY SCHEIN, USA JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR Ordered Henry Schein is North America's largest distributor of medical products, equipment and supplies The Jennifer voice solution from Lucas Systems on the MC3090 has replaced paper-based operations at its 5 distribution centres Benefits: 12% increase in product picking accuracy 8% improvement in picking productivity Training time has been reduced from weeks to days Better tracking of products as they move through the distribution process Screen based applications allow for additional data capture, such as lot codes and expiration dates Perfect flexible platform to manage growth Compliant with tracking and tracing required by pedigree laws “So, it came down to which terminal could hold and deliver the data workers needed at the time of picking. We chose the Motorola MC3090. It is a nice, lightweight terminal that our users are very happy with.” Mike Charpin, Senior Project Manager, Henry Schein

Lexar Media is a leading manufacturer of high-quality memory cards, USB flash drives, card readers and ATA controller technology Lexar Media have introduced a RFID system - including the Motorola Solutions RD5000 Mobile RFID Reader - to Improve efficiency and accuracy in shipping operations Benefits: 100% accuracy in shipments — elimination of errors Leading to greater customer satisfaction and lower costs Improved warehouse worker productivity Increased profitability from faster invoicing cycles and cash- to-cash cycle time No training required, excellent staff utilisation Cost-effective Sarbanes-Oxley compliance “The brilliant marriage of RFID with mobility enabled us to easily move our RFID readers as needed — we can now reconfigure our RFID solution on the fly.” Lee Mar, Senior Logistics Analyst, Lexar Media

22 Southeastern container, usa REALISES thousands of dollars in annual savings and r.o.i. in less than 2 years with rfid asset tracking Southeastern Container is a manufacturing co-op producing plastic bottles, including nearly 70% bottle production for Coca- Cola in USA It introduced a RFID system with Motorola Solutions handheld and fixed readers and antennas for inventory control and traceability of specialized product containers Benefits: Saving thousands of dollars a year in transportation costs Reducing container loss and ensuring traceability Achieving R.O.I. within two years of full implementation Providing accurate data on bin lifetimes for warranty contracts Capabilities for expanded warehouse control and inventory management in the future “The pilot was very successful, and we’re rolling out the RFID system, including Motorola readers and antennas, to all of our facilities in order to improve warehouse and inventory control. When it’s all in place, we’ll see thousands of dollars in annual savings and we expect to achieve R.O.I. on the RFID system in less than two years.” John Underwood, Engineering Manager, Southeastern Container

23 Southern Wine & Spirits, USA NEARLY DOUBLES PRODUCTIVITY AND SIGNIFICANTLY increases accuracy with voice picking Southern Wine & Spirits (SWS) is the largest wine and liquor distributor in the USA It has moved to voice picking for split-case bottle picking at 11 of its distribution centres Benefits: Dramatic improvement in picking rates – from an average of 250 bottles per man hour to 460 bottles Significant improvement in accuracy. With paper, picking accuracy was only 93%, with voice, 99.6% Handling heavy glass bottles is much easier hands-free Reduction in paperwork “In the past, mistakes did not get caught until the delivery driver brought it back. We had 2 to 3 percent mis-picks, The results of the pick-to-voice are better than we could ever have hoped.” Don Laroche, Director of Operations, Southern Wine & Spirits

24 SMRT CORP LTD, SINGAPORE improving business processes, enhancing productivity and introducing cost savings SMRT is Singapore’s leading multi-modal public transport service provider It has implemented a RFID warehouse management system at 2 warehouses. It is used to track equipment and spare parts for trains The solution will be rolled out to 7 further warehouses – bus and taxi Benefits: Increased efficiency in turnaround times for repair and maintenance Reduction in stock-take cycle from 384 to 48 hours Over % data entry accuracy rate Minimised recurring problem of stock reconciliation Greater accountability Reduced paperwork Current annual savings of 4,160 man hours (S$80K) The estimated annual net savings from the future implementation are expected to be approximately S$1.3 million “Using RFID technology at item level has provided a well-stocked inventory, boosted productivity, and saved SMRT time and money.” Mr Richard Yeo, Director of Central Supplies, SMRT

25 BOYNE VALLEY GROUP, IE IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY AND PICKING ACCURACY WITH SPEECH DIRECTED LOGISTICS SOLUTION Boyne Valley Group is an Ireland-based manufacturer of food, personal care and home care products It needed to improve picking productivity at its distribution centre It consequently implemented a speech directed stock picking system based on Psion’s Mobile Integration Suite a single solution integrating RFID, barcode and speech technology Electronic orders are automatically converted to speech commands and sent to warehouse staff using wireless technology Benefits: 20% increase in productivity 100% order picking accuracy Reduced training time and costs due to user-friendliness Enhanced flow of real-time information “The new system is going very well and it has surpassed our expectations in a short space of time.  The information provided is in real-time, which is invaluable as we can see exactly what’s happening and where we need to reposition our team to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Already we have received positive feedback from our customers who have noticed an increase in the accuracy of orders.” Fran Egan, Group Logistics Manager, Boyne Valley

26 CALGARY ITALIAN BAKERY WORKABOUT PRO 3 INCREASES DELIVERY EFFICIENCY AND ACCURACY FOR BAKED GOODS provider “Our drivers are more productive with the Psion-bMobile solution. bMobile’s software has allowed us to automate our accounting process, and the Workabout Pro 3’s touch screen allows us to do more on the road because employees are able to look up information faster and easier.” Louis Bontorin, V.P. Sales and Administration,Calgary Italian Baker Calgary Italian Bakery needed robust devices for data capture Software provider, bMobile DSD Route Software, recommended Psion’s Workabout Pro 3 Drivers are able to record returns, reconcile orders, print orders and capture customer signatures on the Workabout Pro The device offers Bluetooth and wireless capability and is fully compatibility with bMobile’s software Benefits: Paper costs cut by more than $2,000 a year Weekly time savings of 2.5 hours for administrative staff Increased delivery efficiency and accuracy Improved service levels “Our business is more efficient today. “When bMobile showed me the Psion Workabout Pro 3, the device stood out due to its durability, superior ergonomics and ease-of‑use. The Workabout Pro 3’s modular structure has enabled us to go wireless and paperless. The upgrades and additional features we received with the Workabout Pro 3 give us an edge in our industry.” Louis Bontorin

27 CARRERAS, SPAIN implements rf system to maximise
information and minimise errors “Psion’s terminals are very tough, watertight and durable. They bring us reliability. Warehouses are rather tough environments. And then there are temporary workers in the staff. RF is fundamental to our system; everything stems from the order the worker transmits via the gun. If it is lost or broken, we lose a fundamental working tool.” Héctor Benito, Head of IT Carreras is a Spanish storage and distribution company It implemented a warehouse-by-warehouse migration from a paper- based operation to a radio frequency (RF) system deploying a Psion RF infrastructure, rugged terminals and MapRF software to centrally manage the RF system remotely Benefits: Improved quality and reliability – errors now 0.3% from 0.5% Continuous inventory control enables mistakes to be observed immediately Reduced costs of employee turnover since replacing staff is less problematic due to simplified system Increased productivity as less time spent correcting errors Enhanced employee satisfaction due to user-friendliness of system and error-reduction Improved customer satisfaction resulting from real-time information such as the exact stock and location of goods

Danske Fragtmænd is a Danish distributor of manufactured and semi-manufactured products for over 40,000 corporate clients worldwide It equipped its drivers and warehouse workers with 1,700 of Psion’s rugged Ikôn PDAs Drivers receive real-time order updates on the road, warehouse workers use Ikôn for stock picking It protected its investment with I-Serv, a comprehensive global service plan And it centrally managed its PDAs and installed and updated software via Psion’s MCC Benefits: Efficiency and productivity optimised Huge time savings (12 to 15 man-years) More accurate, real-time inventory of stock Significant reduction in picking errors Visibility over delivery process GPS function of Ikôn enables customers to follow their shipments with Track & Trace Faster response times to customer s Crystal clear, accurate communication Minimised downtime and associated costs

WITH PSION SPEECH SOLUTION Faber-Castell, a leading manufacturer of high-quality products for writing, colouring, and creative design, required a solution for its warehouse distribution centre that delivered higher efficiency while reducing manual labour and unnecessary warehouse movement It implemented a speech-directed solution from Psion Using the terminal, employees sign into the system and then interact via voice commands. Each employee is directed to their specific picking location and then is told which packages to pick. All actions are confirmed via voice commands Benefits: Significant reduction in cycle times (order picking) Improved order accuracy Increased productivity and throughput Reduced employee training time 50% reduction in commissioning process

“The data capture solution allowed us to redeploy 4 people, previously tied up with data entry, into other areas of the business, while also increasing warehouse throughput by around 20%, without additional staff.” Alastair Soper, Operations Director, Hallis Hudson Hallis Hudson is a leading supplier of curtains, blinds and accessories for the Soft Furnishings industry Wanting to move from its error-prone timely paper-based system to an automated data capture solution It approached Psion partner BEC Ltd The solution implemented used Psion WORKABOUT PRO G2 handheld computers and compact printers from Zebra Technologies Packing teams use the Workabout Pro to scan item barcodes, BEC’s SIGMA software then communicates the data for instant order validation Benefits: Streamlined packing operations Full visibility and traceability of orders Improved utilisation of human resources Better customer service R.O.I within 18 months

31 HARPER COLLINS, UK improves customer service with
psion handheld computers “HCUK deal directly with Psion and we are very happy with the product and solution they have provided us with. We have been using their equipment for over two years now and have been impressed with both the company and the equipment. I would not hesitate in recommending them.” Allan Doyle, Head of Supply Chain Development, HCUK HarperCollins UK (HCUK) is one of the top book publishing groups in the UK Its supply chain division implemented Psion 7535 handheld computers for the picking and sorting of goods at its multi- warehouse site in Glasgow It also took out a 3 year warranty offered on all equipment Benefits: Improved response times between WMS and order pickers Improved customer service by consistently having high stock availability and accurate, efficient, and reliable order turnaround and delivery Workers benefit from the ergonomic design of 7535s, and hence, improve their productivity

32 Lacour fruits, Fr ACHIEVES 98% EFFICIENCY RATE
Lacour Fruits imports fruits and vegetables from S Europe, African and South America for distribution in North and Eastern Europe New European legislation require full tracing and tracking in the food services chain Lacour had to automate its processes to comply with this legislation Psion designed and installed a new WiFi network and the 7535 robust handheld computers to scan pallet labels Real-time data is collected relating to product origin, variety, quantity and weight as well as goods in-bound, preparation and dispatch Benefits: Ensured traceability and compliance with the new regulation Improved efficiency of the reception, inspection, storage, preparation, scheduling and shipping Lacour Fruits now enjoys a 98% efficiency rate Robust, reliable hardware

Philips Lighting Distribution (PLD) in The Netherlands supplies logistical services for Philips Lighting’s production throughout Europe PLD implemented a solution around Psion ’ broadband radio frequency system and rugged handheld and vehicle mount computers for picking and stock control Psion also received online access to its systems over a secure Internet connection to facilitate maintenance support from a distance Benefits: Improved productivity Accurate order fulfilment Increased customer satisfaction Rugged handheld and vehicle mount computers that withstand tough environment and support full workdays Flexibility to respond to evolving needs “We are absolutely certain now that what goes into the truck is in fact what the customer ordered.  In terms of service provision for ours customers, that is of inestimable value.” Henri Muijs, Service Line Operations Manager, PLD

WHOLESALE NURSERY STOCK GROWER “Since implementing this solution from Psion and Vista Data, we’ve experienced an incredible return on investment. Our accuracy has improved dramatically, which has led to greater customer satisfaction.” Karl Losely, president of Herman Losely & Son Herman Losley & Son ran a manual, time-consuming paper system for tracking inventory and shipments. This resulted in lost goods and lost sales It needed easy to use handheld computers that could communicate with a central server and assign assembly locations, withstand rugged, outdoor conditions and integrate with its inventory system After considering a wide range of devices, Herman Losely & Son selected the Psion 7535 for its ultra-rugged design and Vista Delta Systems for software and implementation Benefits: Incredible R.O.I, improved bottom line and sales growth Increased accuracy Increased throughput Streamlined shipping process Accelerated inventory process Improved customer service and customer satisfaction

35 COLD CHAIN Motorola solutions and psion have DESIGNED technology for continuous reliable high level performance in the tough cold storage environment MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  © 2013 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. 

36 H&M BAY INC, USA accelerating cold storage freight transfer with rfid
H&M Bay is one of the nation’s leading transporters of less-than-a- truckload frozen and refrigerated commodities H&M Bay chose user friendly, rugged RFID technology from Motorola Solutions for its new cold storage facility for fast, efficient product handling and inventory tracking Benefits: Faster freight transfers reduce cross-docking labour by 25% Revenues up by 0.5% in new temperature-related accounts Real-time tracking of product Alerting capability helps ensure storage at proper temperature “The cold storage facility and RFID tracking capabilities at our cross-docking distribution centre have definitely sped up freight transfers and reduced our labour costs.” John Walker, Software Development Manager, H&M Bay

37 BINDI, ITALY achieves accurate TRACKING and improved productivity At less cost
“Not only are the products delicate, they must reach the final consumer in excellent condition. Therefore, the timeliness of handling is of utmost importance, and the warehouse must be strictly managed.” Dr. Scurati, Operations Director, Bindi Bindi is world-renowned for its imaginative ice creams, cakes and desserts The main warehouse temperature is -30°C, goods go between this and 0°C  Very complex logistics management due to the volume and variety of products It needed a solution for automatic individual identification and tracking Psion’s wireless networks, terminals and scanners were deployed Benefits Productivity rise of 200 units per day Accurate and timely tracking of goods from production through to final delivery Reduced operating costs Instant inventory and financial record updates Robust terminals and scanners which could withstand passage from -30°C to 0°C without condensation or battery issues Flexible future-proof solution “The ability to manage our entire logistics trail, facilitated by Psion, has significantly improved our productivity, and reduced our costs.” Dr. Scurati

Bear Creek is a direct mail marketer of perishable food Its 50 acre site includes multiple manufacturing, warehouse and cold storage facilities. Order components move frequently between locations It wanted to change its order fulfilment process from a paper based system to a RF system with real-time inventory tracking A wireless network, RF handheld computers and handheld and vehicle mount freezer terminals were deployed Benefits: Exceptional wireless coverage across huge site, including metal warehouses, facilities made of thick concrete or with thick insulation Perfect hardware for outdoor, cold storage and freezer conditions Inventory accuracy has increased from just over 90% to 99.5% More efficient picking, increased worker productivity Reductions in labour, time and errors result in cost savings Immediate inventory updates allows proactive response to shortages Standardised operations shortens training period by two days Timely and error-free fulfilment ensures greater customer satisfaction “As soon as they finish one activity, the picking and packing staff receive instructions for the next, making picking much more efficient… Immediate inventory updates allow resource planners to respond proactively to stock shortages.” Ric Sharp, Engineering Director, Bear Creek

39 DREISBACH, USA DEPLOYS Psion 7530 handheld computers ACROSS its cold storage facility
Dreisbach Enterprises is the premier logistics provider for the frozen food industry in Northern California Its paper-based warehouse management system was inefficient and error-prone It required a solution that could withstand the cold storage environment and enable real-time asset visibility and inventory accuracy It implemented Psion 7530 handheld computers across its cold storage facility. The 7530 is designed to deliver flexibility, integration, ruggedness, and ergonomics in intense and cold environments, it relays data with sub-second response allowing for real-time visibility Benefits: Real-time asset visibility 100% inventory accuracy Improved customer service A rugged mobile warehouse management system that withstands cold storage environment “The new system is designed to operate in our tough warehouse environment and will provide a real benefit to us by giving us real-time visibility into the facility with 100 per cent accuracy. More importantly, it will give our customers the ability to check the exact status of any receipt at any time.” John Swinnerton, Director of Logistics, Dreisbach

Traceability and product quality are key to Ocean Beauty Seafoods It installed SIMBA, a software solution that uses barcode technology for tracking. However the handheld devices in use had limited functionality and unable to withstand the harsh, wet conditions in the plants The SI DSI suggested Workabout Pro 3 instead, because of its ergonomic form factor, ruggedness and IP65 rating Benefits: Solution has enabled direct shipping to customer Accurate tracking of high number of varied shipments from vessel to destination Workabout Pro 3 is easy to use, robust and operates perfectly in the extreme conditions of coolers and freezers “With SIMBA and Psion’s Workabout Pro 3, we’re able to ship directly to the customer out of our Alaskan plants, giving us better transportation rates. Our employees appreciate the Workabout Pro 3’s intuitive interface and durability. The support we’ve received from DSI and Psion has made the transition seamless.” Tom Marshall, Superintendant for Ocean Beauty Seafoods Excursion Inlet Alaska Plant

“For companies like us who have numerous sites with thousands of units, the ability to control each device regardless of location, not only saves time and money, but makes us more efficient as a company. Psion’s MCC software provides our employees with user-friendly, powerful and reliable software that stands heads and shoulders above competitive offerings.” Terry Groff IT/RF Tech Specialist at United States Cold Storage US Cold Storage provides refrigerated storage services to the food industry; it has used Psion devices for over 10 years It has recently deployed over 1,000 Psion 8525 G2 and 7530 G2 to manage inventory and orders from receiving to shipping and Psion’s Mobile Control Centre software to remotely monitor, manage, troubleshoot and support all devices across 30 sites Benefits: Improved operational efficiency and fast R.O.I Reduced operational and support costs Full functionality in harsh environment Improved warehouse productivity MCC enables seamless software distribution, remote control, and configuration capabilities Real-time remote device control saves time and money Increased employee satisfaction due to user-friendly interfaces, ease-of-use, and ergonomics

42 RETAIL DISTRIBUTION A Retailer’s business is dependent on a well managed supply chain. Speed, efficiency and visibility are crucial and achievable with Motorola and psion solutions MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  © 2013 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. 

Ama Crai is an Italian grocery cooperative Ama Crai has deployed Motorola Solutions terminals and wireless network in its warehouses for intensive voice picking, inventory management and vehicle loading The aim was to improve service levels to its members Benefits: Improved productivity of hands free workers 12% increase in warehouse throughput Significant time savings Reduction in picking and dispatch errors Faster order handling Overall reduction in operational costs Immediate user take up “Productivity has increased in the picking operations, the error rate has reduced and moreover we have the feeling that our operators could no longer do without the support of this technology.” Luca Daniel, IT Manager, Ama Crai Est

Lulu Logistics is responsible for storing and distributing goods to Lulu Hypermarkets across the Middle East It wanted to move from paper based processes to more efficient electronic data capture systems for its warehousing operations It deployed Motorola Solutions’ mobile computers, scanners and wireless network Benefits: Stock picking accuracy has increased to 99% Picking performance has increased by 72% Unresolved inventory issues reduced by 96% Stores receive the goods they have ordered on time – ensuring customer satisfaction Compliance, reduced administration and costs “…In a very short time, the system has improved the accuracy of our stock picking to 99 percent, while the number of unresolved inventory issues has gone down by around 96 percent. Our operations are very efficient and our retail store management are happy too with better in-store product availability.” Madhav M S, CIO, Lulu Logistics

45 SHOE ZONE, UK 99.9% ACCURACY on shipments of UP TO 750,000 PAIRS OF SHOES A WEEK FOR ONLINE CUSTOMERS AND RETAIL STORES Rapid business expansion and the introduction of web-based orders required this footwear retailer to move to a high-performance WMS It deployed an advanced WMS from M-Netics together with 200 WT4090s and RS409 wearable ring scanners for hands-free scanning in its warehouse Benefits: Higher productivity leads to higher throughput of up to 750,000 pairs of shoes in 848 weekly picks Improved accuracy with stores receiving goods they need on time, exceptions less than 0.1% Real-time data provides visibility of performance and 100% stock availability More efficient management of returns and reduced administration Greater customer satisfaction “One of the great assets of the system is its efficiency. The hardware ensures teams work with their hands free and receive highly accurate orders and instructions.” Nigel Humphries, Head of IT, Shoe Zone

46 SYSTÈME U, FRANCE Improves productivity at its warehouses With aldata’s voice directed warehousing
Système U is a retailers’ cooperative, one of the largest retail employers in France It had previously employed a voice directed picking system in its warehouses, however it needed to be updated to offer increased accuracy, reliability and comfort It selected Aldata Voice Directed Warehousing with Nuance voice recognition on the WT4090 Benefits: Increase in mobile worker productivity with faster hands free picking and real- time work direction; excellent feedback R.O.I within less than one year due to increased accuracy and time savings Flexibility of WT4090 – single device for multiple applications – further usages planned “….we estimate that implementing voice technology within our warehouses has increased our productivity by between 5% and 6% for dry goods and by between 10% and 12% in the preparation of fresh food dispatches.” Michel Le Grouyère, Système U Ouest Logistics Director – Head of Methods and Practices

47 VOLG KONSUMWAREN AG, CH MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS AND DATAPHONE AG PROVIDE TUNRNKEY INNOVATIVE SOLUTION FOR VOLG’S WAREHOUSING Volg Konsumwaren runs distribution centres for Volk stores throughout Switzerland Volg chose Dataphone AG as partner in the modernisation of its warehouse logistics, previously managed by offline mobile computers and paper processes The WT4090s are used for picking, the MC9090s for incoming goods and storage Benefits: Improved service levels to stores – complaints have fallen by over 50% Reduction in costs due to accurate deliveries and less wastage Picking error rate dropped to 0.07% Better inventory management, crucial for seasonal business R.O.I. within one year Significant reduction in administration and paperwork Flexible, efficient hardware drives up worker productivity “Our employees now work efficiently with a single device for scanning, touch screen and voice picking. Our supply quality has significantly improved, we have increased productivity and reduced costs. Our aim is to have our logistics operations running at a 0.02% error rate; currently operating at a 0.07% rate, we are already very close to achieving this goal.” Stefan Näf, BL Projects/Processes, Volg Konsumwaren AG

48 SUPERMERCADOS LA CADENA ACHIEVES real time data synchronisation along supply chain IN THE Dominican republic Mercatodo runs operations for Supermercados La Cadena The company has upgraded the communications infrastructure of its new distribution centre through the deployment of a converged solution – scanners and wireless networks - from Motorola Solutions The solution covers and optimizes all stages of the supply chain from warehouse operations and logistics to retail floor Benefits: Intuitive and consistent platform facilitates migration and training 35% increase in productivity at distribution centre Improved efficiency: single platform for operations, sales and service Better inventory management Higher customer service levels “We are very pleased with the solution deployed, as we have found a ready, dedicated and committed provider. Relying on these features is essential in critical operations such as ours. We evaluated other brands and solutions, but Motorola Solutions service team connected so well with our staff that we have come to consider them as an integral part of our business.” Juan Ramos, Vice President, Mercatodo S.A.

49 YODOBASHI CAMERA, JAPAN RFID WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT Solution improves overall efficiency and enables faster growth into new markets Yodobashi Camera is one of Japan’s largest electronics retailers It needed to efficiently manage a product inventory or more than 850,000 items Motorola Solutions’ fixed RFID readers are installed at the entrance to the warehouse Benefits: Real time inventory management - minimized inventory to reduce warehouse costs Increased productivity - in collecting data on stocked items Improved supply chain leads to greater customer satisfaction Infrastructure is in place for future growth opportunities Cost reductions

50 CLAIRE’s STORES, UK achieves efficient and accurate warehouse management WITH psion rf
Claire’s implemented a Radio Frequency (RF) system consisting Psion rugged handheld computers for the management of its incoming stocks of accessories, jewellery and cosmetics Scanned information is sent directly to Claire’s WMS and merchandising system Benefits: Fast and efficient warehouse operations Improved stock accuracy Improved worker productivity Access to excellent service and quality that ensures system reliability “The Psion RF equipment is an integral part of our warehouse operation and they have worked very well for us. The operators quickly get used to using the handheld terminals and it is certainly much more efficient to enable communications with the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and merchandising systems directly rather than having to update information through a standard terminal.”  David Dolphin, UK Distribution Manager, Claire’s Stores

Fakta is a Danish supermarket chain owned by Coop Denmark It had been using a self-adhesive label packing system at its warehouse facilities, but this method was struggling with volume It moved to a speech solution for pickers consisting of TekSpeech, Psion ’s speech recognition solution and  Vocollect® Talkman speech terminals which wirelessly integrate with Fakta’s central ERP system Benefits: Increased picking speed Reduction in picking errors Intuitive, easy to use solution Improved warehouse workers job satisfaction Ability to program speech terminals for a variety of languages increases user-friendliness, facilitates communication and improves efficiency of multicultural staff “The intuitive aspect of the system is also one of the more important reasons why new employees can start working efficiently as quickly as they do - and we get new employees all the time, both as a result of normal employee churn and because of the use of temporary staff during peak periods such as Christmas.” Lars Knudson, IT Manager, Fakta

52 GROUPE LUDENDO, FR acquires flexibility to respond to
demand changes with workabout pro The specialised toy store needed to be able to meet rapid changes in demand and consequent staffing levels It equipped its workers with the Workabout Pro handheld terminal; its configuration included speech recognition software, an electronic sound card and end cap with built-in connector for headset, a RFID reader and a built-in keyboard and barcode scanner The Workabout Pro allows workers to switch between speech mode when workload is high or for intensive preparation and keyboard capture and barcode scanning for stocktaking, receipt, or shipping Benefits: Improved ability to meet expectations during high demand peaks Increased efficiency and decreased costs due to ability to optimize and reduce the number of terminals in centres User-friendliness of Workabout Pro makes training simple – extremely valuable in seasonal business Ability to homogenize and interchange fleet of equipment

53 LAPEYRE, FRANCE A complete end-to-end mobile computing solution
Lapeyre is a French DIY and home improvement retailing company with over 350 retail outlets and a dozen manufacturing sites in France Coordinating sales, manufacturing, transportation and installation as the company grew required a reorganization of the supply chain Lapeyre wanted a sole supplier and chose Psion to install narrowband radio technology, 7535 and 7530 handheld computers and 8525 vehicle mount computers Benefits: Increased productivity, essential for fulfilling orders resulting from in- store promotions Hardware suited to tough environments like the Lapeyre manufacturing sites Full turnkey solution from sole supplier “…Psion is the only one that could meet our needs from start to finish: pre-sale, installation and after-sales service, the site study for the design and installation of the wireless network, the configuration of the equipment, training, troubleshooting, replacement of failed equipment. They are also at the forefront of new innovations, such as voice picking, which gives them the edge over the competition.” Christophe Chapet, Manager of Logistics, Lapeyre

“In a competitive tender, the Psion / Heavey RF solution was selected because of their superior product, local capabilities and flexibility. Not only has the new system surpassed all our expectations but it will have paid for itself within a 12 month period.”  Paul Leonard, Project Manager, Superquinn Superquinn is an Irish supermarket chain Its distribution centre label stock picking system was inefficient and hindered accurate order fulfilment It deployed a new IMS developed by Psion partner, Heavey RF, Psion rugged handheld and vehicle mount computers and a Psion MIS interface platform and wireless network Benefits R.O.I in under 12 months 20% improvement in pick rate Increase in order accuracy to 99.8% Improved stock control which ensures better supply chain Better decision making capabilities at management level Easy integration into host SAP system “Christmas is a very busy time for us. Stock depletion can be a concern and speedy replenishment of stock is of paramount importance. The voice picking system made Christmas seamless.”

Spar Distribution centres used to run a paper-based system which constantly led to problems such as low-quality picks, increased re-work, stock shortages and errors It required a solution that significantly improved its picking process, but did not require substantial training that would overwhelm workers and hurt team morale It implemented Psion’s speech technology to streamline its picking process. The system uses speech recognition and synthesis to translate data from a host computer into spoken directions for the picker Benefits: 100% increase in picking accuracy Up to 10% improvement in productivity Improved retailer trust and relationships as a result of increased order accuracy Improved worker morale due to improved user friendliness of the system “With immediate and significant savings, increased productivity and improved accuracy, SPAR management are most impressed with Psion’s product quality, service and support and we are confident that we will realize the same benefits with our future roll-outs.” Trevor Currie, Group Logistics Executive for SPAR

56 Logistics IN A HIGHLY COMPETITVE MARKET LOGISTICS COMPANIES NEED CONTROL AND CONSTANT ACCURATE REAL-TIME INFORMATION TO PROTECT SERVICES LEVELS AND PROFITABILITY MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  © 2013 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. 

Megatrux is a one-stop global supply chain for over 100 of the world’s major retailers. It has over 3 million ft2 of warehousing space Megatrux deployed RFID for inbound docking, outbound docking, mobile inventory and in transit to protect service levels and profitability Benefits: 100% accuracy in shipments, eliminating mis-ships and associated negative impact on customer service and costs Reduction in labour costs through process automation Improved warehouse throughput Rapid R.O.I. in 14 to 16 months “Our RFID solution is not only a major differentiator, it keeps us in the top tier of providers in the 3PL industry.” KC Pelle, Executive Vice President of The Megatrux Companies

58 VIDEO CASE STUDY PROGISTIX, CANADA moves to motorola solutions mobile computers equipped with voxware voice software FOR PICKING Progistix, one of Canada’s largest 3PL providers, handles distribution for the telephone and telecommunications company Bell It now uses the Voxware 3 voice-directed picking system on the WT4090 to select parts and supplies used by technicians in the field Benefits: Significant improvement in productivity Increased throughput Picking accuracy now running at 99.9% Very robust, reliable solution, excellent user feedback Improved customer satisfaction through best-in-class on-time performance Reduced supply chain costs for Bell Flexibility to use the WT4090 also to scan and capture data, as well as perform other screen-based functions in future “We are under the gun with our tight shipping schedule. We need devices with high reliability, and we have that with Motorola.” Shari Pedersen, Director of operations, Progistix

59 UPS, USA MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS wearable scanning system helps ups improve its operational efficiencies
UPS is a global leader in logistics It has deployed Motorola Solutions WT4000 and RS507 Bluetooth ring imager in its Package Sorting Operation The ring imager represents a major advance and time savings because it automatically scans based on label-sensing technology By 4th quarter 2013 there will be more than 38,000 ring imager and terminal devices in use at 1,383 facilities Benefits: Faster and more accurate loading Improved worker productivity – hands free Quicker transfer of package tracking data Improved package travel reliability (for tracking requests) Cost savings “UPS is always examining new ways to improve our delivery reliability and provide timely and accurate shipment information to our customers. Effectively deploying mobile and pervasive computing technologies like this allows us to achieve those goals, with higher performance, and a more rugged, longer-lasting piece of hardware.” Juan Perez, UPS Vice President of Information Services

ID Logistics, an international logistics operator, wanted to automate its order preparation process with voice picking technology This was the first deployment of its type for Motorola Solutions in Argentina Picking is now hands free, operators using WT4090 handsets with arm mounts and RS409 ring scanners with cradles; instructions are imparted via voice Benefits: Increased worker productivity through hands free picking Quicker order preparation Reliable, accurate scanning leads to significant reduction in picking errors Streamlined operational processes and subsequent cost savings Greater customer satisfaction due to faster dispatch and high levels of accuracy “Introducing this new Voice Picking system enables us to be a step ahead, as we have significantly saved time and reduced error margins to efficiently satisfy the increasingly demanding market needs.” Pablo Rattel, Site Manager at ID Logistics

Geodis BM is a major transportation and logistics company with 61 sites in France and across Europe It needed a rugged, reliable mobile computing solution that could ensure the seamless tracking of goods It deployed over handheld computers in the warehouses and on the road Each 7535 runs Psion ’ Mobile Control Center (MCC) for remote terminal management Geodis also took a preventative maintenance contract with Psion, for annual terminal check ups and speedy turnaround should a unit need repair Benefits: Greater control Flexibility to install and update software or perform a mass data backup at any time Reduced downtime and optimized productivity Seamless integration with OPTILOG software platform “The closeness of our relationship—between both our business and our technical teams has guaranteed us better performance in our operations.” Jean-Michel Dupuis, Head of Information Systems Geodis BM

62 PANALPINA, WORLWIDE security, accuracy and productivity
for global leader in transportation and logistics Panalpina has 14,000 employees operating in 80 countries For them shipment speed, accuracy and security is paramount Panalpina introduced the Integrated Panalpina Warehouse System (IPWS), developed in collaboration with experts from Psion It also installed a high-security WiFi network in the transit warehouse And finally Psion 7535 handheld computers were introduced for mobile scanning of barcode labels. The scanned information is uploaded from the handheld to the IPWS system via the WiFi network in real-time Benefits: Security and accuracy of operations Customers and carriers can track the status of their shipments in real time Improved productivity with consequent cost saving Enhanced customer satisfaction and trust “If we discover a problem or a missing item when we’re unloading a shipment, we know right away. Before the upgrade, we didn’t know which precise item was missing and had to take a lot of time and resources to pinpoint the problem. The new system has increased productivity and reduced personnel expenses.” Andrew Kappler, Business Unit Manager and Head of Operations, Panalpina

63 Field Mobility Reference Slide Deck
A full field mobility reference slide deck is also available This details Motorola’s field mobility enterprise reference case studies: 48 slides and links to over 30 separate case studies Verticals covered include: Direct store delivery, public safety, field sales, field services, transport and logistics, utilities and local government Links to download: Internal: Partner:

64 PORTS & CONTAINERS MOTROLA SOLUTIONS AND PSION HELP PORTS AND WHARFS ACHIEVE GREATER THROUGHPUT AND INCREASED EFFICIENCY IN CARGO TRACKING MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  © 2013 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. 

Akdeniz Port is the biggest and best-equipped seaport on the Turkish Aegean-Mediterranean coast As it expands its operations it needed to reduce turnover times (the load / unload speed for boats) It consequently installed a Wi-Fi network based on n technology from Motorola Solutions. It also deployed wireless handheld and vehicle mount computers remotely access the SolonPort software Benefits: Improved worker productivity, reduction in paperwork Real time information available for (un)/loading enhances efficiency Enhanced worker safety with clear communication Extremely robust hardware Reduced costs and fast R.O.I Minimal Wi-Fi network infrastructure reduces CAPEX “…Using wireless handheld and vehicle mount computers – also from Motorola Solutions – the network is delivering a range of benefits. The rugged handheld computers also ensure continuous operation by coping with an outdoor industrial environment including knocks and drops, rain, high temperatures and extreme humidity.” Dr Reha Cetin, IT Director, Global Investment Holding

MGPS (Marseilles-FOS) provides technology intelligence and information system development to MGM (INTRAMAR and EUROFOS) – two French port freight handling companies With major expansion plans afoot, a solution was required to improve wharf throughput, decrease human error, and avoid idling of empty straddle carriers A combination of Narrowband and Broadband technology and DGPS was implemented as well as Psion rugged vehicle mount computers mounted to straddle carriers Benefits: Improved container/slot identification and tracking Access to real-time location and tracking information Reduced downtime and human error Increased operating and decision-making autonomy on board straddle carriers Improved reliability and conformance to ISPS security standards “I believe that this innovative remote-monitoring system will allow our facilities to conform to international security standards, it will also improve our logistics process. Now, if a carrier is handled without any instruction being given, we could automatically start filming the event, either with one camera or the entire network as required, using its GPS coordinates.” Christian Taormina, Organization and IT Manager MGM () and Managing Director MGPS

Situated on the Vado Ligure Port in Savona, the multifunctional Reefer Terminal specializes in the logistics and handling of containers and vehicles that transport fresh vegetables and fruits, predominantly bananas It needed a robust solution to improve its speed of unloading ships Workers were equipped with Psion rugged wireless handheld and vehicle mount terminals which enable them to efficiently collect data and easily determine product destinations Benefits Decreased operational costs due to reduction in ship dock and delay times Increased efficiency and productivity in the unloading of ships Which in turn helps maintain proper controlled temperatures for fruits and vegetables Reduced repair and downtime costs as a result of durability of Psion handhelds and vehicle mount computers

FAPS is a pioneer in North American Automotive Pre-delivery Service  Faced with the need to check-in and track incoming cargo, it researched wireless mobile solutions to cover 250 acres of property without interference. Working with Millennium Technologies, it replaced its paper-based method with a Psion solution featuring rugged hand held devices and Fidelity Comtech A.P.s Benefits: Improved productivity by 10% Wireless frequency reached four times greater than original system, resulting in a significant reduction in infrastructure 75% cheaper solution than competing systems Increased efficiency in tracking all cargo Fast ROI – estimated payback within 6-12 months Happier workforce due to user-friendliness of system “We found the 7535s to be more robust with larger buttons, which make them easier to work while wearing gloves in the winter. In addition, windshield glare and sunlight was not a problem for the device when scanning. We now have a truly mobile real-time inventory management system and have since implemented [the same] solution at other facilities.” Chris Heizmann, IT Director, FAPS Inc.

Yangshan Deep Water Port is one of the largest port development projects in the world. It already had a base of Psion products  With throughput increasing by up to 25% annually it needed to reduce its dispatch cycle from 16 minutes to 10 minutes per container It deployed the 8515 Vehicle Mount Computer equipped with WhereNet RFID Real Time Location System and GPS for accurate location capabilities Benefits The average container truck dispatch cycle target of 10 minutes per container was met with 100% tracking Yangshan is now able to accurately track and dispatch trucks throughout their entire facility. The system improved the processes for driver assignments, information synchronization and security Continued operations in extreme weather or poor lighting etc Flexible connectivity Efficient, robust design and outstanding display of the 8515

70 manufacturing SUCCESSFUL MANUFACTURING FACILITIES NEED FULL VISIBILITY OVER MATERIALS – RAW MATERIALS TO FINISHED PRODUCT – WHATEVER THEY ARE, WHEREVER THEY ARE MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  © 2013 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. 

71 FRITZ HANSEN, DENMARK motorola solutions’ DS3578 READs THE DPM LABELS
Fritz Hansen designs iconic furniture Committed to protecting its customers’ investments it has introduced a DPM punch metal tag The DS3578 handheld imager was the only imager that could precisely read the 2-D matrix marks Benefits: Efficient, accurate scanning by the DS3578 saves time and ensures correct data capture Advanced serial numbering ensures peace of mind for customers and crime prevention Creation of customer accounts – targeted marketing opportunities Improved customer service “We’re delighted with the technology which presents our customers with proof of origin and authenticity as well as piece of mind in prevention against theft.” Torben Jensen Technical Product Manager, Fritz Hansen “We tried the DS3578 and it instantly captured the data no problem due to the high accuracy of the imaging engine. We were also impressed with the build quality. It’s very robust and can stand knocks and drops which happen on a busy manufacturing line.” Torben Jensen

72 CONTINENTAL AG, USA CUTTING RECEIVING CYCLE TIME BY 50%, cutting costs by 30% “We now have greater visibility into our inventory and flow of materials. That gives us the potential to reduce on-hand inventory and the costs associated with that inventory.” Gokhan Sarpkaya, Project Leader for Logistics, Continental Automotive The Continental Automotive manufacturing facility in Huntsville, Alabama covers 850,000 square feet and supports five of Continental’s business units It has deployed a RFID system with Motorola Solutions handheld and mobile RFID readers for inventory receiving and tracking Benefits: Faster and more cost effective receiving cycle Increased accuracy of processes from inventory control to accounting Easy extension to finished goods, shop floor and item-tracking processes

Kayser-Roth is a leading leg wear and intimate apparel manufacturer and marketer One of its retail partners requested item level RFID tagging Kayser-Roth deployed MC9090-G RFID handhelds to audit the product in its manufacturing facility, distribution centres and on the retail floor Benefits: Rapid Quality control Quick audit, including bulk auditing Perfect foundation for future efficiencies “We wanted a user-friendly RFID solution to meet immediate Quality Control audit capabilities and also a foundation for order fulfilment needs and increased efficiencies at Kayser- Roth in the future: Motorola and Entigral Systems delivered exactly what we needed fast and at a reasonable cost.” Project Manager, Kayser-Roth

Borealis is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of polyolefin, base chemicals and fertilizers It deployed Psion wireless handheld computers and a highly secure wireless infrastructure for inventory tracking in its 250 acre facility. It developed a system based on a SAP solution as well as RFID technology combined with bar codes Tags, RFID scanner and bar codes register where product pallets are placed in relation to the company’s logistic planning. The system sounds an alarm if a pallet is placed in a wrong position Benefits: Improved tracking ability Increased accuracy and reduction in errors Saved time, money, and other resources System is technologically complex but functionally simple “A lot of obstacles had to be overcome, but the task was solved at a technologically high, but functionally simple level. We have with this pilot project achieved the goal of improving the tracking ability for our supply chain. We now save both time and other resources on that account. It gives exciting perspectives for the future.” Peter Nykvist, Logistics Material Handling Maintenance Service Engineer, Borealis

75 SPI, FRANCE achieves 0% error rate, 100% customer satisfaction and rapid growth
SPI is a fast-growing food and consumer products packaging company with 5 production plants in France It decided to automate its warehousing and workshop systems to handle data flow for all activities from product management to raw materials, inventory, employee scheduling, quality control and financial management Workabout Pro handheld computers were chosen to fulfil the two-way communication needs between the central server and the warehouse and production line employees Benefits: Real-time data on inventory, productivity levels and early warning of any impending problems A 0% error rate as the Workabout Pro can detect an error with barcodes, duplicate SSCC numbers or addresses. Early detection allows for fast correction and prevention Optimal customer satisfaction Full traceability to assess weekly performance indicators such as service rate, error rate and productivity “Having the right information in real time allows us to streamline our operations, the movement of palettes, the inventory, and also gives us flawless traceability. This level of performance is only possible if our team is working with high-end equipment.” Philippe Illiano, President and Founder, SPI

Wolfcraft is a manufacturer of tools and electronic tool attachments Its previous paper-based picking system for its warehouse operations was hindering productivity, contributing to higher error rate and hurting supply quality and customer satisfaction Wolfcraft implemented a speech-enabled picking solution around Psion’s TekSpeech, in which mobile computers with headsets and microphones link directly to the SAP system Benefits: Accelerated commissioning process Over 14% increase in productivity 35% reduction in errors Improved supply quality Increased customer satisfaction Quick R.O.I and more extensive investment protection “Picking productivity has increased by at least 14 per cent and the error rate has fallen by 35 per cent.” Thomas Hohns, Head of Logistics, Wolfcraft.

77 AUTOMOTIVE MOTOROLA SOLUTIOS AND PSION deploying systems to ensure accuracy and timeliness to keep the motor of the automotive industry well oiled MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  © 2013 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. 

78 autohaus reisaCHER gmbh, de Driving BUSINESS PERFORMANCE – 50% TIME SAVINGS FOR INCOMING GOODS, 70% FOR INVENTORY Reisacher is a leading BMW & Mini authorized dealership in Germany It decided to automate its processes using CLP’s Logistics Solution and Motorola Solutions scanners for incoming goods, stocktaking, wheel and tyre storage and sales of parts and accessories Benefits: Time savings: 50% for inbound goods, up to 70% for inventory and tyre storage Increase in worker productivity Reduction in errors and greater data quality More efficient stock management Improvement in customer services Fast R.O.I. “ Working efficiently is an absolute priority for our business. The CLP Logistics Solution has increased the productivity of our servicing team, the quality of our customer service and consequently also our turnover. Moreover we value the high performance, the robustness and the user comfort of the Motorola Solutions products.” Peter Reisacher, Managing Partner, Autohaus Reisacher GmbH

“….with Codeway’s help, we’ve integrated smart bar coding and intelligent labelling technology that provides complete control and ensures we catch up if we’re behind. Today we meet Honda’s sequences 100 percent of the time.”Chris Foster IT Manager UYT UYT is an automotive component manufacturer It needed to ensure compliance with Honda’s just in time (JIT) sequences Codeway created a Kanban ticketing system; UYT used the rugged MC9090 as scanners to read the barcodes on Kanbans, materials, products and stillages Benefits: Complete real-visibility over production and accurate data UYT adheres to Honda’s JIT sequences – so avoiding fines UYT’s supply chain adjusts in real time to Honda’s schedule Highly efficient operations – raw materials ordered to exact production requirements, enabling UYT to hold less inventory

80 BMW, SOUTH AFRICA PSION WIRELESS SOLUTION HELPS REDUCE INVENTORY LEVELS AND KEEP MORE ACCURATE STOCK LEVELS BMW South Africa produces most of the 3 series BMWs, circa 200 units daily It needed to expand its supply chain capabilities to ensure an effective and efficient system used in the receipt, picking, goods movement and scrap processes It installed a SAP R/3™ platform,  wireless scanners and a Psion wireless network Benefits: The wireless system interfaces seamlessly with the SAP platform Reduced inventory levels Accurate and real-time view of stock records Increased efficiency of logistics processes Easy to use, reliable wireless network “Our management of the logistics processes has become significantly more efficient. This is due to the fact that the system is very easy to use. The system’s full integration with SAP provides instant inventory and financial record updates occurring simultaneously with the wireless transactions.” Salome Thiart, Project manager for the Inventory and Warehousing at BMW SA.

Volkswagen's Original Parts Center (OTC), the centre of its spare parts division, prepares and dispatches 45,000 orders daily worldwide To achieve enhanced inventory management it wanted a system that could track the real-time progress of every order through the various divisions of the OTC, and one that was compatible with, and could report back to its central SAP® R/3® MS Psion implemented a system, based upon a RF wireless network, handheld and vehicle mount terminals and TekRF middleware Benefits: Fully transparent stock management system Quicker decision making process Complete integration with SAP® R/3® WMS Reduced overall operating costs Increased accuracy Greater all-round speed and efficiency of operation "The new data transfer solution has increased our productivity tremendously. The enormously time-consuming and costly process of reporting back to the central system has been eliminated. The system is now far more accurate, efficient and, crucially, flexible." Stefan Boshold, Chief Operator at the Kassel-Baunatal, Original Parts Center, Volkswagen

Teph Seal provides automobile detailing and refurbishing services for over 400 car dealerships across the USA It has moved from manual paper based processes to using the Psion Workabout Pro rugged handheld computers for data capture, job details, cost calculations and signature capture Benefits: Reduced labour costs by 10% to 15% 100% billing accuracy Increased process speed as solution now enables Teph Seal to receive 85% of billing data on the same day of service Better cash flow as a result of being able to bill customers faster Enhanced reputation and added business as a result of improved service tracking capability “The automation capabilities of our handheld solution have allowed us to cut labour costs by 10% to 15%. With our labour costs exceeding $1 million a month, this solution will save us more than $1 million in labour alone in its first year of use. The solution also enables us to receive 85% of our billing data the same day the service is performed as opposed to waiting weeks for service paperwork under our old method.” John Tricoli, President, Teph Seal

83 THANK YOU MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  © 2013 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. 

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