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Todays Lunch is Sponsored by: Fleet Maintenance Building Administration Building (You are here)

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2 Todays Lunch is Sponsored by:

3 Fleet Maintenance Building Administration Building (You are here)

4 Evacuation Assembly Area

5 City of Issaquah 11.38 square miles 30,434 population (As of 2010 census) 1,566+ Acres of open space and recreational land Corporate World Headquarters of Costco Wholesale

6 Salmon Days Festival

7 Festival facts: Festival started in 1969 –Celebrating the return of the spawning salmon to our lakes, creeks and historic downtown fish hatchery Annual draw of between 100,000 and 200,000 people This year the festival is October 4th-5 th, 2014

8 Outdoor sports Hang gliders and Para gliders launch from the aptly named Poo-Poo Point on Tiger Mountain


10 Outdoor sports Many hiking trails located within and around Issaquah –King County trail that runs parallel to Lake Sammamish, between Issaquah and Redmond on old railroad grade Mountain bike park located between Issaquah and Fall City (Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park)

11 Issaquah Fleet Maintenance Full time staff of 4 –1 Fleet Manager –3 Mechanics 2 Heavy Equipment Mechanics 1 Equipment Mechanic

12 Kelly Kussman Fleet Manager

13 Dave Boyle Heavy Equipment Mechanic

14 Scott Stringfellow Heavy Equipment Mechanic Brett Berntsen Equipment Mechanic

15 Issaquah Fleet Fleet Maintenance Management Software –Implementation started summer of 2012 Current software projects: –PM program revision –Parts inventory revision Future software projects: –Scheduling and automatic email notifications of PM and repair work and task accomplishment.

16 Issaquah Fleet 141 Assets (Vehicles) –17 Police patrol vehicles 9 Chevrolet Tahoe SUVs 7 Ford Crown Victoria Sedans –8 Snow plows: –6 large snow plow trucks w/ sanders (> 5cu yd) –2 small snow plow trucks w/ sanders (<5cu yd) –1 Fuel truck 2000 gallons

17 Issaquah Fleet 341 Components (Trailers, generators and small equipment) –3 De-Icing (Calcium Chloride) sprayers –8 Trailer mounted generators (30Kw – 350Kw)

18 Fleet Budgets Annual O&M budget of $1.2m Equipment Replacement and Capital equipment budget in 2014 of $657,000

19 Being Smaller Working within a smaller entity presents many opportunities to work outside of the fleet environment. –Such as: Meeting Facilitator –Helping other City departments with meetings and process improvements Emergency/Incident Management –Issaquah Type 4 Incident Management Team (Logistics Section Chief) –Seattle Metro Incident Management Team Type 3 (Logistics Section Chief Trainee)

20 Being Smaller (Contd) Training and Instruction –Training program and topic development –Class instruction to co-workers Head Chef and Bottle Washer. –Annual City Employee Recognition Event. Preparing, cooking and serving lunch to about 230 employees



23 Fleet Manager Associations Join and participate in fleet peer groups Why? –Friends, Associates and Mentors –Provides additional resources –Shorten learning curves –Obtain professional certifications




27 Improvments Vehicle First Aid kits –Vehicle mounted kits contents were not consistent nor were they adequate. Reviewed list of required and recommended contents –WACs 296- 54-51530, 823-14030, 823-14050, 823-15010, 823-15015, 823- 15025, 823-18020, & 823-18035 –Issaquah Administrative Manual Policies

28 Vehicle Mounted First Aid Kit Contents CSM #Unit #DescriptionSize Pieces/ Unit. # of Units Metal Enclosure 24 Unit24 Unit11$20.00 R210007609Cert-Strips, Heavy Weight Woven1"x3"161$1.14 R211008624Cert-Gauze Bandage Compress4"12$3.80 R237010Scissors - bandage - red handle4"11$0.64 R242013Forceps - Metal slant end4"11$0.56 R211033636Triangular bandage w/pins 40"x40"x5 6" 11$1.40 R213038675Antiseptic BZ towelettes5"x7"101$0.92 R216003652Certi-Tape1/2"x90"21$1.00 R229050Eye Wash - Certi-Ose - Twist top20ml.22$2.36 R216070810XCPR protector - gloves11$5.30 R216082816Gloves - Nitrile11$1.14 FK200094906XXSpill Clean-up Quad unit box11$9.00 R506-261Eye shield -mask w/ear loops11$1.62 R211011637Certi-gauze pads2"x3"31$0.72 R234009First aid facts sheet11$0.32 GD08213OW3M 9210flat folded bagged N95 respirator11$1.13 B055MB-40055MB-400UFO goggle indirect vent11$5.33 $56.38

29 Currently developing a standardized procedure to replenish supplies within opened kits and place the kits back into service.


31 Efficiencies in operation Emergency Management Added FEMA Rental rate codes and current rates within fleet software for reimbursements Resource Typing for National Mutual Aid –Issaquahs Fleet has been cross-referenced for Type and Class Fleet shop staff being trained to function and operate within the Incident Command System (ICS)

32 Efficiencies in operation (Contd) –Interlocal Agreements (ILAs) and Cooperative purchasing contract language Have entered into and encourage others to enter into ILAs with each other to provide additional resources for purchasing RCW 39.34 Interlocal Cooperation Act –Provide language within contract boiler plates to provide for cooperative purchasing

33 Vehicle Usage Being geographically smaller, mileage is not the best measurement of equipment use. In 2009 all equipment with engines, started receiving hourmeters so we can track use by via a second meter. Now we have some additional data to review and help determine actual use and replacement schedules.

34 101, PATROL Equipment ID Model Year Manufacturer IDModel ID Equipment Description Life Total Meter1 (Miles) Life Total Meter2 (Hours) Calculated mileage (@ 25 Miles / Hour) 1652008FORDCROWN VICTORIA SEDAN 4 DR PATROL SPARE 73,7503,56589,125 Miles /Hour average Crown Victoria 1792009FORDCROWN VICTORIA SEDAN 4 DR PATROL 54,9373,52488,10011 1812010FORDCROWN VICTORIA SEDAN 4 DR PATROL 56,4735,870146,750 1822010FORDCROWN VICTORIA SEDAN 4 DR PATROL 45,8585,545138,625 1832010CHEVROLETTAHOESUV 4X4 PATROL 42,9102,87471,850 Miles /Hour average Tahoe 1852011CHEVROLETTAHOESUV 2WD PATROL 34,8653,79494,85010 1862011CHEVROLETTAHOESUV 2WD PATROL 37,9663,77194,275 1872011CHEVROLETTAHOESUV 2WD PATROL 36,2483,77794,425

35 Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Last year a backup power generator at City Hall failed due to contaminated fuel. –FuelCare ® was contracted to clean several generator fuel storage tanks. –Root cause: Improper roof mounted tank vent that allowed water to enter and accumulate within the tank providing the environment for bacterial growth.

36 Fleet Maintenance Building 9541 square foot building designed by Mechanics for Mechanics. –Divided into two main sections (3 work bays each) light and heavy duty. – 5 ton Bridge crane. –Fabrication /Welding area. –Vehicle inspection pit w/trolley lift.




40 Whats on the horizon Looking at all aspects of our daily work to remove inefficiencies and wastes Exploring the costs, benefits, and challenges in creating a combined City and Fire fleet repair facility.

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