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SEMICON/Japan Industry Briefing December 5, 2012.

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1 SEMICON/Japan Industry Briefing December 5, 2012

2 Executive Summary The Program has achieved critical momentum Tools selected for program demonstrations – Broad coverage of tool set and Supplier base – Tool optimization added to program scope Coordinating across Industry on precompetitive opportunities

3 Global 450mm Consortium A public/private program based at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering in Albany, NY Driving effective industry 450mm development – Coordinate test wafer capability supporting development – Demonstrate unit process tool performance – Improve tools with Suppliers to ready for customer operations G450C Members – CNSE / Research Foundation – GLOBALFOUNDRIES – Intel – IBM – Samsung – TSMC

4 GM/VP and Coordinator Paul Farrar, CNSE G450C Program Organization Director, Integration (Samsung) Director, Program Coordination (Intel) CVD/PVD/Implant Engineering Director (IBM) Co-directors, Fab Operations (CNSE/TSMC) VP/ GM, Internal / Operations John Lin, TSMC VP/GM, Industry / Strategy Frank Robertson, Intel Lithography Engineering Director (GLOBALFOUNDRIES) CMP/Thermal/Cleans Engineering Director (TSMC) Etch Engineering Director (Samsung) Industry consortium coordinated by not-for-profit entity Leveraging New York State funding, matched by all industry participants Broadly-shared management of Program execution >60 staff on board now; >150 by 2014, with ~60 Supplier engineers on site 4

5 Development and Technology Intercept Targets ------ 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Early Development of Silicon and factory integration / automation standards, interoperability test beds for component and standards verification; early tool development G450C Program ISMI 32/22nm Equipment Performance Metrics 10nm and beyond Tools for Consortium Demonstrations (unit process) Ready for IC Makers Early 450mm Development Test Wafers to support development and demo 14nm G450C Demonstrations 5 450mm and 300mm tools progress synchronously through technology generations Full set of process and metrology, automation Nominal nm = ITRS M1 Half Pitch

6 Supplier Tool Development Tool Demo / Improvement G450C TW Cleans, Blanket Films, Etch, etc. Bare Wafers Imprint /Spacer doubling, 300mm Coupons193i on 450mm Metrology Increasing scope and complexity of process / metro capability Manufacturing Execution Systems, Engineering Data Collection and analysis tools, Virtual Fab logistics for globally-distributed tool set Alpha Beta Pre-production Wafer pool coordination for multiple use, re-use, reclaim 2011201220132014 Test Wafer Support for Tool Development 6

7 Baseline Report EMA Gauge StudyPDC MDC DOEMarathon Development Supplier Testing Demo Tool Test Plan Tool Improvements as Indicated by Pareto Tool Ready for Customers G450C Demo Increasing tool maturity and data-based confidence Demo Report EMA Report Tech Transfer Standardized methods and consistency across all tools 20122013201420152016 Demonstrations Drive Tool Improvement 7


9 450mm Equipment Development

10 Tool Selection Overview Immediate objective: –Select at least one Supplier for Priority 1 and 2 tools for negotiation of Demo / full flow @ CNSE Criteria: –Technical and commercial scores from RFQ –Balance across competitive Supplier base –Benefit to all Members and NY State Process: –Research Foundation RFQ –Member selection teams used pre-agreed criteria –Management Council approved recommendation Closing deals with selected Suppliers 10

11 450mm Cleanroom in CNSE (NFX) Cleanroom ready by January 2013; First tools installed March 2013 450mm OHV is ready, could carry 300mm FOUP in 450mm inter-bay 4 stockers with 1000 bins ready in Feb 2013 G450C 11

12 G450C Test Wafers/ Operations

13 Wafer Availability Initial order for 6000 sc-Si (SEMI M76) –Growing capability to meet 2013 need Initial order for 2000 cast wafers (SEMI M74) –Provision for wafer handling needs Bring up additional supply in 2013 –> 15,000 wafers and progress to prime quality (SEMI M1) needed next year –Exploring engagement with multiple Suppliers Establish roadmaps for cost / quality learning 13

14 Wafer Industry Support Model Suppliers providing tools for the program get access to test wafers at significant discount to individual purchase Program expansion: –Suppliers without tools in the program can also get discounted cost if they return wafers and provide data –Suppliers may take advantage of program volume aggregation to procure wafers at consortium cost Wafer pool managed for budget, allocation to needs Pass on our costs beyond program capabilities for TWs Adjust for wafer costs, reuse/regen, scrap rates, etc. 14

15 Wafer Cost Sharing To support 450mm development and maintain Consortium budget, wafer cost will be shared with industry G450C will be loaning wafers for a given duration, at a shared cost (wafers available for purchase at 100% of G450C cost) G450C cost share represents a considerable discount from independent small volume purchases Factors for cost share will include usage/needs, reuse/regen, wafer loan duration, scrap, etc. Test wafer process/metrology capability Menu Card being developed for industry needs For wafer request/loan discussion, more information available at: 15

16 Wafer Quality Continues to Improve Most recent ~ 66 @ 38nm sensitivity August 2012: ~5 defects/wafer 2011: ~ 175 defects/wafer 2012: ~50 defects/wafer 2010: > 3000 defects/wafer Defects per wafer reduced significantly (@ 90nm sensitivity) Defects / Wafer Year-to-year comparison using >90nm defect size recipe Migrating to 40nm and below 16

17 17 ProcessFilmTool/service 2012 4Q2013 1Q2013 2Q2013 3Q2013 4Q 101112123456789101112 FEOL Oxide Cleaning tool Supplier Poly SiN PR Wafer Quality Roadmap & Reclaim Capability Supplier side G450C On-site Wafer quality roadmap M74 Spec M76 Spec 20122013201420152016 1H2H1H2H1H2H1H2H1H2H M62 Spec M1 Spec Q2, 2014 Q1, 2015 Wafers meet SEMI spec SFQR meet (~90% area) Particle (~70% pass rate) Q2, 2013 FEOL wafer reclaim capability Mechanical Wafer Test / Mon Wafer Prime Wafer Epi Wafer

18 Test Wafer Routes (Menu Card) Route nameRoute Description 5Oxide film - thermal 110A AOxide film - thermal 1000A BOxide film - thermal 5000A 4Oxide film - PECVD 1000A DImplanted wafers EPR wafers FPR wafers + implant GPR wafers Ipatterned wafers JNitride film - LPCVD 1000A KNitride film - LPCVD 2000A LPoly film (1000A) MPoly film (3000A) ONitride film - PECVD 200A QTiN film (1000A) VBare wafers WBare wafers Mechanical Route nameRoute Description 4aOxide film - PECVD 1000A CLow-K film NNi film PTiN film (600A) RW film STaN film TCu films UAl film VbeBare wafers Front EndMetals

19 Metrology Readiness Metrology capability expanding to support virtual test wafer operations Tool TypeForecasted Ops Ready In Japan Forecasted Ops Ready in New York Supplier Hosted Metro Site Advanced Bare Wafer Inspect Operational Ellipsometer/ Scatterometry Operational1st Tool Operational 2 nd Tool Ready December 2012 4 pt ProbeOperational AFMJanuary 2013Operational TXRFJanuary 2013Operational Opaque Film Thickness Operational Macro InspectionOperational Defect Review SEMMarch 2013May 2013April 2013 19

20 G450C Operations - CNSE Cleanroom 20 11 tools installed in NY cleanroom, 3 in progress Existing space allows for 3-4 additional metrology tools incoming 2H12 / 1H13 20

21 On Site Equipment Progress - Films PECVD Uniformity example Thickness uniformity SiN: 5.06 % 1.46 % Ox: 14.5 % 1.62 % Throughput Compatible to 300 mm Q2, 2012 Q3, 2012 SiN Ox 5.06 % 1.46 % 14.5 % 1.62 % 21

22 Wet Clean and Wafer Recycling Bar brush Recent optimization Front side Back side Recycled oxide wafer: Wet Cleaning: Optimizing early tool 22

23 On Site Equipment Progress: Defects Passed qualification (in July) –Current particle sensitivity 38nm –Continue improving to 30nm Particle Inspection A: on site Particle Inspection B: off site To be moved in soon – Bare Si wafer particle sensitivity demo < 30nm –Target sensitivity at ~ 25nm 23

24 Summary and Opportunities – Test Wafer Operations Summary Silicon supply capability improving across the industry G450C operations have resulted in cleaner wafers Proven logistics in place, continuous improvement underway Processed wafer loans increasing Multiple Wafer Carrier suppliers in place and progressing well G450C expanding equipment base in existing clean room Your Opportunities Leverage G450C Wafer Bank to accelerate your equipment development Engage G450C for wafer loan requests via website 24


26 Lithography Update

27 G450C Lithography Tool Roadmap 20122013201420152016 2H1H2H1H2H1H2H1H2H Coupon + Imprint 193i patterning access at Supplier site Positive 450mm Imprint + Spacer 300mm Imprint 193i Coupon, EUV Coupon Potential G450C tool @ CNSE

28 Imprint solution before optical lithography available –Imprint + Spacer extends resolution to 14-15 nm (2013 - 2014) Pull in early 193i tool to 2H14 Expect 193i Litho full demo capability 2015 - 2016 Lithography Strategy Working on an Industry solution to accelerate 450mm scanner development 28

29 Imprint as Interim Patterning Measure 450 mm tool is completed, operational by end of 2012 Explore spacer process to extend ~20nm to 10 nm Litho, Etch, Films engineering team developing templates and processes to prepare patterned test wafers Work with Suppliers to build up complete process Coupons – 193i / EUVImprint 30nm 1:240nm 1:2 29

30 300mm Nano Imprint Performance Good CDU, LER;Profile OK, Rdl ~15nm SiN & APF (amorphous carbon) etching Good CDU, Line edge Successfully etched SiN & APF Poly Spacer etch on-going Coating at Supplier site Solving particle issues Working on re-work issue

31 450mm Nano Imprint Status 450mm tool is ready in Nov, (Austin) –tuning process Template design: 22nm ok, verify 14nm capability Poly spacer for pitch doubling – on going Negotiate 1 st phase patterning wafer capacity in Austin


33 450mm Demonstration Test Methods (DTM)

34 Equipment Performance Metrics (EPM) 1X nm Range technology targeted for 2013-14 G450C demonstrations – ITRS 14 nm Nominal –Snapshot in continuum of technology progression –Performance of 450 mm and 300 mm tools advances in lock-step Update Process (by end of 2012): –Suppliers propose competitive performance at 14 nm without revealing sources of guidance or disclosing customer IP –Consortium staff take best Supplier proposals for each tool type to propose EPMs –Consult with Suppliers for aligned output –Validate EPMs meet Member Companies needs Implementation –Ensure Demo test plans allow for full range of tool performance –Report the data for each tool with comparison to Demo EPM 34

35 Updated Equipment Performance Metrics 14nm targets for demo Agreed with all Suppliers Publish update by EOY Millisecond Anneal Example

36 Demonstration Test Methods (DTM) Overview 36

37 37 Equipment Maturity Assessment (EMA) includes a couple of dozen parameters with clear categorization of the tool characteristics based on defined criteria, as well as compliance with applicable standards; output is a report recommending pre-test actions and testing levels Test planning is based on the tool maturity, goals for reliability, throughput of the tool and confidence objectives, combining any Supplier pre-data with demo testing via Bayesian statistics Gauge Studies run for all metrology needed for the demo to ensure adequate Precision/Tolerance ratios Mechanical Dry Cycle (MDC) - nominally 5000 cycles of the wafer movement functions without process for reliability and mechanical handling defect data Passive Data Collection (PDC) - a test of process stability on a baseline recipe for each application. Initial data is analyzed and a Baseline Characterization Report issued; decisions are made about subsequent testing or reversion to tool development to address any hurdles Sensitivity Analysis - DOE optimization of the recipe(s) and RSM characterization of the process window(s) Marathon - 24/7 manufacturing simulation to capture tool productivity and reliability performance using E10 states over a significant period, running process with sample testing to capture rates/variability, defectivity and tool-specific performances like step coverage, gap fill, LER, etc.. A final report is drafted, the Supplier has opportunity for comment, recommendations for tool improvement are made and demo is completed with web publication DTM Components Demonstration Test Methods (DTM) Duration 2-6 months

38 Demonstration Test Methods (DTM) Standardized Reports Executive Summary Demo Test Background History and previous testing EMA Report Test Plan Test Results Process Capability Performance Gauge study PDC Sensitivity Analysis (SA) Marathon Test Equipment Performance MDC Marathon Test Others CoO, Standards compliance, software & user interface, factory integration Conclusions Supplier Input 38

39 Compliance with SEMI Standards Required ( SEMI E5: SECS II SEMI E30, E30.1, E30.5: GEM ("Fully GEM Compliant" as well as GEM Compliant per section 8) SEMI E37: HSMS SEMI E37.1: HSMS-SS SEMI E39, E39.1: Object Services Standard: Concepts, Behavior and Services SEMI E40, E40.1: Standard for Processing Management (PJM) SEMI E87, E87.1: Specification for Carrier Management (CMS) SEMI E84, E84.1: Specification for Enhanced Carrier Handoff Parallel I/O Interface SEMI E90, E90.1: Specification for Substrate Tracking (STS) SEMI E94, E94.1: Specification for Control Job Management (CJM) Stream 7 Process Program Management for recipes (E5, E30) Definition and measurement of equipment reliability, availability, and maintainability during program testing will conform to SEMI E10-0304 39

40 Self-audit completed and findings released (all medium to high risk non- conformances are to be addressed): S2-0200: Safety Guidelines for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment including Operational Hazard Analysis covering tool installation, operation and maintenance (per S2-0200) completed for tool install operation / maintenance S8-0308: Safety guidelines for ergonomics engineering of semiconductor manufacturing equipment Environmental Characterization Data Summary Work Sheet 6 per International Semiconductor Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI) guideline #06124825A-ENG completed and provided electronically prior to shipment 100% Compliance to Safety/Ergo Requirements It is an absolute requirement that all equipment must be safe to operate and maintain at any stage of maturity Equipment spare parts and modules must either be small and light enough to handle safely during maintenance, and clearances adequate, or ergonomic handling aids must be provided 40

41 Further Standards-related Requirements Footprint, height and weight dimensions of the Equipment as well as the move-in packages must conform to SEMI E72 specifications The Equipment loadport must have a RF ID reader compatible with RFID tags (model numbers TIRIS multipage MicroTag RI-TRP-DR2B) on the FOUP per SEMI E99 The system must have adequate PGV docking interface exclusion zone per SEMI E64-0600 modified as needed for the SEMI E154 450mm load port The Equipment configuration must have a minimum of one load port that confirms to latest revision of SEMI E154 The Equipment load port must be capable of receiving 450mm FOUPs confirming to SEMI E158. The Equipment load port must be capable of receiving lots delivered by 450mm Personnel Guided Vehicles (PGVs) G450C will require SEMI M74 Mechanical Wafer, M76 Developmental Test Wafer and M1 Prime Wafer Standards and use SEMI-compliant carriers for all program test wafer pool /demo purposes 41

42 Facilities-Related Standards The Equipment must comply with the current versions of the (U.S.) National Electric Code - NFPA 70 and Uniform Fire Code - NFPA 79 The Equipment must be designed to SEMI F47 Specification for Semiconductor Processing Equipment Voltage Sag Immunity All Equipment and materials which will come into direct contact with the wafer or FOUP should be grounded per SEMI Spec E78-0706. All Equipment enclosures must have an IEC ingress protection rating of IP31 or better SEMI E6-1296 facilities interface datasheets completed and provided electronically prior to shipment It is recommended that the 450mm Equipment is designed to EU regulatory requirements including, but not limited to, Machinery Directive 98/37/EC, Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336/EEC, and Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC as applicable 42


44 Industry Collaboration and Engagement

45 Core G450C Program Process & Metrology Wafer Pool Regional 450mm Regional Tool Suppliers not in G450C core program Tool Suppliers w/G450C Demos Wafer Suppliers Guidelines & Requirements Global Supply Chain Ecosystem Example: G450C Linkages Opportunities Adjunct Tool Demos and CIP projects EEMI 450 + R&D entities: FhG IMEC … KSIA I450Metro Component Suppliers Infrastructure Providers …

46 Standardization Opportunities Guidelines Global Standards Compliance testing Back End (Die Prep) WG Standardization WG Facilities Council TBD: Harmonize microcontamination specs G450C Groups G450C Program Activities Regional Cooperation Equipment optimization Facilities optimization EHS optimization 46 TBD: Metrology collaboration Discussion this week with ESG-J

47 Precompetitive Cooperation Identified top facilities project objective with M+W Identified top standardization focus areas with SEMI Defined pilot project: tool installation at CNSE with adaptor plate and consolidated points of connection F450C membership defined and first meeting with G450C rolled out project priorities toward proposals Workshop planned with SEMI, F450C and G450C for early 1Q13 to explore further work 14nm EPM update with standards guidance based on Supplier tool agreements to be published by end of year 47

48 Top Areas for Precompetitive Cooperation with SEMI and F450C (first targets) Top Standardization interest areas – Aisle space / width, ceiling height – General sizing/loading/dimensions – EMO interface, control architecture – Crane, gantry – Templates Top facilities project interest areas – Gas interface boxes, VMBs, cooling water manifolds, etc. – Minimize facilities POCs – Standard hookups for power, PCW, CDA, PV, GN2, exhaust, datacom – Improved AMC detection/response – Pumps and pump frames, etc. – He recycling (Backside cooling ), H2 recycling (EUV) 48

49 49 TEL Facilities Cost Reductions in Albany

50 Page 50 G450C

51 Summary G450C has launched with full industry momentum Significant progress towards the 450 mm transition is continuing in all areas of the supply chain Collaboration and synchronization remain critical for a cost effective and timely 450 mm transition 51

52 Questions and Discussion

53 450 mm Reference Materials Location and Contact Information Guidelines and other public documents, including Wafer Loan Program Details, Demonstration Test Methods and Equipment Performance Metrics can be found at: For further information or to engage in opportunities with the Global 450 mm Consortium program: Dave Skilbred G450C Program Coordination Director 518.441.7656 53

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