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GET. Into The Future Team Meetings Sales & Business Development

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1 GET. Into The Future Team Meetings Sales & Business Development
Global Enterprise Technologies Corp. Team Meetings Sales & Business Development R&D - Solution Marketing May 18th to 22nd Waltham MA, USA GET. Into The Future

2 GET Products and Solutions
Better understanding and sales speech fine tuning Passport Toppan E2000 Main Differentiators Designed from its initial concept to be a dedicated passport printer One-step integrated retransfer printing/laminating mechanism Uniqueness of pigment ink Constrains !! Data page paper material (cotton/pulp 100% or 50/50) Data Page gramage (120gm - 140gm) Laminate exclusivity Limitations of multiple page printing and turning Price against inkjet (X6 low-end, ≥ than high-end)

3 GET Products and Solutions
E2000 SDK (ePassport Support) Support integration with ePIS SW applications PKI, KMS, and CA interface Compatible with any type of inlays and/or chip OS Consumables Crystagram and Pigment ink rolls (500 passport each) Crystagram price is to the high-end of overlays films Pigment ink is an extra cost for personalization comparing to inkjet (justified by higher stability and security) Both are less expensive than PC data page of laser engraving Crystagram production lead-time 4-6 months Spare parts availability guaranteed for the project lifetime Ps. read comparison technical sheets Toppan vs. other technologies

4 GET Products and Solutions
ePIS (now in Mauritius, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Oman) Platform: MS Dot-net, MS OS, Intel boxes Modules Front-end: Data entry, Audit, Personalization (Spooler), QA, and Delivery Modules Back-end: Stop-list, Stock control, Configuration, User Management, reporting Integrations with biometric enrollment (Aware), biometric matching (Daon and L1), with PKI/KMS (Entrust) Customization performed by SW team upon requirements Modular, advanced, and ICAO compliant eVIS (Qatar printing module only Modules: issuing site, communication, and back-office

5 GET Products and Solutions
eBCS (some modules delivered with Viisage readers in Oman) Sophisticated back-end and front-end application Fully ICAO compliant supporting ePassport BAC/EAC Working on integration with biometric components

6 GET Products and Solutions
ID Card Toppan CP400 Main Differentiators Desktop 600 dpi card printer allowing variable micro-text printing and high resolution images Uniqueness of pigment ink yields the highest durability of printed data Delivered to government security applications only Support multiple card material PVC, PET, and PC Constrains !! Limitation of speed and throughput Limitation of cards material composition on the CL40 No edge to edge lamination (developing a solution) Different competition scheme of ID card market

7 GET Products and Solutions
CP400 SDK (Smart Card Support) Windows driver supports spooler for printing farm option Support multiple smart cards IC contact chip OS Support Mifare contactless OS Encoding printing and encoding demo application Consumables Pigment ink ribbons available in 5, 7, and 9 panels (UV upon request, minimum order 1000 rolls) Re-transfer clear film (500 prints). Holographic is under development Third party patch laminate from CLR applied by CL40 Consumables price is slightly higher than dye-sub, yet justified enough by security features and pigment ink durability

8 GET Products and Solutions
eNID (now in Niger and Central Africa “no smart card”) Platform: MS Dot-net, MS OS, Intel boxes Modules Front-end: Data entry, Audit, Personalization (Spooler), QA, and Delivery Modules Back-end: Stop-list, Stock control, Configuration, User Management, reporting Integrations with biometric enrollment (Aware), biometric matching (Daon), yet CMS to be integrated No smart reference eDLVR (now in Sudan, UAE, and Oman) Sophisticated back-end and front-end application Wide array of modules cover different transport, road safety, and traffic management Smart cards references are needed

9 GET Products and Solutions
eSID (now in Morocco and Egypt) Embraces biometric functions, digital signatures, and access control. Support handheld terminals for mobile patrols and checking points Multiple contact and contactless applications for fix and mobile terminals

10 GET Products and Solutions
Market Position SWOT Analysis Strength (Internal) Specialized personalization Solution Provider Exclusive supplier of Toppan printers Worldwide representation and presence Experienced and competent professional team A total vision of the market elements and economical, cultural, and political components of the market

11 GET Products and Solutions
Opportunity ( External) Capitalize on strong partnerships and references Enhancement and improvement of Toppan security offerings Increased need for ePassport and secure ID solutions The April 2010 set by ICAO Weakness Did not have a unified corporate image Lack of professional marketing materials including website development (English and French) Over dependence on one supplier (Toppan) Relatively higher cost of our solution

12 GET Products and Solutions
Threats Political influence on customer decision making Counterfeits trying to discredit our solution Laser engraving and other competing technologies Switch to centralized issuing with less human resource requirements Efforts to minimize the participants in the distribution channels Delay in government decisions

13 GET Products and Solutions
Competition Analysis Market Today The ePassport and biometric elements have changed the face of industry No more one man-show approach, the consortium you form is before the solution you offer New players have entered the market from IT (system integrators), biometric (AFIS vendors), and smart card (inlay manufacturers) arenas The physical security features are given less importance (wrong concept from customer side) 21 non-MRP countries world wide (7 in Lat Am, 4 in Asia, and 10 in Africa) Around 55 countries only issue ePassport

14 GET Products and Solutions
Competition Scheme Direct competitors manufacturing their own printers either inkjet (i.e. Safe ID, Diletta, DIS, Mauhlbauer), or laser engraving (Data Card, Mauhlbaeur, IAI). In ID business, the direct competitors are DIS, Fargo, and Data Card Indirect competitors: Security printing press doing a total solution approach (De la Rue, Oberthur, Bundesdruckerei, CBN, G&D, etc). Yet, still there is room for cooperation Conglomerates specialized in security systems with “one-stop-shop” approach (i.e. SAGEM and Gemalto). Room for cooperation is narrower

15 GET Products and Solutions
Partnership Scheme Dynamic and flexible; change due market and opportunity aspects Regional rather than global Oriented by objective: Prime contractors which GET approach for subcontracting personalization solution (i.e. system integrator – TCS, Unisys, and IBM; total solution provider – Gemalto, SAGEM; Security Printer – G&D, BDR) Subcontractors which GET hire for completing a solution (i.e. biometric – L1, Aware, Daon; booklet – ABN and OeSD; cards – ABN and CardLogix; readers – 3M and Data Strip) Ps. Relations with partners are complicated should be managed from technical and business perspective at the same time

16 Inter-department Organization
Roles and duties (who and where) Sales and Business Development Identify opportunities and determine strategy (Vince: Lat Am, Sherry: Asia Pacific, Khaled: MEA, Rida: Global) Qualify in-country partner Market research and intelligence (Vince: Lat Am, Sherry: Asia Pacific, Khaled: MEA and Cord.) Competition analysis from business perspective (Khaled to share records and update status in coordination with the team)

17 Inter-department Organization
Presales Sales support and back up for tenders, proposals, and presentations Determine solution component Communication with 3rd party vendors (Int. Presales Manager, Magdi at Cairo office) Marketing Marketing message and materials Corporate communication Shows (selection, vetting, budgeting, marketing message and requirements) eMarketing plans and campaigns (Marketing Specialist, Hoda at Cairo office)

18 Inter-department Organization
New Technology and Marketing Solutions Introduce new technology write-ups and technical materials Vetting solutions components and architecture Technical comparisons verses other technologies Support techno-commercial aspects for marketing, sales, and business development activities (samples, demos, testing, etc) (Isam, Michael, and their team)

19 Inter-department Organization
Legalities Sales agreements: NDA, Teaming, Contracts: When to sign an agreement, which kind of agreement, and what form of agreement? Signing authorities POA Technology partnership agreements (3M example) Legal docs and statements needed for tenders: lead time and processes Proposal commercial terms and conditions (Yvonne, Nikki, and the team)

20 Inter-department Organization
Operations and Projects Management Logistics Pricing reviews and invoicing Projects management Procurement of sales support and marketing materials (Alex and the team) Technology Software support and development Hardware support and development Post sales technical support and maintenance (Bahjat and the team)

21 Inter-department Organization
Internal Communication (how) Point of contacts Inquiry processing Define Processes (what and when)


23 Market Status (MEA) Market penetration and strategies
Actively approaching the African market since 2000 4 passport references and 6 IDs Focusing on non-MRP countries Introducing GET as solutions oriented vendor. Develop alliances with technology partners and total solution supplier Expand network and extend regionally with current in-country partners Prospects and opportunities Prospects: Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Iraq, KSA, and UAE Opportunities: Ghana, Mozambique, Yemen

24 Market Status (MEA) Partnership and alliances
ABN for passport booklets and cards Omnix for system integration L1 and Daon for biometric solutions Channels open with NXP, TCS, HP, Gemalto, SAGEM, and others In-country partners and networks A local contact in 80% of the target territories Active local partners for Eastern Africa, North Africa, and western Africa

25 Ongoing Sales Related Projects
Reform presales activities (completed by end of 2009) Data Management Partners/Competitors database and analysis online Proposal unified model and quality enhancement Share Point Launch Sales tools kit (ready by end June 2009) Professional samples of cards and passports, Specimens of consumables and security papers Complete kit of UV light, magnifier, etc.

26 Ongoing Sales Related Projects
Marketing materials (completed Sep 2009) Completion of designs then delivery of flyers and brochures Readiness of all exhibitions materials GET-eP600 launch (completed Aug 2009) Preparation of technical write-ups Preparation of all marketing and exhibition materials Website Should be launched in June 2009 eMarketing plan To be launched as soon as the new site is up and running

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