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SAP Logistics Modules 1.

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1 SAP Logistics Modules 1

2 Agenda 2

3 SAP ERP Material Management (MM) Sales and Distribution (SD)
SAP is an Integrated Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) solution. All the operations (processes) is integrated in a common platform Design Engineering Finance & Controlling Order Tracking Security Revenue Cycle Production Inventory Material Management (MM) Sales and Distribution (SD) Warehouse Management (WM) Task and Resource Management Value Added Services RF Integration

4 Login- Windows Client

5 Interface- Menu Structure
Elaborate menu for all enterprise transactions Quick access codes! A parallel method

6 Material Master Module
Material Types (Attributes) Searching For Material Create a new material type! MTyp Material type description Type ABF Waste HALB ADE0 WHSE Trading goods HAWA HAWA AEM Samples COMP Prod. alloc., purchased ROH CONT KANBAN Container COUP Coupons DIEN Service ERSA Spare parts HIBE FERT Finished product FGTR Drinks FHMI Prod. resources/tools FRIP Perishables YCON Configurable matl MPW KMAT Z001 TAMM Semi finished Mat. ZSER SP: Services

7 Material Master Module …
Material Information Existence within Organizational Level Creating a Material Copying a Material

8 Vendor Master Data Attributes Transaction Code- XK03 Account Group
Reconciliation Account Payment Term Dunning Procedure Number Ranges Transaction Code- XK03 Org Structure HSR-001

9 Customer Master Customer Account Group Company Code Level Data
Sales Area Data Partner Functions

10 Purchasing Cycle

11 Purchase Order SAP Menu → Logistics → Materials Management → Purchasing → Purchase Order → Create → Vendor Known (ME21N) Display PO Pricing Conditions Text Partner Functions Organizational Data Item level data Item Detail

12 Receive Goods Stocks – LS26 Header Item Item Detail
Monitoring of PO after Goods Receipt- ME23N

13 Store to Warehouse Find Material Document on PO- ME23N
Check Stock - LS26 Create TO for Material Document–LS06 Display TO- LT21 Confirm TO- LT12

14 Customer Order Header Item Level

15 Delivery & Shipment Delivery Document Status

16 Picking in the warehouse
Automatic / System Guided Transfer Order Creation RF Menu

17 Goods Issue Document Flow Post Goods Issue (PGI) of delivery

18 Goods Issue Document Flow on Sales Order Status of Sales Order

19 Configuration & Follow-ups
How the system know What to configure Business Requirement Gathering Subsequent Processes Mapping Fit-Gap Analysis Enhancements Testing Uploading Data Go Live, Post Production Support

20 Warehouse System Configuration

21 Configuration Picking and Putaway Strategy

22 What we learnt SAP Track Integration Scratched the surface
Opportunities Challenges Rules for Success Dedication Learning Compete Focus

23 SAP No part of this presentation was meant to confuse you.
Hope it increased your enthusiasm.. Modules considered Material Management (MM) Sales and Distribution (SD) Warehouse Management (WM)

24 Questions Session

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