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Slide 2 Invensys Enterprise Control Offerings Manufacturing / Production Operations Corporate Integration and Collaboration Platform Automation Invensys.

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2 Slide 2 Invensys Enterprise Control Offerings Manufacturing / Production Operations Corporate Integration and Collaboration Platform Automation Invensys and Third Party Software Applications Invensys and Third Party Enterprise Control System IT Platform Corporate Systems

3 Slide 3 Integration & Collaboration Platform Enterprise Integration Workflow Open Device Integration Web Portal Application Toolkit Historian Third-Party Offerings Software Applications Execution Manufacturing Execution Systems Batch Enterprise Asset Management Mobile Workforce Management Performance Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Performance Measurement and Reporting VisualizationQuality Asset Performance Optimization Operator Training Design Advanced Process Control Simulation / Optimization Control DCSPACSCADAHMI Safety Safety Instrumented Systems General Purpose Safety Turbomachinery Control Measurement & Instrumentation Controllers Recorders Automation Software Applications Where The Offerings We Will Discuss Fit Within The InFusion Enterprise Control System

4 Slide 4 Pillars of Operational Excellence and Focus of This Discussion Level 3 (Multi-plant/Multi-site) Level 2 (Plant Floor/Area) Level 1 (Resource/Asset) OperationalExcellence Environment And Safety Control People Asset

5 © 2010 Invensys. All Rights Reserved. The names, logos, and taglines identifying the products and services of Invensys are proprietary marks of Invensys or its subsidiaries. All third party trademarks and service marks are the proprietary marks of their respective owners. © Invensys 00/00/00Invensys proprietary & confidentialSlide 5 I/A Series Roadmap Session Name: I/A Series Roadmap Session ID #: PBFX111 Betty Naylor-McDevitt 11/08/2011

6 Slide 6 DCS Roadmap Highlights – 2010 - 2013 Jan 2011Nov 2011 … August 2011 I/A Series on Win7/Server 2008 100 Series I/O Migration I/A Series V8.6 Input Channel Isolated HART Provox S20 HART I/A Series V8.7 CP280 HP Platform DeviceNet Universal I/O Sept 2012 I/A Series V8.8 Sept 2014 FF CIF Enhancements Cyber Security Domain Mgmt NetSight Console IEE Classic Station Support FDM for HART

7 Slide 7 HP Workstations & Servers Application As of Aug 2011 we are switching from Dell to HP. There will be a 6 month overlap. MEP for Dell will continue long term. Features Dell T3500 -- HP Z400-WS Dell R710 -- HP DL 380 rack mounted server Dell T610 -- HP ML350 tower server Benefits Longer life platforms for clients Workstations & servers – 3 years fewer platform qualifications August 2011

8 Slide 8 HP Long Term Commitment Invensys has had detailed discussions with HP management and the ongoing HP account team, and both parties are mutually committed to continually providing both long term availability and support for integrated automation solutions. HP is the worlds largest PC supplier, and the Personal Systems Group is a profitable, $40B+ annual sales business that will continue to provide quality computing hardware for many years to come, irrespective of its future operation as either a separate HP company or as part of another company.

9 Slide 9 FoxCom Instruments ProductMature DateReplacement HART Product RTT20-D TemperatureApril 1, 2011RTT15, RTT30 870ITPH pH and ORPJune 1, 2011876PH 870ITEC ConductivityAug 1, 2011876EC IMT96-D Mag FlowAug 1, 2011IMT96-T IMT25-D Mag FlowAug 1, 2011IMT25-T SRD991 Positioner, FoxComJune 1, 2011SRD991 HART SRD960 Positioner, FoxComJune 1, 2011SRD960 HART 141GP, 142AP, 143DP Pressure Oct 1, 2009I/A Series Pressure Transmitter 144LD, 144LVD LevelOct 1, 2009244LD Levelstar 870ITCRTBDHART 876CR FoxCom instruments removed from sale – EOL components 10 year support guaranteed – MEP replacement All new orders must be HART

10 Slide 10 NetSight Console August 2011 Application Efficient way to monitor and manage health of the Mesh network Features Graphical representation of switches, ports & status Statistics reports – errors, collisions, port malfunctions, etc Alarm & Events - reporting & alerts Advanced IT Admin tools Benefits No undetected failures No unscheduled downtime Decreased service & support costs

11 Slide 11 I/A Series Intelligent Marshalling Application 8 channel, per channel configurable Features: Analog : 4-20ma I/O, 0-10VDC input, Pulse, Frequency Discrete: 0-24 VDC input & output, NAMUR Digital Fieldbus: HART Benefits: Reduce Cost – fewer cabinets, no marshalling racks Reduce Field Labor – no marshalling Reduce Documentation – fewer & simpler Reduce Spare Parts – fewer spares to stock November 2011

12 Slide 12 New DeviceNet Solution Application motor control, variable speed drives & remote discrete I/O Features FBM229 – native DeviceNet communications RSNetworx – configuration & adv diagnostics Benefits Proven fieldbus technology – power on the same wire Proven environment for operations and configuration Integration to a breadth of devices from multiple vendors Reduce equipment cost – no gateways and protocol converters 1/3 rd less configuration work November 2011

13 Slide 13 I/A Series on Windows 7 & Server 2008 Application all clients Features Port I/A Series workstation software to Windows 7 and Server 2008 New COTS annunciator keyboard (USB) Network printer Eliminate need for floppies Benefits Higher performance equipment and software implementation Fully supported by Microsoft September 2012 Note: This requires a Day 0 install

14 Slide 14 Field Device Manager for HART Eng & Maint environment based upon FDT & EDDL standards to simplify: –Configuration, Commissioning, Maintenance including advanced diagnostics DCS Vendor supplies the engineering environment Device supplier provides advanced diagnostics applications –DTMs written to run on any DCS system All fieldbuses –FF, Profibus, HART (eliminate PactWare) Client choice – any device from any vendor September 2012

15 Slide 15 FF Enhancements – Phase 4 Application all FF installations Features Superior device cloning process for handling device model or vendor changes Unique device preparation wizard can prepare all devices in an entire plant unit – unattended Host registration compliance level B features Benefits 10X time savings on instrument rev changes 20X labor savings to prepare devices Level B compliance – user block instantiation, support for devices with multiple capability levels, EDD menus and displays September 2012

16 Slide 16 Cyber Security Phase 2 ExxonMobil Collaboration Effort – plan & implement security policies at the plant or corp level Support off-MESH Primary and Secondary Active Directory Domain Controllers as an out-of-the-box installation option Allow Domain Controllers to span multiple I/A Series Installations Improved Active Directory reporting tools Workstation Server Update Services (WSUS) – better manage software updates, patches, QuickFixes Migration path for existing installations 16 I/A Series Security Phase II Stage 2 Exit 25 June 2010 September 2012

17 Slide 17 FCS Configuration Tools Classic Station Support Application ability to configure any supported generation of Controller from FCS Configuration Tools (formerly IEE) Features Configure CP30B, CP40B, CP60 & GW30 Benefits Graphical design, engineering & documentation tool Live updates & Change Management A simplified, integrated engineering environment Standardization - templates and wizards Advance diagnostics for intelligent instruments (FDM) – FF, Profibus, HART (2012) September 2012

18 Slide 18 CP280 – FCP270 Replacement September 2014 Application all clients Features 8,000 blocks Faster processor Copper switch option – cost reduction Benefits Higher performance equipment & twice the block capacity Ideal for Advantage upgrades & consolidation Capacity for enhanced software capabilities

19 Slide 19 Future Considerations Sustain & Protect - Cost Reductions & Standards Compliance Virtualization, Thin Clients & Wide Screen Monitors Simplified Mesh architecture Abnormal Situation Mgmt (HMI & Alarming) Growth – Gap Fillers Model Predictive Control (MPC) in the CP Marine Certification – DCS & Triconex Improved Safety/DCS System Integration Wireless HART Scalable Software Licensing & Enforcement Differentiate - Asset Excellence - Business Profitability Collaboration tools for Instrument Supervisor, Asset Performance Manager, Plant Manager, Instrument Specialist, & Operator


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