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NETGEAR FSR/CAM Training Network Storage Mark Song Desi Whelan 04 May 2011.

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1 NETGEAR FSR/CAM Training Network Storage Mark Song Desi Whelan 04 May 2011

2 After this session, you should be able to: State whats happening in the Storage market and why it matters Articulate the NETGEAR solution, value, and key differentiators for partners and for customers. Give examples of how NETGEAR solved a real customer problem. Position NETGEAR against the competition. Handle common objections. Present the NETGEAR Elevator Pitch for Network Storage Find more information. Introduction - Network Storage

3 Market Opportunity According to IDC, in 2010 the entry to midmarket NAS plus iSCSI SAN market was $2.3B WW, with 17% CAGR from 2011 to 2014. NAS (sub $25K) –TAM $1.2B in 2010; 2011-2014 CAGR = 16% –Driven by digital entertainment, data retention, & data protection. iSCSI SAN (sub $25K) –TAM $1.17B in 2010, –2011-2014 CAGR = 18% –Driven by lower-cost simple infrastructures NETGEAR Unified storage. TAM = $1.2B to $2.3B Source: IDC Dec. 2010

4 More Data Need storage capacity but have limited budget Low cost capacity without compromising the performance and reliability Data Protection Protect business data Disk-based backup and recovery Flexibility & Efficiency Grow business with scalable IT - CAPEX to OPEX IT flexibility and efficiency - Network storage for virtualization and cloud Unified Storage NAS and iSCSI SAN One system, multiple uses Business & Technology Trends Data Growth, Virtualization, Backup/Recovery Costs

5 The need for capacity never stops Virtualization –DR for Virtual Environment becomes more important Cloud –Hybrid cloud archiving Replication –Progressively replaces traditional on-site backup. 10GE USB 3.0 –Replacing Firewire, USB2.0, eSATA Top Storage Trends

6 Backup to disk Customers need data backup for regulatory compliance and business continuity Backup and Recovery is the top priority for SMB IT spending* Small businesses' top storage priorities center on data backup and disaster recovery** Disk-based backup drives storage, software and service sales Virtualization Higher IT flexibility and reliability for SME Three out of four SMB IT pros (74%) plan virtualization projects by midyear 2011* Server and desktop virtualization are high on the server project priority list for small businesses** Virtualization and Data Growth will Define Storage in 2011*** Drive storage, software, security and network infrastructure sales Industry Solutions *Source: Spiceworks IT Report, March 2011 **Source: Gartner user survey, Feb 2011 ***IDC prediction for 2011 storage, Jan 2011

7 Cloud From CAPEX to OPEX. Grow capacity as business growth Gain flexibility with cloud - access application and data from any locations Twice as many SMB are using cloud solutions today compared to six months ago* Recurring revenue for VARs Cross selling opportunity with hybrid cloud – local storage plus cloud capacity File Server Network storage means dedicated data protection, sharing, and higher resource utilization for small IT and remote offices and branch offices (ROBO) Centralized management for multiple sites Storage is a platform to sell solutions for VARS including backup option and replication solutions Industry Solutions *Source: Spiceworks IT Report, March 2011 **Source: Gartner user survey, Feb 2011 ***IDC prediction for 2011 storage, Jan 2011

8 Network Storage – NAS and SAN SAN is a network carries data between computer and storage Network Attached Storage Storage Area Network

9 Key Applications for NAS Add Additional Storage to the Network Offload Multi-Purpose Servers of File Services Remote Office File Server Real-Time Backup Multi-Platform File Sharing Free-Up Network Bandwidth by Installing NAS Servers in Local Subnets Portable Storage Software Distribution Drive Image Server Data Storage during Server upgrades Archive Keep Large Graphics and CAD files online

10 Main Benefits of NAS Engineered for One Purpose Easy Installation High Reliability Improved Performance Under Load Web Browser Management Multi-Platform Compatibility Data Availability (Even when primary Server is offline) No Client Licenses Required Portable Storage Low Cost of Ownership –Many Products Are Within Credit Card Purchase Limits

11 Key Applications for SAN Add Additional Storage to Servers Allocate Storage on demand Central Management and Backup Highest performance access over FC and 10Gb iSCSI –Mileage may vary Applications that require block access –Exchange –SQL –Server Virtualization (HyperV, VMware, Xen)

12 NETGEAR ReadyNAS is Unified Storage

13 ReadyNAS Unified Storage Architecture One device to meet many storage needs First, provides iSCSI SAN storage for virtual machines. Second, an iSCSI SAN for a dedicated server application. Third, Windows/UNIX/Linus/Mac clients can use the NAS portion. Fourth, the backup server uses it for disk to disk. Fifth, the system is replicating offsite to another ReadyNAS. And finally, ReadyNAS Vault caries archives to a secure datacenter. Gigabit Ethernet VM2 VM1 VM3 Switch Client App Server Backup Server ReadyNAS Vault Remote Office

14 NAS: Network Attached Storage Offers Ease of Installation, Management File level access Inexpensive Think Business Critical LAN ReadyNAS Netgear ReadyNAS SAN: Storage Area Network Offers Availability, Manageability, and Scalability Block level access Expensive historically Think Mission Critical SAN EMC Storage Array Quantum Tape Library Fiber Channel Switching Servers Unified Storage: SAN + NAS

15 Primary Storage: Oracle/SQL DBs, E-Commerce, Email Primary Storage: File/App Servers in Data Center, Scientific Data Processing Primary Storage: File/App Servers in RoBo, SMB Secondary Storage: File/App Servers in Data Center, Oracle Databases, Email Archive, Server Backup, Workstation Backup SAN or Enterprise Server w/ DAS (HDS, EMC) Hi-End NAS or Ent./Depart. Server w/ DAS (HP, EMC, NetApp) Low to Mid Tier NAS or Dept. Server w/ DAS, Tape, Optical $$$ Where does NETGEAR fit in the Storage Market?

16 Midmarket Solutions Disk-based Backup –Symantec agent support - only with ReadyNAS –Acronis in-box partnership –ReadyNAS Vault - backup to cloud –ReadyNAS Replicate - first cloud-based management for backup and file replication Virtualization –10GE storage and managed switches –Complete certifications for seamless integration –Primary in SB; VM backup in MB

17 Midmarket Solutions Cloud Computing –Embedded cloud based backup –Cloud-based replication software –Secure remote access –Egnyte hybrid cloud file server partnership Remote Offices / Branch Offices (ROBO) –Desktop Pro family designed for ROBO –Multi-site file replication and backup solution –Cloud based single management for backup / replication

18 Reliable: NBD onsite replacement service 5 years warranty and enterprise-class drives* VMware, Microsoft, Citrix and backup software certifications Affordable: A fraction of the cost of traditional big IT vendors No training or on-site expertise required Simple: Unified architecture Embedded cloud service options Centralized backup management option Why NETGEAR? Storage for Smart IT *For 4-bay and above

19 NETGEAR is a WW Storage Leader #1 in sub-$5K & #4 in sub-$25K price band for WW NAS/unified storage Approaching 1,000,000 TB shipped capacity Class-leading performance Unified storage, broadest product portfolio NAS and iSCSI SAN, solves multiple problems with one box From $500 to $15,000; 2-bay desktop to 12-bay 2U rackmount. Business-class storage capacity for all applications data and file. Enterprise class 10GE networking support 7.2K RPM Enterprise SATA 5 years warranty and 3 years NBD onsite support Business solutions for: virtualization, cloud, in-house R&D, and data protection with expended partnership Positioning & Key Differentiators

20 According to Gartner Report - March 2011 –NETGEAR is #1 market share for sub-$5K price band First in hybrid cloud solution First in secure remote access and cloud based backup management The only one in sub-15K with Symantec agent integration and partnership for backup solution Affordable 10GE storage solution with VMware Ready, Citrix Ready and Certified for Windows Server 2008 R2 Best-in-class –warranty (5-years) –support (3 years NBD with onsite replacement server) NETGEAR – A WW Leader in Storage

21 NETGEAR Storage Broad suite of technology partnerships –Disk-based backup –Virtualization –Hybrid cloud –Video surveillance storage

22 Disk based backup –Up to 24TB capacity from 2-bay desktop to 2U 12-bay rackmount –Reliable cost-effective backup target – enterprise SATA –Certified major backup partners for client and server backup solution Cross-platform file server –Multiple protocols – Windows, Mac, Linux, HTTP(s), FTP(S) Hybrid Cloud –Cloud backup with ReadyNAS Vault –ReadyNAS – Egnyte hybrid cloud file server –Cloud based management for multiple site data replication Virtualization –Affordable network storage for virtualization –Certified for VMware, Citrix and Hyper-V Our Products What solutions do we have to offer?

23 ReadyNAS ® for Business Small business(5 -75 users) SMB (75-200 users) Medium Enterprise ( ~500 users) Price band (USD) Reliable. Affordable. Simple. Virtualization | Backup | File Sharing | Hybrid Cloud Pro 2 (RNDP2) Pro 4 (RNDP4) Pro 6 (RNDP6) 2100 (RNRX4) 1500 (RNRX4xxE) 3100 (RNRP4) 3200 (RN12P) 4200 (RN12T) 10K 5K 1K 3-year NBD onsite 5-year Warranty L Reliability & performanceH 10GE Redundant power & cooling Unified w/ replication & cloud options Cost-conscious environments Business-critical applications File services (heterogeneous platform, backup, replication…) Application data (server virtualization, VM backup...)

24 RAIDiator Operating System One single OS across all ReadyNAS platforms –Learn once, use everywhere –Simplifies training and learning curves –Highly reliable for home and business –Leading features for business users Internally developed and controlled at NETGEAR The fanatical user community at Supports wide range of technology partners and standards –Add-On developer options –Memeo, VMware, Microsoft, Symantec, DLNA Open source security and stability

25 General Features Windows Networking CIFS Mac networking AFP Linux/Unix NFS FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, WebDAV, rsync XRAID2, RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and RAID 10 Backup/Replication function –USB target, ReadyNAS target, other CIFS, NFS, FTP –Backup from snapshot –Scheduled hourly, daily, weekly Add-on –ReadyNAS Remote, ReadyNAS Vault, ReadyNAS Photos –SSH, Symantec RALUS agent Software License –ReadyNAS Replicate

26 ReadyNAS Vault Device-Integrated Cloud-Based Backup 30-day free try out Monthly and yearly Plan optional for purchase Project based special option available LAN Application Server Email Server Client w/Agent ReadyNAS With ReadyNAS Vault WWW Remote User ReadyNAS Vault Cloud storage

27 ReadyNAS Remote Built-in VPN, standard native-style remote access solution Standard Feature - no extra license needed Easy to use – just enable the service on ReadyNAS, configure the user, and install the agent on client Great for ROBO and remote users LAN Application Server Email Server Client w/Agent ReadyNAS With ReadyNAS Remote Enabled WWW Remote User ReadyNAS Remote

28 ReadyNAS Replicate A license-based software allows users to backup and restore data from one ReadyNAS to another A cost-effective multi-site backup/restore and disaster recovery solution for small to midsized businesses (SMB), remote and branch offices (ROBO) A value-added solution for VARs managing multiple locations

29 Cloud based Management Central Office Location 1 Location 2Location 3 Home Office ReadyNAS Replicate Central management, multiple sites, easy and secure

30 ReadyNAS Success 1,000,000 TB shipped capacity !!!

31 Background CheckSpring was established in 2007 to bring banking services to unbanked communities. Has used an EMC Clariion as its central server but its difficult and unreasonably expensive to maintain. The Problem Facing the challenge of a tight IT budget and an aging storage system that was rapidly reaching capacity and end of life. The Solution ReadyNAS 3200 is configured as primary VMware storage for the banks virtual servers, and ReadyNAS Pro 6-bay for the DR site for scheduled replication. Result The ReadyNAS 3200 really had everything I was looking for. It provides the performance we need to run our HQ operations, and it supports built-in secure replication to make our disaster recovery efforts a breeze. - Josh Garcia, IT Manager Case Study #1 - CheckSpring Bank ReadyNAS for VM with Offsite Replication

32 Background SiteVentures hosts the complete computing environment for many of SMB clients. Need storage capacity for increasing customer needs The Problem The old NetApp is out of capacity and too expansive to add capacity and to maintain The Solution Installed the ReadyNAS 4200 in our co-location facility in Bedford, New Hampshire, as a secondary system to our NetApp server. ReadyNAS 4200 is configured as a backup target, to accept 50 percent of the snapshots taken from the XenServer environment. Result The ReadyNAS 4200 really fits our needs well, and its surprisingly affordable. The increasing costs would have broken our business model. But the 4200 provides us with the reliability we need at a cost that enables us to save our customers a lot of money, while still maintaining respectable margins. - Rich Hillard, SiteVentures CEO Case Study #2 – SiteVentures ReadyNAS 4200 for Backup

33 Buffalo Technology –NAS design (no unified architecture, slow, consumer drives) –Low cost, high volume worldwide leaders –Not reliable (high return rate) Microsoft Windows Storage Server –Sold by Dell and HP identically –Limited by Microsoft security and roadmap concerns Iomega/EMCs LifeLine Linux-based OS –Newcomer, little Mac support, install base or business focus –No technology ties to EMC storage but EMC brand/backing Low-end Enterprise (NetApp, EMC, Dells, HPs) –Costly, not unified, and often overkill –Good performance and scalability QST (QNAP, Synology, Thecus) –Limited channel and support, diskless, focus on hardware instead of customer problem The Competition

34 We use capacity of Windows server internal storage –ReadyNAS is a cost effective solution than Windows server. Data protection, flexible, and sharable storage. NETGEAR storage solution is expensive –ReadyNAS is business class. The overall cost of ownership is lower with simple management, long life time, feature / performance, and overall value Use tape for data backup –D2D backup uses high capacity disk and gigabit network –save time and cost Cloud and virtualization are for enterprises –More and more SME are adapting virtualization and cloud solutions for cost saving, flexibility and future-ready applications. –ReadyNAS makes virtualization affordable for SME Handling Objections How do we answer the hard questions?

35 IT manager, IT director, IT admin –Facing the challenge to achieve the goal with limited budget Small business manager/owner –To grow the business with cost-effective, productive IT VAR and IT service provider, IT consultant Vertical markets –Government –Educational institute –Manufacturing –Professional offices (doctor, attorney, dentist ) –ROBO (retail stores, service offices) Target Audience Who should you talk to?

36 Do you need storage capacity for growing business data needs? Do you have plan for server /desktop virtualization to gain flexibility and reliability? Are you looking for alternative of your current high cost storage solution? Are you looking for solution to replace the tape backup? Do you have plan to use cloud solution? Do you think its beneficial to use hybrid cloud storage for local control/management and cloud based flexible access ? Qualifying Questions What should you ask?

37 The economy is recovering. Customers are Looking for new solutions to support business growth while saving cost. Need more capacity, more flexibility in storage NETGEAR is a WW leader of NAS/unified storage. –NETGEAR ReadyNAS is business class system with 5-yr warranty. –With a fiction of the cost of BIG vendors, the ReadyNAS delivers NAS and iSCSI SAN solutions with one box, including 10GE, disk backup, replication and virtualization certifications for business solution. –Consistency from desktop to rack, easy to use and manage. Remove big IT complexity with purposely design features (X-RAID, cloud management, built-in VPN) ReadyNAS is an affordable business class with no big IT complexity, and no compromising on performance and reliability The Elevator Pitch

38 Storage landing page Certified Drive lists Product feature list and comparison How to… Detailed Product info Sharepoint Case studies, white papers, application notes, solution overviews Get More Information… Where to look for additional data and material



41 ReadyNAS ® Pro Family Smart IT for small businesses and remote offices –Disk-based backup and Recovery –Virtualization –File sharing –Hybrid cloud offerings Business-class –Hardware and warranty –Cloud service support –Technology partnerships Reliable: 5-yr warranty, cloud archive, software certs Affordable: A fraction of the big IT cost Simple: Unified storage, No on-site expertise required –Built-in VPN, cloud management option (Replicate)

42 ReadyNAS Pro 2 Desktop, 2 bays Intel Atom dual core 1.8GHz X-RAID2 and RAID 0/1 100MBps 5-year warranty SKUs and configurations –RNDP2000, disklessstreet price: $549 –RNDP2210, 2TB systemstreet price: $699 –RNDP2220, 4TB systemstreet price: $899 –RNDP2230, 6TB systemNEW

43 ReadyNAS Pro 4 Desktop, 4 drive bays Intel Atom Dual Core 1.6GHz X-RAID2 and RAID 0/1/5/10 100MBps 5-year warranty with Enterprise drive SKUs and configurations –RNDP4000, disklessstreet price: $799 –RNDP4410, 4TB street price: $ 1,499 –RNDP4420, 8TB street price: $ 2,299 –RNDP4430, 12TB NEW

44 ReadyNAS Pro 6 Desktop, 6 drive bays Intel Dual Core Pentium 2.66GHz X-RAID2 and RAID 0/1/5/6/10 110MBps 5-year warranty with Enterprise drive SKUs and configurations –RNDP6000-200, disklessstreet price: $1,099 –RNDP6310-200, 3TBstreet price: $1,999 –RNDP6610-200, 6TBstreet price: $2,999 –RNDP6620-200, 12TBstreet price: $3,999 –RNDP6630-200, 18TBNEW

45 ReadyNAS ® 1500 Cost-effective 1U rackmount NAS Overview –Support file protocols (CIFS, NFS, AFP, FTP, HTTP) –80MBps class-leading performance –Hot-pluggable SATA disk with RAID 0/1/5 & X-RAID2 –Business feature set (ADS/Domain, snapshot, SNMP, etc.) 3 years warranty with ProSupport Options –OnCall 24x7, Category 3: PMB0333 –XPressHW, Category 3:PRR0333-100 SKU and configurations –RNRX441E, 4TB systemUS street price: $1,499 –RNRX442E, 8TB systemUS street price: $2,099 –RNRX443E, 12TB systemNEW

46 ReadyNAS 1500TeraStation III Storage type1U NAS w/4 hot swappable bays Network Ports2 x GbE with teaming and trunking System status displayLEDLED, LCD One-touch USB backupYes--- RAID level SupportRAID 0, 1, 5RAID 0, 1, 5 and JBOD Auto RAID Volume ExpansionX-RAID 2--- Performance80Mbps Read / Write66MBps Read / Write Replication between NASYes, embedded secure rysncyes Multi-site replication w/single mngtYes. ReadyNAS Replicate--- Integrated backup managerYes--- Bundled backup softwareAcronis ABR10NovaBACKUP Symantec Backup Exec Agent SupportYes--- Cloud ArchivingReadyNAS Vault--- Hybrid cloud file serverOptional--- Remote AccessHTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, WebDAVHTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS Secure remote access with auto VPNReadyNAS Remote--- System ManagementSecure Web browserWeb browser Hard drive encryption---Optional Warranty3 years Field ServiceX-Change System Module--- Pricing (US)8TB $2,099, 4TB $1,4998TB $1,899, 4TB $1,299 ReadyNAS 1500 and TeraStation III

47 NETGEAR ReadyNAS Key Advantages Reliable storage system for backup and file server –Advanced Intel Embedded processor –Business class metal chassis (198,766 hrs MTBF - 40 ) –X-change for instant exchange of electronics, power supply, and cooling –3 years warranty Designed for cost saving –Compact 1U rack mount design - save rack space –Low power consumption – save money on energy bill –Simple management and ease-of-use – save operation cost –X-change for simple serviceability – save money on maintenance cost Affordable solution for file server and D2D backup –High density - up to 12TB in half of 1U rack space – up to 24TB in 1U space!! –High performance – 80MBps read/write throughput –Low cost capacity - perfect fit for D2D backup Comprehensive backup options –Integrated Backup Manager supports backup over CIFS, NFS, FTP/HTTP –Shipping with Acronis ABR 10 (90-day free trial) for virtual and physical server backup –Built-in support of Symantec BE2010 agent –Replicate to offsite –Option of backup to cloud Easy to use UI and Automatic X-RAID2

48 ReadyNAS 1500ReadyNAS 2100 Storage type1U 4-bay NAS1U 4-bay NAS and iSCSI SAN Platform Intel Tolapi 1.0 GHz 32-bit architecture Intel Dual Core 1.6GHz 64-bit architecture Performance80 Read / Write100 Read / Write Hard DriveRegular 7.2K RPM SATAEnterprise 7.2K RPM SATA Warranty3 years5 years Pricing 8TB $2099 4TB $1499 8TB $2899 4TB $1899 2TB $1499 Virtualization VMware Ready Certified for Window Server 2008 R2 Citrix Ready Backup Acronis ABR10 Symantec BEWS Agent support Integrated Backup Manager ReadyNAS Vault Acronis ABR10 Symantec BEWS Agent support Integrated Backup Manager ReadyNAS Vault Key Applications Disk based backup File sharing Disk based backup Virtualization File sharing Storage consolidation ReadyNAS 1500 and 2100

49 ReadyNAS 2100 1U Rackmount, 4 disk bays Intel Atom Dual Core 1.6GHz (current V2) X-RAID2 and RAID 0/1/5/10 100MBps (was 80MBps for V1) 5-year warranty with enterprise drives X-Change module SKUs and configurations –RNRX4450, 2TB w/ 4x500GBPrice $1,599 –RNRX4410, 4TB w/ 4x 1TB Price $1,899 –RNRX4420, 8TB w/ 4x 2TB Price $2,899 –RNRX4430, 12TB w/ 4x 3TBNEW

50 ReadyNAS 3100 1U Rackmount with, 4 disk bays Redundant power and cooling Intel dual core processor X-RAID2 and RAID 0/1/5/10 100MBps read/write performance 5-year warranty with Enterprise drive SKUs and configurations –RNRP4410, 4TB w/ 4x 1TB Price $3,600 –RNRP4420, 8TB w/ 4x 2TB Price $4,700 –RNRP4430, 12TB w/4x 3TBNEW

51 ReadyNAS 3200 2U Rackmount, 12 disk bays, support up to 4 x gigabit network ports Redundant power and cooling Intel dual core processor X-RAID2 and RAID 0/1/5/6/10 100MBps 5-year warranty with Enterprise drive SKUs and configurations –RN12P0610, 6TB w/ 6x 1TB, Price $5,999 –RN12P1210, 12TB w/12x 1TB, Price $6,499 –RN12P1220, 24TB w/12x 2TB, Price $9,499 –RN12P0620, 12TB w/ 6 x 2TBNEW

52 ReadyNAS 3200 Parts and Extended Services ProSupport –Express Hardware service, Category 4 PRR0334-10000S –OnCall 24x7, Category 4 PMB0334NA Spare parts available for on-site services NTGR PN DescriptionPrice RN12PPSU-10000SReadyNAS 3200 system PSU module $480 RN12PFAN-10000SReadyNAS 3200, SYSTEM Cooling FAN $65 RN12PTRAY-10000SReadyNAS 3200 HDD tray $55 RN12P2GE-10000SOptional Dual gigabit PCI-E add-on card $385 RN12PRAIL-10000SReadyNAS 3200, Rack mounting rail KIT $180

53 ReadyNAS 4200 2U Rackmount, 12 disk bays with 10GbE support Redundant power and cooling Intel multi core processor X-RAID2 and RAID 0/1/5/6/10 450MBps over 10GbE 5-year warranty with Enterprise drive SKUs and configurations –RN12T1210, 12TB w/12x 1TB, 2x Gigabit ports, optional 10GbE Price $7,950 –RN12T1220, 24TB w/12x 2TB, 2x Gigabit ports, optional 10GbE Price $12,500 –RN12G0620, 12TB w/ 6x 2TB, 2x Gigabit ports, 2x 10GbE (CX-4)Price $11,000 –RN12G1220, 24TB w/12x 2TB, 2x Gigabit ports, 2x10GbE (CX-4)Price $15,000 –RN12S0620, 12TB w/ 6x 2TB, 2x Gigabit ports, 2x10GbE (SFP+) Price $11,000 –RN12S1220, 24TB w/12x 2TB, 2x Gigabit ports, 2x10GbE (SFP+)Price $15,000 –RN12T0620,12TB w/ 6x 2TB, 2x Gigabit ports, optional 10GbE NEW –RN12T1230, 36TB w/ 12x 3TB, 2x Gigabit ports, optional 10GbE NEW (July)

54 More Details – 4200 and 10GbE ReadyNAS 4200 is shipped w/10GbE or w/o 10GbE ReadyNAS 4200 supports both CX-4 and SFP+ for 10GbE Advanced features –10Gb Ethernet support only on ReadyNAS 4200 platform –Network ports failover and teaming (10Gb and Gigabit together) –Powerful Intel Quad Core processor with 8GB ECC RAM –Super high performance – over 300MBps Model NumberGigabit Ports10Gb E Ports RN12Txxxx2None (can be purchases as options) - RN12GCARD 10GE add-on card, CX-4 - RN12SCARD 10GE add-on card SFP+ RN12Gxxxx22 x CX-4 (we plan to EOL system SKU in Q4) RN12Sxxxx22 x SFP+

55 ReadyNAS 4200 notes –2U ReadyNAS 4200 RN12Txxxx:12/24TB2x gigabit ports w/ future 10GE option RN12Gxxxx:12/24TB2x gigabit ports + 2x 10GE(CX4) RN12Sxxxx:12/24TB2x gigabit ports + 2x 10GE(SFP+) Spare parts: (same as that for ReadyNAS 3200) >> RN12PPSU >>RN12PTRAY >>RN12PRAIL >>RN12PFAN Add-on cards: >> RN12T2CX4 >>RN12T2SFP >>RN12P2GE –1U ReadyNAS 3100 RNRP4410:4TB w/2x gigabit ports RNRP4420:8TB w/2x gigabit ports RNRP4430:12TB w/2x gigabit ports Spare parts: >> RNRPPSU >>RNRPFAN

56 ReadyNAS Replicate SKU and Pricing ReadyNAS Replications Category 1 for Desktop ReadyNAS Replications Category 2 For Rackmount SKU RN00RPL1-10000SRN000RPL2-10000S Storage Platform Supported ReadyNAS Pro 2/4/6 ReadyNAS NVX ReadyNAS Pro ReadyNAS 2100 ReadyNAS 3100 ReadyNAS 3200 ReadyNAS 4200 Pricing (List Price per license) $ 280$ 520 ChannelVAR End-user price$199$399 One license per ReadyNAS unit

57 ReadyNAS vs. Windows Storage Server ReadyNASWSS based Storage PerformanceBest in classModerate Data protectionRAID 0/1/5/6/10 and hot spare Automatic online expansion Standard RAID Complex to manage iSCSI supportiSCSI targetBasic included in WSS 2008 Need purchase extra package for iSCSI with WSS 2003 Operation systemLinux based. Open, secure, small footprint Windows, Need extra dedicated on-system storage for the OS Secure system replicationIncluded standardExtra software & licenses required Cloud based backupReadyNAS VaultN/A Secure easy remote accessReadyNAS RemoteN/A Cloud based multi-site data replication ReadyNAS ReplicateN/A Backup technologiesCDP, Symantec RALUS, other 3 rd party backup software support, Snapshot, replication, Cloud-based backup, integrated backup manager New extra license and software load/configuration is complex Software updateOnline free upgradeComplicated update and upgrade

58 3100 / 4200 Performance ReadyNAS 3100 High performance Redundant PSU, ideal to begin virtualization with ReadyNAS 4200 Highest Performance ReadyNAS with 10GE support iSCSI - Throughput 256K Sequential - Read110 MBps464 MBps - Write109 MBps235 MBps CIFS - Throughput 256K Sequential - Read110 MBps358 MBps - Write114 MBps412 MBps IOPS - 4K Sequential - Read14,23616,810 - Write15,23417,801 The performance numbers are preliminary and may vary in different settings.

59 Pro Family Performance Benchmark Pro 2Pro 4Pro 6Note Throughput Read (MBps)102.3109.4107.3Single GigaE CIFS protocol Throughput Write (MBps)99.7111.3110.7Single GigaE CIFS protocol IOPS Read 11445.110130.511680.34K block size sequential access IOPS Write 9235.69956.112996.04K block size sequential access Performance number may vary depending on system and network setting. Check the Product definitive guide on for

60 Feature / Performance ReadyNAS Duo / NV+ Legacy 2-bay / 4-bay New in Q4! Work and PlayHigh Performance >>>>> ReadyNAS Ultra Plus Series: 2 / 4 / 6 ReadyNAS Ultra Series: 2 / 4 / 6 New in Q4! ReadyDLNA and TiVo® Compatible Integration Remote DLNA® Media Streaming with Skifta Mobile Media Access and Transcoding with Orb Continuous backups with Memeo® Premium Backup ReadyNAS® for Home / Prosumer

61 Ultra Family vs. Pro Family Ultra 2 /4 /6 for HomePro 2/ 4/ 6 for Business Target marketHome/ ProsumerSmall Business (< 100 users) / ROBO Channel focuseComm, DMRVAR, some overlap w/ DMR Problems we are solving?Centralize desktop data, media sharing/Serving, file sharing, remote access/streaming, mobile access Data backup and restore, file server, data replication multiple locations, VM and server image backup Key differentiation (hardware) Ultra 2 - Intel Atom 1.8Ghz single Core Ultra 4 – Intel Atom 1.66Ghz single Core Ultra 6 – Intel Atom 1.66Ghz dual Core Pro 2 – Intel Atom 1.8 GHz Dual Core Pro 4 – Intel Atom 1.66 GHz Dual Core Pro 6 – Intel E5300 2.66 GHz Dual Core w/ Intel VT Key Differentiationas Prosumer features - Skifta Media streaming - Orb transcoding - TiVo Compatible (US, Australia only) - 3 years warranty - ReadyNAS Vault (2GB 2yr) - ReadyNAS Remote (w/ iPhone App)* *iPhone App = $2.99 Enterprise features - Higher performance - Snapshot - SNMP, VLAN - Managed network ports for teaming/trunking - Domain / ADS integration - Disk based backup - 5 years warranty - VMware Ready, Certified for Windows Server 2008 R2, Citrix Ready - ReadyNAS Vault, ReadyNAS Remote, Egnyte - ReadyNAS Replicate (s/w license sold separately) GTM strategyProsumer market – focus on multimedia streaming benefits and dollar per GB Business product - focus on value-add, solutions, and partnership GTM tacticsRemain price competitivePromote solutions and partnership Best performance/price ratio. Price premium over competition Major competitionsTier 1 : Buffalo, Iomega, Tier 2: Seagate, Western Digital, D-Link Windows Servers Cisco Small Business (QNAP) Snap Servers, QNAP, Synology SKU/configurationRNDU2xxx Ultra 2 RNDU4xxx Ultra 4 RNDU6xxx Ultra 6 RNDP2xxx Pro 2 RNDP4xxx Pro 4 RNDP6xxx Pro 6

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