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UNI-BATCH Super Alkaline Ion Water Machine

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1 UNI-BATCH Super Alkaline Ion Water Machine
E-Plan Co. Ltd.

2 About E-Plan E-Plan is people-friendly and our goal is to create cleaning products that do not pollute our environment. We are a manufacturer and distributor of the eco-friendly Super Alkaline Ionized Water cleaning equipment, developed with the latest technology in Japan. Our products are usable for cleaning in many different fields: Metals, crystals, lenses, chemicals, cosmetics, medicines, food, agriculture, etc.

3 Washing without using surface-active agents
Our Unique Technology Washing without using surface-active agents The Super Alkaline Ionize water produced by UNI-BATCH is 99.9% water particles without color/smell/stimulants Contains no synthetic chemicals or surface-active agents; it delivers deep cleaning potential while remaining safe and environmentally friendly. The UNI-BATCH machine produces a continuous supply of pH12.5 alkaline ion water, without creating acidic waste. Uses a potassium carbonate (PoCa) electrolyte, meaning the ionized water has zero chlorine content and is highly effective in preventing rust. Competing products can produce Alkali pH 12.5 detergent water by using caustic soda (Sodium Hydroxide) to gradually increase the pH ratio. This ratio can be over 5%. This is extremely dangerous, volatile and harmful to the environment! By combining the [Super Alkaline Ionize water] into [Active Alkali], it does not only create a high grade of washing, but it is also friendly to the environment and it is much more economical with water use.

4 Safe! Easy to Handle! Environmentally Friendly!
Our Product E-Plan UNI-BATCH SAIW Machine produces pH 12.5 Super Alkali Ionized Water by special electrolysis using only 0.17% of Carbonate Potassium. Safe! Easy to Handle! Environmentally Friendly! Does not produce waste acidic water Easy cleaning system using filters Simple to operate & well labelling Japan Patent Approved No

5 Super Alkali Ionized Water (SAIW)
Colorless, odorless and neutral Super Alkali Ionized Water consists of pure water and extremely small traces of non-organic electrolytes. SAIW does not contain any synthetic chemical substances, nor BOD/COD, that would be hazardous to the environment. SAIW does non-foaming and quick to rinse away. This can reduce water usage. SAIW is totally non-flammable and non-explosive. SAIW is NOT generated using Salt (NaCL) as electrolyte and is 100% rust-free. Raw material is just water and small quantity of designated electrolyte (POCA), making SAIW highly cost effective. What is SAIW? 1. Highly effective cleaner 2. Anti-oxidation and rust-free 3. Eliminates germs and odor 4. colorless, odorless and a non-stimulant 5. Non-foaming and easy to rinse 6. Anti-static effect 7. Free of Surface-active agent(surfactant) and synthetic chemical substance 8. Environmentally friendly as made from just water Contains no detergents or harmful chemicals, people-friendly and eco-friendly, and can be used safely in businesses or homes.

6 Super Alkali Ionized Water (SAIW)
SAIW is “High Alkaline Ionized Water” that increases the “Power” of water Oxidization Reduction Electric Potential (ORP) and Hydrogen Ion Density (pH)

7 Super Alkali Ionized Water (SAIW)
How SAIW works as detergent, germ killer and decay protector All dirt & stain are +ve ion. Dirt/Stains (+) are Surrounded by SAIW -ve ion & also the object (what you want to clean) will be minus ionized Such minus ions will repulse with each other & Dirt/stains are detached from the surface. SAIW's micron water particles have penetration capability & goes in between the stains & the surface of the object to clean Stains & oli-based dirt particles are mixed & turn into water-soap. While SAIW is working as detergent, the water may visually look cloudy, but SAIW will continue to work to clean as soap Dirt/Stain particles surrounded by -ve ion all separated & any oil-based stain will continue to work to clean as a soap

8 Super Alkali Ionized Water (SAIW)
Tests of how SAIW works Metal Watch Vegetables & Fruits Oil Emulsification Rotting of Iron In SAIW of pH12.5, -which does not contain any chlorine –iron does not rust as in normal water. Even after you take out the iron soaked in SAIW and it has dried, an anti-rusting effect will remain for several days. A dirty and stained watch strap will be quickly cleaned, as SAIW will penetrate into small spaces of the strap, removing all dirt and oily stains from the metal surface. When washing vegetables and fruits with normal tap water, various chemicals or residue on the fruits are not removed. By using SAIW, vegetables and fruits will be chemical free and have a longer shelf life in your refrigerator. Prepare a cup of pure water mixed with any cooking oil – Add SAIW and then you will find the oil has been emulsified and separated. Oil Stain Spray SAIW on the tile walls(like your kitchen area) stained by oil and cigarette smoke, you can see the effect very clearly.

9 Super Alkali Ionized Water (SAIW)
Watch cleaning Soak in e-Wash(100%) Keep still in eWash for 20 seconds Shake lightly a few times SAIW gets into the small gaps in the watch strap, instantly separating and removing the dirt and stains stuck to the surface. In the same way, you can clean your rings, necklaces, bracelets, jewelry, keys, spectacles, toys, coins, etc. *Do not completely submerge watch unless in it waterproof

10 Super Alkali Ionized Water (SAIW)
Separating oils and fats Mix a few drops of oil into normal tap water and stir Mix a few drops of oil into e-Wash There is a huge difference between how e-Wash interacts with oil and how tap water does. In e-Wash, you find oils and fats are instantly separated and emulsified. This is the same function that surface active agents (surfactants) play in chemical detergents, but without leaving any of the same harmful residue behind. e-Wash disinfects, eliminates odours and is 100% safe to be used everywhere in the kitchen.

11 Super Alkali Ionized Water (SAIW)
Cleaning Chopping Boards Test results after cleaning in normal tap water General bacteria Coliform bacteria Test results after cleaning with e-Wash General bacteria Coliform bacteria Wash your chopping board with normal tap water, then spray e-Wash onto half of the board. Measure the bacteria present using a food-stamp (bacteria check sheet). The half cleaned with e-Wash will also remove the Coliform bacteria. You can effectively use e-Wash to remove bacteria around the home; bathrooms, toilets, shoes, flooring, kitchen utensils, even pets.

12 Are you having and of these problems?
Detergents become dirty very quickly, affecting the quality of cleaning. Unable to reduce the amount of waste water being produced. Want to reduce the cost of purchasing a brand new Alkali detergent. Having problem with foul smells when being used for a long time. Replacing the washing detergent tank is difficult.

13 Is SAIW cost effective against detergents?
The Super alkaline Ionize Water (SAIW) produced by our machines can replace detergents and it is cost effective. Waste water can be reduced by 90~99%, Detergent consumption can be reduced by 50~85%.. Increases quality and yield rate for the post-processed surface handling of paint, plating etc. The implementation of the SAIW machine is just the initial cost of purchase of the machine. Other costs include electricity fees, easy minimum maintenance, and the usual 1 year filter replacement (The replacement cycle for the filter varies according to the washing environment of the user). E-Plan SAIW produced by the machine is safe and effective.

14 Product code: UB-10A or UB-10AST Capacity: 10 Litre
* Electrolyte consumption: 40-50L per tablet at pH12.5 * This will vary depending on the quality of supplied water.

15 Product code: UF-15 Capacity: 15 Litre

16 Product code: UF-30 or UF-30ST Capacity: 30 Litre

17 Product code: UF-60 Capacity: 60 Litre

18 Corporate adopters Examples of SAIW usage and applications:
Toyota Motor, Suzuki Motor, Hitachi, Asahi Glass, Japan Keidanren (Japan Federation of Economy) Building, etc. Examples of SAIW usage and applications: Continuous washing of precision machine parts Object of cleaning: SUS(Stainless Steel),SS (Normal Steel) Eliminates presence of metal particles and grinding agent introduced through grinding by whetstone Effect: Better washing capability, no more customer claims of stain residue or rusting, avoid bad odors caused by decomposition of washing agent, washing area is clean and safe. Used in the cutting & molding of metal parts for aircraft Using SAIW to eliminate metal powder contamination and as a coolant during cutting. Effect: Complete elimination of all oily or water soluble cutting oil agents, does not transfer to other parts, no need for an anti-rotting agent after washing. SAIW could be used with higher temperatures for a quicker drying process.

19 Corporate adopters Examples of SAIW usage and applications:
Washing glass parts of optical devices To eliminate glass powder while cutting glasses Effect: With SAIW containing no surfactant, the washing process can be performed more quickly and with less water Washing automobile press plates Object of cleaning: Galvanized metal plates To eliminate compressed oil and metal powder linking with transfer press Effect: Complete elimination of compressed oil, dramatic decrease of problems in the next assembling process, no residue left behind, waste water decreased, work environment significantly improved and labor absences decreased, running cost of washing agent decreased by 80% Washing spare parts of automobiles, aircrafts and various industrial machines Effect: Work time reduced by using high temperature SAIW, washing result extremely improved, no bad odors in the work place and work environment much improved, SAIW containing no BOD (Biochemical oxygen demand), COD (Chemical oxygen demand), waste water drainage became much easier.

20 Other usages and application
Washing recycled OP equipment (copy machines) Washing recycled electric home appliances (laundry machines and refrigerator) Washing food processing machines (disinfection and odor elimination) Washing helmets and working shoes (disinfection and odor elimination) Entire building maintenance (used at KEIDANREN building in Tokyo) Removing agrichemicals from vegetables and fruits (to comply with HASAP) Cleaning and maintenance of hospitals and retirement homes (safe and non-alcohol) Auto dealers and gas stations Pig and livestock firms

21 Customers References Company name Industry Usages
How many machines installed Toyota Motomachi Plant manufacturing axles for Crown Vehicles manufacturing To clean the cut- parts of axles under production stages Custom made high capacity Uni-Corn type Toyota Meichi Plant producing Gears To clean cut parts of various gears Toyota Kinuura Plant producing engine parts To clean the cut parts of engines and use pH12.5 water for coolant(pH12.5+oil) Hino Motor Ibaragi New Plant To clean various cut parts through bus/truck assembling process 1 UB10AST as trial for new plant Suzuki Motor To clean body of completed cars before delivering to dealer show-room 3 UB10AST Honda Dealer Auto-service To clean spare parts at dealers workshops 2 UB10AST

22 Customers References Company name Industry Usages
How many machines installed Zensho Sukiyaki Rice Bowl, Steak/Hamburger restaurant chains Sukiya-Coco's and Big Boy To clean kitchen and guest tables at more than 700 outlets not using chemical detergent at all now. Considering washing vegetables and other food materials before cooking 6 UB10AST ZAO Trading E-Plan's dealer in Japan specialized in building maintenance & cleaning Office facility cleaning UB201(exclusively custom made for ZAO for office cleaning purpose 200 units sold to the date and selling at the rate of 10 units per month ) Miscellaneous Sports gym, small size restaurant, Onsen facility, etc. Various 10 UB10AST

23 How Super Alkali Ionized Water (SAIW) was born
It was the middle of 1950 when synthetic “surface active agent surfactant” (surfactant) appeared in the market in Japan. This chemical was far better than normal soaps used in the past, with strong cleaning power and with plenty of foaming. It was widely accepted by the consumers and now surfactant is included in shampoo, kitchen detergent, laundry detergent, tooth paste, various cosmetics, and many kinds of agricultural chemicals. it is used constantly in daily life, doth domestically and industrially. Used surfactants have been drained into rivers, leaving rivers in urban and industrial areas full of foaming chemicals and all the fish have been killed. Japan is now one of the most advanced countries of the world and people have started to think more seriously about the environment. People have begun to try and reclaim polluted parts of the environment and are much more environmentally conscious. Air pollution is controlled by CO2 management technology required for auto-makers and other corporations to use according to stringent U.N. regulations (e.g. Kyoto protocol). Tougher industrial water drainage regulations have also been introduced to stem the disappearance of our useable water supply. Unfortunately, water disposal and drainage from homes and households have no regulatory controls. Waste water from homes, containing a lot of surfactant and cleaning chemicals, is blindly disposed into sewer and our rivers. Surfactants can not be separated or collected at water treatment facilities, meaning all surfactants will end up in the sea and accumulate on the ocean floor as sludge. This sludge contains no oxygen and prevents access to the seabed. This causes huge problems with the fish living in this environment, which in turn passes to us as we eat the affected fish. Surfactant is contained in many products that you use everyday - soap, shampoo, kitchen detergent, laundry detergent, toothpaste - and can gradually accumulate in the human body. If we have cleaning product which is free of synthetic surfactants, we can keep our water cleaner and our world greener, leaving a better future for the next generation. This is the reason why SAIW has been developed over many years; the genuine desire to save our planet..

24 How Super Alkaline Ionized Water (SAIW) was born
SAIW can be produced most easily and efficiently by the machine model No.UB-10AST, which has the following features: This machine produces SAIW with pH12.5 level steadily and easily No acid water is produced as a byproduct and no chlorine gas is generated We use potassium carbonate instead of sodium chloride, leaving the washed object rust free The machine is compact and easy to maintain Cell for dissociation uses ion exchange film (generally isolation film is used) Mechanism of Dissociation is patent applied and pending Ionized alkaline water can be created from tap water. The machine was originally created in Jappan for use by families in the city. Various ionized water generation machines are available in the market, mainly for home use. Home use machines use the chlorine contained in city water supplies as an electrolyte, producing both acid (pH4) and alkali (pH10) simultaneously. Both the acidic and alkaline water are not powerful enough or suitable for commercial uses. This creates extra waste, as both types of water will not be used, leaving one to be disposed as waste. There are some alkali water generation machines for commercial use with a larger capacity. All of these use salt (NaCl) as an electrolyte, generating both acid (pH2) and alkali (pH11) simultaneously and the unused pH of water will also be disposed of as waste. pH11 is also not powerful enough as detergent. Acid water (pH2) can be used as sterilizer but it has no power to clean any oil based stains or dirt. Scientifically, if you dilute pH12.5 water by 10 times, pH will become High alkalinity works as strong detergent and this proves that SAIW with pH12.5 has 10 times more cleaning power of pH11.5 water.

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