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Construction Engineering and Inspection I-75, from Charlotte County Line to I-275 Freeway Management System FPID 414730-1-62-01, 414732-1-62-01, 414736-1-62-01.

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Presentation on theme: "Construction Engineering and Inspection I-75, from Charlotte County Line to I-275 Freeway Management System FPID 414730-1-62-01, 414732-1-62-01, 414736-1-62-01."— Presentation transcript:

1 Construction Engineering and Inspection I-75, from Charlotte County Line to I-275 Freeway Management System FPID , , September 23, 2011

2 Awareness/Approach to Project
Understanding of Scope of the Project Identification of Unique Project Issues Innovative Concepts

3 Understanding Project Scope
Project Overview Design Build Contract $30 Million 760 days Three Financial Project ID’s 56 miles, from Charlotte County Line to I-275 Final Phase of the District One I-75 FMS Design, furnish, install, integrate and test ITS field devices Provide for a redundant system between SWIFT and Satellite Traffic Management Center (STMC)

4 Understanding Project Scope
Primary Responsibility of the CEI Act as extension to FDOT staff Proactively manage the work Anticipate and address project issues Coordinate all aspects of design and construction Review/ analyze CPM schedules Provide interpretation of contract documents Enforce contract requirements and implement CPPR Operate in accordance with FDOT procedures (CPAM)

5 Understanding Project Scope (Design)
Detailed Reviews for 60%, 90% & Final (100%) Conformance with Design Build Technical Proposal - “Book of Promises” Conformance with RFP & MTRs Hardware/ Software Compatibility Review/ Resolution of Potential Integration Issues Compatibility/Coordination with Future Projects Confirm existing fiber (I-75/SR 70 to STMC) Provide Clarifications - RFP vs. MTRs Permit Acquisition

6 Understanding Project Scope (Design)
ERC utilization Plan submittals Device Cut Sheets Shop Drawings Other Field Assessments ITS field device locations Potential underground utility conflicts Review of Right of Way limits Review of existing slope conditions Site survey

7 Understanding Project Scope (Construction)
Primary Components of the Work Fiber Optic Communications Infrastructure Conduit, locate system and enclosures/ boxes Two conduits (1 for FOC and 1 spare) Separate conduit for electric Install eight (8) feet inside northbound right-of-way fence Seven (7) bridges potentially requiring new bridge mounted conduit Braden River Crossing Charlotte Harbor Crossing

8 Understanding Project Scope (Construction)
Fiber Optic Communications Infrastructure Locate existing utilities (Sunshine One Call) Bore logs to verify horizontal locations & depths Recommend field adjustments to avoid unforeseen conflicts Update plans to ensure accuracy of as-builts Conduits “proofed” to ensure continuity and absence of obstructions OTDR testing

9 Understanding Project Scope (Construction)
Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) 25 shown on Concept Layout 24 cantilever structures, 1 half-span truss structure Ensure proper height (19.5’) Allied’s structural inspector will oversee operations of upright and sign

10 Understanding Project Scope (Construction)
Drilled Shaft Installations 26 drilled 25 DMS structures DBF to perform sub-surface investigations, analysis & design DBF to develop foundation plan Drilled shaft logs to be submitted within 24 hours Cross-hole sonic logging (CSL) must be performed on at least 30% of the shafts Utilization of Allied’s Drilled Shaft QAP

11 Understanding Project Scope (Construction)
Highway Advisory Radio System (HAR) 10 transmitter stations and 20 flashing beacon signs Capable of broadcasting unique message/ synchronized global message 800-foot spacing between signs 1640 AM frequency/ FCC licensing process Microwave Vehicle Detectors (MVDS) Installed at approximate one-mile intervals (mainline) Half-mile within 2 miles of each interchange and at each off-ramp Must report for eight (8) lanes of travel for volume, occupancy & speed

12 Understanding Project Scope (Construction)
Road Weather Information System (RWIS) Two (2) to be installed along the project Placed outside clear zone limits Fenced enclosure for device and cabinet Power/ Emergency Generators DBF to provide all power services to devices Diesel-electric generator units required at all power service point locations providing power; DMS locations Communications backhaul locations

13 Understanding Project Scope (Construction)
CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) Installed at approximate one-mile intervals (70 +/-) Complete coverage of both directions of I- 75 traffic, on/off-ramps, interchanges (video site survey) Shall provide for view of all DMS messages and HAR beacons Cannot be installed in the medians or top side of overpass slopes Pole height cannot exceed 65 feet Locate more than 50 feet away from any high mast light pole Pre-stressed concrete pole with grounding, lightning protection, and lowering devices

14 Understanding Project Scope (Construction)
ITS Inspection CEI check lists based on Final Plans/ RFP/ MTR requirements Standards/ Specifications/ NEC FDOT 780 Supplemental Specifications Inspection Guidelists Components to be QPL/APL approved Splice and pull box conformance APL/ITS certified products Proper sizing of products Use of expanded RTVM for field inspections

15 Understanding Project Scope (Construction)
MOT/ Safety MOT Certified Personnel/ Interstate (I-75) experience Minimize traffic disruptions & maximize safety Ensure advance coordination for lane closures & nighttime operations (PIO, Law Enforcement & Emergency Services) Full span truss installation – Charlotte FMS Conformance with MUTCD & FDOT standards MOT & Safety as agenda project meetings Critical during DMS installation & bridge work (limited ROW) MOT verification inspection each day prior to leaving site

16 Understanding Project Scope (Construction)
Environmental Concerns Scattered wetland presence along northbound ROW Potential for endangered species Gopher tortoises Low-lying areas with standing water which could impact equipment access NPDES inspections (weekly, ½”) Permit conformance Erosion Control Plan Performance Turf Specifications Mowing requirements

17 Understanding Project Scope (Documentation)
CEI Reporting Daily Reporting of Construction Activities/ Site Manager Verification Testing Reports & LIMS Entry MOT Reviews & Verification of Contractor’s Reports CPM Reviews Digital Progress Photos & Log Monthly FDOT Project Status Reports (CSRS) Meetings Minutes & Follow-Up Action Items

18 Understanding Project Scope (Documentation)
DBF Submittal Tracking Design Submittals Cut Sheets/ Shop Drawings CPM Schedule/ Updates Schedule of Values Field Equipment Operational Manuals Software Manuals/ Device Protocols Test Procedures and Results Training Manuals 270+ Design Submittals - Charlotte FMS We will prepare a submittal tracking log in advance of project start & track all submittals via ERC

19 Understanding Project Scope (Documentation)
Project Close Out/ Warranties Timely submittal of all close out documents As-Built plans Bore Logs/ GPS locations Spare Parts (as required) Timely/ Accurate Final Estimate Early FE submittal on Charlotte FMS and no procedural errors Warranties Pre/ post-warranty meetings Ensure warranties per contract/ technical proposal

20 Understanding Project Scope (Documentation)
Description Warranty Duration DMS 5 Years MFES 5 years HAR Device server RWIS 3 years Video encoder/ decoder 2 years CCTV 3 years* Lowering device MVDS Surge protector 10 years VVDS ITS field cabinets MTDS Equipment shelter 1 year AVDS FOC 2 years* Pull boxes * Includes spare parts requirements

21 Understanding Project Scope (TMCs)
Satellite Traffic Management Center (STMC) New Gigabit Ethernet switch New SunGuide servers SunGuide Software (FDOT furnished) Video Wall Expansion 12 new cubes Video wall controller 5 new workstations Electrical wiring SWIFT Center Video Wall upgrade to handle new CCTVs Provide standby Gigabit Ethernet switch Operations STMC backup to SWIFT

22 Understanding Project Scope (Testing & Integration)
MTR requires: Preliminary Integration Plan 30 days prior to Pre-Integration Meeting Pre-Integration Meeting Discuss Preliminary Integration Plan Integration Plan 90 days prior to Integration Work Testing Factory Stand-Alone Subsystem Operational Test Burn-in

23 Understanding Project Scope (Testing & Integration)
Keys to Successful Integration: Start From Day 1 (Design) Good System Understanding Main Components Software Hardware Interfaces Software/Software Interface (SSI) Software/Hardware Interface (SHI) Hardware/Hardware Interface (HHI) Testing Right Type Functional, Operational Right Number When and Where Clear Well Defined Metrics Well Defined Pass/Fail Criteria New Field Devices STMC SHI HHI SSI SunGuide(SWRI) Server Software Work- stations Servers Keys Network Plans SWIFT Exist. Field Devices Field Devices Field Devices Existing Network Servers Work- stations Microsoft Cluster SunGuide (SWRI) Existing Furnished by FDOT F&I by DBF

24 Unique Project Issues STMC / SWIFT / SunGuide MOT
F&I by Southwest Research Institute (SWRI) STMC / SWIFT / SunGuide First deployment of SunGuide in a back- up mode at STMC Testing of STMC back-up functionality without disrupting SWIFT operations TMC software is normally integrated at the end of the project which could impact the schedule. Two contractors (SWRI and DBF) preforming time critical interdependent work. MOT HARB at Erie Road overpass will require MOT (lane closures) for installation as well as maintenance. Microsoft Cluster F&I by Design Build Firm Oracle Data Guard

25 Unique Project Issues Steep Slopes Conduit 8’ from Fence DMS
North of the Braden River North of West River Road Difficult installation Lane closures during installation and maintenance. No pull boxes in slopes - will make conduit transition from underground to bridge mount difficult Conduit 8’ from Fence Flooding areas could impact maintenance / reliability Numerous crossing of wet ditches Fence Proposed Conduit 8’ From Fence DBF may propose

26 Innovative Concepts Use of FDOT ERC system for all submittals
Expansion of the RTVM (Traceability Matrix) Include additional project requirements such as NEC Expand verification method (Factory, Stand-alone, Subsystem) Develop comprehensive field check lists using the RTVM Verification of as-built and ITSFM tool sheets with sub- foot accuracy equipment Specialty staff only as-needed STMC agreement to provide large meeting room to reduce CEI field office costs Project Share Site for exchange of large files

27 Proposed Staffing The Allied Team
Allied * AIM * Genesis * Media Relations Group * Scheda * URS Proposed Staffing Quantity Proposed Availability of Staff Qualifications/ Certifications of Staff Quality/ Experience on Similar Projects Team’s Past Performance on Similar Projects

28 Proposed Staff FDOT District One Jim Nichols
Construction Project Manager Katherine Duvall/ Mark Roberts Traffic Operations Quality Assurance Kristina de Moya, P.E. Allied Joe McConnell, P.E. URS Southern Barry Wilson, P.E. Genesis Principal-In-Charge/ Project Manager Paula McQueen, CPA Allied Senior Project Engineer Vay Scott, P.E. Allied Sr. ITS Engineer Alex Mousadi, P.E. URS Southern Project Administrator Lisa Propps Allied ITS Engineer (Field) Matt Cousins URS Southern Secretary/ RCS Kim Grebe Allied Specialty Staff Public Information Officer Alicia Gonzalez (MRG) Ken Nelson (AIM) CEI Environmentalist Sarah Johnson, MS (Scheda) Professional Surveyor Bob Potter, PSM (AIM) Building Inspector Mark Smalley (Allied) Contract Support Specialist Chris Morris Allied Sr. ITS Inspector Carmon Thompson AIM James Randy Cosby URS Construction Services CEI Sr. Inspector Ted Garcia Allied Robert Walker Genesis Additional Inspection Matt Hicks, Densel Landrum Dean Greathouse, Mark Walters Allied Tony Cognina Genesis ITS Inspector Ron Horn URS Construction Services CEI Inspector Kenneth Hilton Genesis

29 Quantity/ Availability Proposed
Key staff full-time through design Core inspection/field staff during construction/testing Specialty staff as-needed Reduced staff during Operational Period/ Burn-in All team members 100% available (February, 2012) 34,875 Man-hours

30 Qualifications/ Certifications of Staff
Vay Scott, P.E. - Sr. Project Engineer 28 years experience on FDOT projects Florida Licensed Professional Engineer Significant CEI management experience Lakeland CCTV Installation Project QA Manager for Charlotte FMS and Charlotte ATMS Projects Proactive approach to issue identification and resolution Early completion of complex US 92 project in D7!

31 Qualifications/ Certifications of Staff
Lisa Propps, E.I. - Project Administrator Degreed Civil Engineer Over 14 years of CEI experience PA on $230 Million Tampa Airport Interchange Oversight of project staff of 18 Included ITS device (40+) and fiber installations PA on District 7 Push Button Traffic Operations Project $25 Million contract/ 33 Task Work Orders assigned to date Design Build contracting method Responsible for Final Plan reviews of 33 District Wide TWO’s

32 Qualifications/ Certifications of Staff
Alex Mousadi, P.E., Sr. ITS Engineer Electrical Engineer Over 21 years experience in the ITS industry Experience encompasses design, construction, testing & integration Key projects include; 23 miles of I-75 for the Charlotte FMS for FDOT District 1 Roadside Animal Detection System (RADS) for FDOT District 1 250+ interstate ITS work in Florida (I-4, I-75, I-275, I-595, I-95) I-595 PPP in District 4 Participated in development/integration of eight (8) TMC’s nationally Lead system designer & integrator for Tampa Bay SunGuide Ph 3 Diverse background allowing for prompt and efficient issue resolutions!

33 Qualifications/ Certifications of Staff
Matt Cousins, ITS Engineer (Field) BS in Electrical Engineering, MS in Civil Engineering Six years experience in electrical & traffic engineering Three years experience dedicated to ITS planning & design Design background includes fiber optics, CCTV, DMS radar detection sub-systems, and power distribution Recent SunGuide experience includes; 23 miles of I-75 for Charlotte FMS, District 1 Tampa Bay FMS Phase 3 (50 miles of I-4, I-275 and Skyway Bridge) FTE SunNav West (80 miles of Florida Turnpike) Responsible for resolution of integration SWIFT- Charlotte FMS

34 Qualifications/ Certifications of Staff
Chris Morris – Contract Support Specialist Over 13 years of construction inspection experience for FDOT Qualified CSS, Assistant PA, Sr. Inspector CSS/ Assistant PA on Charlotte FMS IMSA level I & II, drilled shaft certified Available to assist in the field as needed Inspected 450 miles of fiber optic interstate installation nation-wide Allied’s Secret Weapon

35 Qualifications/ Certifications of Staff
Carmon Thompson – CEI ITS Senior Inspector Extensive experience in traffic signal & intersection design/inspection Sr. ITS Inspector for: City of Naples ATMS Collier/ Lee FMS (98 miles along I-75) Charlotte County FMS (23 miles along I-75) Roadside Animal Detection System (RADS) Drilled shaft, fiber and ITS device installation experience Certifications include; IMSA Level I and II, Traffic Signal Inspector FDOT Advanced MOT 34 years in working with FDOT District 1 (direct employee and CCEI)

36 Qualifications/ Certifications of Staff
Teddy Garcia – CEI Senior Inspector 17 years construction inspection experience Charlotte County ATMS Charlotte County FMS 23 miles along I-75 IMSA Level I & II Drilled shaft, fiber and ITS device installation experience Successful track record in working with Sarasota Operations

37 Qualifications/ Certifications of Staff
Specialty Inspectors Matt Hicks / Dean Greathouse (Drilled Shaft QA) Mark Smalley (Building/ Structural Inspector) Additional Resources Scheda Ecological Associates (Sarah Johnson, MS) AIM Engineering and Survey (Bob Potter, PSM) Media Relations Group (Alicia Gonzalez, Primary PIO) Ken Nelson (AIM, Back-up PIO)

38 Quality/ Experience on Similar Projects
Recent Relevant Project Experience Project/ Client Construction Amount ($M) Start End Scope of Work I-75 Charlotte County FMS/ FDOT District One $10 M Apr-09 Mar-11 23 miles Charlotte County ATMS/ $6 M Jan-06 May-08 28 miles (84 int.) Collier Co. & City of Naples ATMS/ FDOT JPA (Ph 1 & 2) $5 M Jun-02 May-06 20 miles City of Lakeland ATMS $15 M Jul-07 Jan-08 5 miles Lee/Collier ITS FMS/ $35 M Oct-05 Dec-09 98 miles Tampa SunGuide Phase 3 $28 M Feb-07 On-going 50 miles Over 175 Miles of ITS/ATMS Installations in FDOT District One

39 Quality/ Experience on Similar Projects
Device Description Charlotte Co. ATMS I-75 Charlotte Co. FMS I-75 Sarasota-Manatee FMS CCTV Cameras 84 30 75 +/- DMS Signs N/A 10 25 Vehicle Detectors 44 18 HART/ HARB 5/1 10/20 RWIS 1 2 Fiber Optic/Conduit 28 miles+/- 23 miles+/- 56 miles+/- Wireless Devices 5

40 Team’s Past Performance on Similar Projects
Charlotte County ATMS Returned $80,000 in CEI Fees Final Grade of 4.2 Set the standard in communication, coordination & proactive issue resolution Charlotte County FMS Returned $50,000 in CEI Fees Final Grade of 3.9 Continued to establish new standards in communication, coordination & proactive issue resolution

41 Team’s Past Performance on Similar Projects
Strong QA Program = Quality services QA Team: Kristina de Moya, P.E. (Allied) Joe McConnell, P.E. (URS) Barry Wilson, P.E. (Genesis) 50 years CEI experience with significant ITS installations Reviews per the Scope of Services to include; Quality & quantity of personnel assigned Quality of project records Communication & feedback with FDOT

42 Other Considerations Communication Abilities
Commitment to Satisfy Department’s Needs

43 Communications Abilities
Public Information Coordination with Cindy Clemmons from day one for all PI activities Two prong approach: day to day PI issues/overall communication of benefits (awareness and education) Coordination with all local PIOs in order to have consistent and strong project message Maximize existing communication resources available Message the project benefits in real-time

44 Communications Abilities
PIO - Proven Effective on Charlotte FMS MPO presentations Sarasota-Manatee Transportation Incident Management Team presentation and engagement Work with 511 Newsletter for local and state publications on progress Opportunity to showcase District One at ITS Florida Bring in media early Media coverage helps raise public awareness for ITS program in the community.

45 Communications Abilities
Effective Communications with Stakeholders Began in advance of CEI advertisement FDOT - Traffic Operations, Sarasota Operations, District Construction, District PIO, SWIFT Center Manatee County and Sarasota County Attended DB Pre-Proposal Meeting Stay involved in DBF Selection Process Facilitate Project Meetings Action Item Log Thorough Documentations Provided necessary project information to CEI Performance Evaluation: “Excellent communication between CCEI staff, contractor, Department & local municipalities” all project stakeholders – 5!

46 Commitment to Satisfy Department Needs
DRB letter recognizing the Allied team for their outstanding performance on Charlotte FMS Nominated for FTBA Excellence in Construction Award Nominated for ITS Florida Outstanding Achievement Award

47 Commitment to Satisfy Department Needs
Proven abilities to interpret the contract and resolve issues at project level Proven knowledge of technical issues Proven abilities to properly document and inspect the work Proven communication abilities Proven ability to manage CEI and construction dollars Proven Commitment to FDOT Experienced Team! ITS Allied!

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