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2 Vision Page 2 1.1_Company General Presentation April 2013 We are committed to becoming the first choice manufacturer of reciprocating compressors. Throughout a worldwide network we provide all products and services required during a reciprocating compressor's life cycle.

3 Piston Compressor (Crosshead Design) Page 3 1.1_Company General Presentation April 2013

4 Burckhardt Compression – Reciprocating Compressor Technology Leader Only manufacturer that offers a complete compressor range of Process Gas Compressors – According to API618 Laby ® Compressors – With labyrinth sealing Laby ® -GI Compressors – Fully balanced Hyper Compressors – For pressures up to 3500 bar Page 4 General MHe June 2012 Overall know-how in all disciplines Optimum support in all project phases Expertise for comprehensive support

5 Burckhardt Compression Business Areas Page 5 1.1_Company General Presentation April 2013 Turnover 2011: CHF 329 Mio. Compressor Systems 37% Components, Services & Support 63%

6 Compressor Systems – Product Lines Page 6 1.1_Company General Presentation April 2013 Laby ® Process Gas API 618 Ring-type sealing Hyper Extreme pressure up to 3500 barLabyrinth sealing The best solution for each application

7 Product and Market Strategy Page 7 1.1_Company General Presentation April 2013 Products Markets Compressor Systems Components, Services & Support Laby ® Process Gas API 618 HyperComponentsServices Upstream Oil & Gas Gas Transport and Storage Refinery Petrochemical/ Chemical Industry Industrial Gas

8 Burckhardt Compression Market Segments Page 8 1.1_Company General Presentation April 2013 Petrochemical / Chemical industry Gas transport and storage RefineryIndustrial gases Upstream Oil & Gas

9 Refinery Hydrodesulfurization (HDS) Hydrocracking Fluid catalytic cracking Reforming Vent gas recovery June 2012 General MHe Page 9

10 Overview Range BA_01 BE_01 BC_01 June 2012 Refinery General MHe Page 10

11 Process Gas Compressor Type 6B5XC2.69 5-stages, Non-lubricated Customer: OXEA GasH 2 mix Suction volume6962m3/h Suction temperature38°C Suction pressure1.3bar a Discharge pressure67.3bar a Shaft power2732kW Speed424rpm August 2011 2_3_Process_Gas_Compressors Page 11

12 Process Gas Compressor Type 6B3A-2.32_1 GasH 2 mix Suction volume1390m3/h Suction temperature40 °C Suction pressure22.36bar a Discharge pressure85.80bar a Shaft power3210kW Speed297rpm Customer: Repsol Petroleo 3-stage, Lubricated, recycle and make-up gas 24000 hrs. without maintenance August 2011 2_3_Process_Gas_Compressors Page 12

13 LLDPE, LDPE, PP and many more Petrochemical / Chemical Industry June 2012 General MHe Page 13

14 LDPE Plant Flow Sheet Booster Fresh ethylene Suction vessel Storage / Degassing Hyper Reactor Intercoolers Aftercooler High pressure separator Low pressure separator Extruder 1 st stage 2 nd stage Primary Kick-valve Pressure up to 3100 bar !

15 Process Gas Compressor Type 6B6A-1.100_1 6-stage, Lubricated GasC 2 H 4 mix Suction volume10'402m3/h Suction temperature45 °C Suction pressure1.40bar a Discharge pressure288.00bar a Shaft power5'040kW Speed429rpm August 2011 2_3_Process_Gas_Compressors Page 15 Customer: China Petrochemical for LDPE plant Sinopec, Maoming / China

16 Hyper Compressor K10 for LDPE Customer: Technimont-Salzgitter for BASELL, Aubette, France Gas C 2 H 4 Capacity116000 kg/h Suction temperature 41 °C Suction pressure 280 bar a Discharge pressure 3100 bar a Shaft power 20900 kW Speed200rpm ComonomerEV June 2012 General MHe Page 16

17 Hyper Compressors – Lowest Life Cycle Costs Lowest initial costs Minimum numbers of cylinders compared to competitive products Lowest operating costs Low consumption of energy, lube oil Best performance Lowest maintenance costs Lowest speed 200 rpm Large bearings, low load Lowest life cycle costs Short return on investment August 2011 2.3 Hyper Compressors Page 17

18 Laby ® Compressor for PE / PP Process Basell Spheripol PP Spherilene LLDPE Catalloy PP, LLDPE HDPEHDPE Borealis PP, LLDPE Ineos PP, HDPE, LLDPE Mitsui PP Sumitomo PP ScientificEO/EG Sinopec (SEI)PP, LLDPE Novolene PP DOW,Univation PP, LLDPE, EO/EG Others June 2012 General MHe Page 18

19 Pollution in a Polyolefine Plant Valves cleaned in one of our Valve Service Station The same valve after reconditioning in one of BCA Valve Service Stations Compressor valve after several thousand hours operating in a polypropylene plant 2012 Petrochemical general Page 19

20 Labyrinth-Piston unique design Piston nut Upper piston crown Piston skirt Lower piston crown Piston rod 2012 Petrochemical general Page 20

21 Compressor Solution For Gas Transport and Storage LNG LPG Cryogenic hydrocarbon gases Upstream June 2012 General MHe Page 21

22 Equipment MTBF (years) Mean Time between Failures (MTBF) EquipmentMTBF (years) 1Centrifugal compressors (clean services)8.2 2Centrifugal compressors (fouling services)5.6 3Screw compressors, liquid injected6.2 4Srew compressors, dry type, clean gas4.0 5Axial compressors8.0 6Reciprocating compressors, labyrinth-piston type7.8 7Reciprocating compressors, lubricated type4.1 8Reciprocating compressors, contacting piston, non-lubricated2.8 The Laby ® is best in class! Source: Looking for RDFA databases? Consider failure statistics by H.P. Bloch, HYDROCARBON PROCESSING / Jan 2002 …and is comparable to centrifugal compressors Highest Reliability for the Laby ® 2012 Petrochemical general Page 22

23 CSS (Components Service Support) Products – The Full Range for All Reciprocating Compressors Valve service Spare parts logistics Field service Technical support Component repair Engineering services Revamps Training Monitoring and diagnostics 2012 Petrochemical general Page 23

24 Burckhardt Compression Manufacturing Locations Page 24 1.1_Company General Presentation April 2013 Winterthur, Switzerland Number of employees: 472 Workshop area:33'200 m 2 Pune, India Number of employees:238 Workshop area:6'000 m 2 Shanghai, China Number of employees:57 Workshop area:3'000 m 2

25 Milestones of Burckhardt Compression's History Page 25 1.1_Company General Presentation April 2013 1834Sulzer Brothers Ltd. established in Winterthur 1844Engineering Works Burckhardt established in Basel 1878Compressors and vacuum pumps enter the product range 1883First compressor sale 1920Start of development of ammonia synthesis compressors up to 1'000 bar 1935First labyrinth piston compressor (Laby ® ) 1952First hyper for LDPE production at 1'500 bar 1969Acquisition of Engineering Works Burckhardt by Sulzer AG 1971First Laby ® for LNG boil-off at minus 160°C 1982First Laby ® for LLDPE and PP 2000Consolidation of all business activities in Winterthur 2002Burckhardt Compression becomes independent through a MBO 2006IPO of Burckhardt Compression at SIX 2007World's most powerful single frame Hyper compressor with 27'500 kW delivered

26 What You Can Expect from Burckhardt Compression as a Partner Reliability and quality Continuity and innovation Know-how and experience Technology for best life cycle costs Worldwide sales and service network One of the leading reciprocating compressor manufacturer Page 26 1.1_Company General Presentation April 2013



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