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3 Team Cleaning Vs Individual Cleaning
APRIL 3-6, 2013, LONG BEACH, CA Task Team Cleaning Vs Individual Cleaning Tuan Nguyen/Doug Sorum Lompoc Unified School District Maintenance and Operations These materials have been prepared by the CASBO Southern Region M&O Professional Council (or CASBO Associate Member). They have not been reviewed by State CASBO for approval, so therefore are not an official statement of CASBO.

4 Sources Of Complaints Dusting Restroom Cleanliness Restroom Supplies
Floors Carpets Trash Removal Entrance Areas Other Indoor Air Quality Employee Theft 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45%

5 Current Challenges for Districts
Cleaning standards vary from site to site. Cleaning standards vary from room to room. Cleaning equipment is not standardized from site to site. High absence rate (worker’s comp/sickness) resulting in lost continuity. Difficult to train subs quickly in the individual environment. Cleaning process has not taken into account technology efficiency 2013 CASBO ANNUAL CONFERENCE & SCHOOL BUSINESS EXPO

6 Traditional Individual Cleaning
Within a given area of a building an employee performs all duties related to cleaning. These duties generally include trash removal, dusting, restroom cleaning, polishing, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and other duties as assigned. 2013 CASBO ANNUAL CONFERENCE & SCHOOL BUSINESS EXPO

7 Traditional Individual Cleaning Analysis
Zones are different sizes…some larger and some smaller Inconsistent appearance of zones… some are cleaner than others. In some cases, cleaning quality depends on the relationship between the custodian and teacher. Zones that have the better custodian will look better. In most situations, traditional cleaning has not incorporated new cleaning technology (i.e. automatic restroom cleaning equipment, portable vacuum, etc.) Employees carry more tools with them, creating an inefficient process and increase equipment cost.

8 Advantages Of Task Cleaning Consistent cleaning. Single standard
Cleaning tools are separated for each task. Different tools for restrooms and different tools for classrooms. Increased Productivity Equal zone areas for all custodians Less Confusion… more definition Train a single discipline

9 Task Cleaning Steps to success
Develop a district standard with agreement from administration, principal, staff, union. Understand time needed to achieve standards. Review union contract to understand possibility and potential road blocks. (work with HR) Develop work schedule to meet district standard Explore technology and equipment to achieve work efficiency Develop custodian training on the process Follow up and verify cleaning goals

10 Lompoc Proposed District Standard
Daily tasks Clean restroom using restroom machine Empty trash (Ideally only empty one trash can by door) Clean sink and water fountain Clean kitchen and lunch room Vacuum all surfaces (carpet and tile) Wipe desk surfaces (once a week) Annually Shampoo carpet (carpet van will speed up this process) Wax hard floor surface

11 CASBO, APPA formula and ISSA time study
CASBO – based on student population, staff level, and square footage. Formula is simple, hard to defense and open for debate. (1 custodian for every 13 teachers + 1 custodian for every 325 students + 1 custodian for every 13 rooms + 1 custodian for every 18,000 sq. ft)/4) + .5 facility use APPA (Association Physical Plant Administrators) – based on level of service. It works best in facilities requiring special handling. For example a college might require a higher service level for housing and heavy use area like library and student union. ISSA – International Sanitary Supply Associations task time list.

12 ISSA time study Time standard is black and white. It is verifiable by cleaning professional. ( General Cleaning Classroom Service Sq. Ft. Minutes Sq. Ft. Hr. 32 Trash/Dust with Duster/Clean Chalkboard/Dust mop Floor 1,000 9.40 6,383 33 Trash/Dust with Duster/Clean Chalkboard/Damp Mop Floor 16.00 3,750 34 Trash/Dust with Duster/Clean Chalkboard/Tank Vacuum Floor 12.20 4,918 35 Trash/Dust with Duster/Clean Chalkboard/Upright vacuum Floor 14.00 4,286 36 Trash/Dust with Treated Cloth/Clean Chalkboard/Dustmop floor 10.40 5,769 37 Trash/Dust with Treated Cloth/Clean Chalkboard/Damp Mop floor 17.00 3,529 38 Trash/Dust with Treated Cloth/Clean Chalkboard/Tank Vacuum Floor 14.60 4,110 39 Trash/Dust with Treated Cloth/Clean Chalkboard Upright Vacuum Floor 15.40 3,896 40 Trash/Dust with Scrap-Trap Type Vacuum/Clean Chalkboard/Portable Vacuum Floor 10.50 5,714 41 Trash/Dust with Back-Pack Vacuum/Clean Chalkboard/Back-Pack Vacuum Floor 11.00 5,455

13 Proposed plan (Lompoc Unified)

14 Proposed plan (Lompoc Unified)

15 Lompoc Unified Overview
46 custodians covering 17 campuses. Due to past setup, 16 custodians are on day shift and not participating on nightly cleaning (trash, restrooms, floor, gym, facility use, kitchen) New cleaning plan requires day custodian to dedicate 30% of their time on task cleaning. 1.5 night custodians for most elementary schools 2.5 night custodians for middle schools 5 night custodians for the high schools 0.5 night custodian for continuation schools Define regular nightly cleaning and weekly task cleaning

16 Understand your equipment (hybrid plan)
Roving crew (Pickup truck with Kaivac). Each truck will be responsible for up to 3 elementary schools. The one elementary custodian on site will vacuum using backpack vacuum. ISSA data indicates a 4 minutes time saving per 1000 square ft. (15 vs. 11 min) Middle schools and high schools will have their own restroom equipment, using trailer and golf cart.

17 Equipment/People limitations
Address equipment concerns promptly. Remember, as a supervisor/manager, it is up to us to set a tone for changes. Taking care of the equipment will show that we care about the success of the cleaning plan (no duct tape) Carry/standardize spare parts because equipment will fail Understand equipment limitations (distant, pressure, volume, chemical etc…). It is our job to push the envelope without going over the edge. Understand worker limitations. Let workers get use to the plan and do not give up quickly. It is an adjustment and it will require an adjustment period.

18 Understand/Explore new technology determine what will work for you
Backpack Vacuum

19 Four-level Filtration
Pro-Team's Micro-Lined and Cloth Filter Bags are up to 96.1% efficient at filtering particles down to 1 micron in size Four-level Filtration Inner Fiber Filter (2-ply Micro-Lined) Outer Filter (Micro-Tex) Dome Filter (Plastic cage with foam or HEPA media) Sound Coat Filter/Diffuser (2" Foam eliminates all concentrated output-air) Source: Quest Enterprises 1996

20 Potential issues to change
Complete agreement needed from administration and principals to be successful Certain teachers might not want change, because they will have less time to talk with their favorite custodians. Some believe that pride and ownership will suffer if we move to a task cleaning model Some custodians will oppose changes. Learning curve to implement new equipment

21 Change video/Role Play
Believe in your plan Anticipate barriers Provide feedback to team members (both good & opportunity) Be visible and supportive. Listen but be ready to make the tough call if needed.

22 Potential rewards Consistent high quality clean throughout the district. Provide cleaning equality for all staff. Increase daily cleaning efficiency, allowing more time for deep cleaning (shampoo carpet, increase floor waxing, etc…) Simplify the cleaning process (equipment and tasks) Provide more oversight and accountability to the cleaning process

23 Thank You 2013 CASBO Annual Conference Long Beach, CA Tuan Nguyen
Doug Sorum (805) Lompoc Unified School District (

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