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LAMBORGHINI BLANCPAIN SUPER TROFEO ASIA 2013 The Fastest One-Make Series in the World.

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1 LAMBORGHINI BLANCPAIN SUPER TROFEO ASIA 2013 The Fastest One-Make Series in the World

2 After the success of the European Series, the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo will continue for its fifth season in Europe, while its Asian counterpart has been successefully launched in 2012 ITS YOUR TURN….

3 MAKE IT REAL This unique race series underlines the Lamborghini brands no-compromise attitude. Six pedal-to-the-metal events behind the wheel of the new Gallardo Super Trofeo: the ultimate weapon based on the Gallardo LP570-4 specifically set up for the racing circuit.

4 ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION ENGINE: V10 5.2 lt IDS MAX.POWER:570 hp @ 8.000 rpm MAX.TORQUE: 540 Nm @ 6.500 rpm GEARBOX: Six-speed robotized e-gear with paddles on steering column DRIVE.TRAIN: 4WD with viscous traction (rear: 45% limited slip) SUSPENSION:Fully adjustable AERODYNAMICS:Race optimized aero kit DRY.WEIGHT: 1.300 kg FUEL.TANK CAPACITY: 90 lt PRICE:210.000 EURO THE DRIVERS WEAPON - GALLARDO SUPER TROFEO

5 SAFETY & FEATURES FRONT Brakes 375 x 34 mm (steel), 8 pot callipers REAR Brakes 332 x 32 mm (steel), 6 pot callipers Forced ventilation of brake system Specific brake booster Racing ABS Full roll cage Racing seat Six-point safety harness HANS device compatibility Fire extinguisher Electric circuit breaker Start engine button MTA digital dashboard & data logger Quick release racing steering wheel Polycarbonate windscreen and windows with side sliding section

6 TAKE THE BULL BY THE HORNS A top speed in excess of 300Km/h, 570 horsepower and a heart stopping, blood pumping racing feeling. Taking the wheel of a Lamborghini is never less than a challenge. Especially when its no Sunday drive in the country but right up at the very limit, on the most spectacular racing circuits across Asia.

7 THE BATTLE ARENA Due to the performance of Super Trofeo cars, the circuits are selected considering the highest standard of safety. Suggested circuits are: China:ShanghaiJapan: FujiMalaysia: Sepang Macao Korea: Inje

8 THE CALENDAR 25-26MayRace IChinaShanghai 29-30June Race IIMalaysiaSepang 10-11AugustRace IIIKoreaInje 21-22SeptemberRace IVJapanFuji 26-27OctoberRace VChinaShanghai 09-10NovemberRace VIMacaoMacao GP

9 THE RACING FORMAT The Series will be open to Gentlemen drivers and for the first time in Asia, the races will allow up to two drivers in the same Team 6 racing events across Asia 1 official pre season test Following the system used for the European series and the other existing one-make series in Asia, the format suggested for each race weekend is: 1 free practice session of 50 1 qualifying session of 35 (15+5+15) 2 races of 50 (with change of driver) Rolling start

10 DRIVERS YEARLY BUDGET (Estimate) Drivers entry fee - entry to race (6) and official test (1) - all cars and equipments logistic - hospitality (3 VIP pass) - one team wear and drivers kit (race suit, race equipment)45.000 Euro Tires (purchased by the driver race by race) 3 set new tires each week end 1 set wet tires Total of 19 set of tires/driver (2,100 Euro/set) 39.900 Euro Racing Service offered by the organizer (optional for the driver who doesnt have his own Team) 2 dedicated mechanics 1 professional race engineer Full technical support -Option A): Single car team45.000 Euro -Option B): Two cars x team (cost to be shared with second car)82.000 Euro

11 SERVICES OFFERED: - Full logistic support from the base to each race track - race organization on track - racing formalities - Set up of pit garage with standard branding decoration Lamborghini - Tools and equipment for the race car in sharing form - Hospitality for driver and guests - Spare parts service on site - Possibility to offer a full technical support with mechanics and racing engineer to single drivers in order to facilitate the access also to whom do not have a racing team and with the idea to provide a budget cap - If a driver is entered under an individual team, the team will not be allowed to bring more than two mechanics per car or three mechanics for two cars

12 GIVE YOUR BUSINESS A FAST LAP The Super Trofeo is more than a race series; it is a business opportunity

13 Private Sponsoring opportunities for drivers and Team

14 In order to facilitate the entry to the Series and shave the costs, each Driver and his Team will be entitled to seek for their own private sponsors (subject to approval from Lamborghini) Specific areas on each individual race car are available for private sponsors and individual branding PRIVATE SPONSORS

15 All white spaces are available for Driver and Team Sponsors

16 THE BUSINESS PLATFORM An exclusive and luxurious hospitality facility Networking opportunities Branding options

17 NETWORKING A great opportunity to meet Lamborghini owners, series partners, guests and VIPs. Develop important relationships, with new and existing partners around the glamorous Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo race weekend.

18 HOSPITALITY Entertain the Lamborghini way; indulge in finest Italian food and wine. The Super Trofeo Hospitality is the perfect environment to entertain, network and enjoy the dynamic world of motorsport.

19 MEDIA A comprehensive communications programme in order to enhance worldwide exposure.

20 If you want to be someone, you buy a sports car…if you are someone, you drive a Lamborghini…if you want to be The One, you race in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo

21 SEE YOU ON THE PODIUM CRISTIANO INVERNI Automobili Lamborghini Asia Pacific Head of Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia Series Tel: +86 138 1187 5747 Email:

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