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100% Wealth Creation 100% Direct B2B 100% Entrepreneurship.

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1 100% Wealth Creation 100% Direct B2B 100% Entrepreneurship

2 SOUTH AFRICA Applicant: HASSAH Arts & crafts Question: marketing plan for the company Result: I dropped Ingrid off today with a lot of tears, sadness and gratitude. Thank you Ex-Change for making this possible. This added value to peoples lives who are in desperate need of food, hope, dignity and a future in South Africa. Thank you very much! Erika Tempel, General Director HASSAH, about expert Ingrid Macours and Ex-Change

3 PERU Engineer Dirk Vervacke: "an enormous satisfaction for me, one of the highlights in my career!" Applicant: Coffee plantation Question: feasibility study for automatic sorting of coffee beans and improvement of the production proces Result: increase of production by a factor of 9 to 12 (!)

4 ECUADOR Question: business & financial plan, goal is to export to Europe. Result: concrete action plan as a basis for the required credits with financial institutions. Additional credits were obtained and export is a given. Applicant: Balsa Esmeraldeña produces FSC certified wood products.

5 UGANDA Applicant: Vision Voice is a new radio station in Uganda that wishes to become a quality channel for news and entertainment. Question: capacity build up of broadcasters Result: Kampala - Vision Group's Long Awaited radio station, Vision Voice 94.8 FM officially hit the airwaves of the country this morning. The Chief Executive Officer, Robert Kabushenga, said Vision Voice 94.8 is not just a new radio, but a new voice.

6 BURKINA FASO Applicant: 'Transport CV' transports people and cargo and wants to improve and expand its activities. Question: capacity build up of the technicians for maintainance and repair of the fleet and fine tuning a system for monitoring the workshop and warehouse. Result: Mission completed, and furthermore contacts with a Flemish company for the purchase of spare parts.

7 UGANDA Applicant: Jopo Farm is a cattle farm that also wants to start their own slaughterhouse according to HACCP standards. Question: advice about the processes, procedures, standards and the general management of the slaughterhouse (including training of the butchers). Result: an improved food schedule for the animals and an improved construction of the corrals. The expert made contact with Flemish companies for the slaughterhouse equipment.

8 PERU Local applicant: "productos Alimentarios Misky" produces artisanal food Question: -quality improvement and reduction of turnaround time and production costs, - partial automation of the production process. Result: Expert Theo Speeleveld, together with the applicant, made a detailed step by step plan that is gradually being implemented.

9 UGANDA Local Applicant: new lodge under construction with furniture in natural materials - and carpentry and training center. Result: the expert taught basic principles in the field of materials and tools. Several dozen carpenters received training in the process. Question: on the job technical training

10 MALAWI Applicant: Nali Hot Sauces makes spicy sauces and wants to increase their activities quantitatively and improve qualitatively. Question: technical training to improve quality in the whole chain. Result: - The Nali sauce brands have attained cult status throughout the world for their hotness and taste. - One of Malawi's most popular sauces. - The expert contacted a company in Flanders for equipment (tanks, pumps and pipes) for the new plant of the company.

11 BURUNDI Applicant: Fruito is a company that makes juice from pineapple, passion fruit and mango. Question: they asked for a market study and business plan with the final aim of exporting to neighboring countries and Europe. Result: the expert made recommendations on packaging, hygiene, raw materials, quality, marketing and a business plan. Back in Flanders, he contacted a company for filling machines and freezers.

12 SENEGAL Applicants: 16 companies in the Agence de Développement et d'encadrement des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises (ADEPME) Question: the companies want to obtain access to the European market. Result: - increased production, sales and quality. - export!

13 BURKINA FASO Applicant: Société Africaine de Charcuterie et Salaisons is active in meat processing Question: they asked for assistance with quality improvement and training of the team Result: the expert made recommendations on internal organization, quality improvement and preservation. Back in Flanders, he made contacts with a company for machines for meat processing.

14 TOGO & BURKINA FASO Bakeries Applicant: various companies in Togo and Burkina Faso request expertise in running a bakery. Question: improvement of the products, staff training, management etc. result: A Flemish multinational in bread improvers has agreed to support the experts with knowledge and to train the applicants if required.

15 MALAWI Applicant: 'Nationwide has some wholesalers in the major cities of Malawi and is now focussing on retail. Question: Business plan for the development of a chain of retail stores, regulations about the cold chain. Result: the expert gave practical tips on shelving & display and anti-theft. He made a step by step plan with the applicant and gave information about HACCP and cold chain. Contacts were made with a Flemish supermarket for the export of retail products.

16 Ex-Change: Mission The promotion of entrepreneurship as a sustainable and powerful tool against poverty in developing economies

17 Strategy Bring entrepreneurs from the North in direct contact with entrepreneurs from developing economies to share knowledge and to build partnerships in a global economy

18 Working Method Ex-Change Search for expertise in the North Re- quest Search Organi sation Work trip Match! Follow -up Practical organisation, briefing etc. Work Trip: 2 to 3 weeks, volunteer, all expenses paid by Ex-Change and applicant Commitment to the long-term follow-up Match! Qualitative requests from SME/organization from the South

19 Countries and projects

20 Sectors

21 Areas of competence

22 Ex-Change projects 2002 -...

23 Who are the volunteer experts? - More than 750 candidates - Average 51 years - Minimum 10 years experience - Open-minded, inquisitive, flexible, available - With or without support from a company or other organization

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