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Military Procurement – Update

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1 Military Procurement – Update
Cathy Sabiston DG, Defence and Major Projects Sector Christopher Boyle Senior Director, Marine Sector

2 Overview Management of Major Projects and other defence projects
Major Clients: National Defence Canadian Commercial Corporation Royal Canadian Mounted Police Transport Canada Canadian Coast Guard Canadian Security Intelligence Service Communications Security Establishment Correctional Services Canada Canadian Border Services Agency Involvement in initiatives to improve military procurement

3 Armoured Vehicles Projects
Force Mobility Enhancement Project Convert up to 18 Leopard 2 A4 tank chassis into Armoured Engineer Vehicles (AEVs). Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) III Upgrade Project Upgrade and improve the protection, mobility and firepower effects of 550 in-service LAV III vehicles In the last five years : 355 contracts per year Average annual business value : $1.7B

4 Aerospace Equipment Directorate
Support contracts for fleet of aircraft (Hercules, Sea King, CF18, Cormorant, Challenger, Aurora and others) Aircraft and aircraft systems procurement - Civilian and Military North Warning System Surveillance, identification, control and warning for the aerospace defence of Canada and the United States. In the last five years : 1536 contracts per year Average annual business value : $1B

5 Electronics, Munitions and Tactical Systems Procurement
Munitions (ammunition and weapons), including laser-guided bombs, torpedoes and rockets Defence electronics, simulation systems, land tactical command, control and communications systems Land intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance systems including radars and UAVs In the last five years : 1022 contracts per year Average annual business value : $1.5B

6 Major Projects - Land MSVS (Medium Support Vehicle System) Procurement of new medium-sized logistics trucks for the Canadian Forces ($1.58 B) TAPV (Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle) Acquisition of 500 well-protected and mobile, armoured wheeled combat vehicles ($900M) CCV (Close Combat Vehicle) Acquisition of 108 new, highly-protected and mobile fleet of armoured fighting vehicles for use in medium to high threat operations. ($3.6B)

7 Major Projects - Air Maritime Helicopter Project
Acquisition of 28 fully integrated helicopters CH-148 Cyclone from Sikorsky and In-service support to 2028 ($5.3B) Medium-to Heavy-Lift Helicopter Project Acquisition of 15 MHLH aircraft (Chinook CH-147 “F” model) from Boeing and In-Service Support (ISS) for 20 years (project value $4.7 B) Tactical and operational training systems Procure, and maintain for 20 years, courseware and training devices for the aircrew operational training capability in support of the CC-130J and CH-147F fleets ($600M) Airlift Capability Project - Tactical (ACP-T) Acquisition of 17 Hercules C-130J from Lockheed Martin and 20-year ISS

8 Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue Aircraft Replacement
Replacement of current FWSAR aircraft. The FWSAR project is in Definition Phase (Development of RFP). Active engagement with industry A draft RFP is expected to be released in late summer 2013, with the final RFP to be released in early 2014. Estimated value: $3.8B for acquisition and In-service Support for period of 20years

9 CCG Helicopter Replacement
12 to 20 light lift helicopters 4 to 8 medium lift helicopters 2 polar helicopters Simulators Project Value: $483 M Smart Procurement (including industry engagement, governance and third party involvement

10 North Warning System Renewal of the North Warning System (NWS) Contract. Project Value: $930M Certain % of the firm contract price must be for Inuit employment under the Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement.

11 Integrated Soldier System Project
Acquire 6,624 Integrated Soldier Suites, as well as in-service support and spare parts Project Value: $490M RFP is active and closes 1 Aug. 2013

12 Marine Sector Line of business description
The Marine Sector is responsible for the implementation of the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy and for federal fleet shipbuilding and support procurement projects. Number of Employees 79 (in NCR, Halifax & Victoria) Interface with PWGSC Regional Offices Major Clients Department of National Defence, Canadian Coast Guard 12 12

13 Halifax Class Modernization/ Frigate Life Extension (FELEX)
Mid-life modernization and refit of the 12 HALIFAX Class frigates valued at $2.7B Two Multi-ship refit contracts with Irving Shipbuilding Inc. and Victoria Shipyards Ltd. Combat Systems Integrator (CSI) contract with Lockheed Martin Canada To date a total of six ships are in various stages of their refit and modernization

14 Canadian Surface Combatant
Objective is to acquire up to 15 ships to replace Canada’s existing destroyers and frigates Highly complex and challenging requirement (complexity level 4) Currently in Definition Phase 1 - ship design activities and refine cost estimates/timelines Industry Engagement is underway and will inform the: Procurement Approach for the design of fully integrated combat ships Technical Requirement The Canadian Surface Combatant will be constructed at Irving Shipbuilding Inc., the shipyard selected for the combat package under the NSPS

15 Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS)
First project in Combat Package with Irving Shipbuilding Inc. Project to procure 6-8 ships Definition Contract awarded March 2013 30 month effort Design maturation Build preparation Build Contract planned for Spring/Summer 2015 Ships to be built in new shipyard infrastructure First delivery in 2018 Last delivery 2023/2024

16 Joint Support Ship (JSS)
Announced in July 2010, to acquire two support ships to replace the Navy’s current Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment vessels, with the option to procure a third with a budget of $2.6 Billion (taxes included) Part of NSPS Non-Combat package to be built at Vancouver Shipyards Co. Ltd. (Seaspan) Military Off The Shelf (MOTS) Design selected on June 2, 2013 JSS/Polar Sequencing Decision planned for Fall 2013 JSS MOTS Design Developer: ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems Canada

17 Mid-Shore Patrol Vessel (MSPV)
Competitive Contract for 9 MSPV is issued to Irving Shipbuilding of Halifax, in August 2009, with an option for 3 additional Vessels. 43 metre vessels that will operate up to 120 nautical miles offshore for up to 14 days. Operations will include maritime security and conservation and protection. Four vessels have been delivered up to now, between July 2012 and May Three vessels are currently in operation in the Great Lakes Area. The Five last vessels are currently under construction Last delivery expected in Fall 2014

18 Offshore Fisheries Science Vessel
3 OFSV will replace 4 existing vessels and will conduct fishing and acoustic surveys of fish and invertebrates in the Northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and monitor changes in marine ecosystems. Vessels will be 55 metres length overall with the ability to support a complement of 34 persons for 31 days without the need for re-provisioning with food or fuel. Design completed in January 2012 under a competitively awarded contract with RALion. Build Contract is part of the Non-Combat Package of NSPS with Vancouver Shipyard Co. Ltd. . A construction Engineering Contract was awarded to the shipyard in February 2013, to prepare the production drawings Negotiations for ship-construction contract in process with the shipyard.

19 Polar Icebreaker One Polar Icebreaker was announced in Budget 2008 to become in service as the CCGS Louis St. Laurent, which will be decommissioned in 2017. The design contract was awarded to STX Canada Marine, Vancouver, BC, on November 17, 2011, following a competitive process. The Build Contract will be directed to Vancouver Shipyard Co. Ltd. as part of the Non-Combat Package under NSPS. The design is progressing. Ice Model Testing has been completed in St-John’s Design contract anticipated to be completed by December 2013. Discussions already in process with Vancouver Shipyard for the construction Engineering contract.

20 Marine Systems NSPS under 1000 ton Ship Construction Contracts such as: Inshore Fisheries Science Vessel Hovercraft Fisheries Research Vessel RCMP Fast Patrol Board PRV III’s RHIBS (DND and CCG) Vessel Engineering Engine Overhaul Submarine Rescue Logistics Procurements Marine In-Service Support Marine Logistics Ship Refits Contracts such as: Preserver Refit Protecteur Refit Athabaskan Refit Oberon Disposal 20

21 Victoria In-Service Support Contract
Competitive Contract signed in June 2008 with the Canadian Submarine Maintenance Group now Babcock Canada Inc. to support the four Upholder Class Submarines. VISSC received TB approval for $1.7B over 15 years, including 10 option years. VISSC has successfully established a submarine service capability in Canada 250+ direct jobs have been created with an additional 293 Canadian companies that provide various levels of support to the prime contractor. HMCS CHICOUTIMI is undergoing the first refit under this contract and is on track for delivery to the Navy in December 2013.

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