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Welcome Back! You are in Business Information Management (BIM) Sit where you are comfortable. Please leave computers off! Mrs. Warman.

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1 Welcome Back! You are in Business Information Management (BIM) Sit where you are comfortable. Please leave computers off! Mrs. Warman

2 Check Your Schedules BIM – Warman Has anyone already taken BCIS? Is anyone in Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance? Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Advertising, Business Management, Law, Store Accounting


4 And me…

5 What I am most passionate about…

6 Recognize Anyone?

7 Riddle? We just did this: You only get one chance at it. You can not take it back Perception trumps reality It takes time to overcome a bad one

8 We each made a:

9 You are in BIM! Business – Employment & Career Information – WORD, Access (database), Excel and PowerPoint (together known as the Microsoft Office Software Suite) Management – why manage information? Did You Know? Did You Know?

10 Syllabus/Class Information on my website First Semester Basic Business/Computer Information Word Business Skills Second Semester Excel PowerPoint Access

11 Class Rules… Be RESPECTFUL to everyone and everything. Be PROMPT, PREPARED and ready to PARTICIPATE. Be HONEST; protect your character and reputation. The INTERNET is for learning. Be PROFESSIONAL: Use restroom during passing periods or individual time. Make sure all trash is placed in proper container. Leave your area better than you found it. WHEN IN DOUBT REFER TO RULE #1

12 Please Bring… Everyone for personal use: A folder or binder to keep your printed work. A pencil or pen – EVERYDAY! To share in classroom: Last Name A-H – One package of pens or pencils Last Name I-Z– One large box of Kleenex

13 Rules to follow… Technology Policy (my website) - You MUST abide by these rules or you will lose your computer privileges (you cant pass this class unless you use a computer) Class Rules (my website)

14 Everything I Need to Know Ask for help! Tutoring – before and after school and 1 st or 8 th period. Let me know to expect you. Dont Trade parts of the computers. I have spare parts – ASK! Hands to Yourself and only your keys Save Your Work Often! If you lose it you have to start over, just like at home or work!

15 Grading 50% comes from Daily Grades 50% comes from Major Grades such as large projects and tests

16 Goal for the Year Do something this year you can add to a job or college application and your RESUME! Examples: Join a Club! BPA–Business Professionals of America Get Certified! MOS-Microsoft Office Specialist Compete UIL

17 Warm-Up: First thing every class Period! 1. Log-in 2. Go to my website and do the SAT ? of the day. (Warman) 3. Go into Skyward (Student Access) and check your grades and assignments for all classes 4. Check your new school email on Google.


19 Parts of the Computer Central Processing Unit (CPU) Monitor Keyboard Mouse

20 CPU (Central Processing Unit) What is it connected to? What is the round cord with the clip type connection (not a USB)? We are in a client-server configuration connected by a LAN. Find both ends of the power cord.

21 Monitor Find your monitor cord Follow it to the back of the computer Notice it is the blue flat connector It may fall asleep!

22 Mouse and Keyboard Find your mouse and keyboard Follow the cords to the back of the computer Notice they are USB ports A USB is a USB is a USB – any USB can go anywhere!

23 Power cords Find the two black power cords behind the monitor and computer. Make sure they are tightly connected to the computer and monitor, and they are plugged into the surge protector. Please note that you share a surge protector with your neighbor; be careful not to trip it…you will both lose your work. On that note, remember to always SAVE every few minutes!!!

24 Lets talk Passwords ! Technology is great if you can get into it! At school: 1. Sign-on 2. Skyward – STUDENT a must in this class! 3. Email

25 Power UP and Log-In! Surge protector should be on – what is the universal sign for on and off? Enter your Student ID # and password from last year. If you are NEW enter your ID # twice and you will be prompted to change your password immediately. Be sure your password is one you will remember! Skyward password.

26 Now we are logged in… What do you want to do? Where do you want to look? Internet is for learning! NO GAMES!

27 Your H Drive… Is your SAVING grace. Literally. Go to START and MY COMPUTER. Locate your H Drive which is labeled by your student ID #. You will save EVERYTHING you do in class here. If it is not in your H drive, it is not done.

28 Your C Drive…..A sinking ship! Isnt YOURS! If you save to C: like you do at home you are sunk! The C: is cleared every night in the

29 Creating Folders in your H Drive In your H Drive, right click anywhere in the white space. Choose NEW and then FOLDER. Type BIM for the folder name. Now click on BIM folder, and create a new folder inside titled 1 st Nine Weeks, 2 nd Nine Weeks, 3 rd Nine Weeks, 4 th Nine Weeks

30 Other Procedures SAT ? Of the Day Handing in work Make-up Work Student Supplies Log into desktop at home Hall Passes School email account School newspaper – Eagle Angle

31 Why are you here? Learner – intentionally signed up for this course. I may be interested in Business. Prisoner – I dont want to be here or I am only taking this course to fulfill the prerequisite to take other business or marketing courses. Vacationer – needed a semester credit, thought this would be easy and maybe interesting!

32 I Am So Happy You Are Here! Where are we headed?

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