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Welcome to TESS Overseas

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1 Welcome to TESS Overseas

Vishal Sharma

3 Objective Marketing Programs of ABC Inc. at ABC Inc. wishes to outsource its work related to product and e-catalog content with consistent and current website product content and images to ABC India for supporting the day to day On line marketing content updating functions This refers to the following: Product Content Updates: Manage and execute all Online Submission Forms (OSF) requests for product page content updates. Retrieve appointed materials placed in submission (images, copy, skus, pdfs, etc.) and use the Content Management System (CMS) to update the appropriate products. Product Update Review and Tracking: Review updates on a staging server for consistency, report on completion and track all requests. Populate E-Catalog s: Create and populate e-catalog s using provided templates while maintaining the templates consistent look, feel and message Reporting status by s to Cat Managers, online marketing specialist and manager and Merchandising function Preparing reports and metrics and confirm to SLA as desired from time to time by Corp. Process owner

4 Problems faced by users

5 Unanswered Questions:
Functional :What is going to be done Strategic : Why is the process required Business & operational Risks – how are they being covered Behavioural : When & How Organizational : where it will be done who is going to do it Informational : Its structure and the relationships among them Problems: How does the process solve existing problems including functional Other issues like Training new users

6 Modeling : New Environment

7 Benefits of Business Process Modeling:
Align Operations with Business Strategy Link organizational strategy to well-defined business processes Align business execution and operation activity with strategy Business Process Improvements Enable Process ownership

8 Benefits of Business Process Modeling:
Increase Control and Consistency Formalize existing processes which may not be well documented or which have evolved over time into "informal knowledge“ Execute process in consistent manner because instead of relying on people to remember to do the right thing the documented process can be given to the business users Make better decisions because guesswork is eliminated as business users can have the documented business rules in front of them Handle exceptions faster and in a better way Complete regulatory compliance by ensuring that the documented processes follow the company guidelines and legal regulations Put business people in charge Support compliance initiatives such as Six Sigma, ISO 9000, ISO and other legal compliances

9 Benefits of Business Process Modeling:
Improve Operational Efficiencies helps managers with further improvements It increases productivity of existing resources and staff and so allows the team to do more with less It facilitates training of new users and encourages exchange of process improvement ideas It encourages a mind-set of continually optimizing business critical processes to incrementally improve operational efficiencies

10 Benefits of Business Process Modeling:
Gain Competitive Advantage Studies of many successful companies has often shown that their success was not due to better ideas or better business models but because they invested significantly in business process modelling to constantly refine and improve their processes A slight improvement in one activity here and another one there leads to an overall better process and as that process is executed repeatedly in the day-to-day running of the business it makes an organization much more efficient and better than its competitors A business that has aligned its operations to its strategy has control over its processes, is running efficiently and has well trained staff is indeed at the top of its game

11 Methodology &Deliverables


13 Business Analysis & Alignment
Description Scope Reasons Why we are doing the process Stakeholders (“ARMI”) Critical success factors Impacted Areas Key Result Areas (What do you want from Process) Quantitative Qualitative Matrices Critical to Quality (CTQ) – Strategic, Operational & Support Problems Exceptions Risks

14 Process Description SIPOC Flow charts Templates Screen shots
Steps, Process activities from supplier to Customer Swim Lanes Entry Criteria Deliverable Performance Metrics Controls Exceptions Flow charts Templates Screen shots System Requirements

15 Operations Controls & Compliance
Operational controls Verification criteria System or Manual Service Level ISO 9000 ISO 27001 Change Management Any other


1.Explains all activities which happen starting from the OSF (online submission form) to the completion confirmation to the Category Manager ACTIVITY STEPS PERFORMANCE METRIC 2. Explains all activities which happen starting from time the E-cat excel skeleton template is sent from Auburn to the time a test is sent from India via Cheetah Mail to the Auburn test group.


19 II Flow Chart FLOWCHART

20 Typical Formats & Templates in use

21 Other Sections in Process Model
Training Inputs & FAQs Job Descriptions Change Management Template

22 Process & Operator Reporting
OCSI_wktracking_sheet1.4.1 HOLIDAYS Metrices Report Name: OSF Requests On going MM-DD-YY to 1 Daily Ind Qty Target 40 Report Week Dates: SERV. DISCONTINUITY Avg TimeTarget 10.50 Online Mktg_OCSI Report By: Rajeev Sharma Working days 5 Request Types Job Requests Time in Hr:Minutes:Sec Jobs Processed Jobs Pending Ind. Quantity/SKU AVG.(Hr:Min:s)/Ind Qty/SKUs Daily Target Ind Qty/Target Image Requests 56 17:19:00 53 3 125 0:08:19 Promo Box Requests 6 1:35:00 14 0:06:47 Copy Requests 16 5:33:00 35 0:09:31 e-Catalog requests* 9 7:20:00 44 0:10:00 Other Requests** 1:00:00 Totals: 88 32:47:00 83 219 0:08:59 109.50% n.b *Quantity of equivalent Copy OSF is 13 per e-cat request for simple; complex e-cat preparation on Thursday took almost 5 hours 30 mintes **Total 60 minutes training was imparted on 1days; Thursday **Hence Quantity (SLA) achieved was lesser by 6 SKUs

23 Performance Analysis

24 Some other Examples

25 Existing Business Processes of Telecom Operator
Customer Disputes handling Data Storage – Online, Offline, Archived, Provisioning – BMD Restoration -- Master Data Changes New Shipment Customer Verification Cheque Payment Validations Customer Administration – Waivers, Adjustments etc. Payments updations by cash Credit Monitoring Billing cycle processing Legal and Police requirements Customer Acquisition and Activation Churn Management – Refund, De-activation, Retention CDR Collection Security and Access of Billing System Billing – Backup & Archival Roaming Process Customer Profile changes Financial Processes G/L, Ageing etc Tariff definition and changes Integration of epos, Customer Web Application, IVR, SMS Mobile number and SIM management Revenue Assurance Process

26 Existing Business Processes of Financial Services provider
Payment Transaction process Service provider acquisition process Complaint Transaction process Service provider Management process Courier Pickup process Bank cash & cheque deposit Process Receipt printing process Settlement process Batch upload process Agent management process Courier transaction process Security and Disaster Recovery process Courier & reconciliation process Data Security Bank deposit and reconciliation process Operator control process Retailer ledger maintenance process Systems Administration Process

27 Existing Business Processes of Manufacturing industry
Sales Order Management: Planning and Scheduling, Inventory Management: Accounts receivables processing Finished goods inventory Order fulfilment support management support Master Data Management: Raw material planning support Order to Cash management MIS and reporting Customer, Materials, Price Warranty and Spare Parts Management Warranty activation Warranty claim management Spare parts order processing





32 Re-Engineering Business Processes

33 Working Towards Re-Engineering
Microsoft Engineering Excellence Working Towards Re-Engineering Re-Engineered Bus Process Modeled Business Process Projects Worked On Existing Process NEW INPUTS, FEEDBACK, OPTIMIZATION, COMPLIANCE ETC. Time Spent Microsoft Confidential

34 SOME SUCCESS STORIES Business Processes Modelling of a Telecom Service Provider across customer care, Billing, and Credit Control Functions. Business Process & System Specifications for new offering for a Financial Services provider Business Process Modelling & Transition for a large Technology Reseller’s Back office outsourcing operations to a BPO Business processes & systems for e-Governance application Billing and customer care and CRM systems implementation for a TELECOM Operator. Smart Card based Business process & systems implementation for driving license and vehicle registration across 5 states in country. TL9000 AND ISO based Process AUDIT For Telecom Operator Functional and non functional Processes testing for a bill collection network

35 Why choose us? Provide increased value to clients
Our CONSULTANTs are driven by their personal desire to overcome their clients’ challenges. Our CONSULTANTs expect to be evaluated on, and held accountable for, the impact and results of their work. Our CONSULTANT can be less costly to engage than a full-time employee and more focused than in-house people can be, without diverting in-house staff from their main responsibilities. We will only accept engagements that bring value to the client; and will not take on projects that compromise the client's best interests.

36 Some more reasons why clients choose us
Our CONSULTANTs are able to see the whole business and understand the cross-functional and stakeholder implications of challenges and solutions. We strive to address the root issues of a problem, not just the symptoms. Our CONSULTANTs may have specific areas of deep expertise, but they are also required to demonstrate and maintain competence across a broad set of functional disciplines.

37 Customer Testimonials
“Anil has done a Good job of preparing the Disaster Recovery document & also helped the IT team with some teething problems. He has good knowledge in Security areas and works in an organized fashion. We have achieved Very Good Business Value on the cost benefit analysis of the value that was created when the project was approved and funded” – Rahul Munjal, CEO, Easy Bill Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi (a Hero group company) “We trade with Switzerland and other countries worldwide where quality is important. Anil provided us excellent consultancy for the web site and today it is indeed an international class web site. We have achieved Excellent Business Value on the cost benefit analysis of the value that was created when the project was approved and funded”-Ashok Sawhney, CEO worldwide, Swiss Military products “Anil was a Project Management Adviser at Global logic Inc.’s India development centre an off-shore outsourced Project by Kivera, our US client, involving match and merge operations and quality assurance activities for the mobile location based services with data from 2 data bases. This was a project with stringent time and quality constraints, which was being executed with around 45 people and 2 Project managers. Anil provided the following deliverables for the project: Due diligence of Project management and QA activities, setting up processes & templates for improvement, progress reporting to ensure timely completion of project & Client Interaction on Important matters. I am happy to inform that we received Very Good Business value Based on the cost/benefit analysis on the value proposition that was created when the project was approved and funded”-Sanjay Singh, President, Global Logic, USA “I want you to know that Zones appreciates all your effort in the past during your tenure. You will leave behind the legacy of process delivery methodology that we will carry forward to all the processes that are transferred to our India Office. You have many years of experience in the IT process reengineering and I am sure you will be able to offer invaluable service to any Enterprise corporation in India or elsewhere” –Anwar Jiwani, Sr. VP & CIO, Zones Inc., USA “Anil was employed as VP (Technology) at our HO at Delhi and had a team of Technology professionals working with him and the Team has contributed effectively towards Rosmerta’s projects and growth. Anil has an eye for Quality and is very process oriented. He also worked in our ISO certification process as Management Representative. The support of Technology Team under Anil contributed significantly to Rosmerta being able to enter new business area for issuance of smart card based Property Registration documents and also to win a new contract for a state wide issuance of smart cards for transport sector” - Satjit Singh Dhillon, Managing Director, Rosmerta Technologies v

38 Refer to us for your Business process Modeling
Microsoft Engineering Excellence Refer to us for your Business process Modeling Heads of IT, Technology and Outsourcing function in Telecom, VAS, ITES/BPO, Financial services, e-Gov B2B, B2C, e-Businesses Failed Projects to turn around Business transformation Process Excellence Microsoft Confidential

39 Any Questions? Contact Us: Vishal Sharma : +91 95350 00579

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