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MED Fellowship The Search for MEDs Next Executive Directors at Brown 1.

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1 MED Fellowship The Search for MEDs Next Executive Directors at Brown 1

2 Our aim MED International aims to increase the availability of medical equipment for patients in resource poor hospitals of the world We leverage deep engineering and computer science expertise at Brown University to deliver appropriate technological solutions for underserved populations 2

3 What we dotriangulate expertise 3 MED Engineering Train local technicians to repair high volume for low cost Repaired $300k of equipment for $500 in spare parts Develop management tool for enhanced visibility and tracking of equipment Currently in 3 facilities in Zanzibar On campus We are the only social enterprise on campus blending engineering, computer science and social entrepreneurship to deliver healthcare solutions for the developing world On site We make regular site visits to operations in Zanzibar. In the last 16 months, we have spent 4 months on site over 3 evaluation trips, with more clients in the pipeline MEDs full time hire was also on the ground for 5 months 1 Computer Science 2 Develop in-house leaders with Browns SII to strengthen strategic planning and business development Social Entrepreneurship 3

4 Three reasons to join MED 4 1 Make a difference MED enables you to directly impact lives as a student Beyond benefiting individual patients, you will design systems and work with hospital networks to drive infrastructural change The skills you learn in school are applied directly to programs in the field Observe this difference during field visits to East Africa and other developing regions during breaks 2 Become a social entrepreneur Learn to pitch, persuade and raise support for your work Learn to grow a business Learn to deal with partners and clients ranging from CEOs to Heads of States Benefit from an established mentorship and entrepreneurship development program at the Swearer Center 3 Tap into the network MEDS network includes: WHO directors Leading biomedical engineers Leading academics Top management consultants Nonprofit leaders Extensive network of administrators and faculty within Brown Brown alumni Donors Browns SII community under the Swearer Center, where other student social entrepreneurs gather

5 5 Imagine rushing your child to the hospital only to find that the incubator to keep him warm is not functioning. The ICU in Zanzibars largest hospital has a 50% mortality rate. Through MEDs work, the hospital now has all its incubators working, increasing a childs chance of survival Why join MED

6 6 Always wanted to make a difference at the highest levels? MED works with ministries of health and hospital networks to deliver impact to as wide a population as possible. Jayson and Hans are pictured here meeting the Vice-President of Zanzibar. Why join MED

7 7 We dont just work with politicians and administrators. We get involved with on-the-ground work, ensuring that patients truly benefit from our programs. Pictured here is our full-time hire Kevin McCracken teaching local technicians basic repair skills. Why join MED

8 8 Details of the Fellowship Funding: USD 5000 to be broken up the following ways: USD 3500 for summer travel and personal use USD 1500 for venture expenditure, at the discretion of the fellow Position & Requirements: 2 Positions are available This is minimally a 1-year position, Jan 2013-Jan 2014 Time spent on MED averages 15 hours/week There is an option for extension, with a possible extension of funding Applicants cannot be seniors Fellows must be able to travel for a minimum of 7 weeks to field country in summer 2013 Fellows must be regular members of Browns SII network Fellows must take PPAI 1701Q Leading Social Ventures for credit in the Spring Timeline: Dec 25-29 Skype with Hans/Jayson to learn more (Mandatory) Jan 11-22 Skype with Hans/Jayson to learn more (Mandatory) Jan 22 Application Deadline (Application format to come) Jan 22-29 Interviews Jan 30 MED Fellow Selected

9 What we are looking for 9 Empathy and heart for the cause Commitment, someone who will stick with MED Drive, someone who will do whatever it takes to help MED succeed Professionalism Interest in social entrepreneurship Interest in international health and health systems Interest in engineering/ computer science Good presenter Willing to learn Strong people skills, must be a team player What we do not want Applicants who cannot commit to the fellowship several hours per week Applicants who appreciate the position and network, but not the volume of work that comes along with it Applicants who are not comfortable with leading and working with large teams Applicants with many other commitments/extracurriculars Applicants who are not comfortable working with technology or thinking about systems change Contact us Hans Email: Cell: 4015804501 Skype: hanshengchia Jayson Email: jmarwaha@medinternational- Cell: 7036095408 Skype: jmarwaha1011

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