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Grant County PUD Plant Upgrades at Wanapum and Priest Rapids Dams

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1 Grant County PUD Plant Upgrades at Wanapum and Priest Rapids Dams
Kevin Marshall, PE GC PUD Hydro Engineering Manager NWHA Conference February 18, 2014

2 Ongoing Upgrades for Wanapum Dam
Turbine Replacement (Note: GCPUD took advantage of CREB bonds and a DOE design/development grant) Work is complete. Generator replacements New exciters Digital Governors Transformers

3 Reasons for Turbine Upgrades
Original turbine runners had reached the end of their useful life Blade crack repairs Trunnion seal issues Operating linkage failures Cavitation repair costs - $75,000/unit/year ( average costs) Performance improvements Improved fish passage survival

4 Wanapum Turbine Upgrades
Design Features Semi to fully spherical Larger diameter: 20 inch increase Deeper setting : feet deeper Performance Improvements Increased capacity: 120khp to 150khp Efficiency improvement: 3% average weighted efficiency Cavitation repair costs: $0

5 Reasons for Generator Upgrades
Replace components at the end of their life. Capture increased output of new turbines

6 Wanapum Generator Upgrades
New Parts Complete Rotor Complete Stator Generator Shaft Ventilation System Excitation System Air-Gap Monitoring Rotor spider arrives in 3 sections, stator frame in 4

7 Wanapum Governor/Unit Control Upgrades
What Mechanical governors replaced with digital Dynamic exciters replaced with static exciter and digital controllers Why Spare parts no longer available Serviceman knowledge not transferred with retirements Improved control/efficiency Improved protection More info/better trouble shooting Lower costs to maintain

8 Existing Wanapum Mechanical Governors

9 New Wanapum Digital Governors

10 Current Wanapum Status
10th turbine, 4th generator, 4th exciter, and 3rd governor complete and put into service October 2013 5th generator, 5th exciter, and 4th governor under construction 10th generator and exciter to be completed in 2019 New turbines have a averaged, weighted efficiency gain of 3% As tested new generators have an increased efficiency from 98.0% to 98.5% 2 of 5 transformers replaced, 3rd transformer in process

11 Priest Rapids Dam Upgrades

12 Planned Upgrades for Priest Rapids Dam
Turbine Replacement or life extension Generator rewinds New exciters Digital Governors Transformers already replaced

13 Reason for Upgrades Efficiency improvement Life Extension
Aging equipment First unit in service in 1959 Generators Rotor pole problems including pole to pole connection failures (as pictured) Stator Winding age (oldest unit = currently 27 years old) Exciters are obsolete Turbines starting to exhibit problems Increased cycling of governor oil pumps Wicket gate operating ring wear

14 Turbine Upgrade Process
Goals Utilize lessons learned from Wanapum project Obtain as many qualified bids as possible Competitive turbine hydraulic model testing Integrate biological considerations into design effort

15 Turbine Upgrade Process
Step 1: Hydraulic design contract Professional Services Agreement Prequalification process – three contractors prequalified All design solutions finalized by contractors ahead of bidding All design solutions verified by independent hydraulic laboratory Step 2: Manufacture and supply contract Bidders must participate in hydraulic design contract to bid Performance guarantees verified prior to bidding

16 Status of Priest Rapids Upgrades
Turbines Model testing was completed last week in Lausanne, Switzerland for the 3 qualified vendors Bids are due March 5th Contract award this summer (if economics are favorable) Generators: Pre-qualification of Vendors in process Controls: Governor specifications are in process Field work for upgrades is scheduled for 8/1/2016

17 Priest Rapids and Wanapum Upgrades

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