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Termomeccanica Saudia

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1 Termomeccanica Saudia
Termomeccanica Saudia Co. Ltd. Al Jubail Workshop

2 Termomeccanica Saudia Co. Ltd

3 Why Investing in Saudi Arabia?
Saudi Arabia is a country that is sensitive to enriching its technological know-how through the establishment of operative companies; Saudi Arabia has a substantial program of investments in Operations and Maintenance activities on several existing plants of the area, which represents striking market opportunities. 3

4 Who is Termomeccanica Saudia ?
A Company offering a complete portfolio of Services who, in comparison to the majority of other maintenance companies, has the peculiarity of having incorporated the technological background & know-how of its industrial partners of reference that allows : to solve in real time any problem of technical and operational nature; to transfer to Customers experiences & innovations for any type of technical and operational problem; A Company whom, thanks to its workshop, is capable to carry out mechanical works and to manufacture critical parts not only on its Technological Partner’s equipments but also on other original manufacturers’ equipments through reverse engineering; A Company that takes active part in the development and up-grading of Plants, with the support of the know-how of its partners. 4

5 Termomeccanica Saudia’s Certifications

6 Jubail Branch Operations Dpt.
Chairman B.o.D Managing Director General Manager Quality Assurance Administration & Finance Riyadh Head Office Jubail Branch Operations Dpt. Technical Office Cost Estimation Purchasing Workshop Supervisors Human Resources Sales & Marketing Project Management Company Structure 6

7 ISO 9001: 2008 Certificated Workshop Structure Branch Manager
Boring Machine Operator Turning Machine Operator Balancing Machine Operator Drilling, Slotting & Milling Machine Operator Branch Manager Workshop Manager Machine Technicians Rotating Machine Specialist Pump Specialist Valve Specialist Service Works QA/QC Store Keeper Supervisors 7

8 Why Investing in a local Workshop?
To localize Service Activities so as to respond in real-time to the needs of the End Users. Total Investment in the Al-Jubail Workshop Land, Infrastructure & Machinery : 20 millions SAR 8

9 Termomeccanica Saudia
Focus on Workshop Activities The Worskhop has been created based on the century-old experience of the Technological Partner and is therefore able to offer an Integrated Global Service tailored to its Customers with technological support, know-how and personnel trained by the Technological Partner. 9

10 Termomeccanica Saudia
Focus on Workshop Activities Machining activities on any components of electro-mechanical rotating machines (shaft, impeller, bush bearing, etc.) and valves; Balancing activities on any single component or complete rotor assembly; Manufacturing in real-time of spare parts also through reverse engineering to solve emergency situations and troubleshooting; Electrical & Instrumentation Works; Refurbishing, Overhauling & Erection Works. 10

11 Termomeccanica Saudia
Workshop – Focus on Reverse Engineering Reverse Engineering activities on rotating machines with the technological support, hydraulics & metallurgic know-how as well as the facilities (on if & when basis) of the Technological Partner as an original manufacturer such as Survey on site of components’ dimensional data by different technologies Tests and Investigations on metallurgical characteristics of materials Adequacy of Hydraulic Design to the functional parameters required by Customers Patterns supply Casting & Forging supply and Machining Testing Activities (dimensional check, materials, hydraulic check, etc.) 11

12 Termomeccanica Saudia
Focus on Long-Term Service Agreements (LTSA) Based on the worldwide experience developed by the Technological Partner, the new workshop is able to offer frame agreements to End Users at a general level Specific plants Specific area of a plant 12

13 Termomeccanica Saudia
Focus on Long-Term Service Agreements (LTSA) The frame agreements between the Workshop and the End-Users or Plants are constructed on the following LTSA options Level A Spare Part Price Agreement Field Service on call Level B Maintenance Agreements Field Engineering Support Level C Remote Monitoring Logistics & Maintenance Global Service 13

14 Termomeccanica Saudia
Focus on Long-Term Service Agreements (LTSA) The Workshop’s Long-Term Service Agreements allow to Reduce time of on-site technical support intervention (frame agreement = reduction of contractual procedures) Optimize costs Improve quality and performance of equipment Increase reliability and availability of equipment Maximize plant output. 14

15 Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC)
Termomeccanica Saudia’s Results to Date List of Current End-Users Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) Sabic Petrokemya Saudi Electricity Company Saudi Aramco Marafiq Saudi Kayan 15

16 Termomeccanica Saudia’s Results to Date
List of Major Completed Projects 1/4 Client Project Ref. Description Location Completed Date Retubing Projects P.O Repair Refractory / Catables Jubail Dec 2004 Retubing Projects P.O Plugging of Leaked tubes of Boiler-2 Maintenance Projects P.O Maintenance for Cooling water Polystyrene Plant Retubing Projects P.O Plugging of Boiler # 2 tubes and Partial Replacement July 2005 Retubing Projects P.O. MJC Replacement of Stripping Steam Desal-2 June 2006 Maintenance Projects P.O Trouble shooting of cooling water compressor July 2006 16

17 Termomeccanica Saudia’s Results to Date
List of Major Completed Projects 2/4 Client Project Ref. Description Location Completed Date Retubing Projects P.O Repair FRP Pipe VC7/1400 Jubail Dec 2006 Retubing Projects P.O Repair RTRP Pipe VC-9 /1400 Jan 2007 Retubing Projects P.O Replacement of Vacuum Piping with Desal-1 March 2007 Supply & Install 3 Nos. of Pumps Supply, dismantle & install New (3) No.s of Auxiliary water pump at phase 4 at Jeddah Plant. Jeddah Plant Jan 2008 Petrokemya Supply Compressors P.O Design , Engineering , Procurement , Manufacture and Supply of Compressor with Motor and Gear Feb 2008 17

18 Termomeccanica Saudia’s Results to Date
List of Major Completed Projects 3/4 Client Project Ref. Description Location Completed Date SWCC JB/R/M/839 Supply & Installation Taprogge filter for the main Sea water Header & Sea water Desal Header with Disposal System Al Jubail Plant Feb 2008 SQ/P/M/453 Turn Key of design, fabrication, complete materials Supply ,installation of additional mixed bed exchanger for demineralization of make up water for boiler Shuqaiq Plant July 2008 JD/R/M/200 Rehabilitation for (13)nos. of the Main Pumps of (5)nos. of Desalination Units Jeddah Plant Oct 2008 YM/RM/081 Complete Replacement of LP Steam Lines to Brine Heaters of five Desalination Phase 1 of Madina - Yanbu D& P plant Yanbu Plant P.O Hydro Testing of Compressed Air Receiver TP9 Jubail Jan 2009 18

19 Termomeccanica Saudia’s Results to Date
List of Major Completed Projects 4/4 Client Project Ref. Description Location Completed Date SWCC YM/R/M/085 Rehabilitation of Ni Resist parts to (DUPLEX-ST) for Sea Water Pumps , Brine Recirculation Pumps & Brine Blow down Pumps as Phase-II in SWCC Yanbu Plant April 2009 SH/R/M/072 Supply, dismantle & install New (3) No.s of Auxiliary cooling water pump at phase 1 at Shoaiba Plant. Shuaiba Plant May 2009 P.O Pressure Testing of Vessels Jubail July 2009 JD/R/M/211 Rehabilitation , Develop, Supply & install the isolation valves & the crossover valves of sea water J4 Jeddah Plant April 2010   SWCC RR -Y/M/P/0035 Re-Routing of Ethane Gas Pipeline within the premises of SWCC Yanbu Plants June 2010 P.O July 2010 HPC 7134 Inspection for Sea Water Pump Bahrain Total Value of Major Completed Projects in SAR 19

20 Termomeccanica Saudia’s Results to Date
List of S.W.C.C. Running 2010 Projects 1/2 Client Project No. Description Location Awarded Date SWCC YM/R/M/100 Rehabilitation & qualification of motorized isolating valves with Actuators ,control valves(PCV) and rotor actuators ON main pipeline of phase-1 at Yanbu Plants Yanbu Plant 10/0/2010 KH/R/M/020 Replacement of no. (10) Sea Water Pumps at Phase-2 Al Khobar Plant 27/08/2008 JB/R/M/1162 Fuel Gas Piping Replacement For Six Boilers # 1-6 Ph-1 ALJubail Plant Jubail Plant 12/05/2009 JB/G/M/1210  Replacement of the upper gas pipeline fuel at the phase-1 of Jubail plant 02/07/2009 20

21 Termomeccanica Saudia’s Results to Date
List of S.W.C.C. Running 2010 Projects 2/2 Client Project No. Description Location Awarded Date SWCC YM/R/M/074 Designing , Supply , Installation & Commissioning of Separate Cooling Water System of Phase -II of Yanbu Plant Yanbu Plant 13/01/2010 KH/R/M/27 Design , Engineering , Supply & Installation of Taprogge Debris Filter at Desal Unit 7 Al Khobar Plant 26/12/2009 Y/M/D/0021  Rehabilitation, restoration and replacement of water line from the station to the residential complex in Yanbu desalination plants  23/12/2009 RR -Y/M/P/0038 Installation 4 flow meter 06/07/2010 RR - JD/R/M/412 Overhauling of five boiler feed pumps of units - Ph-4 Jeddah Plant 22/05/2010 Total Value of Running Projects in SAR 21

22 Company’s Future Strategic Alliances
Termomeccanica Saudia has started and will keep focusing on establishing Exclusive Agreements with Original Manufacturers such as to supply an Integrated Global Service on electro-mechanical rotating machines & other complex equipment guaranteeing the proper operations of plants. This entails : Strong investments in the Workshop; Developing human resources at the technical level to handle the added technologies. 22

23 Company’s Future Strategic Investments in Workshop
Short & medium-term investments aimed at Increasing the current number of machine tools in the workshop to keep expanding production and extend machining to technologies of other original manufacturers, both mechanical & electrical. Providing the workshop with specific machine tools to perform jobs on large & medium-size rotating machines on-site. 23

24 Thank you Thank you 24

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