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On The Floor MOTOROLA RFID In The Field In The Warehouse.

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1 On The Floor MOTOROLA RFID In The Field In The Warehouse

2 Agenda RFID Deployment Activity Today Motorola’s Product Portfolio
Industries and Applications Motorola’s Product Portfolio Industrial and Business Class Readers Case Studies Dunlop Tires Gulf Oil Spill Sempra Energy Volkswagen Levinoff-Colbex St. Luke’s Hospital Gilead Sciences City of Hattiesburg

3 Where RFID Is Today? Tracking… Medical Supplies Garbage Clothes
Computers Oil Rig Equipment Totes & Bins Shipments People Vehicles

4 Key RFID Applications & Markets
RETAIL CPG MANUF. HEALTH TRANSP ENERGY GOVT FINANCE Item level Inventory Visibility Supply Chain Management Asset Tracking File Management Process Automation KEY MESSAGES: Key applications across those 4 key verticals IT Asset Tracking WIP / Parts Tracking People Tracking

5 RFID In Government Issues: Federal P & L Asset Management
Evidence Tracking Personnel Accountability Supply Chain Document Tracking Mobile Device Tracking Healthcare Inspections / Code Enforcement Disaster Response Waste Management Issues: RFID for Federal, State, Local and Municipal Governments The U.S. government today is faced with making itself more efficient and business focused, while continuing to provide high quality and effective services. RFID technology provides a means to meet these challenges, while improving workflow processes and transforming to more business oriented operations. RFID solutions for government agencies can address a number of applications across a diverse array of organizations — from suppliers to government agencies focused on national security or their supply chain to pharmaceutical manufacturers looking to comply with regulatory mandates, each facing their own set of unique challenges. CUSTOMERS Defense Logistics Agency Bode Technology FEMA State of Texas Howard County, MD US District Courts Spanish Postal Montreal Transit SPAWAR GSS Luke AFB US Citizenship & Immigration City of New York Alameda County City of Hoboken US Army National Archives San Bernardino Cty. US House of Repr. DISA APPLICATIONS The Department of Defense (DFARS clause ; MIL-STD 129; MIL-STD 130) Supply Chain and Distribution Logistics/material tracking (very specific to federal) (also includes Government Suppliers) Soldier induction (providing the soldier with all their supplies using RFID, boots, guns, clothes, etc.) Maintenance and Operations (repair of trucks, planes, tanks, ships, etc.) Identity Management and Credentialing
(Fed, S&L) E-citation (parking permits in municipal areas – parking enforcers/not ticketing) (also See RFID Hoboken NJ RFID ticketing) Border & Immigration Security – RFID enabled passports to streamline border crossings (WHTI Passport card - does not include air travel) TWIC card for agency contractor badges Citizenship DHS (Dept of Human Services) – what is the application Prisoner tracking Cargo and Container Security (at seaports and airports) Inspections – reading the tag, make sure they aren’t tampered with 
 Baggage tracking (McCarran case study) 
 Please Data Center & IT Asset Management See GOV IT Asset Management Application Brief – includes: IT Assets Data tape management Disaster Management Evacuation Services (TX SNETS case study) (tracking people) Assets/supplies being received into a disaster area or shelter – rations, food packages, etc. Asset Management Ballot tracking (e.g. Alameda County case study) Evidence, DNA, etc. File & folder tracking (courts) Health & Human Services RFID in hospitals (i.e. VA) for critical, expensive assets (wheelchairs, IV pumps, medical instruments and equipment, beds, etc.) Patient tracking Security (such as in the maternity ward and other restricted areas) Inventory management on the individual floors and in the main supply room Pharmaceutical (e.g. FDA) Alameda County Uses RFID to Speed Election Results   Voting equipment in Alameda County is tracked using RFID MC9090-G handheld readers. Benefits: Electronic confirmation of voting equipment, increased speed of collection process, faster vote count, reduced overhead costs. State of Texas Deploys RFID Evacuation Tracking System   The Emergency Management Division in Texas deploys Motorola RFID to improve orderly real-time evacuation tracking during emergencies such as hurricanes. Evacuees are tracked with RFID enabled wrist-bands and Motorola fixed readers. 5

Fixed Handheld Mobile Industrial Warehousing & Distribution Supply Chain Manufacturing Energy XR450/XR480 MC9090-G RFID MC9090-Z RFID RD5000 Fixed Handheld Hands-Free Business Retail Inventory Management Asset Management File tracking Healthcare KEY TAKEAWAYS Only Tiered product offering in the market Right Product for the Right Job is critical to success Motorola the leader in task-specific product offerings Motorola is a leader in providing application and task specific devices for associates across a wide range of industries. We learned very early on that one size does not fit all. We believe that RFID readers must be usable and specific to the industry, application and environment. Having a broad set of reader options allows for the appropriate deployment and is a key enabler for the furthered adoption of RFID. Motorola is the only company that offers an industrial-class line and business-class line of RFID readers. Industrial-class RFID offering the rugged, durable and high-performance to last in warehouse environments. Business-class RFID offering carpeted-space options that are more usable for enterprise associates and presentable in customer-facing environments. Having the “Right Product” for the Way People Naturally Work, minimizes the Business Process Change Across Motorola’s core data capture product line, we have over 67 product families that have scanning and imaging capabilities: Each of these families having multiple models and configurations., and regional specifications Each Tailored for a specific Industry and Task Meeting the specific needs of each customer set across the supply chain is a critical success factor – from rugged fixed readers for warehouses, to ergonomic, lightweight mobile readers for on-the-go store employees looking to take inventory, or improve checkout at the point of sale (POS). The growing portfolio of industry offerings has created a compelling case for RFID because companies can pick and choose the solutions that are right for them. From a solution standpoint, the significant performance improvement in RFID hardware, has led to a leap in high performance capabilities and greater mobility. Drastically improved read rates have also made previously untouchable applications economically attractive to users. In addition, the smaller, lighter form factors and more ergonomic features of mobile and handheld readers offer a greater incentive to companies that want to arm their employees and equip their stores with aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use technology. FX7400 MC3090-Z MC3190-Z DS9808-R 6

7 Motorola and Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions At a Glance
Advanced Data Capture Mobile Computing Mobile Office Enterprise Wireless LAN Global Services RFID Private Radio Founded: 2009 Revenue: $22B NYSE: MOT EMS Employees: EMS Partners: 11,000+ EMS Patents: 1100+ RFID Employees: 60+ RFID Partners: 125+ RFID Patents: 300+ TO UPDATE PER SEPERATION MOTOROLA IS UNIQUELY POSITIONED TO LEAD THE AGE OF ENTERPRISE MOBILITY Motorola has historically enabled mobility for intelligence workers. Motorola turns task workers into intelligent workers by delivering decision-making applications to the right people at the right time. Motorola is uniquely positioned to expand the mobile edge from the corner office to the mobile office to the shop floor. No one else can match this expanded mobile edge. Motorola has an unprecedented history delivering communication networks to enterprise customers. Motorola also delivers exceptional visibility and control through fleet visibility, robust hardware control and security, secure applications platforms such as MSP, and an unparalleled ecosystem of application partners. “By 2009, 70% of knowledge work will occur where workers depend on a wireless and remote-access infrastructure…” - GARTNER Retail Wholesale Distribution Transportation & Travel Manufacturing Healthcare Government Field Mobility

8 RFID Real-World Deployments

9 Dunlop Tires Business Issue Solution Benefits
Strict rules required to monitor tire usage during races to insure fair competition Current barcode system could not guarantee 100 percent accuracy – done randomly; human intervention, delays to race Solution can’t interfere with the race Solution Datalinx Tire Tracking software at pit stops collecting data using Motorola RFID fixed readers and antennas Tags embedded in tires and on cars are automatically read as cars enter and exit the pit lanes Tires assigned to teams and cars prior to the race and again when installed Benefits 100 Accuracy in race regulation – checking 100% of cars Immediate, real-time data – sorts, compares, displays info Data available for commentators, press, fans Reduction in personnel needed to meet compliance Embedded tags prevents wear & tear and interfering with data Ability to react immediately to rule-infringements Track tires from mfg to allocation to usage and back for recycling Ability to analyze usage data for development purposes

10 Gulf Oil Spill Business Issue Solution Benefits Partner
Needed to track 73 yards of equipment and tools during clean up after Gulf oil spill Poor utilization of equipment resulting in over purchasing and delays Needed a way to provide visibility to the country about clean up efforts Partner Solution Utilized the RFID best practices learned by Wal-Mart and quickly put them to use in the Gulf Using ShipCom’s CATAMARAN™ solution to enable a fast and reliable way of deploying an RFID solution that could integrate with the current back-end system. Used mobile handhelds with RFID and GPS to keep track of all equipment – 10,000-12,000 assets Benefits Eliminate pen and paper process Real-time asset visibility and visibility Improved utilization of equipment and tools, stopped over renting, reduced unnecessary purchasing of safety stock Ability to replicate solution to track office assets during emergency evacuation

11 Sempra Energy Business Issue Solution Benefits
Out of 250,000 Meters installed yearly, 3300 were not being billed $1.5 million yearly revenue losses due to lost meters Inefficient paper based stock-taking processes No real-time visibility of gas meters in the supply chain Solution Motorola fixed and handheld readers set up at Sempra’s central warehouse RFID portal readers scan pallets from suppliers as they enter the warehouse 64 district warehouses used Motorola RFID handheld readers to accurately control, route and aggregate multiple meter deliveries and installations CATAMARAN application was tailored to Sempra’s need & seamlessly integrated with Sempra’s ERP system. Central Enterprise server hosted in addition to distributed warehouse edge servers located across California. CATAMARAN Mobile & RFID solution to track gas meters at each process gate, from American meter to consumer Benefits ROI within 30 months & continued savings of $1.5M annually Increased inventory accuracy with real-time data available Increased revenues due to improved billings from previously lost meters Full visibility of gas meters across the supply chain Reduction in ordering safety stock

12 Volkswagen of Mexico Business Issue
Improve spare parts distribution process for dealers Improve customer service with faster parts identification and shipping Reduce cardboard shipping container waste Solution 16,000+ spare part reusable shipping containers fitted with RFID tags Motorola XR Series fixed readers mounted at loading docks read containers & send information to VW’s WMS Return process is simplified as containers pass through dock doors and back into VW’s warehouse Benefits 30% reduction in annual parts distribution expenses Reduced shipment errors via switch from manual to automated shipment verification process Reduced packaging costs and waste from reusable shipping containers Improved dealer service due to faster shipment verification system Generating replacement revenue for containers not returned within 10 days

13 Levinoff-Colbex Canadian Meat Distributor
Business Issue Improve tracking process of meat throughout the agri-food logistics chain – in processing, in transit, at distributor,, at food store Distinguish between usable and non-usable meat in production facility Track product in distribution chain to enable post-production recalls Solution had to withstand high temperatures, humidity, extreme shocks and soaking with high pressure sprays Solution All animals and meat products are tagged Motorola’s rugged RFID fixed readers are installed along meat production process to track progress Benefits Meat production process now fully automated requiring no human intervention Inspectors can pull all associated meat if any part does not pass inspection Product recalls simplified and tracked to each distribution center for faster alerts and shelf removal Obtained new customer contracts due to process improvements and increased bandwidth ROI in less than one year

14 Saint Luke’s Hospital Problem Solution Benefits
Needed to manage inventory valued at over $2.7M Need to secure supplies, manage expiration date tracking, improve capture of charges Supplies used in Cardiac Catheterization Lab were not properly accounted for Supplies used during cases were not being billed to patient Inaccurate inventory since supply usage was not accurately recorded Over purchasing of supplies to compensate for errors Solution RFID Gen 2 RFID tags assigned to critical items Motorola FX7400 RFID readers set up in key locations monitoring treatment rooms, labs, and critical locations in numerous hallways and stations Cenbion software tracks all moving assets Benefits Increased revenue from fully capturing charges Due to improved process, now authorized to place larger orders. Recently placed a $900,000 order of pace makers and defibrillators – bulk purchase saved 12% or $127,000 on that order alone Reduced on-hand inventory significantly from 5-10 days to 2-3 days Care givers able to spend less time on administrative duties and care for patients

15 Gilead Sciences Business Issue
Biopharmaceutical company needed to improve quality systems and regulatory compliance Multiple types of items to track – F&D Admin regulated documents, archived records and biologicals such as tissue samples Time consuming asset auditing process Solution RFID readers and antennas were placed above the ceiling tiles in each attorney’s office and connected to an existing Ethernet network Files automatically checked out to attorney when read by reader Readers/antennas placed at returns table in the file room to automatically check files in as they are dropped off FileTrail RFID Solution, including installation of RFID hardware and loading of legacy data, implemented on a fast-track n a matter of weeks. Benefits Real-time visibility of all assets for easy retrieval Simplified audit process by reading tags through boxes, no need to break the seal of boxes to inventory and manage samples Implementing RFID in other areas to track and manage IP assets, patents and trademark files, lab notebooks and traditional file folders

16 City of Hattiesburg Business Issue
Current residential and commercial garbage collection system needed to be updated due to rising liabilities for worker injuries and workers’ compensation claims Unsightly and unsanitary conditions were being produced by the use of trash bags Solution Implemented an automated collection system that could track trucks and utilized collection carts (not trash bags) Placed RFID readers and antennas on garbage trucks along with GPS Used Otto Environmental trash carts which had embedded RFID tags in the handles Antenna type, size, placement important for reading tags only when cart was tipped into the truck and not while on side of road Concept2 Solution ContainerMTR integrated suite of products that is used to manage, track and provide reporting Benefits Noticeably cleaner city by moving from a bagged trash/open truck collection system to a closed cart/truck compactor Reduction in injuries and workers’ compensation claims due Visibility into trash collection by address and the ability to offer incentives to residents Next steps to expand RFID waste collection tracking solution to recyclables

17 Motorola & RFID 56% UHF RFID Market Share in North American Experience
Long history in RFID: since 2001 ISO 2000certified/ mature operations Highest skilled applications engineers, engineering design, testing & support Global industry experience Innovation Over 75 years of technology innovation Broad RF leadership Many firsts in RFID: Portal, Mobile, Handheld, Multi-protocol, Customers Installations Over 300 RFID Patents Products Most complete suite of RFID reader products in the industry First to market with Industry/Application-Specific Product Line Wireless, Mobile, Scanning & RFID Motorola helps businesses gain increased visibility through automation with an innovative portfolio of RFID readers and antennas.  A Fortune 100 company with global presence, Motorola extends the value of your RFID solution with a mobility portfolio that includes wireless infrastructure, advanced data capture, and mobile computing products. Our comprehensive offering simplifies deployment, lowers costs, and maximizes return on investment.  Inspired by our vision of transforming the enterprise, Motorola is committed to helping you seamlessly connect to the people and information that drive your business. For more information about our company, our people and our innovations, please visit 56% UHF RFID Market Share in North American

18 On The Floor In The Field In The Warehouse

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