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Presentation title Date 1 Panalpina – working for security MAKS 2013 Moscow, August 2013.

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1 Presentation title Date 1 Panalpina – working for security MAKS 2013 Moscow, August 2013

2 Presentation title Date 2 PA Russia Overview Office hours: Monday - Friday (09.00 - 18.00) Panalpina World Transport ZAO since 1991 Panalpina CIS Helsinki OY RO since 2006 Activities: Air Export and Import, Ocean Export and Import, Project Management, Brokerage, Logistics Office Space: 1,400 sq.m - rented St-Petersburg is a fully operational office Usinsk office is working under St-Petersburg Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk office is also working on local Projects and has a few local field offices Astrakhan, Nakhodka, Irkutsk offices are working on Projects and under Panalpina Moscow Project Department Established since1991 Moscow213 employees Astrakhan12 employees Irkutsk1 employee MOW Airports (Sheremetievo, Domodedovo) 53 employees MOW Region (Butovo, Kashirsky, Pushkino) 18 employees Murmansk1 employees Nakhodka6 employees Tyumen8 employees Usinsk1 employees Yekaterinburg8 employees St.Petersburg22 employees Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk41 employees

3 Presentation title Date 3 Black and Caspian Sea Area The main BCS Area Countries: -Azerbaijan -Georgia -Kazakhstan -Russia -Ukraine Countries under BCS Area control: -Armenia - Tajikistan -Belorussia - Uzbekistan - Turkmenistan -Kyrgyzstan -Moldova Moscow St. Petersburg Usinsk Tyumen Irkutsk Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Nakhodka Almaty Kiev Atyrau Aktau (Baku) Yekaterinburg Novorossiysk Georgia ( Tbilisi )

4 Presentation title Date 4 Moscow Airports Domodedovo Airport Sheremetevo Airport Vnukovo Airport Sheremetevo Airport: Major directions: Import/Export, Intra Russia Europe-Asia, main cities of Russia Airports Sheremetyevo Cargo Terminal: 42 850 sq/m Airport Moscow: 8 800 sq/m High Loader: Available Panalpina Office, offering Export and Import customs clearance Customs Clearance Facility: Available Domodedovo Airport: Major directions: Siberia and Far East, Export/Import, Intra Russia, Europe/Asia, main cities of Russia Domodedovo Cargo Terminal: 17 720 sq/m High loader: Available Panalpina Office, offering Export and Import customs clearance Customs Clearance Facility: Available Vnukovo Airport Major directions: intra Russia, Intra CIS, Export and Import Fully equipped warehouse Highloader available Customs Clearance facility available

5 Presentation title Date 5 Regular Airfreight Import traffic to Moscow Daily main-deck capacity from Asia and Europe as well as from the US to Moscow airports Direct connection to the Economic Centers in Russia Multi daily passenger connections from all continents Access from incoming aircrafts directly to outgoing inner-Russian passenger flights Bonded on-forwarding customs airport or customs bonded facility Growing capacities in all three Moscow airports both on the side of carriers investing in new planes and airport operators investing in new facilities means safe and controlled handling and a high degree of flexibility in transportation Three Moscow airports means three onward networks of which each provides unique uplift and capacity options Standardized securization procedure needs to be agreed and implemented Export focused Airports in Russia need to be equipped with tracing equipments aligned to the facilities in major airfreight hubs and trading centers worldwide Securization as well as tracing modules and facilities have to be embedded in an aligned trading and customs clearance procedure

6 Presentation title Date 6 The Panalpina station in the European part of Russia is the gateway to Russia and it also acts as transit point for shipments into other CIS countries. Moscow has several airports, of which the two most used are Sheremetevo and Domodedovo (with Vnukovo a distant third). SVO-2 is the larger and more up-to-date of two major Moscow airports. There is no physical connection between the two terminals, they are essentially separate cargo terminals using the same set of runways. Sheremetevo (SVO -1 and SVO - 2) Customs Terminals Domodedovo (DME) Customs Terminal Smaller Cargo facility than SVO. Due to years of cooperation of Panalpina with the main players at DME like carrier and handling partners as well as customs swift throughput of freight. Vnukovo (VKO) Customs Terminal A perspective part of future development. VKO has built up a scheduled cargo carrier presence. Panalpina Customs in Moscow Airports:

7 Presentation title Date 7 The actual airfreight security situation in Europe 1. Air cargo has two basic different statuses in the EU: Secured and Not Secured whereas: a. The status Secured is conceded to shipments which are either originated in a registered Known Consignor (KC) or were submitted to a securing control (x-ray, explosive trace detector, etc.) b. The status Not Secured is reserved for shipments which were not originated in a registered KC or the secured supply chain was compromised (truck not locked/sealed, pieces manipulated/damaged, etc). These shipments have to be submitted to a monitoring (x-ray, explosive trace detector, etc.)

8 Presentation title Date 8 Technical problems during security check -> Limited possibility of X-ray,due to restricted dims of X-ray devices -> Dark alarm – handsearch needed -> Security technologies are not sufficient enough, especially for product with high density ( for example: pipes ) The actual airfreight security situation in Europe

9 Presentation title Date 9 Panalpina – working for security Panalpina is one member for the research project ESecLog. This project is funded by the German government. The target is a review of packages by X-ray analysis ( and other methods ) during the transport chain, to detect and avoid manipulations. The project is started in May 2013 and will be finished 2016.

10 Presentation title Date 10 Panalpina – working for security Following partners are involved: - Fraunhofer-Institut, Magdeburg - Bremer Institut für Produktions und Logistik GmbH - Bundesanstalt für Materialprüfung, Berlin - Cassidian Airborne Solutions GmbH, Bremen - Viaboxx GmbH, Königswinter - Panalpina Welttransport (Deutschland) GmbH, BU Bremen Associated partners are: - NXP Semiconductors GmbH, Hamburg - Lufthansa Cargo AG, Frankfurt am Main

11 Presentation title Date 11

12 Presentation title Date 12 Transfer Warehouse Groundhandling unknown shipper Airport Warehouse Loader ULD Packing Sorter X-Ray consignee ULD Unpacking Loader In Out known shipper In

13 Presentation title Date 13 shipper – Not known Software L B A trainings Product- texture known – shipper supplier Airline / Carrier Ground Handling Priority Service providers Security Auditor Material flow uniqueness of packages manufacturer Customs Commodities Transit times interface Security level ESecLog

14 Presentation title Date 14 Panalpina – working for security Current initiatives in order to enhance security, status and questions: - EU ACC3 regulations require that virtually all air cargo and mail carriers operating into the European Union (EU) from third country airports must obtain an EU Aviation Security Validation by 1 July 2014 - EC REGULATED AGENT AND KNOWN CONSIGNOR DATABASE - European Logistics for airplane parts (spare parts, production parts) facing following scenario: The actual airfreight security situation in Europe (Secured and Not Secured) The Known Consignor (KC) The role of RFID in case of technical problems during security check (dark alarm, handsearch needed) Suspected Unapproved Parts SUP - How can the Airline Industry resp. the producers of aircraft spare parts support the logistics community focusing on security? Can security already be an integral part in the plane construction or will security remain to be steered externally?

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