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1 Organizational Execution Plan Briefing Template 11 April 2013.

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1 1 Organizational Execution Plan Briefing Template 11 April 2013

2 2 Purpose: The purpose of this Briefing Template is to provide Components and ODOs with instructions and required format to prepare and present the OEP Brief for submission. This template is a critical part of the DBS Investment Management Process Guidance, specifically the Organizational Execution Plan Briefing Elements section (found in 2.2). Instructions for the submission slides are provided in the notes section for each slide. – For instructions to complete this template, click View -> Notes Page in the PowerPoint menu. Charts were placed in the OEP briefing template to show where charts conceptually fit in the OEP briefing. All charts requesting data must be submitted in the excel spreadsheet. For MILDEPs, all data must be submitted by each respective OEP Chapter submission Submit the completed OEP Brief (PowerPoint and Excel files) via signed to no later than 14 June – When submitting, please name the attached files using the following naming convention: Component name_chapter name_OEP_submission date. For example, Army_FM_OEP_ (Chapter name not applicable to ODOs because they submit one combined OEP) Template Overview

3 3 Sample* Portfolio Business Summary Primary Business Process Operations Portfolio Certification Request: Sample Portfolio Introduction Our acquisition and logistics management function obtains spare parts from defense suppliers, receives and stores them, and provides them to Component customers. Approximately $600M of inventory is acquired annually, with annual business costs of approximately $150M. Request certification of $38M for 6 IT systems. Our IT funding request this year will have a focus on development and modernization to improve efficiency of our warehousing function. Contracting Processes requires approximately $29M of the $150M annual business cost (direct and indirect) Receipt and Warehousing Processes absorbs approx. $39M of the $150M business costs (direct and indirect) Order Fulfillment and Distribution Processes requires approx. $42M of the $150M (direct and indirect) Other costs (e.g., management, business information) absorb approx. $2m of the $150M IT infrastructure costs $38M of the $150M Major Cost Drivers Contract writing – transaction volume / complexity of contracts drive labor volume hours/labor costs due to cycle time Receipt and warehousing – transaction volume with cycle time * labor hours/labor costs and equipment operational costs Order fulfillment and distribution - transaction volume with cycle time * labor hours/labor costs and equipment operational costs Etc. Cost business rules drive the above

4 4 Sample* Strategic Alignment

5 5 Sample* Performance Measures

6 6 Sample* Portfolio Defense Business IT Systems Summary Covered DBS by Certification FY 2014 Funding Request Planned and Actual Funds by Fund Type DM & CS (past and over FYDP) Covered DBS by Transition Plan State (past and over FYDP) OEP Certification Request: # of DBS in OEP: Covered DBS by Functional Area (Use this for Other than MILDEPS)

7 7 Sample* IT Efficiency Include any notes here.

8 8 Portfolio Accomplishments Expected FY2013 end of year business results/outcomes Define major business results/outcomes bound by a measurable benefit that are expected to be realized in FY2014

9 9 PCA Results Changes in transition plan state from FY2013 OEP Systems sunsetted in previous year (FY2013) – Provide actions taken and associated cost avoidance for sunsetted systems Certification requests not recommended by PCA – >

10 10 Sample* Compliance: Mandatory Enterprise Standards

11 11 Sample* Portfolio Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

12 12 Sample* Compliance: Mandatory Enterprise Systems

13 13 Sample* Roadmap to the Target Environment and a Corresponding Execution Timeline (SV-8)

14 14 Sample* Portfolio Risks and Challenges

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