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Slainte 2005 Endeavour 38. Cockpit Salon Port Pontoon.

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1 Slainte 2005 Endeavour 38

2 Cockpit

3 Salon

4 Port Pontoon


6 Starboard Pontoon


8 Dinghy and Gas Grill

9 Added Features to Endeavours Standards Satellite TV 6 KW Generator Built-in Gas Grill Endeavour Custom Dinghy Electric Dinghy Davits Electric Start 15 hp Dinghy Motor Cockpit Air Conditioner Aft Deck Awning Anchor Bridle Aft Waterline Lights Dive Ladder With Brackets On Dinghy and Starboard Stern Spare Anchor with 300 Chain and Rope Large Microwave/Convection Oven Built-in Tundry Freezer Washer/Dryer 26 Built-in TV Wrap Around Settee With Storage Behind and Under Euro Chair With Foot Rest 4-4D House Batteries Extra Electrical Outlets Extra Fenders 2 Large Round, 3 Smaller Round, 8 26 Tube, 2 Fender Boards

10 Maintenance Twin 240 HP Yanmar Diesel Engines They have been serviced professionally every 500 hours as well as all mechanical engine systems. Oil, filters, engine zincs changes every 250 hours or sooner. Spare parts including: enough oil for a complete change, and extra fluids, Many engine zincs, shaft and rudder zincs. An extra fresh water pump, electrical and mechanical parts, Many Engine filters and Raycor filters, a complete stock of wear parts. Always maintained in Bristol condition Wax and detailed Spring 2014 New Roll-up Glass and Screens for the Cockpit 2014

11 Slainte Ordered at the Annapolis Boat Show in 2004, Slainte was delivered to us in March of 2005. Having lived aboard a sailboat full time for four years, we knew what features we wanted in a long range cruising boat. When we ordered our 38 Endeavour Trawlercat we had specific demands to make our cruising and live-aboard life as easy and as comfortable as possible. Of major concern was dockage. The Endeabour 38 is 16 wide able to fit into standard 45 slips. As a result, we were able to comfortably fit into docks in all of the places we ventured. Another major concern was the height of Slainte. We wanted to run the entire length of the Erie Canal which has a height restriction of 155 on the Western Canal. The Endeavour 38, with only lowering the VHS antenna is able to accomplish this with room to spare. It also allows us to pass under many bridges on the ICW. Economical to operate, Slaintes total fuel burn averages 2 gallons per hour at 7 miles per hour, 3 gph at 9 mph and 15 gph at 16 mph. We wanted a heated cockpit which is accomplished with the rooftop air conditioner. When making a cold weather run it is very nice to sit inside the cockpit and sip coffee in short sleeves as you watch your fellow cruisers pass by all bundled up. I believe the only time we have used the air conditioner to cool is at dock. Slainte has ample storage space for fold up bicycles, dive tanks, golf clubs, spare parts and assorted equipment in storage lockers through out the boat. Slainte offers a very smooth comfortable ride. Her pontoons tend to ride wave top to wave top when in bumpy seas. Slainte is a very comfortable long range cruiser. We have completed three LOOPs, visited the Bahamas, run the Tennessee River, spent summers in Washington and Baltimore, cruised the Chesapeake Bay, looped New York City, cruised Lake Erie, North Channel, Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario, the Canadian Canals and the St. Lawrence River and ran to warm weather for the winters. Our list of places visited by water is extensive but slow cruising was our destination.

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