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Edina Robotics FIRST® Team 1816 The Green Machine GETTING THE TEAM READY FOR COMPETITION.

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1 Edina Robotics FIRST® Team 1816 The Green Machine GETTING THE TEAM READY FOR COMPETITION

2 2 Expectation v. reality in planning Why Plan Ahead?

3 3 Expectation v. reality in planning Planning Ahead

4 4 Expectation v. reality in planning Planning Ahead

5 5 AGENDA Months – Competition, travel, awards Weeks – Pit, robot cart, bumpers, robot shipment, promo materials, forms, scouting materials Days – Robot, tools, supplies, safety, forms Everything Except the Robot! Planning Ahead

6 6 Regional competition – Select – Register (Dec. 6) – Pay (Dec. 7) Hotel (should be booked by now) – Number of rooms (no. of kids per room? no of adults?) Months Ahead

7 7 Travel – Students, mentors, parents – Pit, including spare parts, tools, etc. – Robot (bag & tag only) Meals – In hotel? – Lunch, dinner, mixer event Months Ahead

8 8 Submissions for FIRST awards Chairmans, Deans List, Woodie Flowers, Yearbook – Chairmans Essay Prepare presentation Practice – Deans List Up to 2 nominees per team Scholarships Juniors preferred Months Ahead

9 9 Safety – Safety Captain – Safety Presentation and quiz (Need to have quizzes at competition) – Safety Glasses (for working on robot and taking to competition) – Safety log – incidents, MSDS Months Ahead

10 10 THE PIT Place to work on robot, keep tools, spare parts 10 x 10 x 10 space, table, electrical power Customize work area Signage/team promotion Blue banners Weeks Ahead

11 11 Customized pit Eye-catching Shelves for displays Blue banners THE PIT

12 12 Customized pit Identifies team Floor Display space Place for tools THE PIT

13 13 Customized Pit Tidy Displays Blue banners THE PIT

14 14 Homemade THE PIT

15 15 THE PIT

16 16 THE PIT

17 17 THE PIT

18 18 THE PIT

19 19 THE PIT

20 20 THE PIT

21 21 Batteries Stored Charged Transported Safety issues BATTERIES

22 22 Transport BATTERIES

23 23 Points to remember – Identify self and sponsors – Organized as an efficient workspace – Stand out – Promo and display materials – Materials for judges – Easy build/tear down and transport THE PIT

24 24 No more than 6 Engineers, programmers Whos talking to judges and visitors? – Need to know everything about the team and the robot – Develop elevator speech Pit rules – never leave unattended – dont use to store coats, bags etc. THE PIT CREW

25 25 No more than 30 Non-damaging wheels Stays in pit when not used Display team number/sponsors ROBOT CART

26 26 Required on robot Rules for position change from year to year Red and blue required – Spare material and red/blue duct tape Design stays constant BUMPERS

27 27 Plywood Pool noodles Cloth cover Attachment to robot frame: require <10 min to change 2 sets of bumpers one red, one blue BUMPERS

28 28 Bumpers Alternative to switching sets of bumpers See

29 29 Regional Competition Bag and tag event – Bags and tags provided at kick-off Robot gets bagged on Tuesday, Feb 19, 2013 Tagged by a responsible adult Carry bagged robot to regional competition Take care not to tear the bag Cannot open bag at competition until after inspection If competing after competition, must bag on the way home See: for details SHIPPING THE ROBOT

30 30 CHAMPIONSHIP Robot is shipped in crate via Fedex Must be shipped by Thursday after the final qualifying event – Lake Superior and Northern Lights regionals: 7-9 March, so ship by 14 th March – 10,000 Lakes and Northstar regionals 28-30 March, so ship by 4 th April SHIPPING THE ROBOT

31 31 CHAMPIONSHIP (cont) Must have a crate ready to go (rookies beware – at least one rookie team, often two, qualifies for Championships 48 x 48 x 70 max Weight limit 400 lb. Do not exceed weight limit unless you have a healthy budget http://frc- n_v3.0.pdf http://frc- n_v3.0.pdf SHIPPING THE ROBOT

32 32 Team buttons, flyers, giveaways Peer-to-peer awards Spirit materials: – Mascot costume – Flag – Other – No noisemakers PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS

33 33 Bill of Materials – Spreadsheet online Select parts from KoP and add additional materials Brought to competition on jump drive and-related-documents and-related-documents Team Roster Chaperone binder – Team lists, emergency contacts, maps etc. FORMS AND PAPERWORK

34 34 Plan how to do it – If going to need forms, make forms – Clipboards, program SCOUTING

35 35 Finish building/testing robot – Prepare for shipping – Ship without batteries – Add protection at sharp corners to prevent tearing bag ONLY DAYS TO GO!

36 36 Select and pack tools, spare parts, supplies – Prepare checklist for tools, spare parts, supplies – Gather and pack – Dont forget zip-ties and duct tape! – Label all tools with team no. DAYS TO GO

37 37 SAFETY Safety glasses (carried in, need in pit and on field) First aid kits (pit and stands) Battery spill kit Fire extinguisher Safety log, safety manual No shoes with open toes in pit or on field _Resources/Team_Resources_Assets/FRC_Team_Safety_Man ual.pdf _Resources/Team_Resources_Assets/FRC_Team_Safety_Man ual.pdf DAYS TO GO

38 38 Forms and paperwork – Consent forms – Roster – BoM – Chaperone folder DAYS TO GO


40 40 Useful Websites

41 41 Useful Websites

42 42 Other Useful Websites




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