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MRO Track: Managing a Lean Environment with CMMS ©2013 Smartware Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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1 MRO Track: Managing a Lean Environment with CMMS ©2013 Smartware Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

2 AGENDA Introduction Leaning In: - PMs - Research - Reporting - Spare Parts - Safety - Asset & Labor Management Questions/Comments

3 PRESENTER INTRO Paul Lachance President and CTO, Smartware Group, Inc. Working with and writing software since 1981 Graduate of Bentley University Sold first software company in 1999 Designing software for the maintenance professional ever since

4 SLOW PATH… Low expectations for federal fiscal 2014, as government furloughs slow the contract award process* Unemployment rate above historic norms, job growth below the 12-month average** *New York Times, June 26, 2013, Mandatory Federal Cuts Hurt Private Sector, Too **, July 5, 2013, Jobs Report Preview: Mediocre Jobs News Could Calm Markets …TO ECONOMIC STABILITY

5 GOOD TIMES AND BAD Still need to increase efficiency and productivity in maintenance operations, despite decreased resource availability

6 WHAT IS LEAN MFG? Eliminate wastes/Create Efficiencies: Labor Transportation Lead-times Materials Spare parts More Must have an automated system. Must have more than software – professional services.

7 WHAT IS CMMS? According to FacilitiesNet, Computerized Maintenance Management Software Is a software solution managers specify to streamline maintenance operations and improve the bottom line.

8 WHAT IS CMMS? CMMS Preventive Maintenance Work Orders Predictive Maintenance RequestsReportingPurchasingSpare PartsSafety Assets & Equipment

9 LEANING IN - PMs Less Efficient: Scheduling PMs assigning as needed, using paper or Excel spreadsheets More Efficient: Set up the PM schedule ahead of time for automatic PM generation, including e-mail notifications


11 Benefit: Less time scheduling, managing the WO process for more wrench time


13 Less Efficient: Scheduling PMs based on calendar More Efficient: Check Frequency of Failure reports, Asset Life Cycle Analysis for trends, actual meter reading usage - Also refer to manufacturers instructions

14 LEANING IN - PMs Benefit: Optimize PM scheduling process


16 LEANING IN - WOs Eliminated interruptions from ad-hoc requests




20 Less Efficient: Walking around your storage area for constant counts, checks More Efficient: Scan and search part(s) for location, quantity in inventory, minimum re-order point setting – JIT inventory companywide LEANING IN - SPARE PARTS

21 Benefit: Optimize the management of all parts, while preventing potential shrinkage and theft LEANING IN - SPARE PARTS

22 Less Efficient: Assigning resources strictly based on availability More Efficient: Optimal labor scheduling based on asset criticality, priority, age of WO, available, qualified resources LEANING IN – LABOR

23 Benefit: Allocate labor more efficiently and effectively towards the assets that need it most LEANING IN – LABOR


25 Less Efficient: Poor record keeping, organization, and documentation of safety programs and incidents More Efficient: Use an occupational, safety, and health system LEANING IN – SAFETY

26 Benefit: Bette record keeping, management of safety programs, create safe work environment. LEANING IN – SAFETY


28 Less Efficient: Searching through spreadsheets, paper-filled binders to see how often equipment is malfunctioning and why More Efficient: Click on the equipment, view entire WO history LEANING IN - RESEARCH

29 Benefit: Quickly and easily research equipment and assets to identify issues LEANING IN - RESEARCH

30 Less Efficient: Inability or scramble to report departmental health to executive team More Efficient: Consult real-time, built-in Executive summary reports LEANING IN - REPORTING

31 Benefit: Gain quick access to reports without major editing and reliance on other resources LEANING IN - REPORTING




35 Less Efficient: Buying assets solely based on upfront costs or minimal maintenance requirements More Efficient: Run an Asset Life Cycle Analysis LEANING IN – ASSET MGMT

36 Benefit: Identify best-performing assets on the fly LEANING IN – ASSET MGMT





41 Ease of use - Designed for the maintenance professional Icon-driven design with simple, consistent navigation - Minimal training and documentation necessary Total solution in one system - Professional services + powerful functionality RESULTS

42 Phone866-858-7800 QUESTIONS/COMMENTS?

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