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1 Loran-C Maintenance Support Presentation at the 31 st Annual Convention and Technical Symposium of the International Loran Association October 28, 2002.

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1 1 Loran-C Maintenance Support Presentation at the 31 st Annual Convention and Technical Symposium of the International Loran Association October 28, 2002 Washington, DC Charles Stevens, PhD, PE, Raytheon Technical Services Company CDR (select) Alan Arsenault, United States Coast Guard Technical Services Company

2 2 Outline Background Background Scope of Contract Scope of Contract General Approach General Approach Preventive Maintenance Preventive Maintenance Corrective Maintenance Corrective Maintenance Call Center Call Center Staffing Staffing Remote Sites in Alaska Remote Sites in Alaska Conclusions Conclusions

3 3 Background Demands on Coast Guard Require most efficient use of resources. Unstaffing Loran Transmitter sites could make a significant number of Coast Guard personnel resources available for other mission areas. Loran Recapitalization Project permits remote operation and allows un-manning of Loran Transmitter Stations. Included possible future contractor maintenance of Loran infrastructure as part of NDGPS contract won by Raytheon Technical Services Company.

4 4 Scope of Contract Tasked Raytheon to provide a study recommending approach to contract maintenance. Study to include providing Preventive and Corrective Maintenance at 24 LORSTA and PCMS Sites. Satisfy CM Response and Repair Times Time to Dispatch = 30 Minutes Time to Commence Repairs: >> 3 hours for System Casualty >> 12 hours for other Time to Complete Repairs: >> 8 hours for System Casualty >> 24 hours for other

5 5 Scope – Other Requirements Coordinate site activities and visits. Site security and safety. Maintain 7x24x365 Call Center and call escalation arrangement. Supply and Logistics Support: Perform and maintain inventory, requisition and property logs. Procure or acquire consumables and replacement parts and materials not in supply system -- Through supply system or procurement Provide a variety of reports and maintain records and logs.

6 6 Scope – Assumptions LORSTA: 12 PM/2 CM visits per year PCMS Site: 1 PM/1 CM visit per year. Contractor training provided using CG resources. All site technical data provided to contractor. All tools and test equipment provided by CG. Initial full complement of on-site spare parts provided. Contractor has no equipment operations role. Contractor has no base operations role. During transition any deficiencies will be identified and resolved. Limited Tower and antenna maintenance requirements.

7 7 General Approach Formed team with Raytheon, WR Systems and Coast Guard to develop approach. Conducted site survey at Jupiter Inlet and Sandy Hook for site familiarization. Conducted study to determine required level of effort necessary to accomplish PM and CM and related site support. Developed maintenance and management approach to satisfy requirements. Prepared report.

8 8 General Approach – Program Plan Program Plan Approach Section Section Title 1.0Introduction 2.0 Maintenance Requirements 3.0Maintenance Approach 4.0Management Approach 5.0Cost Estimate

9 9 General Approach - Maintenance Staff LORSTA with full-time Station Manager and on-call Technicians. Develop PM Schedule – Accomplished by Station Manager, with on- call Tech or Subcontractor support. Respond to Trouble Calls – Duty Technician and Station Manager. LORSTA staff respond to PM/CM requirements at local PCMS Site(s). Maintenance of Auxiliary Systems: Backup Power – subcontractor UPS – OEM warranty Tower Lighting – subcontractor Halon CO2 System – subcontractor

10 10 General Approach - Maintenance Facilities Maintenance: Shelter/Building – TBD Grass Mowing – Subcontractor Vegetation Control/Weeding – Subcontractor Fence and Gate Maintenance – Subcontractor or Station Team Access Road – Subcontractor Snow Removal – Subcontractor Site Security – Station Manager

11 11 Preventive Maintenance PM Estimates Per Site LORSTA - Range of 81.4 to 91.4 man hours/year/site – accomplished by 12 visits/year of 7+ man hours each. Assume 4 hours for PM and troubleshooting and remaining time for needed repairs. PCMS Site - 7.5 hours/year/site – accomplished by 1 visit/year

12 12 Corrective Maintenance CM Estimates Per Site LORSTA: Electronics - 2 responses/year and 4 hours/response. Diesel Generator - 1 response/year. HVAC - 1 response/year. Antenna Lighting - ½ response/year. PCMS Site: Electronics - 1 response/year and 1 hour/ response plus travel time. HVAC - 1 response/year.

13 13 Management Approach - Loran Maintenance Organizational Chart Program Manager Technical Manager Loran Field Lead Installation Lead NDGPS Field Lead EngineeringLogistics & Material Field Support Maintenance Technician Pool Loran Station A Station Manager On-Site Part- time Technicians Loran Station B Station Manager On-Site Part- time Technicians Loran Station C Station Manager On-Site Part- time Technicians Corporate Staff SupportProgram Staff Support

14 14 Call Center Process Call Center Receives Service Call – Identifies associated site, POC and nature of problem Station Manager provides duty roster and backup phone numbers Coast Guard Reports Maintenance Requirement Call Center Contacts Duty technician at site. Successful? Call Center Contacts Station Manager at site. Successful? Responds to Service Call Call Center Contacts Technical Manager. Successful? Yes No Responds to Service Call Yes Further Escalation -- PM, WRSystems No

15 15 Staffing Requirements

16 16 Remote Sites in Alaska Conditions inherent to Alaska require a different model than lower 48 sites. 3 hour response is not practical from off-base on-the-economy personnel. Proposed approach is 24x7x365 manning, with two man watch on-site until relieved. Requires Base Operations Type Contract and more detailed study. Suggest teaming with Native American (Alaskan Indian) Small Business Subcontractor. RTSC has business relationships with numerous Alaskan Indian Small Business Subcontractors.

17 17 Conclusions Contractor maintenance of Loran-C is viable and can satisfy CG needs. Raytheons NDGPS Program Office could provide the management and logistics infrastructure to support Loran-C maintenance. LORSTAs will be staffed with a full-time Station Manager and on-call technicians. Transition Planning will occur as part of initial site planning and serve as lessons-learned for future site conversions.

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