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Presented by Thomas Van Hardeveld, M.Sc. P. Eng. Convenor, IEC/TC56/WG3 Dependability management Presentation to CEN/TC 319

2 Objectives To describe challenges for maintenance
To explain the mandate of IEC/TC56 with respect to dependability, especially as it relates to maintenance To describe the structure of dependability standards To propose a basis for liaison and cooperation between IEC/TC56 and CEN/TC 319 Presentation to CEN/TC 319

3 Challenges for maintenance
Perception of maintenance as secondary to reliability and other factors Divided organizationally and usually no single point of responsibility Challenges caused by outsourcing of maintenance activities Confusion caused by different philosophies and approaches No accepted framework for maintenance management Lack of comprehensive international standards No consistent terminology Presentation to CEN/TC 319

4 Definition of dependability
Linkage to ISO 9000:2000 standards: TC56 is horizontal committee, applicable to all items Dependability (proposed new definition) ability of an item to meet its success criteria, under given conditions of use and maintenance Notes The success criteria may be attributes or variables, expressed or implied, and may include, availability of the required service, safety, integrity, security, etc. An example of an implied success criterion is, that the item shall be safe for the user, other interested parties, property and the environment. Dependability is achieved by due attention to failure prediction, prevention and mitigation Presentation to CEN/TC 319

5 Aspects of dependability
RELIABILITY Incorporated into design and enabled by operations and maintenance AVAILABILITY Enabled by design, operation and maintenance OPERATION MAINTENANCE DESIGN MAINTAINABILITY Enabled by design and implemented during maintenance MAINTENANCE SUPPORT Considered during design and implemented and optimized during maintenance Presentation to CEN/TC 319

6 Structure of dependability standards
Dependability management /2 CORE Vocabulary PROCESS General dependability Life cycle aspects Reliability/ availability Maintainability Maintenance and maintenance support Risk management System dependability SUPPORT Presentation to CEN/TC 319

7 Structure of maintenance-related standards
Dependability management /2 CORE PROCESS Maintainability Maintenance and maintenance support /14 SUPPORT Maintainability requirements Reliability Centered Maintenance Maintainability studies NWI on Spare parts? NWI on Contracting of maintenance? Testability and diagnostic testing Maintainability verification and collection, analysis and presentation of data NWI on Maintenance performance? Presentation to CEN/TC 319

8 Framework for IEC Management responsibility for maintenance and maintenance policy Maintenance resources: people, parts and materials, support resources, information systems, etc. Maintenance processes: management, support planning, preparation and execution Dependable equipment Maintenance assessment and improvement Presentation to CEN/TC 319

9 Relationship between IEC/TC56 and CEN/TC319
Following items are for discussion purposes Work towards harmonized set of maintenance-related standards Common terminology and framework Focus for IEC/TC56 more on linkage to other aspects of dependability and higher level aspects of maintenance Focus for CEN/TC 319 on more specific European concerns Presentation to CEN/TC 319

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