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GENERAL INFORMATION VEN*US INTERNATIONAL is an Import/export Group of Companies established in 1992, that distributes and represent manufacturing companies. We have two divisions, Medical and Industrial. Our customer base extends from the USA (Tennessee and Florida State), to South and Central America ( Mexico), and we are currently exploring new markets throughout the rest of Latin America. Our service, along with competitive pricing, has allowed us to expand our horizons and to keep looking for new development opportunities to serve better our clients, so on 2008 we incorporated VEN-US International Group Corp in Miami, with the goal to commercialize Medical Equipments and Supplies for all the clients of the Group as well as industrial spare parts, raw material, and machineries ( manteinance, repair and operation ) for the operations originated in South Florida and Internationally. Our Philosophy is that our products to be delivered to our clients, with professionalism, responsibility and to do so in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on knowing that we constantly provide excellent service, prices and the highest quality. Our deep commitment to this philosophy has not only earned us great respect from our customers, but from our competitors as well. The experience, product knowledge, access to product information, representation of top quality manufacturing companies, and support of our field has enabled us to provide prompt, comprehensive services for both, medical and industrial businesses. MEDICAL DIVISION PRODUCTS In this catalog you will find products that we may provide from our Medical Division. In case you need our catalog from our Industrial Division, please write to us to that we will send it you in PDF Format or paper.

3 PRODUCTS EQUIPMENTS Anesthesia Machines Hospital Cribs Aspirators
Audiometers Beds Biohazards/Trash Receptacles Cabinetry, Carts with and without Casters Cables and Wires Capnoraph Casting Equipment Cervical Traction Equipment Chairs/ Stools Colposcopes Defibrillators EKGS and ECG Electrosurgical Endoscope Exam and Surgical Tables Fetal Monitors Fixed and Transport Incubators Hospital Carts Hospital Cribs Infant Warmers IV Sets Laparoscopy Equipment Lighting Mayo Stand Minor Procedures Table Monitoring Office Furnishing Receptacles Reference Manuals Scales Stainless Steels Accessories Stents Sterilizers Stools/Chains Stretchers/Gurneys Ultrasounds Wall ORL X Ray Accessories

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs Electrodes and accessories Laringoscopes Ophthalmoscopes Otoscopes Paper Supplies Pulse Oximeters Spirometers Sphygmomanometers Stethoscopes Thermometers RESPIRATORY Connecting Tubes Endotrachqueal tubes Laryngeal Masks Guedel and Berman Airways Nasal Oxigen Catheter Nebilizer Nebulizer Aerosol Mask Oxigen Carts Oxigen Tubes Rescucitartors Tracheostomy Tubes Valves for Oxigen Flow

Applicators Bandages Cast Supplies Elastic Bands First Aid Kits Gauzes Gowns Heparine Caps Identification Bracelets Incontinence Products Laparoscopy Products Needles Scalp Vein Set Sterilization Accessories Surgical and Exam Gloves Surgical Blades and Handles Surgical Disinfectants Surgical Kits Surgical Masks Surgical Scrubs Surgical Tapes Sutures Syringes Tongue Depressors Umbilical Cord Clamp Uniforms for Doctors and Nurses Urine Bags Vaginal Speculum Veterinary Products CATHETERS Catheters: Feeding Suction Levin Nelaton PVC Rectal Foley Blood Bags Other Catheters 5

6 PRODUCTS MOBILITY RECOVERY 6 6 Canes Commode Chair Crutches
Electric Wheelchairs Gel and Air Cushions for Wheelchairs Manual Wheelchairs Micro Air Matress System Platforms and Ramps Rollators Shower Chair Transfer Bench Walkers RECOVERY Cervical Collars Finger and Hands Slips Hot and Cold Treatments Massage Tables Ortopedic Collars Overbed Tables Support for Elbow, Wrist, Knee and Back Traction and Decompression Traction and Recovery Tables Varicose Socks 6 6

7 PRODUCTS INSTRUMENTS LABORATORY 7 Instruments for Procedures:
Cardiovascular Dermato.logy Laparoscopy Micro Surgery Neurosurgery Obstetrics Ophthalmology Orthopedics Otolaryngology ( ENT) Plastic Surgery Podiatry Post Mortem Rectal Urology Veterinary Family and General Practice Forceps Gall Bladder Hemostats Intestinal Needle Holders Needles Premium Instruments Scissors Sterilization Containers Surgical Disposables LABORATORY Beakers Burets Centrifuges Flasks Hydrometers Microscopes Ovens Pipettes Shakers Tubes Pregnancy, HIV and Other Tests Refractometers Refrigeration Sample Collectors Sterilizers Tourniquet's Urine, fecal and Blood Tests Viscometers Water Purification Other Laboratory Products 7

8 PRODUCTS DENTAL PRODUCTS 8 Orthodontic: Brackets Bands Mouth Tubes
Wires Expansion Screws Pliers Orthodontic Acrylics Pressure Curing Unit Air Compressor Dental Unit Supplies Dental Equipment Dental Instruments 8

We may provide a wide line of used equipments, that may be demos, used with warranty or refurbished by technician trained from the manufacturing plants with original parts. After almost 20 years in the USA market, we have a wide line of trusted suppliers of equipments, that may help you to save up to 70% than a new equipment. Besides, we may provide you spare parts for equipment such as Mamographs, CT, MRI, Ultrasounds, Laboratory Equipments, Dental equipments and others. 9

10 LINES LIST 3M Aaron Abbott ACMI Accelerated Care Plus Acuderm
Akorn, Inc. American Diagnostic Corp Air-Tite Products Co, Inc. Aircast Alba Alcavis HDC Alconox Alex Orthopedic Alimed Allegiance Allied Health Care Products AMD-Ritmed Ambu Inc. American Fiber & Finishing American Threshold American White Cross (Nutramax) Ammex Amsino Andover Ansell Perry Aplicare Applied Medical Armstrong Medical Industries Inc. Aseptic Control Products ASO Astral Diagnostics Avcor Ballard Banta Bard Bard Parker Baxter Bay Medical Bayer BD Beaumont Bemis Beutlich Hurricane Bioflex Bio Plas, Inc. Biotron Diagnostics, Inc. Bird & Cronin Blickman Boundry Bowman Dispensers Brown Medical BSN Burdick Spacelabs Burnishine Products Busse C&A Scientific Co, Inc. Chase Cetylite Industries Chattanooga Group Chester Labs Children's Medical Ventures CI Healthcare Clarke Container Coloplast Conmed Convatec Copan Diagnostics Cooper Surgical Cosmed Cottrell LTD Crosstex International Cryosurgery Inc. Curlin Infusion Therapy Cypress DM Systems, Inc. Dalco Dale Medical Darco Datex-Omeda Davol Decon Laboratories Delon Laboratories DermaRite Industries Derma Sciences Deroyal Derron Surgical Instruments Deseret Detecto Diagnostic Test Group(Clarity) DJ Ortho Donovan DRE Medical Drew Scientific, Inc. Drive Medical DuoPross Meditech Dukal Duracell Duromed Dynarex Dynatronics Ecolab Ehob, Inc. Emerald Encore Erie Esco Micro Pte. Ltd. Ever Scientific Exel International, Inc. FNC Medical Face-It, Inc Faichney Med. Company Ferris Manufacturing Fisher Scientific Gebauer Company Gendron George Glove Company Gericare Globe Scientific Graham Field GoJo H & H Laboratories Hapad Inc. Hardwood Products, Inc Hartmann-Conco Health Care Logistics Health Design Health O Meter Helena Laboratories Heritage Bag Hermitage Hollister Hospital Specialties Hudson Hu-Friedy Huntleigh Healthcare Hydrofera Hydrox Chemical Company  Hygenic Corporation/Thera Band Hy-mark Hy-Tape International Immunostics Infinium Medical Invacare Inviro Medical

11 LINES LIST ITC Jant Pharmacal Corp Johnson & Johnson Kenad
Kimberly Clark Lagasse Lang Dental LDI Corporation Lifescan Lifesign Linde Look Mabis Mason Medical Products Maytex Corp. Maxxim Mead Johnson Medex Medela Pump System Medical Action Medicom MedikMark Meditech Medline Medtrol Inc. Metrex Microteck Miltex MIR - Medical International Research M-pact Mediheat Minigrip Zip Pack Moog Medical Devices Group Myco Nalge Nunc NDD Nellcor Shiley Nestle Neotech Medical New England Reagents Labs Nexus Medical Next Temp Nipro NK Medical Products No Rinse Laboratory North American Corp. Orion Life Systems Omega Medical Omron Palumbo Paper Pak Parker Labs Personna PHB Philips Medical Posey Post Medical Inc. Precision Dynamics Preferred Medical Premier Care Industries PrePak Presto Principal Business Enterprises Print Media Professional Disposables, Inc Profex Medical Products Propper Pulpdent Purdue Frederick Quidel Rd Plastics RG Medical Regent Restorative Care of America Retractable Technologies Ricca Chemical Roche Diagnostics Rochester Medical Roscoe Medical Royce Rusch SPS Medical Sabee Safe Pro Sammons Preston-Rolyan Schiller America Scott Specialties Seca Scales SemperMed Sklar Skil-Care SkinStitch Smith Kline/Beckman Coulter Smiths Medical Solon Span America SPS Stanbio Laboratories Standers Star Cushion Products, Inc. Steris Sultan Medical Summit Doppler Sunpoint Products, Inc Sunrise Industries, Inc Sunrise Medical Sunshine Products, Inc Supermax Inc. Surgilance Teleflex Medical Tempo Terry World Terumo The Brewer Company Thomas Scientific TimeMed Triad Trimline Medical Products United Surgical Equipment Vee Gee VistaLab Technologies Vital Signs Vollrath/Medegen VWR LabShop Wallach Water-Jel Technologies Welch Allyn Welcon Western Medical Wexford Labs Whitestone Zoll Medical Corporation Zevex Zimmer Please contact us for Lines not included in this list.

12 VEN-US International Group Corp.
Miami, Florida USA And its related companies: VEN*US International, LLC Nashville-Tennessee USA VEN*US International de Venezuela, C.A. Valencia-Venezuela Maturín-Venezuela VEN*US International de Panama, S.A. Panama-Panama VEN*US International de Colombia, S.A.S. Bogota-Colombia


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