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2 2 NCSPSA Contract Area

3 3 New Operating Model North Caspian Operating Company B.V. is an Operator under the North Caspian Sea Production Sharing Agreement since 22 January 2009.

4 4 Nationalization In Q Consortium employed people in Kazakhstan inclusive of subcontractors. Around 80% (79,4 %) of them are RoK citizens which is an outstanding ratio for this type of Project.

5 Local Content in Procurement of Goods, Works and Services Breakdown of GWS procurement in 2011 More than 8 billion USD has been paid for local goods, works and services for the period 2006 – 2 quarter * Reduction in Local Content level since 2010 relates to the changes in the Kazakhstan Content Methodology calculation in accordance with the current legislation Share of Local Content from Total Expenditures Payments for local GWS in 2011 were USD 1,085 bln (more than KZT 160 bln) or 27% from total payments. Share of procured Goods is showed including in Works. Last saved: 17 September :04, Author Department: Contracting & Procurement (KZ) 5 Goods Services

6 6 Long Term Local Content Development Program Realization of the Program NCOC B.V. Monitoring and Reporting NCOC B.V. developed and implements Long Term LC Development Program Development of Caspian Coastal Infrastructure Market Capability Overview Operations and Maintenance Requirements Phase 2 Compression Centre (СС01) Kalamkas Sea requirements Phase 1 Historical data analysis The Authority SDK NCPOC AKCO EMKI Last saved: 17 September :04, Author Department: Contracting & Procurement (KZ) Review of Kazakhstan Market Capabilities at Pre-Project Stage Local Manufacturers of Spare Parts and Consumables Craft Skills Training

7 Development and further involvement of local vendors at NCSPSA North Caspian Sea Project demand Market research Gap analysis and qualification audits Potential Project suppliers selection Prequalification and inclusion in Vendor database Vendor Development Program Tender Craft skills trainings JV Facilitation ASME, API, ISO certification Result 7 and Contract award

8 8 Local Content Achievements in the North Caspian Project During implementation of the long term local content development program the Venture initiated training and successfully certified 56 local companies under such international standards as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO and OHSAS Consortium is the only among Major Oil and Gas Operators in Kazakhstan that funded and coordinated implementation and certification of the well known Kazakhstan manufacturers to the recognized international standards of American Petroleum Institute (API): Ust-Kamenogorsk Valve Plant and to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standard: Zapadno-Kazakhstanskaya Mashinostroitelnaya Kompaniya JSC Petropavlovsk Plant of Heavy Machine Building Montazhengineering Company In local companies have successfully passed qualification audits according to the Consortium requirements under 7 commodity areas. Consequently these companies are included in the Vendor Development Program. Operator trained more than 500 employees from 34 local companies to the most demanded craft skills like pipe layers, instrumentations electricians, operators of plant installations, divers and others. These companies are potential vendors to the NCSPSA. As a result of the purposeful activities towards Joint Ventures facilitation and their involvement to the Project, around 70 JVs provide their services to the Venture as of 2005 in the course of activities at the present 2600 Kazakhstan companies have been registered in the Vendor Database of the Venture. OEM and Spare Parts Civil Works Transport Electrical Works Long Term Service Maintenance Structures and Tanks Waste Management

9 9 Local Companys Success Stories on Kashagan Since 2005 started working on Kashagan with the first accommodation barge. Total fleet under management has expanded to 39 vessels. In 2008 Operator sponsored training and certification under standard ISO 9001:2000 As of 2012 ratio of Kazakh citizens in the crew members reached 70%. Caspian Offshore Construction LLP – the first privately owned 100% local company In 2006 the Company started its activities in the North Caspian Project, providing services in D Island for personnel. By 2011 the number of Companys personnel reached 230, which is ten-times higher the initial indicator. In March 2011 Ships Catering Supply received an international quality certificate of Moody International ISO for safety of food products. Currently, the Company services six facilities as part of the North Caspian Project and continues to develop. Ships Catering Supply LLP - catering, supply of food products, cleaning and laundry services If you are interested in cooperation with the Consortium, please visit our Web-site:

10 10 Local Content on the North Caspian Project Development of Kazakhstan Industrial Sector In February 2011 NCOC has entered into the Working Group together with Union of Machine Builders of Kazakhstan (UMBK) and KMG, in frames of which Operator: developed a list of O&G equipment and spare parts for perspective demand at North Caspian project which consists of more than 30,000 and submitted for further analysis to UMBK for examination and identification of the list of equipment which has a potential to be produced in Kazakhstan determined priority commodity groups of international and local manufacturers. held marketing survey on machine building industry of Kazakhstan, where identified constraints and recommendations on development of Kazakhstan enterprises. 200 manufacturing companies have been reviewed. on May, 2011 NCOC in cooperation with TCO, KPO and JSC NC KazMunayGas organized Forum Original Equipment Manufacturing and Spare Parts. Forum has been held under the auspices of KazEnergy Association. The main objective of the forum was to support further development of local market on production of goods and services demanded by oil and gas industry and joint venture facilitation. 40 local and 54 foreign companies participated on this event.

11 11 Local Content at the early stage Compression Centre (СС01) PHASE 2KALAMKAS SEA Perspective Projects and potential for LC Government and concerned Government bodies for development of LC Operator Detailed analysis and market potential study: Fabrication yards Shipyards Steel structures construction Modules transportation and installation Rock supply Hook-up and commissioning Phase 1 historical data analysis Detailed analysis and market potential study: Fabrication yards Shipyards Steel structures construction Modules transportation and installation Rock supply Hook-up and commissioning Phase 1 historical data analysis LC identification at early stages of contract strategy development

12 Upgraded local content strategy for the development project 12 CONCEPT SELECTION CONCEPT DEFINITIONPROJECT EXECUTION END OF PROJECT Local content : one of the criterion used for the selection of concept Develop a Local content plan Shall be based on : Concept selected Market survey Contracts awarded after competitive tenders Promotion of new potential bidder, if needed through new JV with International companies Shall include:: Scope tendered in RoK with list of certified bidders Scope tendered on open market Sustainable element to be included in the scope of the tender LC Plan endorsed Endorsed plan used as a basis for tendering Experience build up through the execution of the contract New equipment and skills acquisition RoK contractors with enhanced equipment, facilities, skilled personnel, experience New tender with increased local content NCOC intention is to use Kalamkas Sea as a pilot project to further develop this strategy. This strategy is still being developed and has not yet been finalized. It is presented as an illustration of the room for improvement. SANCTION

13 NCSPSA future projects 13 Preliminary evaluation of manpower needs Occupancy of existing yard capacity Man hours on installation and Hook up (k Man-hr) These figures are preliminary are based on the timely approval of the projects by the Consortium and RoK Authorities allowing FEED start as follows: CC ; Kalamkas Sea 2014; Phase II 2016, These figures are preliminary estimates. The Venture has not yet taken a final investment decision on these projects and these projects are subject to the necessary approvals by the RoK authorities. The figures will furthermore be affected by the timing of such decision and approvals.

14 Thank You for Attention 1 June

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