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VIENNA LONDON MUNICH BERLIN PARIS HONG KONG MOSCOW ISTANBUL BEIJING SINGAPORE Optimizing Lead Generation via Smart Marketing Automation Regional Managing.

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1 VIENNA LONDON MUNICH BERLIN PARIS HONG KONG MOSCOW ISTANBUL BEIJING SINGAPORE Optimizing Lead Generation via Smart Marketing Automation Regional Managing Director Ohad Hecht emarsys APAC Twitter: @emarsysapac emarsys Cocktail Seminar 2013

2 Tonights Agenda MEET & GREET MIXER (6:30pm to 7pm) SEMINAR (7pm to 8pm) Optimizing Lead Generation Customer lifecycle and big data Automate for email, mobile and social NETWORK DRINKS (8pm to 9pm)

3 Lets get down to the nasty… YOUR MARKETING HEADACHE

4 Scenario 1 Weve got too much to do and not enough resources (staff, budget, or time)

5 Scenario 2 We are not generating enough leads (i.e. customers)

6 Scenario 3 We have no direction/strategy (AKA we don't know what we're doing & just pray we've got it right!)

7 Scenario 4 Are you kidding? We're the god / goddesses of marketing! We're only here to eat, drink and make merry!

8 Good news now… COMPLEX MARKETING CAN BE SIMPLE SIMPL ER for the marketing gods and goddesses here

9 Let me introduce to you MARKETING AUTOMATION

10 Marketing Automation ROI Marketing automation yields 417% INCREASE IN REVENUE 451% INCREASE IN NURTURED LEADS who makes 40% LARGER PURCHASES THAN NON-NURTURED LEADS Source: Gartner and Marketing Sherpa 2012

11 Marketing Automation – What is it? Smart Client segmenting Lead scoring Strategic up-sell and cross-sell Campaign management Scheduled Content Delivery Metrics / Reporting


13 Hold your horses… IT ONLY REALLY TAKES ONE THING…

14 Thats all you need!

15 From where? Your best leads will come from the…

16 Optimizing Lead Generation KEY: GOOD CONTENT/OFFER + LANDING PAGES

17 Example


19 Optimizing Lead Generation: Mobile / Apps MORE LEADS FROM QR CODES

20 Optimizing Lead Generation: Mobile / Apps...or PASSBOOK and APPs

21 Optimizing Lead Generation: Social Media Turn LIKES to LEADS

22 Registration form after Like

23 Optimizing Lead Generation: Customer Contact Points Let customers LEARN MORE!

24 Tie everything together & ENGAGE with TARGETED EMAIL

25 These days are over! One-message-fits-all Just doesnt work anymore!


27 76% of companies ranked TARGETING RECIPIENTS WITH HIGHLY RELEVANT CONTENT as their # 1 challenge Marketing Sherpa – 2011 Email Marketing Benchmark Report How can Big Data help?

28 YOU HAVE DATA. USE IT. TREAT PEOPLE ON YOUR DATABASE DIFFERENTLY hot leads small spenders deflectors platinum buyers

29 but HOW?

30 RFM Model and Scoring Recency – Number of days or months since last purchase Frequency – Number of purchases made Monetary Value – Amount spent by customer

31 Example of RFM scoring Frequency Score (1-5) Recency Score (1-5) Monetary Score (1-5) When did a customer last place an order? Recency Score: 1: > 365 days 2: 181 – 365 days 3: 91 – 180 days 4: 31 – 90 days 5: < 30 days How often has your customer ordered? Frequency Score: 1: 1 order 2: 2 orders 3: 3 orders 4: 4 – 9 orders 5: > 10 orders Which customers are spending money? Monetary Score: 1: > $50 2: $51 – $200 3: $201 – $500 4: $501 – $1000 5: > $1000 When was the last response to an email? Marketing Score: 1: > 180 days 2: 91 – 180 days 3: 31 – 90 days 4: 8 – 30 days 5: < 7 days

32 Big-Data Database ecommerce Suppliers Inventory Website web forms Products Utilise data you have

33 Processes in a nutshell

34 …into actionable intelligence

35 5-Step Recipe for Marketing Automation 1.Clean Data 2.Qualify your prospects 3.Attach a score to each 4.Create your automated flow 5.Map customer stages

36 Marketing Automation in the Customer Lifecycle Prospect First-time Customer Established Customer Premium Customer Churning Customer VIP communication Be the first to know... Push for 2nd order Advantages for signing up We miss you Your Audience (Visitors) ACQUIRE CONVERTGROWRETAIN REACTIVATE

37 Automate your communications! Prospect First-timer Established VIP Lapsed Sign-up strategy Welcome process First- timer feedback Date trigger campaigns Loyalty scheme We miss You! Marketing automation Marketing automation Referral

38 An automation workflow example – Reactivate

39 An automation workflow example – Loyalty Program

40 Your campaign flow is set, now what? Not just about push technologies and passive techniques …whats missing? Marketing Channels

41 Your customers are very likely… a multi-channel community and their phones and tablets are their first screen device

42 Why should you care? Source: 2012

43 Why should you care? 64% decision makers regularly view emails on mobile

44 Source: We are Social SDMA Report, Oct 2012

45 The truth is… Marketers simply cannot ignore MOBILE

46 Current problems with websites and communications on mobile? Messy Layout Cant read text Links not easy to tap Too much content Too much scrolling Images not always shown

47 The ideal scenario? Lifes great Hybrid - duck Different visuals

48 Responsive Design – One Site/Email to Rule Them All Automate content that is optimised both desktops, tablets, and for mobile

49 Example 1: responsive design DesktopMobile Larger fonts Single column layout Bigger line spacing Focused content Text links converted to buttons Original Responsive

50 Example 2: responsive design DesktopMobile ResponsiveNormal Bigger fonts 1 column layout Bigger line spacing Hiding content Text links converted to buttons

51 Case Study: LivingSocial

52 Result of LivingSocials Responsive Design Campaign Response rates (opens and clicks) experienced an uplift of 40%! Desktop Mobile

53 No guessing No need to guess if the client is mobile Specify what content is displayed to each device for higher conversions

54 In Summary Marketers CAN eliminate many current and future challenges with RFM Customer Lifecycle Process automation Mobile content automation

55 Thank you We will now be answering any questions you may have. Regional Managing Director - APAC Ohad Hecht

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