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This Millennium is a Challenge...

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1 This Millennium is a Challenge...

2 With every business wanting….
Remote Management Web based Partnerships Virtual Networked connectivity Mass Customization and extremely Value Conscious

3 With an ERP Solution for every vertical segment of the industry
With an ERP Solution for every vertical segment of the industry. With Pentasoft present in all of these segments.

4 Can we leave the garment industry out?

5 We do have a TOTAL solution for this domain….


7 Total Garments.. The Modules
Merchandising Purchase Inventory Production Planning Production Monitoring Documentation - Pre & Post Shipment Financial Accounting Payroll Ware House Sub Contract

8 …And how are they linked
Customer Supplier Purchase Merchandising Inventory Production Planning & monitoring Payroll Ware House Finance Export Documentation Sub Contractor Supplier Customer

9 Now Taking each module separately…….

10 Merchandising Handles right from Sample Order to Confirmed orders and Blanket orders. Ability to handle multiple styles, designs, colors and sizes for each order. Unique facility to have two order numbers - internal order number and buyer order number. AUTO GENERATION of purchase requirement based on the Bill of Materials. Ability to qualify stock as dead/free based on criteria.

11 Merchandising Maintains a swatch / style library. The software has a facility to scan in and hold swatches and details relating to them, which can be transferred to CDs etc for merchandisers, as well as makes reference, costing and searches very easy. Generates quota requirement reports periodically for the Quota Category Countries. "Link" feature allows the merchandiser to view information related to orders across modules such as production, purchase etc easily. System maintains pre order costing for comparison with actual. Sampling: Tracks Sampling charges separately. Gives a more accurate picture of product cost

12 Merchandising…some Screens
Style details Buyer measurement chart tab (button) PATTERN DETAILS Enquiry details Quotation details Sample order Sample planning Manufacturing order Material computation Costing details Activity planner Order closing details Order closing amendment Company details Client details Agent details Consignee details The bank details Currency details Units of measurements Payment terms Multi master Multi master display Activity master Style details Size range





17 Merchandising…some reports
Enquiry Enquiry Summary Enquiry Details Quotation Quotation Summary Sample Order Sample Order Summary Sample Detail Manufacturing Order Order by Client Graphical Analyst Client’s orders (Yearly)




21 Purchase All purchases related to orders monitored / approved through workflow automation The system can hold/short close purchase orders with multiple delivery dates. Ability to handle process orders. Can handle drop shipments. Maintains vendor history for reference / decisions. Purchases of general items handled separately through pre determined reorder levels, automating the process and improving efficiency levels.

22 Purchase……some Screens
Masters Supplier Details Reference Details Multi Master Bin Master Item Master Fabric Accessories Spare parts Stationeries Item Utilities (For Allocating The Ranges For Used Cones) Supplier Item Details Internal Requisition Internal Requisition – Fabric/Pocketing/Interlining Accessories Machinery or Spare Parts Stationeries Fabric Accessories Machinery/Spare Parts Purchase Order Details Purchase Order Amendments for all of the above categories Various Purchase function utility Screens like amendments etc.




26 Purchase…… some reports
Purchase order Details Purchase order Analysis PO Outstanding Details (MO Wise) PO Outstanding Details (Item Wise) MO Wise Material Review Supplier Price list Current price List Price variation analysis


28 Inventory Norms imposed for receipt of material - stops from over receiving purchase, process, returns from production, buyer supplied. Handles multiple sizes (widths) in case of fabric during quality control. Automated raising of debit notes, credit notes and purchase vouchers Integrated with work order for consumption control. Physical location of stocks monitored for easy accessibility, reducing inventory losses. Stocks are classified and monitored in three levels: sounds, seconds and rejects

29 Inventory……some Screens
Goods Receipt Crn Fabric Imported Local Accessories Purchase Returns Accessory Issues Fabric Accessories Returns To Store Fabrics





34 Inventory…… some reports
Stores Goods Receipt Listing Goods Return To Supplier Goods Return From Production Goods Issued To Production Fabric Accessories MIS Reports Exceptional Reports Late Receipts Over Issues Summary Of Purchases Summary Of Issues

35 Goods Issued to production



38 Production Planning Ability to change consumption for different work orders Ability to block stocks for particular orders Identifies materials as Dead/free based on pre defined criteria Identify different stages in production to be monitored style-wise

39 Planning……some Screens
Masters Factory Details Sub-Contractor Details Line Details Operation Details Unit Capacity Details Operational Sequence Details Unit Allocation Detail (Make Up) Line Capacity Allocation Allocation Chart







46 Production Monitoring
Can monitor multiple sites, multiple lines, multiple shifts. Handles sub-contracted work at any stage of the production cycle Line-wise, Employee-wise, style-wise monitoring possible Exception reporting based on targets set

47 Monitoring……some Screens
Masters Printing At Work Embroidery At Work Spreading And Cutting Fabric Usage Details Panel Linking Details Panel Check Details Bundling Details Cut Pcs Issue To Print/Emb Cut Pcs Receipt From Print/Emb Transfer Note To Make Up (Sew) Make Up Process (Sew) Garment Issues Garment Receipt Transferred To Finishing Stage Final Checking Packing And Cartoning

48 This screen is used to create line details depending on the OP type (Operation type), meaning which line number is doing what operation with which machine


50 Export Documentation All statutory documents like commercial invoice, packing list, customs invoice, annexure generated Individual monitoring of Quota Certificates and Letter of Credits Bank guarantee/Legal Undertaking monitoring Negotiation and duty drawback covered in detail.

51 Export Documentation……some Screens
Shipment advice Import (Byr) Invoice Fabric Invoice Tab (Button) Invoice (Group MO) Details Tab (Button) Invoice Individual MO Details Tab (Button) Accessories Invoice Details Tab (Button) Proforma Invoice Proforma Invoice Tab (Button) Proforma Invoice Details Tab (Button) Material Invoice Tab (Button) Export Invoice Invoice Tab (Button) Invoice Details Tab (Button) Material Deductions Tab (Button) Amount And Marks & Nos Tab (Button) Addresses Tab (Button) Packing List Packing List Details Tab (Button) Order Details Tab (Button)



54 Export Documentation……some reports
Beneficiary Certificate Format Certificate Of No Child Labor Security Compliance Form Quota Charges Statement



57 Payroll This module covers all the employee details and has the compatibility with ETRS electronic attendance systems like STAR System. This module is completely integrated with the production module by which the production based incentive / wages, Overtime is also ensured. Some of the Key Reports that are generated by the system includes the following: Pay Slip. NPF Summary Sheet. EWF Summary Sheet. Income Tax Summary Report. Salary Register. EDF Checklist. Employee Checklist Leave Encashment Report. Bonus Summary.

58 Payroll……some Screens
Staff Information Personal Information Department Education and experience Worker Information Salary and Leave Details Social Security Details Clock Card Company Details Pay Calculation Period Pay Structure Leave Details STAFF DETAILS Master updation EDF Details EDF details EDF updation Leave/ absent details Permission details Loans details Attendance details Attendance Discrepancy Weekly work hours process Weekly work hours details Leave Transferred details Additional Income/Deduction Payroll Process Salary Break up details E O Y Bonus process E O Y Bonus details

59 Payroll……some Screens
Worker details Master updation EDF Details EDF details EDF updation Leave/ absent details Permission details Loans details Attendance details Attendance Discrepancy Weekly work hours process Weekly work hours details Leave Transferred details Additional Income/Deduction Payroll Process Salary break up details E O Y Bonus process E O Y Bonus details Transport Shift Details Route Details Vehicle Details Transport Details Overtime Details STAR DATA TRANSFER Attendance details Leave details


61 This screen is used to close the bonus period of the end of year.

62 Payroll……some reports
Staff Reports Staff Information Details New Entry details Left details Date of birth list Leave Info Leave Taken list Leave Balance List Check List NIC /BANK /PAYE EDF details Workers Reports Worker information New Entry Details Leave taken list Leave balance list

63 Financial Accounting Integrated effectively with other modules eliminating duplication of data entry. Easy to use for data entry purposes, through the "Pull down" tree structure of account heads. Drill down facility available to view details of transactions. Handles multiple companies, as individual or consolidated entities. Ability to generate reports between date ranges, as on date and for year to date comparisons. Workflow for approvals built in.

64 Some screens of Finance
Outlet Wise Opening Balance Outstanding Breakup Others Analysis Master Ageing Terms Fiscal Period Lock Voucher Entry Sales - Local Sales - Export Sales - Contract Sales – Sub Contract Sales Returns Credit Note Purchase Purchase Returns Reverse Entry Sales – Local MASTERS Currency Fiscal Year Exchange Rate Transaction Type Ledger Group Group Master Sub Ledger Master Accounts Master Client Accounts Master Outlet Accounts Master Supplier Account Master Bank Master Attached Fiscal Year Account Link Opening Balance Client Wise Outstanding Breakup Supplier Wise

65 Sales Returns Credit Note Purchase Purchase Returns Invoice Allocation Invoice Posting Transactions Journal Entry Journal Reverse Entry Receipts Receipt Detail Bank Details Receipt Allocation Receipts Allocation Receipts DeAllocation Receipt Allocation Receipts Reverse Entry Receipt Detail Bank Details Discount Allowed Discount Details Discount Allocation Discount Allowed Reverse Entry Payments Payments Details Payment Allocation Payments Allocation Payment Detail Payments DeAllocation

66 Payment Detail Bank Details Receipt Allocation Payments Reverse Entry Payment Allocation Discount Received Discount Details Discount Allocation Discount Allowed Reverse Entry Others Direct Expenses Direct Expenses Reverse Entry Inter Bank Cash Banking Receipt Detail Cheque Banking Cheque Details Cheque Bounced/Cancelled Deposit Re-Banking Accounts Transfer Accounts Transfer Reverse Entry Closing Bill of Exchange Payments Letter of Credit

67 Receipts Letter of Debit Bank Reconciliation Final Accounts Trial Balance Account Code Details Accounts Code Sub details Profit and Loss Balance Sheet Analysis Analysis Entry Utility Change Company Add User User Rights About the software Cheque Cancellation Zero Rated Creditors List of Zero Rated Creditors Purchase Receipt Closing Invoice Posting Purchase Return Receipt Closing Year End Process Reports Master Reports Base Currency Fiscal Year Ledger Group Group Master Sub Ledger Account Code Master Accounts Details Transaction Type

68 Direct Expenses Printing
Receipt/Payment Banking Print Ageing Debtors Balance Debtors Overdue Reminder Creditors Balance Transaction Printing Bank Statements Statements Of Accounts Client Wise Supplier Wise Outlet Wise Details Bill of exchange Letter of Credit Letter of Debit Individual A/C List Final Account Trial Balance Profit and Loss Balance Sheet Vat Report Account Link Analysis Master Bank Master Creditors Master Debtors Master Client Master Outlet Master Supplier Master Opening Balance Client Wise Outlet Wise Supplier Wise Others Transaction Reports Voucher Printing Receipt Payments Invoice Receipt List Direct Expense Print PMS Print Receipt List Payment List

69 Architecture - 3 tier client-server
Different tasks of the application are carried out by different layers, allowing for much better performance than other types of systems. High scalability available by replacing any tier as needed VB / SQL VB / Oracle REPORTS - Dynamic reporting through setting filters: a feature by which the user can view information that conforms to criteria specified by user, on the run. Reports with Crystal Reports Facility for administrator to to build new reports - reduce dependence on external entities

70 Automated reporting within the organisation as well as to Buyers etc., in addition to structured reports. Design - Business rule based - When changes or customisation have to be done the time taken and rework done is less, as it involves changing only rules and not codes, as is done in other non-rule based products. Implementation time is less. Lesser level dependence on the software provider for maintenance and changes. More clarity on business processes, allowing for the management to rethink the way work is being done.

71 Workflow enabled, thereby reducing paper flow within the organisation.
Data entry can be manual, through devices such as scanners and barcode readers, or through a feature called "cloning", which eliminates redundant data entry. Templates are available for dynamic data entry, which means the user does not have to toggle between the master and transaction screens, but can enter data from any part of the application. Appliance interfaces such as Scanner/ Bar coder/ INA Mover systems/ STAR Attendance Electronic System etc.

72 Thank You

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