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© 2008 Astea International Figure 1 The Six Areas of Functionality that Can Help Your Organization Increase Its Velocity of Business Increasing the Velocity.

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1 © 2008 Astea International Figure 1 The Six Areas of Functionality that Can Help Your Organization Increase Its Velocity of Business Increasing the Velocity of Business Depot Repair Logistics Field Service MarketingSales Professional Services

2 © 2008 Astea International 1.Universal view of customers, including service histories and SOTA tools for problem solving 2.Automatic assignment, location & parts requisition per requirements for call fulfillment 3.Interactive graphics, calendars, drag-and-drop scheduling, & hierarchical configuration views 4.Intra-system escalation that alerts staff & customers (e.g., order status, SLAs, queue, etc.) 5.Response times and dispatch prioritization for open calls, contracts and technician capabilities Principal Features 1.Elimination of workflow inefficiencies, redundant databases/calls, and duplicate data entry 2.Improvement in the visibility and management of spare parts and inventory levels 3.Unified activities in comprehensive management system, synchronized w/ real-time events 4.Customization to unique business environments; best & current practices can be harmonized 5.Assets match needs to minimize service disruption, balance workloads, maximize first-calls Principal Benefits Figure 2 Basic Features and Benefits of Field Service Functionality

3 © 2008 Astea International 1.Support of in-house, vendor, and subcontractor repairs and exchanges 2.RMAs issued for universal merchandise visibility through final disposition 3.Status monitored through repair station flow for real-time visibility within support applications 4.Real-time warranty tracking, tracing merchandise returned to service and/or exchanged 5.Graphic repair data analysis and history logs Principal Features 1.Processes all repair orders seamlessly for better database capture and workload balancing 2.Tracks equipment throughout repair chain; enhanced spare parts IM & customer service 3.Captures billable time and materials automatically to speed service-to-cash cycles 4.Full-loop repair history tracking facilitates enhanced compliance with contracts/standards 5.Supports problem/repair statistical analysis to help identify engineering and sourcing issues 6.Integration w/ full software suite allows repair orders/status queries to be initiated anywhere Principal Benefits Figure 3 Basic Features and Benefits of Depot Repair Functionality

4 © 2008 Astea International 1.A color-coded demand queue that provides a visual prioritized to do list 2.Support of process flow through pick, pack, ship, and receive, including transaction logs 3.Asset management with inventory searches by item, serial number, or advanced filter 4.Multi-site and multi-national spare parts inventory control 5.Parts replenishment engine to automate requisitions/streamline purchases of depleted stock Principal Features 1.Visualization of demand and assets (e.g., warehouses, vans, customer sites, in-transit, etc.) 2.Improved stock level control, reduced carrying costs, expedited premiums for out-of-stocks 3.Correlated sales, service, and repair order processing with physical fulfillment 4.Increased probability of first-time fix and enhanced service delivery 5.Support for all warehousing strategies, including mobile inventory Principal Benefits Figure 4 Basic Features and Benefits of Logistics Functionality

5 © 2008 Astea International 1.Sales/service integration for a complete perspective of the customer (e.g., orders, invoices) 2.An integrated top-down sales direction, and bottom-up sales process management 3.Graphic pipeline management with flexible support of company-specific sales methodologies 4.Contact management with rich content profiles, activity histories, and e-mail synchronization 5.Account management for automated assignment and tracking of prospects by industry, etc. Principal Features 1.Consolidated sales & service views, enabling more comprehensive business analysis 2.Sales planning & pipeline management facilitating greater accuracy in revenue forecasting 3.Automated sales territory planning that allows the seamless transfer of information 4.Increased sales efficiency, productivity, and close rates through automated admin support 5.Greater seamless transition between sales and post-sale service Principal Benefits Figure 5 Basic Features and Benefits of Sales Functionality

6 © 2008 Astea International 1.Unified support of marketing collateral, budgets, lists, notes and performance 2.List management that enables import of spreadsheet and flat files, and de-duplication 3.Ability to link multiple pricing structures, discount tolerances, and offers to a single campaign 4.Graphic script management that allows for tailored process flow development 5.Telemarketing support that can be used to distribute scripts, offers, and literature, as required Principal Features 1.Seamless integration to field sales for lead management, and optimized list generation 2.The ability to build multi-channel coordination for pronged, multi-phased programs 3.Graphic script and campaign creation capabilities that support non-technical users 4.Collaborative capabilities to ensure tighter coordination between marketing, sales & services 5.Ability to conduct comprehensive analyses that examine overall program costs and benefits Principal Benefits Figure 6 Basic Features and Benefits of Marketing Functionality

7 Figure 7 Basic Features and Benefits of Professional Services Functionality © 2008 Astea International 1.Custom-tailored user views of professional services tasks and projects 2.Time and expense reporting with their respective approval processes 3.Unified project information (e.g., tasks, risks, documentation, billing, skills, profitability reports 4.Consultant orders and activities for use in engagement management 5.Project collaboration enabling resources and managers to exchange information online Principal Features 1.Ability to conduct project profitability analyses through unification of all project information 2.Resource management, including scheduling based on skills, roles, and asset utilization 3.Integrated service system to cost, deploy, track, & bill projects to expedite service-to-cash 4.Automation of work orders, scheduling, logistics, & parts ordering for improved efficiencies 5.Improved competitive advantage through utilization of the best-available project resources Principal Benefits

8 © 2008 Astea International Figure 8 The Five Focus Areas that Are Critical to Our Customers Success Reverse Logistics Management Customer Management Service Management The Customer Mobile Workforce Management Asset Management

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